Thursday, September 18, 2008

A message to our readers: Let's talk leaks

We have been getting so many emails about the new T-Pain and James Fauntleroy songs that have leaked recently. Yes we've been aware of them but you won't find them posted here anymore. Let me make sure to thank you to all of you for your continued support and contributions to The Chronicles. As I've always said this site is only as good as it's readers and all of you have such a huge part in The Chronicles "success", so thank you.

With that said, however, I want to bring up a very important topic that I hope will generate a lot of discussion: music leaks. If you've noticed, like I have, this last month's has been a drastic change in the realm of leaking. Before we had leaks of tracks and/or albums a couple of weeks before the official release date. Sometimes we've even seen tracks/albums leak months before the expected release date. What initially was considered an anomily has now become a norm. No major album (or minor for that matter) makes it all the way to its release date leak free these days. In fact, leaks have become such common place that we as consumers feel as though we are entitled to a free, leaked album. "Where's the link for the leak?" "I'm not going to pay for ____'s album, I'll just wait for the leak" "I can't believe ______ hasn't leaked yet!" are all very common phrases we see everyday all across music forums, blogs, and throughout the internet.

But this last month we've been seeing demos, unfinished tracks, and references pop up all over the net. From Keri Hilson to Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson to Ciara, demos are becoming the new norm for leaks. So where do they leaks come from and how does a reference track only owned by a select number of people randomly show up on a so and so's blog? How does a track not fully completed or mastered or even written suddenly end up on the internet? Those seem to be the million dollar questions. No one really knows (do they?)

The Chronicles is all about support of all the artists we write about. For you long time readers, you've noticed that we went from all of our songs we posted being downloadable to the now listen only format. Now with this growing trend of unfinished tracks being leaked, we need to change our format once again. Where as other websites and blogs don't give a damn, hey free music is free music, we at The Chronicles do.

Look at the end of the day I'm a Timbo fan just like all of you. I freak out with each new song, each leak, each new crazy beat I hear but I'm a bigger fan of music in general. I want to keep hearing more music from Timbo and J Roc and Jim Beanz and The Clutch and so many others and if supporting the spread of leaked demos is going to prevent that than I want nothing to do with that trend. So if you come to your daily dose of ALL things Timbo and you don't see the new leaked demo or the new unfinished track by so and so, you know why.

Again my thanks to all of you throughout the almost 2 years of The Chronicles exsistence! Hit us up anytime!


  1. this is weakest news I have ever herd. This is the best timbo news site. How the hell can you call yourself a timbo news site without posting leaks. Im all for the listen only format, but timbo leaks give us some of the most interesting news without posting them your leaving out a huge part of timbo news. I hope you reconsider this horrible choice. Reading about a song is not as enjoyable as hearing it. I am sure others will agree.

  2. We're smarter than that, just wait :)

  3. I think 90% of the time the artists leak their stuff themselves to start hyping their album

  4. Money4122 if you would of read the whole article you wouldn't think its stupid....leaks believe it or not are killing the music industry right now ill quote what the article said ...most leaked songs aren't done yet if you like the LEAKED song chances are your not going to hear the full version ....because artist wont want to finish it after its been leaked...also put yourself in their position how would you feel if someone leaked a song or an album you put your HEART and soul into...really think about it.


  5. I understand what your saying, and I did read the entire article. Individual song leaks are not killing the music industry rather the pirating of entire albums. In addition by the site not allowing users to download the leaks and only listen to them they are in effect preventing actual pirating from happening. Im a huge fan and I would like to hear whatever comes out of tims studio finished or not. Also majority of leaks are finished songs not demos. I visit this site to get the news on everything timbaland without leaks and rare cuts it will be lame.

    ps. you yardley on myspace? if so bomb music bro keep it up i added you a while back. im a huge fan of your newer track you put up.

