Monday, April 30, 2007

Heather Hunter & Timbaland? - One More Mystery Solved

It's Big A here. Many of you who come here everyday probably don't know that Timbaland recorded with a world famous (ex-)porn star turned rappa, Heather Hunter.

I am talking about a leaked song labeled "Tasty ft. Bubba Sparxxx" (also known as "Would You Like ft. Bubba Sparxxx"). Many people have discussed whether this is Timbaland solo on the beat, Scott Storch solo or both together. To me it definitely had the Scott Storch feeling. Boogie and I also discussed it this weekend and neither of us was really sure.

So I had to hit up HH (nah, not on myspace or whatever...on her private contact fellas *shows off*) to clear things up for all the credit junkies: In fact this is a Bubba Sparxxx song and not a Double-H song. The correct name is "Tasty" and it's produced by both, Scott Storch & Timbaland. It was suppose to be on Bubba's Deliverance album, but didn't make the cut. Here we go (again)...

(on a side note: she worked with Scott Storch on her last album "The Unexpected", track is called "Don't Stop")

Bubba Sparxxx - Tasty (feat. Heather Hunter)

Boogie says: If ya'll remember way back in November we took a look at the Storch & Tim relationship, and I posted that the "Tasty" track was indeed a solo Storch track but as you can see I was wrong. It's good to have great people on your team. Thanks Big A!

Bobby V & Timoth-Y - 2nd Shot

What should I say? Hm, just go and listen to the second production Timbaland has on Bobby Valentino's album "Special Occasion" real soon in stores. We all have to wait what the credits will say...

Bobby Valentino - Rearview (Ridin') ft. Ludacris

"The Way I Are" second single - Timbo invades Europe!

Short update on the official second single of "Shock Value": "The Way I Are" will be shot in Europe, probably Glasgow (UK) or Rome (Italy) in few weeks and it will also probably feature a 2nd rapper on the track as well.

EDIT: The video looks to start shooting May 18th & 19th

Sunday, April 29, 2007

100,000 hits!

7 months ago I had a stupid, little idea of starting a Timbaland site. The question was how to go about it. There are plenty of Tim sites out there. They have these amazing graphics, music, forums, basically everything I knew nothing about. What I did know though was Timbo and his music. Through years of tutelage by the likes of Czar, Big A, Roderick, Timbochick, Bigmac, James, Nick etc. I began to really learn about Timbo but more about his music and how he does what he does. So why not share this information I had collected and learned from with the masses?

What other sites don't have, actually most websites lack, is a reason for people to come back to them. Unless it's a forum, most websites you go to there are all these cool graphics and stimuli and for the first few times you go there it's great but what happens after the 4th time? And the 5th? You totally lose interest. Well I wanted to create a site that was continually being updated and gave a reason for the Timbo fans in this world to come back to and learn from, hence the birth of The Chronicles.

What started out as something small has quickly grown into something huge! It's bigger than I ever imagined. I can not believe all the encouragement, support, and love I've gotten from people form all across the world. From producers to magazine editors, fans, to stans, current big time artists to up and coming ones, and all those in between it's been an incredible journey so far. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to have such a successful site that continues to grow.

I thank all of you for the support of The Chronicles. Truly if it wasn't for you this site would be nothing. Please continue to get the word out and let's make this the biggest Timbo site in the world. You all are great and here's to more Timbo for years to come. Thank you all!

and to my The Chronicles Team, I am indebted to you forever. Y'all are amazing!


Timbo the King Re-Launches

My girl Timbalandchick has just relaunched her website Timbo The King No one can touch her and her squad when it comes to graphics, the layout is so sick! It is without question the largest collection of Timbaland pictures on the net and there is no denying what an incredible fan she is.

If you aren't familiar with Timbalandchick I suggest you learn. She is the original Timbo stan and she was creating Tim websites before any one was. If you missed it check out the interview I did with her for The Chronicles. She is one of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Go check out the site and show some support. There is no competition, simple respect and support for one another. Good lookin' out Timbochick!

Snippet Bobby Valentino "Rearview (Ridin')

Check out a snippet of the other Timbaland produced single from Bobby Valentino's second album Special Occasion. The track is called:

"Rearview (Ridin')"

I'm so bad at deciding if I like a Timbo track just by a snippet because you never know what kind of goodies Tim threw in there especially at the end of a track. I've always been a fan of Tim's ballad made beats so I'm looking forward to hearing the full here soon.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

Sup y'all? It's Friday, and Friday means it's time for Czar's Sample of the Week. Since it's the last Friday of the month, I thought that I would showcase a Tim track that contains more than one sample.

