Monday, September 10, 2007

The VMAs Post (updated)

Pics (Thanks Timbalandchick!):

Looks like Danja and Tim are ok in this pic :)

-Timbaland's Chris Brown medley-hear him talking during "Billy Jean"?
-Tim's intro to Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out"--hot beat.
-Tim and Justin's performances of "AYO Technology" and "Chop Me Up".
-Tim giving Justin Best Male Artist award.
-Wale's performance after Chris Brown.
-Nelly Furtado-Do It
-D.O.E., Sebastian, Tim & Keri Hilson-The Way I Are
-Justin Timberlake-Love Stoned
-Nelly, Justin & Tim-Give It to Me

Britney Spears "Gimmie More" (That's your comeback performance???!)

50 Cent & Justin "AYO Technology"

50 Cent & Justin "Chop Me Up"



    There's the link...It posts up every new added performance right after.


  2. the tim performances were allright...even though the remixes in the medley were pretty cool there was nothing that spectacular(except for the begining of way i are that really had something going for it)...just as I expecteded after the over-the top hype created before the show...not to mention the britney performance that was wack as hell...the only thing that stood out and really surprised me was the bleed it out intro tim did...can't wait till you post that..maybe you can get it in mp3 too!all in all a poor show that did have some highlights though(linkin park,chris brown,kanye and the big maestro finale)!!!that's just my opinion so what do yall think?didn't you expect more?(or maybe just britney wants more?...I say just give her a second chance because I think she kinda missed the big comeback she planed the firt time...maybe next time...maybe brit!!!)

  3. Chris Browns performance was the show, the show was that, that was the show. Nothing else really stood out, except Britneys performance which unfortunately stood out in a negative manner. Yeah have to agree Timbos intro to Linkin Park was something i need to listen to again. I Kinda wished that the true king would pop out like in 2001, do i need to say his name? Well it was a nice tribute from Chris Brown.

  4. Tim was Great. The awards were horrible

  5. Ryan leslie in the keri hilson pic

  6. ^^ just wanted to ask is that Ryan Leslie there.

    The Timbo Intro is an absolute banger - I wish I had more hands to give it four thumbs up !

    Thats the stuff i love the most from Tim, this overwhelming, dramatic, bombastic filmscore style, that comes along with some atmosphere and on top theres always some fine ass icing, thats SO in tune, I wanna bite my keyboard.

    that intro is on heavy rotation for some days now!

    I'll go work on my arp game... D'oh, I still have to do loads of paperwork for my job!

    unfortunately I'm not able to VIEW those clips due to those regional restrictions of MTV.
    But I've read on various sites, that Brit's performance was weak.
    Hm, I guess the pressure also must have been pretty intense for her. Especially if you keep in mind that she just has lost hers and I'm not sure if you can just go on with all the things that made your soul suffer in the first place.

    Well her decusion. I would have waited a little in search of some inner peace.
    This way she'll (again) wont be too happy reading the headlines, and thus wont gain any self-confidence back.

    just hope it wasnt her management, that forced her to go back on stage asap.

    Tim was right in his interview. The second chance, dont take it too lightly and for granted.
    Slowly build up with a little help of friends - small steps...

  7. and thanks for sharing the pics !

    is that Bryan "Baby" Williams behind Leslie?^^

  8. Tim on the roids again i see, and seems to be selling them to dr dre

  9. haha britneys performance was wack but did u see ryan leslie's expression when he was looking at keri?!?!!? lol priceless

  10. did anyone else notice the equipment tim was using!?!?!? looks familiar.... lol like like his special edition with white(2 of them actually)

    just though i bring 2 ya'll attention

  11. Where are the Furtado pics?

  12. I hope you guys know that Tim wasn't really doing anything during the show. It was mostly for looks.


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