  6. Its like a catch 22 of some sort. sacrifice an early version of the song just to hear it in its early stages, or be patient and wait to hear the dolled up version. Regardless, leaky faucets are no ones fault but the leaker and why cant they be punished instead of die hard fans? I mean, are there that many people in the studio where stuff can continually get leaked and no one figure out the culprit? I think the listen only format is still sufficient because once a track is leaked, trying to suppress an irreversible process is like trying to prevent the inevitable. Either way, I still remain a loyal fan of this blog.



  8. well if thats the case guys then your going to lose alot of fans as some next blog/webiste dedicated to timbo will pop out of nowhere and provide leaks etc.

    you have to admit that most people here come to this website to view news and download leaks.

    leaks is not whats killing the music industty, its the lack of creativity. look at chris brown's forever track. wtf is that? sexyback pt2? come on if the artists is very succesful they will make there money from concerts and sponsor deals, not album sales

  9. Everybody has alot to say...but ill only say this.

    1. Leaks dont come from this site. They come other sites and are posted here. So if your such a fan, do the research as The Chronicals POST the good news.

    2. I back "The Chronicals" up 100%. Keep up the Spectacular work Team!!

    Super Producer in the Making.

  10. i fully appreciate that some kind of threatening e-mail was probably sent in j's direction so it makes sense to play ball and try and support the artists in the most official/legit way possible.

    having said that the leaks that come out (apart from the extremely unfinished demos) can work in two ways. if the material is genuinely hot it gets us hyped up for an album/artists release and if the music isn't up to standard then it'll turn us all off - like a lot of the recent stuff (in particular the keri hilson leaks)...

    you can only tweak/change/mix a track so much. if its weak its probably never gonna be that great...

  11. Consider this a disadvantage.

    You say you are a bigger fan of music general, but you don't post leaks? Contradiction, old friend.

    This is why sites like BnBV and RnB Xclusive will reign. They drop the newest straight from the booth, mixing board, master, etc...

    You think someone is going into these studios and stealing these tracks? No... think again. I know what happens. There is a multitude of reasons.

    It can be a various from:

    Producer leaking the track(s) to build hype (and/or for feedback)

    Artist leaking the track(s) to build hype (and/or for feedback)

    Engineers could be leaking these tracks

    Executives could be leaking these tracks

    LABELS can be leaking these tracks if they think it is mediocre... and they want their artist to feel the pressure from the fans. Which I think is what is going on in Keri's situation.

    Sure this blog will lose a large amount of the little amount of actual memebers, and even more of those who just come by.

    But if you want some real news, leaks is where it is at. If you aren't going to post leaks of music, don't post leaks of photos, and leaks of information.

    Leaks are leaks.

    Now ask yourself, which posts here get the most attraction? The most discussion? When do your pages get the most hits? Leaks. Go back and look at Kevin Rudolf's interview post, or even the video of Keri talking about the leaks. 0 comments, 7 comments.

    Get out of here with that.

    Wuteva, its your site. You should learn to put up disclaimers like the other blogs do, it makes you feel better inside.

  12. Oh, and looks like you have some cleaning up to do, with all these leaks on the first page a lone.

  13. venture..what's the link for the BnBV site?


    Have fun members!

    disclaimer: these are links... i spread news too

  15. @venture bro
    say whatever you want, but you have no clue at all what u talkin sometimes. labels, artists etc. don't leak SHIT! they get literally HACKED, mainly by dudes from overseas, most of the time from Germany like those Black-N-Beatz bastards.

  16. I was thinking about posting your comment on, big-a.

    Let them come here and dismantle your comment and belief that only hackers leak things.

    But I decided to do it myself...

    I will only use one example...

    Who leaked "Love In This Club" by Usher ft. Yonug Jeezy?

    Was it Polow himself, or was it from Germany?

    I look forward to your response.

  17. That record was mixed already, they wanted to go anyway with this song and Polow gave it to DJ (Greg Street) and some other radio hosts he is cool with. That's how it "leaked". A whole other story man.

  18. Just to let you know

    is a hack zone, its the only major site to be hit so far that i know of but someone must have told them to target these download sites to prevent people to go there.

