Friday, September 28, 2007

Keri Hilson, D.O.E, & One Republic FREE show

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill Pettaway Interview

If you're unfamiliar with Bill Pettaway I'll give you a very brief introduction. He is Timbaland's long time manager, co-collaborater, and friend. His guitar work has been featured on many Timbo tracks throughout Tim's career from Missy Elliott's Supa Dupa Fly to his Grammy award winning feature on Justin Timberlake's "My Love." The histroy of Bill Pettaway in the music industry is a long and very memorable one. Recently Bill sat down with Tub Magazine to give a small glimpse into who Bill Pettaway is, what he has done for music, his faith in God, and his winning battle over cancer. Check it out:

Tub Magazine Interview with Bill Pettaway

The Chronicles is also working on bringing you more about Bill very soon so be on the look out!

Timbaland works with Missy & Jay-Z

Finally the news a lot of us have been waiting for: Timbaland is planning on re-uniting with Jay Z for his 2nd single. Timbaland recently told MTV "He wants me to do the next single," Tim said. "He just does it for fun. We talked about [his next album]. He says it's just a hobby, ain't nothing else to do. When a person tells you that, what you supposed to say? 'You crazy'? He said, 'I don't wait for nothing. I'm there. I'm doing it for the love of music.' What am I supposed to say? 'You wack for doing it'? ... Some people think Jay fell off. Or he's just over people's head. I think that's what it is. That's another thing: It could hurt him or it could make him be not the legend he is. That's the only thing I'm scared of for my friend."

If that wasn't enough Tim also is working with Missy on her new album though it won't be the whole thing. "I probably won't do the whole thing 'cause I gotta get my own thing up and poppin'," he said, referring to his Mosley Music Group label. "I can't make [Missy's recording home] Atlantic [Records] money. Nothing personal. We had a time and a crazy run, but I gotta get my own indie label poppin'. I couldn't do the whole thing. I had to do partial and try to oversee it the best way I can for her. But I can't make Atlantic a ton of money and leave Mosley Music with nothing. That don't make logical sense. Missy is my sister, but I got a family: Nelly [Furtado], Keri [Hilson], One Republic. If I don't function, then they don't function and they can't get their careers off."

Tim also talks about his liking of Super Tuesday competitions like the one 50 Cent and Kanye just had. He even talks about the possiblity of going against his "daddy" Dr. Dre. "I gotta go against my daddy," he said Friday from the ABC studios in New York, where the super-producer is filming a guest spot for the soap opera "One Life to Live." "I call [Dr.] Dre my daddy. To make it be some talk, I gotta go against my big brother. He's my big brother. [Who are] the two quarterbacks? Peyton Manning and Eli? When they have to go against each other, it's like, 'Do I really wanna go against my big brother?' Dre is my mentor. That would drive people to the stores. Like, 'Oh snap, Tim and Dre!' That would be big. I asked Jay-Z who he would go against. He said, 'The only person I would go against is my other homeboy: my friend Eminem.' "

Finally some long awaited good news for Timbo fans around the world!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Justin Timberlake F/ Beyonce "Until The End of Time"

Here it is for everyone:

Justin Timberlake F/ Beyonce "Until The End Of Time"

The addition of Beyonce really tarnished this track in my opinion. Justin obviously sent the track over to Beyonce and she just added her vocals along with some really bad adlibs. I'm a little stunned at the final product but then again I'm a big fan of the original. Big props to Bigmac!

You all feeling it?

The Lox to work with Timbaland

Check out this interview with Sheek Louch of The Lox:

****Drama aside, it’s hard to believe its been seven years since the last LOX album. What’s the status of the long-awaited reunion LP, Live, Suffer and Celebrate?
The next LOX album…ain’t nothing in ink yet, but as far as the lawyers, they’re trying to deal with Def Jam as we speak. A lot of people think the deal is done, but it ain’t done yet. It’s getting closer.

How long have you been at the roundtable with Def Jam?
Like seven or eight months. Before it was all talk that they wanted us. [Jay-Z] was like, “If I get these boys over here, it would be game over.” So Hov was trying to make that whole shit happen, as far as meeting with Ruff Ryders and Jimmy Iovine [to] try [and] smooth shit out as far as us and Interscope. Then [Def Jam] came with the offers and we sent it back. Then it was to the point of like, alright, we cool with that offer, now let’s work it out.

Realistically, when is the deal going to be finalized?
The LOX album will come [out] early next year, realistically. We got 15 [to] 20 songs already done.

Full Interview

It'll be the first released Timbaland production for The Lox. We know the story of the "Ride Or Die Chick" by now right? If not take a look back and you'll find it. Good find Big A!

A minute with Keri Hilson

60 Seconds with Keri Hilson

Nothing but Tim and Polow? Sounds great! I know The Clutch family will be lending a hand to the project. Label mate D.O.E may also make an appearance.

MTV Europe Music Awards

November 1st will be the night the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards airs across the world. Snoop Dogg will be hosting this year's award show taking place in Munich, Germany. So far Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance, Mika, and the Foo Fighters are set to perform with possible further additions announced in the near future. The unstoppable trio of Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado have each been nominated for various categories this year. Here is a list:

Beyonce Knowles
Gym Class Heroes
Justin Timberlake
Kanye West

Amy Winehouse - Rehab
Beyonce and Shakira - Beautiful Liar
Mika - Grace Kelly
Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Come To An End)
Rihanna ft Jay-Z - Umbrella

Akon - Konvicted
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing
Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight
Nelly Furtado - Loose

Arctic Monkeys
Beyonce Knowles
Foo Fighters
Justin Timberlake

Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do
Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance
Foo Fighters - The Pretender
Justice - D.A.N.C.E
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around ... Comes Around
Kanye West - Stronger

Avril Lavigne
Christina Aguilera
Justin Timberlake
Nelly Furtado

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Throwback: Tim in 1998

Here we go with the first of another set of a new series of posts paying homage to the Timbaland of yesteryear. This particular Tim article is going to have the old school Timbo heads drooling. It covers samples you may never have recognized, equipment that you may never have known Tim used even back then, and all sorts of juicy nuggets of Timbo lore.

It's pretty interesting to hear Tim's midset back then as compared to now. Now he talks about his production idols being Dr. Dre and Teddy Riley. Then it was Primo and Marley Marl. He says, "Premier? His beats are the grimiest. He's the king of the street. Boy, that's one of my idols. Him and Dr Dre, Marley Marl, Pete Roc" One thing that hasn't change though is Tim's desire to work with musicians outside the box. "I mean, I don't mind doing a pop song, but if I'm 'a do a pop song, I'm 'a do a pop song. But if it's going to be pop it's going to be alternative. I wanna work with people like Alanis Morissette, Prodigy, Metallica. That's more my style because I'm so different, over the edge. Tricky, Björk. I'm into all that type of music. In this studio right here all the groups come downstairs [to the Hammerstein Ballroom] so one day I got inspired by Prodigy. Man, they came in here and made me do a hit, just watching their show." Prodigy who knew?

