Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Keri Hilson "Do It" F/ Tank

Even though it signals the end of the summer, I hope all of you stateside had a great Labor Day weekend. Let's kick off the start of September with some new music. We gave you the insider scoop on a previously unheard Keri track called "Do It" and here we have the full version featuring Blackground artist and extended Timbo family member Tank.

Keri Hilson featuring Tank "Do It"

We're still working on the producer for this track so hang in there.

Immediately you want to say the sample is from LL Cool J's "Doin' It" but as it has been pointed out, the original sample is from Grace Jones' "My Jamaican Guy"


  1. damm now im worried that her album is gunna leak befoe the end of the week and whens it suppose to released? october right? LOL so far this album does indeed SUCK.

    i am shocked really. WOW wtf is happening to tim?

  2. Kinda the same formula as the way i are

    Which is why its SICK

  3. Boring, im sorry but im now starting to have doubts about this album, im mean every song to me is average, maybe for the exception of Return The Favor but even thats not all that. You would think Keri Hilson being what i consider the First Lady of MMG would get the best stuff especially from Tim. I once believed that Tim brought Keri Hilson into MMG to fill that missin void that he has lost since Aaliyah passed away, and no im not saying Keri is to take Aaliyah's place because Keri cant replace her, but to bring back what Tim said he lost and that was his "creativity" and ive yet see that from Tim and i believe Tim said that he gives his best work to his artist.I know that Tim had lots of hits with JT and Nelly Furtado, but that was with the help of Danja, what i miss is that hardworking-solo TIMBALAND (you see the emphasis i put on his name)because thats the Tim ive not seen in a while. So as much as i dont want to believe this album wont do well, ive yet to hear something to make me think otherwise. (this is my opinion so dont criticize me or call me out, Timbo is still the King)

  4. I love MIC CHECK and SLOW DANCE I think I kinda like this do it tune too. I think they are going for the same vibe that the the way I are had it might work out well for Keri cos The way I are was such a big tune. I think keri is talented I think I would have liked her to do some more collabs with the CLUTCH they killed it on Britneys album they had some really nice lyrics, I also liked their work on Nikki Flores I initially thought those songs had a Keri vibe. But I have to say Return the favour is dull boring and Energy is very generic too. Keri has more in her arsenal. I think I prefer when danja produces with the clutch and with keri than timbaland tims beats just sound clunky these days like I feel since Kiley deans album all of timbalands beats have been sub par can't they rehash some of those beats I mean Kileys album never got released? Maybe Keri could do a better job on those beats than kiley did.

  5. I liked this joint from watching the vid posting on The chronicles where she performed it. The song is blazing! I think this could've been a BIG single if it had been released around the time of "The way I are". It's catchy and the beat is hotness.

    It's not a good look how these songs are leaking and that as good as some of these songs are, they all feel like they're missing something.

    Hopefully the final album will have these songs tightened up.

  6. i'd like to do it all ova keri face ya dig!!

  7. BAD!!!!! I feel Beat Club days are back to strike once again!! This is bad even if Tim's camp produced it and not him, either way it is BAD for her, him, and the label. The cd is not good and that is why they keep leaking everything because nothing is working. Whenever you delay it is because the music is not turning out good. And again I think songwriters are to just to be songwriters. Its like they're cursed or something because all songwriters (with minor exception of NE-Yo although his second cd did not sell that well) that have wrote songs before trying to be a "singer" have failed or not been as successful as their songs for somebody else (now NEYo is a part of that). Although people disagreed I say that Neptunes are the best and Tim is second best, because since they've come out they have always kept it going. You don't see them as much because pharrell has been producing by himself lately. And for me I will say Pharrell is the better producer because while some of his productions have been soft, to me he never gets "lazy" (listen to "Zock On", "Announcement"). If they were to go to toe, I say Pharrell would blast Tim in the end in my opinion. NOW FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ONLY LIKE TIM, THIS PART OF THE READING ABOVE IS NOT FOR YOU, ONLY THOSE THAT LIKE BOTH PRODUCERS (NEPTUNES, PHARRELL, TIM) AND CAN RESPECT OPINIONS AND LIKE TO DEBATE. Now what would be cool to see is the Neptunes (chad and Pharrell) and Danja with Tim going at it. For me I say Neptunes, for the constant energy, different spaced out sound, and cool chord progressions. For me I say neptunes first first, and Tim second first. They're both first, but Neps are first in line. However if Tim keeps doing what he's doing,(not putting his all in and keeping the same bited-on style) he may slip to two, and another producer may take his spot.
    (again these are opinions and debating is fun so noone take this over the top because at the end of the day we are all different in how we feel about things.)

  8. I agree with the negative, sadly. After The Way I Are (some of Timbo's best work...ever) I had such high hopes for Keri's album. Energy was a huge disappointment for me, and Return the Favor is not that much better. Mind you, these aren't bad songs, and I actually would say they are GOOD, but not something I would expect from a major Timbaland release (that has been HUGELY hyped).

    Slow Dance, I'll admit, an extremely solid record, and I do like Do It...but not on the same CD as Return the Favor and Energy. In my opinion, it seems that this album is turning out to be very meh, which I hope is not the case.

    And Mic Check...seriously? I really do not like that one at all.

    Danja, I'm afraid, has put out much more note-worthy records this past year or so.

  9. i kinda gotta agree with a lot of what is being said. with tim's own artist you expect something BIG to kill the charts and radio. that energy track isn't even produced by tim. what the?

    i am still waiting to hear something on the level of 'promiscuous' in terms of a single for keri. that song was a smash EVERYWHERE. the same with 'the way i are'. unfortunately we have heard nothing anywhere close to those two records.

    these tracks keep coming out that are supposed to sound like 'the way i are' but are puny in comparison. that beat THUMPED, these new tracks don't have that bounce or drive...