    The types of trojans you can find there are "Sub7" trojan which you will recognise right away when your window freezes as it attempt to load the page, if you have a pop up blocker it will hijack that.

    The other one i saw was the standard "Poison-Ivy" which surpasses your backdoor firewall this gets in from downloading the links provided from the site.

    i know about 10 people so far who cant even access this site because there antivirus program is very good.

    Be careful!

  19. Also Big-a is quite correct. Studios get hacked for songs.

    There is no advantage of leaking a song on purpose to "create hype" thats what radios where designed for. Now producers etc give them to DJ's to put on mixtapes and they create the hype.

    How would polow benefit from leaking the full version of "love in this club" with no tags on it?

  20. polow benefit from it because they wasn't gonna to use it for a single. i don't even think they was gonna use it on the album at all until he did that. same thing happened to "yeah". they wasn't gonna use it as a single but it got leaked and became 1. so sometimes leaks do benefit the people that do it.

  21. Does this mean that We can no longer at least listen to tracks from artists that is ridiculouse why can't we at least hear new music. And has anybody ever heard of pj butta buttas bootlegs that site is the leaked half finished, demo track mecca nobody has ever shut it down. And even after I downloaded some of Mary J bliges album from it I still went and bought the album since the leaked version was crap quality. I think Thomas crown is making a mistake let us listen to the tracks at least?

  22. @ big-a

    No, when Polow leaked that track, it was unmixed, and unmastered. He leaked it online, not to just some DJs.

    Regardless, you said it doesn't happen. It is amazing how some of you think that music labels are perfect businesses. They do leak things. Trust me, I know. Some of you have to learn about marketing ploys.

    Regardless, my point still stands, strong at that.

    Thursday, September 18,2008 marks the beginning of the end for this blog.

  23. venture can you not read?

    let me help
    big a said "sometimes. labels, artists etc. don't leak SHIT! " now note the use of the word "sometimes" do you see it? Big a never said they NEVER leak anything he's saying not EVERY leak comes from labels, artist, producers

    my boys, songwriter claude kelly and lonny breaux recently had their gmail accounts hacked and songs that they sent back and forth to producers and artists were leaked like brandys "first n luv" and a bunch of reference stuff they did.

    so yes labels and such do leak stuff sometimes

    but MOST of it is NOT labels

  24. No offence to the people who run this site but you don't exactly get the same exposure as MTV or something. So posting info on leaks isnt really gonna make a significant difference on your little "fight against leaks/support the artist" cause.
    Now think about all the people who view this site. You're not really attracting loads of general music fans, hip-hop fans or RnB fans. You're only bringing in the niche group of Timbaland fans or anything related to Timbo.
    So why fight for such a huge cause when nobody outside the "Timbaland community" is gonna see it and you're gonna lose the little fanbase you have?
    By doing what you're doing, sure it might help Timbo's leaks from getting exposure but all the T.I. fans, the Usher fans, the Ciara fans, etc are still gonna go to blogs that provide leaks. And if you're truely a bigger music fan, this should still be a problem.

    So stop trying to fight for something where you have so much to lose and almost nothing to gain.

  25. Wow...

    Just wow...

    audioboxblair, can you not read? Can you not comprehend basic English? Basic sentence structure?

    Let me quote this for you, kid.

    "@venture bro
    say whatever you want, but you have no clue at all what u talkin sometimes. labels, artists etc. don't leak SHIT! they get literally HACKED, mainly by dudes from overseas, most of the time from Germany like those Black-N-Beatz bastards."

    Do you not see the period behind "sometimes"? big-a may not be using capital letter in the beginning of his sentences, but he is clearly using punctuation.

    In that post, it clearly states that he intended to say they don't leak anything, period. Not "sometimes.". Please. EGL 101 is there for you. Please don't come at me without your facts, or at least act like you know what your talking about.

    Come on man... Please read next time....

    Please read next time....