My favorite part of the entire article though is Tim talks about the story behind Da Basement track "Love U Down." It's a track that is pure Timbaland with it's calssic drum stutter and various sounds yet Tim himself says "Devante did that, but that style came from me. That's my style. He put that style on Tupac's double CD too." What track is he referring too? None other than the Devante produced "No More Pain" from his All Eyez On Me double album which has longed been argued to be a Timbaland track. If you remember from the Remix Magazine interview earlier this year, it was "No More Pain" that caused Tim to break from Devante before Tim's new sound continued to be copied.

From shouts out to his Legion Of Doom band to his first meeting with Jimmy D this article has it all:

The Wire Timbaland Article 1998

BIG thanks to DJ Weizer for the article.

Timbaland and Danja changing pop?

Here is an article from Vibe Magazine back in July that I was finally able to track down for everyone. It is a really interesting read, talking about the changes in pop music being made with Timbaland and Danja leading the way.

****Rap album sales are down, charismatic new MCs are few and far between, but is hip hop dying? Or is it merely hiding out in the biggest pop hits of the year?

A funny thing happened September 12, 2006: Pop officially went hip hop. That week, according to Billboard's Hot 100 chart, which tracks the 100 most-played, best-selling songs in the county, Justin Timberlake's colossal hit "Sexyback" was at No. 1 for the third straight week barely nudging out Fergie's "London Bridge," which landed at No. 2. The pussycat Dolls "Buttons" ascended to No. 3, right above No. 4, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." Nelly Furtado's 'Promiscuous" in its 18th week on the chart, rounded out the top 10. That same week, Timberlake's "My Love" a future No. 1, made its debut at No. 89. A week later, Furtado's "Maneater" would join the race. What these songs have in common, along...

Page 2

Page 3

So what do you all think, is/has Timbaland and Danja helped changed the sound of pop music?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashlee Simpson opens up on new album

Here's a video (sorry for the poor quality) of Ashlee Simpson in the studio with King Logan, Jim Beanz, Timbaland, and others talking about her new album and previewing a new track called "Rule Breaker."

So the Timbo/Royal Court/Ashlee tracks that we know of are:

"Yeah Yeah Yeah"
"Rule Breaker"
"What I've Become"
"Rag Doll"

Here's Ashlee talking about the leak of "Murder":

****So were you pissed when your new song leaked this past weekend? "Um, yea. But it's like-The Internet is really funny that way. That version is SUCH a rough cut. My vocals are way better. WAY better".

Yeah, I hope so- It sounds like you say something about a monkey on your back. "HA HA, um. Those are NOT the words. What I do have [on the album] is tons of crazy songs. When you listen to it you'll get up and dance, jump around, do all of that."

So you're over that pop/rock/angry girl sound? "I guess...I've got Timbaland,[John] Legend, amazzzing producers."

I guess the album cover is shot? What is the look? "Oh yea- it's VERY sexy, real hot and totally different from the last cover. You're gonna love it."****

Word is: Justin, 50, and Timbaland Part II

Word is back on September 11th on TRL, 50 Cent announced that Justin Timberlake will be re-releasing his hit album Future Sex/ Love Sounds which will include among other things, a new track featuring 50 Cent, and Timbaland. No word on when the new album will be dropping but as long as it has new Timbaland tracks, I'll be picking it up. "AYO Technology" is a hot track and there's definitely chemistry between the 3 so lets hope it will be the same on this new track.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tim disses Just Blaze?

I really hope this isn't true but according to Blaze's blog Timbo had some not so nice words about him:

****You get to a certain point where you look at everything that’s going on within the culture overall. And you get to a certain point where you start to wonder… what happened?

Then you realize it’s not a cultire anymore, it’s a business. Well, it is a culture that has BECOME a business, which is always a gift and a curse.

The curse is starting to get on my nerves.

Or like Timbo The King (who apparently has some not so nice things to say about me in the final Scratch mag, but that’s okay), I’m bored.

Thought I maybe needed to switch it up a bit, so I’m working on some stuff for Jennifer Hudson right now. Cut a few songs, this one record is retarded. If you liked "Throwback", you’ll LOVE this.. some real

classic soul.

(If it makes the cut that is)

Saigon video shoot this weeked, and mastering the rest of the album shortly after.

Looks like they want to do a 4th quarter release after all… serious gamble but that this point, hey….why not.

See you on the other side.

PS. Remember you have never heard me talk about release dates, or even time frames before, so don’t start with the "heard it all before, just put the album out/leak more songs already" nonsense .

‘Cause you’ve never heard anything from me… until now.

More updates and rants in due time, probably sooner than later. Some other things are about to happen.*****

Timbo Vs. Just Blaze? Let's hope not! The last issue of Scratch hasn't hit stands yet but as soon as it does we'll have it up for everyone.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Duran Duran Red Carpet Massacre Production Credits

First off here is the Danja produced track "Red Carpert Massacre". I'm definitely feeling the vibe of this track and like Danja said he's helping bring Duran Duran's music back into mainstream sound despite their abscence from music for so many years.

Here's a few more:

"The Valley"

"Box Full O'Honey"

and here are the production credtis for the album:

The Valley
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

JT “This was the breakthrough, the crossover, the song we could build an album around. We set up the gear in the control room and came up with a progressive groove. It ended up becoming the album opener and feels like the perfect track to start our upcoming shows with.”

SLeB “It’s about looking at life as moments rather than achievements. It’s about making one’s way through the trials and tribulations of life.”

Red Carpet Massacre
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

Nite-Runner, with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
Music: Duran Duran, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nate Hills.
Lyrics: Simon LeBon, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Nate Hills

NR “This was the first collaboration we did with Justin, Tim and Nate. It felt like we were in a nightclub. When we finished it we knew we were on the verge of something new.”

SLeB: “This reminded me of NOTORIOUS when the band first split and we worked with Nile Rodgers.”

Falling Down, with Justin Timberlake
Music: Duran Duran and Justin Timberlake
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Produced by Justin Timberlake

SLeB “It’s about a crash I had when I was racing a motorbike, the thoughts that ran through my mind before I hit the ground. As soon as I got the chorus, Justin was like, ‘That’s it!!’ ”

JT “It’s easy to be esoteric. It’s so much harder to write from the heart. This is an important song for Duran.”

Skin Divers, featuring Timbaland
Music: Duran Duran, Timbaland, Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon and Timbaland
Co-produced: Duran Duran, Timbaland, Nate Hills

Timbaland: “That one hit me instant.”

JT: “This is the song that best captures the sense of Timband meets Duran Duran. It wrote itself during a jam and then Tim finished off his parts a couple of months later when he was in the UK - very late at night, after a gig. He came down to the hotel ballroom and just recorded them on a laptop. Fucking genius. When you are that talented you don’t need too much technology to create the magic!”

Box Full O’Honey
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

JT “This is the dance party track. It’s arms in the air for French discos.”

SLeB “Nate Hills said before we recorded this, ‘do you wanna go up, or go down?’ It’s about dance-floor politics.”

Tricked Out
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass
going to do a melody over it but then I thought I’d leave it. This gives me a chance to change my shirt during the concert!”

Zoom In
Music: Duran Duran, Timbaland, Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced: Duran Duran, Timbaland, Nate Hills

JT “Very Timbaland, very Nate, very New York, a real transition track for us.”

She’s Too Much
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

JT “We built this up in a very textural way around the chords.”