One of my favorite tracks off the classic Ginuwine album, The Bachelor, has to be "G Thang." It's just a smooth track with features by Missy, Magoo, and Tim. But Tim sampled and Ginuwine interpolated so many tracks on this song. The main beat samples "Numb" by trip-hop band Portishead (if you don't have any of their albums, I suggest you get them!). Some might remember that this is the same sample in Aaliyah's remix to "If your Girl only Knew." The chorus to "G Thang" samples a brief cut from "The Boomin' System" from LL Cool J's 1990 album "Moma Said Knock You Out." Now, the bridge to "G Thang" interpolates a 1984 classic hit track "Set it Off" by Strafe. Honestly, "Set it Off" is one of my favorite tracks of all time! Lastly, near the end of the song, Ginuwine resings the vocals from D'angelo's hit track "Brown Sugar"

So there you have it folks, one song, with four samples. To give everyone a heads up, this is not the only track that Tim produced that has multiple samples. Hopefully, I'll hit y'all off with more of these tracks in the near future. Have a great weekend, and I'll catch y'all next week for another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week.

Peace and Love,

50 Cent & Timbo News

****A few years ago, 50 Cent quarterbacked an unofficial remix of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River," adding some raps to the song and releasing it to mixtapes. Now, the two have made a real record together. Timberlake is one of the many special guests who joined forces with 50 for his June 26 release, Curtis.

"I actually wrote a lot of the portions that other artists are working with me on, [but] in Justin's case, I flew to Florida," 50 said of their collaboration, which is called "AYO Technology." "He was on tour with Timbaland. Timbaland produced the beat in a studio/trailer, on the tour bus. We got the music, the first time. I wrote a first verse; I didn't want to finish without the content and chorus. We got together the second time and finished the song in Houston."*****

Full Article

Who would have ever thought that Justin Timberlake would be working with 50 Cent? That's the power of music I guess. I'm not a huge fan of 50 but none the less I'm still interested to see what he sounds like over a good Timbo beat.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rare Reel

Starting something new, hope you all like it. If you find anything shoot me an e-mail.

Aaliyah, Tim, Magoo, Playa, Danja Mowf, and I think that is Bill Pettaway on the guitar.

"Throw It On Me" video complete

A new video for "Throw it on Me" by producer Timbaland and rock group The Hives will debut on WWE's Monday Night Raw next month.

The song is taken from Timbaland's latest album, Timbaland Presents Shock Value. The video debut is part of an official partnership the chart-topping producer recently entered into with the WWE.

“WWE is extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Timbaland. We promise the Divas will help make Timbaland the hottest music video ever,” said Kristin Prouty, WWE’s Vice President of Entertainment Relations.

Timbaland, who has produced hits for artists like Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and others, is a longtime wrestling fan and recently made an television appearance on the WWE owned franchise, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

The exclusive world premiere of the video for "Throw it on Me" debuts on WWE's Monday Night Raw on USA Network on May 21.


This is NOT the official 2nd single, rather it's just a video Timbaland made for WWE. Smart move for promotion as well as increasing his "pop" audience.

Bjork talks about Timbaland

In Part I she talks more about the making of Volta.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

D.O.E on his Thomas Crown Studios Tour

You know who's bringin' it first!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Timbo shoots video for "Throw It On Me"

Check it:

****Six of the Sexiest Women on Television are the sexiest women to hit Timbaland’s latest music video. Ashley, Torrie, Maryse, Brooke, Layla and Kelly Kelly filmed the “Throw it on Me” video with Timbaland and The Hives at Universal Studios yesterday.

The Divas danced, had a fashion photo shoot and got in the ring for the “Timb City” theme video. What exactly is Timb City? Well, WWE fans, you’ll have to wait for the exclusive world premiere of the “Throw it on Me” video May 21 on Raw.

The reason I asked the Divas to be in my video was because I didn’t want the typical casting for this. I wanted women who mean something,” Timbaland told “The Divas have a fan base of their own. They’re all stars. Each in their own way, they all mean something.”****

Full Article

Now apparently a video for "The Way I Are" will also be shot sometime soon, however, this is not confirmed. There has been confirmation that "The Way I Are" will be a single I guess it just won't be the 2nd one.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The liner notes of Shock Value

Now what kind of stan would J Boogie be if I didn’t go through the liner notes of a Timbaland CD? It’s actually the first thing I do with any CD I buy. I figure the more you can educate yourself about music the better. Plus this is Timbaland and I’m always interested to see who he’s working with and who is doing what these days on his team. Enough of my ramblings though, let’s take a look at the liner notes.

