Sunday, October 25, 2009

Attitude F/ Busta Rhymes "Respect"

This track is one of the 40+ tracks Timbo, Attitude, and 6'2 recorded for their unreleased collaboration way back when. Eventually that group grew to include John Doe aka D.O.E and Ms. Keri aka Keri Hilson. It seems these tracks just randomly leak every few months but we have yet to hear one with Keri on it. Hopefully in time....

Of course you hear the lifted lines in the first verse that Timbo used it in "Bounce" some 4 years later. Don't sleep on 'Tude, dude has been ghost writing for Timbo for a very long time. You don't really think Timbo wrote his rhymes on "I'm That Real N***a" do you?

But make sure you have your Attitude tracks labeled right cuz Hannon had his part in production during this time too. Check "It's Alright It's Ok" that's all Hannon

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mary J. Blige "Skycap"

HOT!! More tracks like this and I'll be out of retirement in a minute. I got $10 that J Roc is the associate and of course it's all the from the mind of Candice Nelson (check the background adlibs). Genius...

So the questions:
1. What's the background chanting sample?
2. Who's on the bass? DAMN! That's the best part. Do you we have Daryl Pearson back in the studio again makin' magic?

'07 ya'll...just sayin'

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