Dirty Great Monster
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

Last Man Standing
Music: Duran Duran and Nate Hills
Lyrics: Simon LeBon
Co-produced by Duran Duran, Nate Hills and Jimmy Douglass

Danja had a hand in 11 of the 12 tracks that's HUGE!! Plus you got Jimmy D on the boards so you know the sound is going to be on point. This is my most anticipated album of the next couple of months. BIG thanks to Bigmac as always for coming through with the info.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Video: NLT "She Said I Said" & Track Credits

Boogie posted an article questioning Royal Court's involvement with NLT's "She Said, I Said" last July. Here are the song's credits, according to Artist Direct:

Chris Stokes | Executive Producer
Chris "TEK" ORyan | Mixing
King Logan | Producer
Ron Fair | Executive Producer
Marques Houston | Vocal Producer
Jimmy Iovine | Executive Producer

Timbaland misses The Hives

As told on MTV, The Hives new project The Black and White Album hits stores November 13th. Instead of sticking with the typical rock and roll formula, they decided to branch out and use various producers to bring a new sound to the album. 7 producers in 8 studios for over 30 tracks to be exact. While most of the final tracks ended up being produced by The Hives themselves and Dennis Herring of Elvis Costello fame, they did manage to snag a few top notch names including Pharrell Williams and Timbaland.

Pharrell produced 2 tracks "T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S" and "Well All Right!" that made the album. "Working with Pharrell was his idea; we'd met him in 2004, and it was kind of too interesting not to do it. He doesn't really record rock bands that much, but that's what interested us in working with him. He's obviously a very talented guy who doesn't have all the same baggage rock producers bring with them into the studio. Working with him was way more spontaneous and more fun, I guess, because we didn't know what we were doing. It was fun for us to shoot from the hip."

The Hives also got some studio time with Timbaland but unfortunately due to time constraints, the tracks did not make the album. The uncompleted tracks may turn into B Sides (let's hope) or may be held onto for their next album though the band usually "likes to clean out the cupboards before we start working on our next album."

I really hope these tracks do turn up. I have heard that the likes of Candice Nelson and others have laid down vocals for the tracks which peaks my interest even more.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kanye & Timbaland re-make "Stronger"

Dope video!! That's Hannon in the hat talking with Kanye though I'm not sure who the guy is in between Tim and Hannon. Listen to that beat at minute 3:00!! Plus all those drums and those choral samples. This video shows why Timbo is king.

One Republic shoots video for "Apologize"

According to their myspace blog, One Republic has shot a video for the Timbaland remix of "Aplogize" which looks to be the 3rd single off of Shock Value. The video was shot this last Friday with Timbaland. The band was even talked about making a video for the original "Apologize" which will be the first single off their debut album scheduled to be released this December.

One Republic will also be performing "Apologize" for tomorrow's taping for One Live To Life along with Timbaland and the rest of the crew. Did you know One Republic is the #1 indie band on myspace? These guys have worked long and hard over the years and it's finally starting to pay off.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scratch Magazine says goodbye with Timbo

The Final issue of Scratch magazine will hit shelves at the end of this month. What's inside?

-Timbaland explains why “pop is the new hip-hop,” why he’s still homies with Scott Storch and why he’s had trouble working with Jay-Z and Missy Elliott.

-50 Cent discusses working with no-name producers, getting creative with Timbaland and why other big name beatmakers like The Neptunes and Kanye didn’t make the final cut on Curtis

and a whole lot more!!

Much love and respect to all those at Scratch for putting out a quality music magazine for all these years.

Duran Duran News

Duran Duran has been everywhere lately, making the rounds on various radio stations and even performing at the Emmy's last Sunday. Their new album Red Carpet Massacre will be released on Novermber 13th here in the U.S. and November 12th in Europe. There will be 2 versions of the album available. The standard version and a deluxe version which will contain a DVD of 45 minutes of footage of the making of the album, including all the guest stars, producers, etc. as well as live and backstage footage from various concerts and events.

Justin Timberlake co-produced "Falling Down" the band's first single which has slowly been gaining airplay across the country. The video for the track will be shot tomorrow in Los Angeles by director Anthony Mandler (Beyonce "Irreplaceable", Rihanna "Umbrealla"). The B Side to "Falling Down" will be a track called "Cry Baby Cry" which will be found only on the "Falling Down" single or on iTunes. The album will consist of 12 tracks, 3 of which are produced by Timbaland and Danja, 1 of which by Justin Timberlake, an untold amount produced by only Danja, and the rest by other producers.

Have you ever wondered how Duran Duran came to meet Timbaland and Justin? You can hear Simon Lebon, the lead singer of Duran Duran, talk about how he and the band got to work with Tim and JT on Star 98.7 Part 1 and Part 2. As well as Mix 107.7.

Star 98.7 is also planing to have a listening party of the entire Red Massacre album with the band, coming up sometime this week. As always we will keep you posted on this especially if any new Timbo/Danja tracks are previewed. We have still yet to hear "Zoomin' In" and any of the Danja solo produced tracks. Let's hope they appear soon.

I have to give huge thanks to April the biggest Duran Duran fan on the planet!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Missy Slated for Spring 2008

According to Missy's official website, her new album is slated for a Spring 2008 release!

Timbaland invades soap operas?

In breaking new, Timbaland, D.O.E, Keri Hilson, and Sebastian will be taping a performance of "The Way I Are" for an episode for the famous soap opera One Life To Live. Taping is this Friday but the airing of the episode, both date and time, as well as any further details are forth coming. "The Way I Are" continues it's global domination!

EDIT: Just added from

****Super producer Timbaland will appear in an upcoming episode of ABC's long running soap opera One Life to Live with a small acting role, as well as a performance with Mosley Music Group artist Keri Hilson.

In the episode, a character named Christine Vega is approached by a girl named Sara Roberts, who wants a job booking at the fictional club Capricorn. The first major act booked is Timbaland, Hilson and a backing band, who perform their hit single "The Way I Are," from Timbaland's second solo album Timbaland Presents Shock Value, which hit #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

“Timbaland has made a vast contribution to the music industry as an artist and producer,” said executive producer Frank Valentini. “I am a huge fan of his music and we look forward to him appearing on our show.” Timbaland and Hilson join artists like Mary J. Blige, Jeannie Ortega, Lifehouse, Simply Red, Chris Botti and Erykah Badu, all whom have made appearances on One Life To Live. Timbaland will tape the episode of One Life to Live this Friday (September 21) while the actual show will air on October 9th.

Timstrumental of the Week

My man Roderick has been really busy as of late (miss you bro!) so I thought I'd fill in with 1 new Timstrumental and 1 Danjamental. Here you go:

Britney Spears "Gimmie More"

Omarion F/ Kat DeLuna "Cut Off Time"

Monday, September 17, 2007

T.I.'s new single

T.I. next single will be the Danja produced "Hurt." The video was shot over the weekend with Alfa Mega but there is no confirmation if Busta will also be in the video or will possbiliy be replaced by Big Kuntry King, Grand Hustle's next artist, or Kuntry will be added to the video version of the track along with Busta and Alfa. The video was shot on location at Club Crucial in Atlanta.

No release date for the video or single has been released yet but we will keep you posted with new information as it becomes available. Thanks to Bigmac for the info.