  26. @Venture Bro (Venture The Future)

    I agree this is the end of this blog. Its not even as if the guys running this blog have had pressure from the media.I think these guys are naive to think that by supposedly withholding tracks (just to listen to) will stop albums leaking. M-O-R-O-N-S you can't put the world on you're shoulders you're moral imperative will not make a DENT in the growing problem of illegal downloading. As long as the internet is unregulated PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS look to cheat the system.

    Personally I think it has began to work in our favour the music industry is changing, the big fat cheating record executives are in trouble these days they can't play the old games they used to, the industry is not the cash cow it used to be.

    The writing collectives such as the CLUTCH show that the songs are being made by the people with talent!! We all know that those britney spears songs were really keri hilsons. No one really seriously attributes the success and quality of that album to Britney, I personally would have preferred to hear the demo tracks with Candice and Keri cos Britney spears can't sing for shit.

    Thomas Crown this blog is truly quality as a die hard timbaland fan I check the blog every week you're just gonna hurt yourselves when the traffic to this site dies out.

  27. Kinda off topic, but does anyone know what songs DANJA produced on Jazmine sullivan's new album?

  28. duge is right about the industry. Traffic is going to decrease from now. Even if someone with actual numbers say else wise to save their look.

    bobby, I don't know.

  29. I support the blog...I enjoy listening to the leaks...however I hope that boogie and the crewfind a way to keep us all entertained besides just articles and YouTube and such because leaks are a good portion of what gets people's attention on this blog...but yeaaaaa...why can't y'all just keep puttin it in undownloadable format? Either way I hope y'all keep up the good work and continue to entertain us with all that timbalandness y'all bring... :S :)

  30. As long as news of new upcoming tracks are posted here, I'm happy. Atleast giving us a hint that tracks have been leaked. It's a shame we dont get to listen to them on here but listen there are loads of other sites to look for them. In fact, some sites post leaks earlier than thomascrownchronicles. I hope it doesnt affect posting download links of instrumentals??

    Let's get back to talking new music!

  31. Either you move with the times, or you get passed by. It looks like the Chronicles have made the choice to die out. Sad.

  32. Yah, they have.

    Why do you think The Pirate Bay hasn't been taken down? Limewire? Etc...?

    Because they only host the information and/or host the news.

    It kind of seems like the Boogie was uploading the leaked tracks to a different host for usage on this blog.

    A smarter approach would be to provide links to the leaked material. And put a disclaimer of the likes of: "Disclaimer: This is for educational use only", then you'd be set.

    Man... I need to host a blog. I wouldn't be a cry baby though.

    Producing and class is taking toll though. So I can't suit the time consumption needs. Shame.

  33. ok hate to break this pitty party up and such but keri was put on yahoo for the "what's next" and if you watch the interview you hear in the background this song idk what it is can someone identify it for me? or is it new??!?!??!?!!? :D:D

  34. cuz here is what i hear so far...

    that song... (it sounds kwl!!!)
    the way i are
    turn off
    slow dance
    and energy again

    WHAT IS THAT SONG!??!?!?!?

  35. well when you say most leaks are artist and producers/writers themselves.. but for the past 2 months.. gmails have been getting hacked hadbody...

    and it sucks!

  36. Not most. But the labels/artist/producers/close crew/engineers,etc... do have a great deal of leaks.

    Hacking is only done to a minimum. These guys are leaking them, then these "hacker" sites are uploading them.

    Then the labels scream "hack" to make up for money lost. But... there are plenty of reasons.

    Someone is being awfully quite on this matter.

  37. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  38. I dont think most leaks stem from people getting hacked. I think some how the song gets taken out of the studio that it was recorded in. It may also be due to employees of the label somehwere down the line. If most leaking was done by hacking, then studio computers would not be connected to the internet right?