First thing you might notice is there is no Jimmy D engineering credits, though he is thanked and will always be Tim’s “#1”. I don’t know why they’re not working together anymore, though there have been plenty of rumors. Who you do see is Demo, who used to assist Jimmy D. Now if you aren’t familiar with Demo, he is the Cuban guy in the making of Shock Value video Also you’ll notice Marcella “Ms Lago” Araica credited for mixing, co-mixing, and even lends her vocals on “Boardmeeting” Ms Lago can be seen in the video on Danja’s myspace (second button from the left on them mixer) She is also shouted at the end of “Laff At Em” (“Marcella I’m going to slide it on out now, you do your little mix thing to it”) Keep your eye on her as she is the only female engineer that I know of in the game and she looks to be huge.

Glad to know Hannon Lane is still working with Tim i.e. “One and Only” but interesting that it says Hannon Lane for M.S.I Productions versus the regular Bone Beats Productions he’s always gone with. Yes that’s Petey Pablo on “One and Only” too though he is not credited and there’s no mention of him at all. Also very interesting. If you notice in the writing credits for a lot of tracks you’ll see the name T. Clayton. That is Attitude and he wrote most of Tim’s verses on this album. His debut album on Warner Bros should be hot!

We solved the mystery of Money on a prior post. Walter Milsap III and Candice Nelson used to be a very formidable writing duo but have since gone their separate ways but are still turning out great music individually as seen with their names in the credits. Jim Beanz has also been talked about in the past on The Chronicles. He is an amazing vocal producer having done Nelly Furtado’s album ‘Loose” among others. An example of his talent? Minute 2:18-2:35 on “Bombay” Incredible! It is good to see him get some shine. Amar is a new artist signed with Bill Pettaway. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her soon.

I think that’s about it. Anything I missed? Any questions ya’ll got? Holla!

Bjork "Earth Intruders" Video (Full)

EDIT: Video works again

Bjork brings it as always.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up fellow Tim stans? I was out sick last week, so I couldn't do the sample of the week then, but I have to give it up to Boogie, A, and Nick for holdin' it down last week.

So when I was thinking about which sample to have for this week, I wanted to have a sample that kind of speaks on what's going on right now on the Chronicles. Over the weekend Nick, Boogie, and A were showcasing Indian and Arabic tracks that Tim sampled, Roderick had Jay-Z Timstrumentals, and the big Tim track of the week was the Jay-Z, JT, and Tim "remix" to "Give it to me." So this week I decided to showcase a Jay-Z track that samples an Indian song.

Jay-Z and Tim seemed made for each other. Every Jay and Tim collabo has been hot, and this is the case with the track "The Bounce" off the 2002 Jay album "Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse." If you listen to the chorus carefully, you can hear someone singing some lyrics in another langugae. Well that someone is Raje Shwari, and she was resinging the lyrics of "Choli Ke Peeche" from the 1993 Bollywood film "Khalnayak." In true Raje fashion, she resings the lyrics in a more sultry and soft voice. "Choli Ke Peeche" was actually a controversial song when it came out because the lyrcis "Choli ke peeche kya hai" loosely translated into "what's under my blouse?" Anyway, for some reason, a lot of radio stations in the U.S. began playing "The Bounce," and eventually the director of "Khalnayak," Subhash Ghai, heard it.

So that's it for this week on Czar's Sample of the Week. Have a good weekend, and check back again next week for another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unreleased Jay-Z/Timbo "Ain't I"

We all read about it the track and I thought at first the "Give It To Me" Remix was Jay's unreleased track off Shock Value but no. It's actually this track:

Sadly it's pretty bad quality but the track does exist and it's just 1 of many tracks that didn't make the cut on Shock Value. Props to Nick and Vader for the teamwork!

Bjork Interview

Looks like it's Bjork day here on The Chronicles. Here's a great interview with her about her new album Volta and all that came with that.


How did you end up picking Timbaland? What did he bring to the table?

Bjork: ....... I first sent Timbaland some of the brass stuff I was working on but he felt it was too weird. I walked into the studio with Timbaland and he immediately played a rhythm and I sang on top even though I had a throat problem that day and 5 minutes later “Earth Intruders” was ready. Two hours later we had 3 tracks. I then walked away with the mutlitrack and edited it for a year and added other musicians on top. “Earth intruders” and “Innocence” kinda happened in the studio with him and Nate but “Hope” I added on bassline later and then took it to Mali, Africa and Toumani Diabate played on top.****

Full Article

So there you have it "Hope" is as well a Timbaland track! Props to TimboFan for this.