EDIT: Busta is confirmed to be in the video!

Kanye, 50, & Timbaland

Timbaland recently weighed in on what he though about the 50 7 Kanye "rivalry":

"It's a great promotional tool," Timbaland said about West's and 50's albums coming out on the same day. "To me, it's the greatest thing ever. I think people should do it more often. I'm a fan of both albums. Hip-hop needs this right now. "It's gonna kinda come [out] evenly," he added about his prediction of the sales. "I say 500,000 to 500,000. That's a million records total in hip-hop. That's too much for the consumer."

Timbo says that the rap overload will likely cause a third-party candidate to reap the spoils. Country superstar Kenny Chesney also dropped a new album, Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates, on Tuesday.

"[Chesney] sells like 600, 700 [thousand]," Timbaland said. "He's gonna be #1, though. Why wouldn't he? It's happened before when a country artist came out and a hip-hop artist came out. ... It's nothing different. It's gonna be tight. Maybe [8,000 more] for 50 or [8,000 more] for Kanye. But Kenny is gonna do 600,000. He's a country artist. Country never fails. Just like 'High School Musical.' "


Looks like Tim forgot B5's album ha!

50 also had a few words about Timbaland via MTV's Mixtape Monday:

****Last week we told you how Kanye West brought both DJ Toomp and Timbaland in to help him with some of the soundscapes for Graduation. Well, 50 Cent is equally impressed with Timbo the King.

"He did stuff I never seen a producer do," 50 said recently in Las Vegas about working with Timbaland. (Tim, as the whole world knows now, produced 50's "Ayo Technology.") "I seen him take pins in a can and shake it and make it sound like something else. Then he puts the drums in the machine. It just got crazy in there."

50 said his work with Timbo inspired Kanye before West even heard their song.

"He said, 'Yo, [when] they told me you made that record with Timbaland, I made three new records,' " 50 said, smiling. "Then when I heard [the song], I was like, 'Ah man, [Kanye] got a record with [Timbaland].' "

"He's smart," 50 added. "He ain't stupid. That's what I would do."****

Tim says Kenny Chesney, what do you all say?

Kanye Stops By FS/LS Show

Kanye stopped by the LA show of the FutureSex/LoveShow last night to perform Stronger!

Beyonce & Justin Timberlake?

Speaking of Beyonce, in a very unlikely pairing she will be featured on the remix for Justin Timberlake's "Until The End Of Time." It seems that if you're Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, or Nelly Furtado every track on your album is going to be a single whether it be in the States or overseas. Via Billboard a reader wrote into the website inquiring about Justin's track:

****Dear Fred,

I am a huge fan and never miss your column.

This week, 'Until the End of Time" by Justin Timberlake spends its second week in the top 10 of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. To the best of my knowledge this song is yet to be released as a single, as "LoveStoned" is still making the rounds on the Hot 100. Also, before their official releases, both "Upgrade U" and "Get Me Bodied" by Beyonce appeared on the same chart based solely on airplay. Do you think this arbitrary airplay by radio stations ruins the chances of the songs achieving a higher position or performing better on the charts when released at a later date? "Get Me Bodied" is a case in point.


James Obi
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear James,

Glad you like Chart Beat Chat, and thanks for letting me know!

The airplay on Justin Timberlake's "Until the End of Time" is more deliberate than arbitrary - at least, it is now.

I checked with Billboard's Raphael George, who manages the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. He tells me that WGCI in Chicago started playing "Until the End of Time" from Justin's album, which inspired his label, Jive, to promote the song at urban radio. That's why it is doing so much better on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart. Raphael adds that a remix, with Beyonce, is coming in about two weeks. Hmm, wonder if that will help the song cross over to top 40 radio!

To answer your question about early airplay on songs that later become singles, there's no one result that is always the same. It can hurt a song's chances, but it can also help.****

"Until The End Of Time", my favorite track from Future Sex/ Love Sounds, is one of those classic Timbaland ballads. Justin really killed the vocals and together they created one of the best tracks of 2006/2007 in my opinion. I am interested to see how Beyonce will fit into the track especially with Justin's vocals. We'll keep you posted in the next couple of weeks with the progress of the song.

Beyonce Mystery Solved

We brought you the mystery of the the Beyonce "Get Me Bodied" Remix featuring Voltio. Here's a remix that wasn't promoted by either Beyonce's or Timbaland's label, was barely touched upon by music news outlets, and a video that just seemed edited and dubbed to include Voltio. Yes I will be the first to admit I wasn't really familiar with Voltio thinking he was some unknown reggaeton artist who ended up on a fan made remix of Beyonce's song.

This is the part that I eat my words. The liner notes of the remix read as follow "remix and additional production by Timbaland." Add to that Voltio is signed to Sony and very much a "real" artist. We solve another mystery and add another Timbaland track to the production list. In case you missed it here is the video for Beyonce F/ Voltio "Get Me Bodied" (Timbaland Remix):

But you didn't think it would be that easy did you? So if the Voltio remix is official what about the remix featuring Fabolous? The beat is exactly the same meaning Timbaland obviously produced it but where did it come from? Another mystery for the future....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Wait A Minute" sample

Czar, where you at?! We truly miss you and your sample of the week! Well Imma give the stans and fans something new for their collection. It might be not that spectacular like let's say the "We Need A Resolution" sample. But just listen now to PCD's song and then Barbara Stephens. Pay attention to the drums right at the beginning of both tracks, isn't it funny that both songs got the same title?

PCD - Wait A Minute

Barbara Stephens - Wait A Minute

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Chronicles Presents: The Thomas Crown Mixtapes Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

You all have waited long enough so here is the final mixtapes to download:

Volume 1

1. "The Way I Are" J Mack Remix
2. "Call Me" (Sample) Music Mo Remix
3. "Laff At Em" Andy Remix
4. "Gossip Folks" PLM Remix
5. "Dirt Off Ur Shoulders" Smiff Remix
6. "Are You That Somebody" (Double 2T Remix)
7. "Pony" (Precision Mad Scientist Remix)

Volume 2

1. "The Way I Are" Andy Remix
2. "Call Me" (sample) Essence Guardian Remix
3. "Laff At Em" J Mack Remix
4. "Gossip Follks" Music Mo Remix
5. "Dirt Off Ur Shoulders" Helmholtz Remix
6. "Are You That Somebody" Kyzer Remix
7. "Pony" SafeHandz Remix

THANKS to everyone who participated in the project, you all did such amazing remixes that I am lucky enough to hear everyday. This will definitely not be the last of The Chronicles mixtapes. I want to continue to put projects like this together to promote all the great music that's coming from everyone around the world. Also big thanks to Timbalandchick and SafeHandz for the mixtape covers and extra thanks to Safe as well for putting together all the music. I owe ya' my friend!

Please spread the links around, it's for everyone to enjoy. Again you all did an incredible job! To all the beatmakers, producers, etc who participated and who have yet to partcipate keep makin' music because there's plenty of us out there who love listening to it!!