  10. @ duge_buwembo.. the sheer notion that Keri should assume Kiley Dean's old songs is blasphemy! keri would get murked by Kiley dean in a singing contest

  11. This tune is lazy, if you are gonna use the same sample as Doin' It, you at least have to bring some heat, cost the beat on that track was fire!
    Dunno if he produced it, but I feel that Tim is getting a little lazy (his "big" talk is also getting tired). I haven't heard anything decent from him in the past year. I gotta say his best work was with Nelly Furtado (that album was supreme). But the stuff he and Danja are putting out now are straight garbage/generic which is a shame cos I was looking forward to Keri's album. I just hope the other tracks are hot.
    Come on Timbo what happened to pushing the envelope?

  12. I'm very disappointed. Truly.

    After "The Way I Are". I thought Keri's album was going to be fresh, innovative, etc...

    From all the leaks I've heard (officially)... they are mediocre... average...

    I'm really confused... it feels as if... this beat within itself is "lazy". It needs more feeling. This track is equivalent to water. Its tasteless.

    I can't wait until Dre comes back and drops some serious heat. Then tim will wake up again and notice... there is competition out here...

    I've heard four tracks from this album... all mediocre. All of them. Usually great classic albums like "Future Sex/Lovesounds"... has about one track or maybe two tracks you don't care for... but that is most likely due to genre choice, etc... but FOUR mediocre tracks from someone's first album?

    I'm let down...

    This just makes me want to work harder to get these tracks to Keri, and other artist... etc...

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. so-so-forgettable-record. the song is ok, but not good enough for being on Zone 4 Inc./MMG! And nah, my expectations are not too high...I mainly have a "problem" with the beats, not with Keri's vocals or lyrical content to be exact...

  15. I agree with big a...

    oh yah big a... didn't you know you were from Germany...

  16. I hear they call it Omniscience?

  17. Actually I really do like this one quite a bit...I wonder if everything (save, Energy) that's leaked from this has been unfinished/demo.

    Definitely possible, I would think.

  18. lol... big-a, it's on your myspace

    but anyway... this album should have three different producers/co-producing teams, TOPS, to be anything like FutureSex/LoveSounds or Loose (or Red Carpet Massacre... i don't give a fuck, that shit is PLATINUM to me!). I'm hoping anyone who's not Timbaland and Danja or Polow da Don gets weeded out so that all we're left with is The Runaways to complete the prophecy.

    PS. That "new" (aka it's BEEN out and no one knew it was Danja) Donnie Klang "Catch My Breath" produced by Danja reminds me of "Showtime", while i'm on the topic of Loose. Let me go tell Boogie, now.

  19. @ Chris

    I take it you like The Neptunes!? *lol* I've always preferred Tim to The Neptunes personally. But there's no denying The Neptunes are (were?) bangin' producers. I've loved and do love alot of their songs. I recently copped Kenna's album and damn...Chad is a BEAST!

    Alot of people said Pharrell fell off, but I think he got better. His productions became much tighter and more intricate when he and Chad did their own thing. They lack that Neptunes dirt, but still - he's learning new tracks. Hard candy was an eye opener for me. I was SO sure Camp Tim would deliver the best of the bunch, but Pharrell produced Camp Timbo under a bus! His shit was so tight that I almost couldn't believe it was Pharrell. "Give it 2 me" and "Heartbeat" were the SHAT! And as much as I hate "Beat goes on", the production on it is air tight.

    Timbaland has definitely fallen off. I think the last good CD he had a hand a consistant in was FutureSex/LoveSounds - which did not COMPARE to Loose in my opinion. He needs to just step back and try and get his groove back. Alot of the stuff he churns out now doesn't have that bounce and sounds mediocre - which was never a term you'd associate with Timbaland. His Camp Timbo crew are producing better tracks than him! And Danja haters can say what they like, but he's been killing Tim in the production stakes lately. Danja has won me over in a BIG way.

  20. Yeah this track is kinda slow..lazy..boring..almost fall asleep there

  21. First listen was good... but after that, it doesn't grow on you. After the thrid listening you have enough.

    Sad for Keri... she's talented and I like her. But the song Timbo gives her are tasteless

  22. I agree more than fully with sebastian.

  23. It grew on me; I dunno what it is 'bout it, but I've been playing it non stop...Tank REALLY adds something to the song.

  24. boooring song.
    I just hope these songs that are leaked are not on the album. Or that she have another 10 banging tracks, who will make it good for these :-)

  25. typically, album cuts are leaked AFTER the album's out (see Usher: ~14 songs after Here I Stand... some before, though)

  26. Mic Check is great!! clever lyrics, a great vocal, and it proves that Keri really has something. I love the way she flows over this song. "Am I coming through check one 2 one 2"

  27. @frederick
    youz a smart ass huh :) y'all 2 much on the internet...

  28. am I the only one who thinks this album is looking great so far? lol Mic check, RTF, Do it, all great songs.

    Sure its not tims hardest, but hey thats what we thought with SV and that was one of the greatest, hardest albums of last year.

    Dont give up hope, tim HAS to bring the heat, its just not Tim to be meadiocre on his beats.

  29. what happened to love ya??? that was sick!!

  30. I miss timbs old skills anyone remember Nelly Furtados turn off the lights remix that beat was amazing!!!

  31. This track was produced by Roy "Royalty" Hamilton and Anthony M.

    This is a very early demo. The final version of the track is much more polished.

    Anthony M.


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