  39. nope your all wrong. these leaks happen like this. for example tim makes a song for keri, keri passes the song to her manager, her manager has a daughter and is a big keri fan so the manager takes teh song home and gives it to her daughter telling her not to share and give it to anyone.

    next day the daughter's on the phone to her best mate saying wow this new keri song i have is great, the ebst friends says can u send it to me? the daughter says no i cant. best friend then says i promise i wont share it then eventualy the daughter sends the track to her and then proces repeats again with the best friend sharing the song to another friend and so on. by the end of the week it reaches this blog.

    Thats how stuff gets leakes including albums. i know some professional producers who are close to Tim/danja. they sometimes send me some demo's but i never tell anyone one what and i never share it to anyone because A. is wrong. And too lazy to share it.

    Thats how leakes work mate.There not leaked by the producers themselves on purpose.the only way to stop leakes is to store all demo's in a studio and if any big clients wants to listen to it and evaluate it, they themselves have to down to the studio to take a listen.

  40. omg mannn!!!!
    that was my favorite part of the blog!
    i loved it when i would come here and there would be a new tim song id get sooooo excited!
    but really u should at least give us ur little "evaluation" of the song like u always do.
    Like for example about the James Fauntleroy tracks you should tell us what you think about them and give us your little research tht u always do.... U know like the little backround checks u would do on an upcoming artist/producer such as James F....
    idk just givin my 2 cents...
    im really, really dissapionted in this blog...

  41. turn me off mastered version....
    its kinda hot....
    i like it...
    off rnb xclusive....


  42. Okay, I support The Chronicals....but ummm, This blog got niggaz SALTY!! lol.

    Just post the leaks. Niggaz gonna post the LINK to them in the Comment Box's anyway. It aint like YOU hacking for leaks, You aint going to jail...and You got money to buy the real album, so cut the bullshit and continue running the site as you were.

    Some of that info goes out to ALL OF YOU! Support the artist and shut the fuck up.

    Sorry, I had to VENT! - im good now. lol...HAPPY FRIDAY NIGGAZ!!

  43. The whole premise of Boogie's proposal is that regardless if leaks can create or dim hype, they upset and compromise the artist - I do sympathise - it takes away the traditional "magic" and anticipation of an album's official release. You look at all the demo leaks from The Carter III. Despite being promising, he ended up scrapping most of the album because they feel tainted.
    I'm not saying I agree with this proposal or i'm fully satisfied with it; I do enjoy leaks, but I think this ties in with physical CD purchases - not being spoilt and having to wait would probably mean you get a more dramatic response from the music (negative or positive).
    I'm just trying to highlight the reasoning behind it - why I don't think Boogie will be incited into giving up his cause.

  44. And any music posted will always be rip-able. Even before, if it didn't show up in the temporary internet files/cache, people can just record it from their soundcard.
    Also maybe not so for all the people that Tim produces for, but I think for the people in Tim's camp, The Chronicles are the first to post.

  45. Blogs take away the "magic".

    Before blogs came into existence, people would have to learn about such news when it becomes public.

    This place is a contradiction. Why haven't the leaks below been removed?

  46. everyone just go to bluri. good alternative

  47. I dont come here for leaks anyway I come here to get info on who's working on what right now and because Im a fan of timbaland I like to see where the samples come from and who getting the production credits and writing credits....if its a leak we gonna hear it somewhere 1 way or another. This blog might be a lil over some peoples heads. J boogie dont flinch. only posts what's important to you...

  48. I can agree where Boog is coming from though times are changing and leaks are happening to everyone and also we the consumers are not buying cd's like we use to they need to adapt and overcome.

  49. Y'all read about how Britney's crew has been carrying around a SAFE with her music inside of it? Crazy. But seriously, not posting leaks is only a recipe for less views. The listen only format is coo with me. The music industry in general is pretty... not-so great anyways, so whats the harm? Lmao...And great job standing your ground Venture. ::Thumbs up::

  50. They've been it carrying around in safes? Damn. I bet they have a list of who all have listened, or had the session files and such.

    Great point.

    Thanks. But Boog doesn't like it.

  51. if you want real "listen only" then go to soundclick or either that or an asx file... a lot of other things are attainable.


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