Fans Speak, Missy Elliott Listens

The Missy Elliott "comback" (I hate that word) has slowly been gaining momentum. She has producer credits for Keyshia Cole's "Let It Go" the #1 R&B/Hip Hop Airplay song and former #1 R&B/Hip Hop song last week. Bits and pieces of news on Missy's new album has also surfaced over the last few months. We heard Danja talking about being in the studio with Misdameanor for her new album. Then DJ Toomp confirmed that he too was working on the new project. Will over at Missy watch broke the news of the title of Missy's album which will be The Countdown.

So we have the name of the project and 2 producers on board but the real question on everyone's mind is: will Missy and Timbaland reunite? It seemed likely and only fitting that the duo would be back together in the lab breaking new ground, taking us on yet another journey to the planet of sound that they currently reside on. Then we were shocked: Timbaland told MTV that "Missy's too over-the-top for this hip-hop. It's a different era, it's not the same. Some of these songs that are out right now [are] songs that I know if we played two, three years ago, people would have laughed at us." It seemed as though Missy and Timbaland reunification was not to be.

Undiscouraged, my good friend James created the Reunite Missy & Timbaland myspace group. Fans from all across the world joined the cause and over night there were 700 members voicing their desire to see Tim and Missy do their thing together. Today that number has doubled to over 1500 members and counting.

So what's the latest? Rolling Stone got word of the group and asked Missy herself what she had to say about working with Timbaland again:

****In August, a group named "Reunite Missy and Timbaland" popped up on MySpace. It was a response from fans who feared the duo had split up because Timbaland was quoted saying that Elliott's sixth album was too over-the-top for hip-hop. "He was saying it in a good way," laughs Elliott. "Like, I'm so far-left, people might not be ready for me." If the disc's hyper pace is too crazy, Timbaland is partly to blame: he and Nate "Danja" Hills cooked up its rowdy, "fun-for-the-club" beats. T-Pain also makes a cameo on the album, which Elliott cut in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. "I never want to give them another 'Get Ur Freak On' or another 'Work It,'" she says. "We're trying different stuff, just going in blind and hoping that people will be with it."****

Add T-Pain to the The Countdown guestlist. Let's hope these "fun for the club" beats keep in the same MIssy Elliott style we all know and love. What started out as small voice turned into 1500 and counting which were loud enough to get Missy to listen. Congrats to James and the group!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007's illseed shouts out The Chronicles

illseed over at always has those juicy rumors for all the us hip hop stans and he even shouted us out here at The Chronicles on our Jennifer Hudson/Timbaland/Jim Beanz article we recently posted. Check it out:


Big time props to Illseed and all those at for giving all us hip hop conisseurs the news, music, and goodies we all crave!

The VMA wrap up

If you haven't got enough of this year's VMAs we're going to bring you one last post with performances and pictures you may not have seen during the show:

(big thanks again to Timbalandchick who has recently turned the Timbo the King website into the web's largest photo gallery with over 300 Timbaland pics!)

Free Image Hosting at (Danja, Marcella, Petey Pablo, and Timbaland)

Free Image Hosting at (Keri Hilson)

Free Image Hosting at (Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

Free Image Hosting at (Timbaland)

Free Image Hosting at (Sebastian, Keri Hilson, and D.O.E)

Free Image Hosting at (Timbaland & Justin Timberlake)

Free Image Hosting at (Timbaland)

Free Image Hosting at (Danja, Marcella, & Timbaland)


T.I. "Big Things Poppin" (check Justin, Keri, and Sebastian in the background)

Justin Timberlake "Chop Me Up"

Petey Pablo "Freek-A-Leek" and "Raise Up" (Petey back with the Timbo family!!!! Yep that's King Logan of Royal Court in the background)

50 Cent f/ Justin Timberlake "AYO Technology"

50 Cent and Timbaland talk Kanye rivalry Part I

50 Cent and Timbaland talk Kanye rivalry Part 2

50 Cent talks Britney Spears

Timbaland the Maestro Part I (but he still never heard "Gimmie More")

Timbaland the Maestro Part II

Timbaland the Maestro Part III "Yes I Are"?? Come on Sway!

Timbaland the Maestro Part IV

Best VMAs ever? HARDLY, especially on the technical side. Between the distorted and often times missing audio, blurry camera images, whacky lighting, and continual jumping around from performance to performance there wasn't a cohesiveness to this years VMAs. By the time you got hyped about seeing Kanye or 50 there set was cut off to see Maroon 5 and Mark Ronson then it switched over to Lincoln Park etc etc. Musically I loved what Tim and most of the performers did but I just feel that MTV didn't give them the proper foundation technically to showcase their music the best way possible. In the end though hey it's the VMAs!!

Timbaland & Justin dissed by Britney

Our boy Timbaland is at it again with some choice words about his feelings for Britney Spears and how she "knows what she did wrong and should apologize." MTV continues to bring us Timbaland mania:

****Say what you will about the outcome, Britney Spears' VMA performance was one of the most-anticipated ones in years. But think how much bigger it would have been had it been billed as Spears taking the stage with former flame Justin Timberlake to perform together. Huge, right? Well, Timbaland — who claims to have nearly collaborated with the singer in the past — says Brit has quashed any chance of a JT collabo taking place anytime soon.

The super-producer told MTV News during VMA weekend that a prospective team-up between the two would be "the best thing that ever happened" and would "help her out a whole lot." But he then dismissed the possibility, saying in so many words that Brit has become big-headed and had dissed him and Justin. "It'll never happen. Nah. It could've, but it won't."

Timbaland previously said he got close to working with the singer, telling Entertainment Weekly in March, "I just want to take her away, go overseas and work [it] out. ... I asked Justin, 'How would you feel about me working with Britney?' ... 'Would you do it with me?' " Timbaland told the magazine that JT was willing to get involved at the time. "She's just gotta be serious."

Now Timbo has even more advice to give her about getting her career back on track. "She needs a story," he said. "She has no comeback story. That's the problem. She has to have a team. She needs to come back with Justin doing records; [then we'd see headlines like,] 'She went back to her ex and she's making smashes.' [But instead she got] so big-headed and [was] like, 'Screw you, screw you, I don't need nobody.' "

So is there any chance for Spears to rectify the situation and possibly work with Timberlake and Timbaland? Yes, says the super-producer — if she apologizes. "She should humble herself and make a phone call and say, 'I'm sorry.' She knows what she's sorry about," Tim said. "She needs to say, 'I was wrong,' and it'll definitely move forward. ... That's all she has to say.****

The video:

So now Tim got issues with Britney Spears?! Tim beefin' with everyone these days! Wow! Is this mystery conflict so big that it needs to be aired out on national television? Here's the biggest producer on the planet right now, and a grown man let's not forget, calling out the so called fallen pop queen for something that is so big it deserves an apology in order for them to work together.

Could it be that Tim is just mad because Britney said no to Tim and Justin and and just worked with Danja? Hmmm...

Video: Omarion F/ Kat DeLuna

The video is making me like the track a lot more especially the chorus.

Timbaland, Keri Hilson, and One Republic to perform

Click the banner for more details:

Who's going but more important who's bringing their video camera? :)

Ashlee Simpson gets 6 from Timbaland

Even the people you didn't see were making the news in Las Vegas over last weekend. Ashlee Simpson had a sneak peek preview of her new album coming out in November. Here's the article:

****Hanging out at the recording studio on the third floor of the Fantasy Tower at the Palms Casino Resort, Simpson has her recording crew keeping her company, from Timbaland — who pops by for a hug — to Jim Beanz, J Roe and King Logan. "These are my boys," she says as an introduction. Meanwhile, a new sound from Ashlee is banging on the speakers, a more tribal, dangerous, seductive sound, filled with beats and synth lines. "Here, in the dark, is where I find the light," she sings, in a slow, slinky way. "I've got a monkey on my back, get it off," she then sings in a near-rap. "I get away with murder," she drawls. Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes sneaks in a rap about how she has "diplomatic immunity."

The song is called "Murder," and it might be her first single. It's one of six songs she recorded in Los Angeles over the past few months with VMA maestro Timbaland and crew, while she has seven others completed with Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and Kenna. The Timbo tracks — the ones she previews at the Palms, at least — make it sound like a reinvention (à la what the producer did for Nelly Furtado) is in the works. One non-Timbaland track, "Follow You Wherever You Go," is what her father Joe calls her "Broadway thing" — a jazzed-up number inspired by her work in the West End production of "Chicago". Ashlee might call her alter ego Vicky, but there's a bit of Roxie in her now too.****

Full MTV Article

Here Ashlee talks briefly about the project with Jim Beanz at her side:

You can also hear a snippet of the Timbaland produced track "Murder".

Now while MTV gives you the surface, The Chronicles takes you deeper. Yes Jim Beanz is working on the project and you can bet he will only continue his ingenious vocals and vocal production for the pop star. 6 tracks from Timbaland? Actually it's King Logan of The Royal Court who will be producing those 6 tracks with Tim co-signing including "Murder" which I think is a giant step forward for the King, showing that he can break out of the Tim's sound and create his own. We'll definitely be giving you more news about this porject as it becomes available.

Big thanks to our weekly contributor Bigmac for the article.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rare Reels

We haven't done one of these in awhile:

I wonder if Tim still has that bus? 1 guess what track Nore and Timbaland are talking about.

Celine & Colplay + Timbaland a rumor?

We reported here on The Chronicles about news of a possible Timbaland & Celine Dion collabo and Timbaland & Coldplay collabo. New articles released recently about both their new albums seem to suggest that that's all it was: a possibility.

As far as Celine Dion there was even rumors that Tim gave his "Eyes On Me" track for Samantha Jade to Dion instead but that simply isn't the case. Billboard just released an article on Dion's new album:

****As the process of recording her first major studio release in four years reaches its climax, Celine Dion is already calling the upcoming "Taking Chances" her favorite English-language album. Due Nov. 13 via Columbia, the set is led by its title track, which is headed to radio imminently. The track was written by Kara DioGuardi and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, and produced by John Shanks.

The new album certainly represents a sonic step forward for Dion, who must be eager to search out a fresh direction after singing mostly the same songs for the past four years during her sold-out "A New Day" show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Other collaborators on the disc include ex-Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, Kristian Lundin, Anders Bagge, Peer Astrom, Linda Perry, Ne-Yo and Aldo Nova.

Among confirmed tracks are a hard-driving cover of Heart's "Alone"; the Middle Eastern-flavored "Eyes on Me," produced by Lundin; "This Time," a moody percolator written by Moody with David Hodges; the ballad "A Song for You," produced by Bagge; and the blues-drenched "The Woman in Me."****

Coldplay also does not mention working with Timbo let alone having him produce their entire album as previously reported:

"We're still a few months from finishing but already the arguements about tracklisting have begun. The plan has always been to make a short record. No more than 42 minutes. 9 songs (give or take)......It's not simply about individual talents, but overall cohesion and combined effectiveness. The bigger picture. An album that you can listen to from start to finish. The danger of this is that great songs may get left off the album because they don't 'fit'. I have to confess that as a confirmed non-musician, this approach slightly worries me....

If that means eight thrash metal tracks and one ballad then so be it...expect a short, concise record with no fat and at least two top-division songs released independently."

Will Tim be the one behind at least one of those top division tracks? Guess we'll wait and see what transpires.

AYO Technology credits

Ayo Technology feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland

(C. Jackson, T. Mosley, N. Hills, J. Timberlake)

Produced by Timbaland for Timbaland Productions, Inc. & Co-produced by Danja for Danjahandz Productions, Inc.
Recorded by Demo @ Hit Factory Criteria, Miami, FL, Pressure Point Studios, Chicago, IL. & Studio 7303 Houston, TX.
Additional recording by Ian Stewart & Gary Hadfield @ Blueprint Studios, Manchester, UK.
Mixed by Demo @ Legacy Studios, NYC, NY & Hit Factory Criteria, Miami, FL.
Assisted by Seamus "Shameless" Tyson

Just in case ya'll wanted the info. Thanks to Dr. Nep for the info!

B5, Britney, Duran Duran oh my

With all the excitement of the VMAs still going on I thought I'd switch it up for a minute and give you all some full and HQ versions of a lot of tracks we've been mentioning over the last coupe of weeks. With no further ado here they are:

Duran Duran "Skin Divers"

Duran Duran "Night Runner"

Britney Spears "Gimmie More"

B5 "Teardrops" (The beat is hot but damn those vocals are awful. Looks like I'll be picking up this album today for the credits)

Monday, September 10, 2007

The VMAs Post (updated)

Pics (Thanks Timbalandchick!):

Looks like Danja and Tim are ok in this pic :)

-Timbaland's Chris Brown medley-hear him talking during "Billy Jean"?
-Tim's intro to Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out"--hot beat.
-Tim and Justin's performances of "AYO Technology" and "Chop Me Up".
-Tim giving Justin Best Male Artist award.
-Wale's performance after Chris Brown.
-Nelly Furtado-Do It
-D.O.E., Sebastian, Tim & Keri Hilson-The Way I Are
-Justin Timberlake-Love Stoned
-Nelly, Justin & Tim-Give It to Me

Britney Spears "Gimmie More" (That's your comeback performance???!)

50 Cent & Justin "AYO Technology"

50 Cent & Justin "Chop Me Up"

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Timbaland's VMA Downloads

Chris Brown-Medley (featuring a new Tim beat and ad-libs/breakdown): Video / MP3
Linkin Park-Bleed It Out (featuring a brand new beat/intro): Video / MP3
Tim's Medley (featuring "The Way I Are REMIX" and "LoveStoned REMIX"): Video / MP3

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Timbaland talks with Ryan Seacrest

Here's a VERY interesting radio interview Timbo did with Seacrest where he talks about "The Way I Are", the VMAs, and his views on Britney's new track.

Timbaland talks to Ryan Seacrest

Times have definitely changed haven't they? A couple months ago Tim was talking about how he wanted to bring Britney back, how he felt sorry for her, how the public should leave her alone, and how he and Justin were going to work with her. There was even reports of Justin and Britney doing a Timbaland produced duet together.

Fast forward to present day and now Britney's new song is "ok", it isn't worthy of opening the VMAs (versus "crunk" music which Tim feels should open the show), she has no hype, and there is no way Britney, or anyone for that mattter, can compete with Timbaland aka "King Arthur." It also seems as though Tim isn't happy Danja and Britney worked together alone verus the whole "family" that included Justin and Timbaland.

Tim talks about Danja being one of his producers "under" him. Then he talks about how he groomed Danja for 3 years yet he continually points out how he hasn't heard the song and people aren't saying much about it. You haven't heard your #1 producer's, who's been under your tutelage for 3 years, new song with one of the most talked about celebrities in the world?

Seems as though the Tim and Danja collaboration days are coming to an end...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Timbaland at the VMA rundown

MTV talked with Timbaland about his feelings on the VMAs and here's what he had to say:

****"No award show will be able to beat this award show. I'm involved with it? I'm doing it? No other show this year will be able to see it," he boasted. "People are gonna be sick. The other shows are going to be coming up to me like, 'Timbaland, can you? ... No, I cannot. I will not.'

"I'm overseeing the music — the intros, outros, middle breaks," Tim — donning a waaay old-school white wig — explained Thursday (September 6) at the Palms Casino Resort. He was holed up in the Studio at the Palms, the resort's very own recording studio, where he — and other artists, like Lil Jon — have worked recently. "I did all the music [for the VMAs], so it could sound like a Timbaland production," Timbo said.

He played the MTV News crew a track he made specifically for the beginning of Chris Brown's set. It sounded like Middle Eastern swing meets a historically black college's marching band in a European nightclub ... mixed with some sound effects from a ColecoVision video game for good measure.

Speaking of surprises, Timbaland wasn't aware of Thursday's big news: that Britney Spears will open the extravaganza with a performance of her new single, "Gimme More." "We'll see," he said about how he thinks Britney will do. "Maybe she's got a point to prove."****

Full Article

Good old Tim always keeping it humble ha! Yes Britney Spears will be opening the show with her Danja produced track "Gimmie More" which is everywhere these days. Criss Angel the magician will also be performing with Britney. You can check MTV for more details.

Now on some exclusive Chronicles news D.O.E will be joining Tim, Keri, and Sebastian for their performance at the VMAs. They will be closing the show with a melody of hits. Nelly Furtado will start with "Do It" adding Sebastian and D.O.E, then Timbaland and Keri will join in for "The Way I Are, and finally Justin Timberlake and Tim performing one of their hits, I'm not sure which one yet.

Make sure to check out the performance this Sunday at 9PM Eastern and yes I'm hoping some of us record it too so we can post it for everyone else.

How big is "The Way I Are"?

- Top 10 song in over 20 countries

- #1 Pop 100 and Pop 100 Airplay song in America for the 2nd week in a row

- Winner of Teen Choice Award

- Nominated for Monster Single of the Year for VMAs

- Being performed at the VMAs by Tim, Keri, D.O.E, and Sebastian

That's what I call a global hit record. You all voted, the label listened, and look at the song now. Power to the people!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Star Wars & Timbaland

Big A asked posted his possible sample and Nick followed up with his possible sample so in the spirit of things I thought I'd join in the fun and post my possible sample. I'm sure Czar is laughing at all 3 of us now as he kicks back and makes his sample mix 9. Anyhow let's all take a look at Timbaland's Shock Value.

The track is question is Tim's "Throw It On Me" featuring The Hives. Now though the sample can be heard off the album version of the track, I didn't recognize it until the Timstrumental came out. As you all know I am a man of sounds so with that said really listen to the "Throw It On Me" instrumental and register all the sounds in the track, got them?

Straight away I knew the sample, it's from Star Wars, technically Star Wars IV the first one released. I knew the exact scene and could hear the sound being played in my mind, I just didn't know how I was going to record it to show you guys. Well that's where the power of youtube comes in. Take a look at the very first scene from this video with Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Hear it? I feel pretty confident that Tim used this sound but there's a chance I could be wrong. I know this can't be the first time Tim sampled the Star Wars movies, in fact there have even been rumors of a certain Jay-Z hit being sampled from one of the movies. Guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

B5 & Danja (and possibly Timbaland)

Consisting of 5 brothers ages 13 to 19, B5 hit the music scene back in 2005. Often compared to N*Sync and other boy bands, B5 was looking to create their own sound. Their self titled debut album was a success and soon the guys were all over teen magazines making the young ladies swoon. They went on tour with everyone from Ginuwine to Usher gaining experience and music industry knowledge from the veterans. With a very successful mall tour and joint ventures with Disney's High School Musical, B5 has kept the their audience's hungry for new material intact.

It's now 2007 and B5 has a new album Don't Talk Just Listen looking to give Kanye and 50 Cent some competition on September 11th. Signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records, their first single "Hydrolics" feat. Bow Wow is climbing up the charts. They have a new look, some much needed edge, and some top notched production for the album including the Souldiggaz, Brian Cox, the Underdogs,, Danja, and rumored Timbaland as well.

B5's song "Teardrops" windows media / zshare is confirmed to be produced by Danja. However in an interview, Bryan of B5 also says Timbaland was a part of the track:

****J Dot (UBG): What are your individual favorite songs from the new CD?

Bryan: One of my favorite songs is “Teardrops” produced by Timbaland and Danja. I like it because the beat is just so crazy and I just love everything about the song including the melody.*****


In another interview Timbaland is also mentioned as a contributing producer to their album:

**** producers did you work with on this album?

CARNELL: We worked with Bryan Michael Cox, the Underdogs,, Souldiggers, Mario Winans, and Timbaland. We're real excited about it.****


So what role does Timbaland have in the track? I'm not sure yet, possibly additional production but Danja is confirmed as the producer with Corte Ellis as the writer. The track definitely has that "My Love" feel to it along with those classic Danja synths. Big thanks to my investigating partner Bigmac for the info.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Justin Timberlake's performaces on HBO

Here's a bunch of Justin's tracks from last night's HBO performance:

"Chop Me Up" featuring Timbaland

"My Love"

"Until The End Of Time"

"Future Sex Love Sounds"

It was a great performance and it made me even more jealous that I am not going to get the chance to see it. The stage looks insane! Thanks to Macedes for the videos.

Timbaland Sued Over "Big Pimpin" Melody

****Another song produced by superstar rapper Timbaland is in question, as rap star Jay-Z and the producer have been hit with a lawsuit over the single "Big Pimpin."

Copyright co-owner Osama Admed Fahmy filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court, claiming that Timbaland illegally replayed portions of "Big Pimpin" note-for-note, using a melody lifted from the song "Khosara, Khosara" which was written by composer Baligh Hamdi and performed by Egyptian star Abdel-Halim Hafez in 1957.

"Big Pimpin," which is taken from Jay-Z's hit album Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter also features Texas rap legends UGK and hit #1 in 1999.

Jay-Z, Timbaland, Linkin Park, EMI Music Inc. are among the defendants named in the lawsuit over the hit single, which was also mashed up on Linkin Park's song "Papercut" on the EP Collision Course.

On August 3, 2007, a similar lawsuit was dismissed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, when EMI won a summary judgment in the case.

Plaintiff Ahab Joseph Nafal also sued Jay-Z, Timbaland Productions, Linkin Park, EMI Music Inc., EMI Music Publishing, Ltd. and EMI Blackwood Music, claiming that the artists infringed on the copyright to "Khosara, Khosara."

Lawyers argued that "Khosara, "Khosara" was created in 1957 and was governed by the 1909 Copyright Act and not the 1976 Copyright Act.

The lawsuit was subsequently dismissed because Nafal failed to join all individuals with rights to the composition in the lawsuit, as the 1909 Act mandates.

Other copyright owners of "Khosara, Khosara" include Magdi El-Amroussi, owner of the legendary Soutelphan (Voice of the Artist) record label, which launched in 1961 and ironically, operates as a unit of EMI Arabia.

The original lawsuit was filed in April of 2005.****


Also peep this interesting read

Abdel-Halim Hafez vs. Timbo/Jay-Z

Monday, September 3, 2007

Think you had enough Britney & Danja?

Well we have more for you! I know I know Boogie this isn't a Britney site but this is a Timbaland and affliliates site so we have to give shine where it's deserved and Danja is the man of the hour right now as is another mysterious guest. Here are 2 more tracks produced by Danja. They are reportedly demos from 2005 but that is yet to be 100% confirmed:

"Got Me High"

"Break The Ice"

Now everywhere else on the net you will see a track labeled as "Been A While" but only here on The Chronicles will we give you the real deal. The track is really called "Break The Ice" and who is that mysterious guest singer in the background? You guessed it none other than my man Jim Beanz. Beanz strikes again!

Both tracks are dope in my opinion but the one that really stands out is "Got Me High." The chorus is sick and girl can bring some sexy to any track. Is Britney back? I'd say so and it's great to see Danja being the one to bring her back. You can bet his star is only going to get brighter from this project.

The word is still out on if Danja produced "Cold As Fire" (The Yeah Song). I agree with anyone who says Danja produced it but as I posted, MTV reported that T Pain "knocked out" 3 tracks with Britney inclduing "Cold As Fire." Does "knocked out" mean produced? I would think so but maybe it does mean wrote or vocally produced. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

What do you all think of the new tracks? Big props to Fonky!

Kanye West//GRADUATION album credits

BossPlayya checkin in.
Now, I'm a fiend when it comes to the credits....yeah, yeah...I know they ain't always correct, but it's something about seein ur favorite artists', or in this case fave producer's name in writing. Kanye dropped Tim's name in an interview a while back, but now it's confirmed...and it's not just STRONGER, but also GOOD LIFE...we know thats the next single, so when that instru drops it's a Timstru by default right?
As an aside, it's good to see Kanye and Jon Brion maintained a relationship beyond the last record, and Toomp drops some serious tracks. Maybe hats why he was too busy for T.I.

Here go the credits.

01.Good Morning - produced by Kanye West

02.Champion - produced by Kanye West and Brian Miller
samples Steely Dan//KID CHARLEMAGNE

03.Stronger - produced by Kanye West, Additional Programming by TIMBALAND

04.I Wonder - produced by Kanye West, Strings by LARRY GOLD
samples Labi Siffre/MY SONG

05.Good Life - produced by Kanye West and Toomp, Additional Drum Programming by TIMBALAND, vocals by T-Pain, Ne-Yo and John Legend
samples Michael Jackson//PYT

06.Can't Tell Me Nothing - produced by Kanye West and Toomp

07.Barry Bonds - produced by Nottz
samples Mountain//LONG RED

08.Drunk And Hot Girls - produced by Kanye West and Jon Brion
samples Can//SING SWAN SONG

09.Flashing Lights - produced by Kanye West and Eric Hudson, Strings by LARRY GOLD

10.Everything I Am - produced by Kanye West, Scratches by DJ Premier
sample Public Enemy//BRING THE NOISE and Prince Phillip Mitchell//IF WE CAN'T BE LOVERS

11.The Glory - produced by Kanye West, vocals by John Legend and Mos Def
samples Laura Nyro//SAVE THE COUNTRY and Mountain//LONG RED

12.Homecoming - produced by Kanye West and Warryn Cambell

13.Big Brother - produced by Toomp

14.Good Night - produced by Kanye West, Jason Miller and AL BE BACK

15.Bittersweet Poetry- produced by Kanye West

Nottz and Kanye each sampled the same song....BARRY BONDS and THE GLORY. Y'all hear it?

please note that tracks 14 and 15 are bonus tracks on the Japanese release.

and here is GOOD LIFE ft. T-Pain w/ additional vocals by John Legend and Ne-Yo....additional drum programming by TIMBALAND (i know there was a reason why i felt this song)
Kanye West//GOOD LIFE

No Tim on HBO

If any of yall are watching the Justin concert on HBO, they unfortunately cut out Tim's 20 minute interlude. Maybe they'll put it on the DVD extras?

"Cop That Shit" Sample?

Since Big-A's been posting his sample theories, Ima post mine. This track was made in the 80s, and I'm not gonna say the name lest Tim get 500 more lawsuits on his ass. Sounds familiar though, you decide...

Sound familiar?

New D.O.E. interview on

You wanna get an update what D.O.E. is doin? Peep the interview on the #1 page on the westcoast. Big ups to my man Rud and last but not least Nima who did this phoner for this opportunity to get D.O.E.'s name out there.

D.O.E. interview

****Dubcnn: How did you hook up with Timbaland?

Well, I was on the mixtape scene, and I had a mixtape out there called "Me-Unit", it was a parody of "G-Unit". It got into the hands of Harve Pierre, and Harve took it to Tim's lawyer. Harve Pierre is the vice president of Bad Boy Records. He took it to Tim's lawyer, he took it to Tim, and when Tim heard it, that was all she wrote! He flew me down to Miami, we did a couple of tracks, and he was like "yeah, this feels right".

Dubcnn: I was about to ask you how the feedback was for "Way I Are".

The feedback is crazy! Like, you don't see the video too crazy, well I don't see the video too crazy cause I don't watch TV, so not a lot of people recognize me, but when that song comes on, I could be anywhere, I could be in a bar, in a club, anywhere, and the song comes on, and people just start saying "Babygirl..." and start going crazy! I could be anywhere, at a gas station, and hear people pull up playing the record. It's just crazy, and I'm looking at them like "wow, they have no clue. They don't even know who they sitting next to, they don't even know who they looking at right now!" Some people look at me like "I know that face!"

Dubcnn: Any idea around when we could expect the album?

My album is coming out tomorrow! *laughs* They told [me] in the first quarter. They're about to put something out on Keri Hilson right now so she can ride that wave and we just gonna piggy back everything, cause "The Way I are" is huge right now. I just dropped my buzz single "From The Bottom To The Top", but from the reaction it's been getting since it's been out, it's been like "wow!" So the single might take me further than expected. I got a bunch of heat man. I think Hip-Hop really really needs me. People say Hip-Hop is dead, I don't think it's dead, I think it's wounded and it needs a healing.****

Also in case you all haven't checked it out, D.O.E has launched a youtube page called D.O.E. Films that has a range of tracks throughout his career including some dope mixtape songs with Busta and Lil' Kim. Definitely take a look! Also "The Way I Are" was the #1 Pop 100 and #1 Pop 100 Airplay track in America this last week! Let's hope it continues it's success.

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on HBO tonight

Tonight at 9PM on HBO. They will have it on demand starting Tuesday in case you missed it. If anything watch it for Timbaland's set which I've heard from so many different people from around the world is incredible! With a HQ version of the performance being released you know that means we'll be getting our hands on the HQ version of all the new Timbo tracks exclusively created for the concert. Check it out tonight!

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