Bjork Volta clips

Snippets of her entire album have leaked. Take a listen:

Bjork Volta Clips

1. Earth Intruders (Produced by Timbaland)
2. Wanderlust
3. The Dull Flame Of Desire (F/ Antony)
4. Innocence (Produced by Timbaland)
5. I see Who You Are
6. Vertabrae by Vertbrae
7. Pneumonia
8. Hope (arguably Timbaland)
9. Declare Independence
10. My Juvenile (F/ Antony)

Now "Hope" seems to be the arguable Tim track because it has been said that he did produce it, however, in the latest Rolling Stone Review of Volta, they mention only 2 tracks produced by Timbaland. I guess we'll have to wait and see for my favorite thing, the ever controversial: liner notes.

So what do you all think of the album? Pretty dope huh? How about that "Innocence" beat? DAMN!! Well if you want to hear it in it's entirety check out Bjork's myspace I'm really looking forward to this album and glad to see Tim can prove all the haters wrong about him working with Bjork.

Timbo The King - Literally

I just thought I should drop one of my jewels for all the crazy Timbo stans in the world. You always wanted to have a picture of Timbaland in high resolution quality?

zoom in!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Shock Value" 2nd week sales in US

short and concise: 58,314 units of "Shock Value" sold in its second week and still on #5. That is a sales drop of -58% compared to the first week. 196,839 total.

Digital Downloads: 180,648 downloads this week with "Give It To Me". Means another week on #1.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Timstrumental of the Week

It's Timstrumental time. Seein' as how everybody is crazy excited bout that new Tim remix w/ Jigga on it, thought it'd be fitting to feature some Jay-Z/Timbo collabs. And seein' as how I'm postin this late...again...I'ma do a triple feature inspired by Grindhouse.

Arguably the best MC to work w/ Tim on a consistent basis, Jay-Z is the guy that gives Timbaland beats that 'extra' factor that guys like Pastor Troy and uhh Baby (of Cash Money) unfortunately can't. It's a lotta Tim tracks where everybody gets to say "...but at least the beat is tight." Not so w/ Mr. Carter, the dude got a ear for beats and when Timbo makes him a track, he always brings his A-game.

This week I chose 3 Jigga tracks. Jigga What Jigga Who, off 1998's HARD KNOCK LIFE, the first Timbo produced single Jay put out. A classic hard hittin Timbo track.
Next is my favorite beat that Tim did for Jay. Hey Papi, words can't describe how much I love this joint, it was my soundtrack to summer 2000. And the end when Timmy just lets the beat ride?! Or when the strings from Can We turn up?!

Last but definitely not least is Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay's last Timmy produced single to date. Can't believe four years have passed since the song was featured on THE BLACK ALBUM. Love this track too. It's also amazin' to see how Timbaland evolves musically yet retains that signature Timbo style.

Jay-Z//JIGGA WHAT timstrumental
Jay-Z//HEY PAPI timstrumental
Jay-Z//DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER timstrumental

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Give It To Me" Remix F/ Jay Z

Sebastian breakin' us off first:

Timbaland F/ Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z "Laff At Em (Give It To Me Remix)"

So good to hear Tim dust off the drums and get back to doing what he does best. Check out those voices in the background so SICK! Definitely better than the original. He ain't Timbaland for nothin'!

What ya'll think?

Unreleased Keri Hilson & Tim

Take a look:

SICK track! Thanks to Timbalandchick for the link and of course the man Byrd for the video.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nick's Sample of the Week?

I think we've all OFFICIALLY had our samples of the week now!

Here's the sample to Fabolous and Ne-Yo's "Make Me Better." It's called "Ale Saaban Alia" by an Egyptian artist named Shereen from her album "Lazim Ayeesh". Check it out! Credit goes to N-D from the Beat Club forum for finding the info!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Big A's sample of the week?

Boogie pushed the ball, I score the goal :) It's all about team work here! This here is the original sample of Timbaland/M.I.A.'s "Come Around". Shamur is also a "thief"...

Master Dilbahar - Dil Laliya Be Parvah De Nal

More infos about Master Dilbahar
here: knowledge is power

My good friend "Da Animal" aka "Der Ossi" aka "Dr. Nu" just hooked me up with some additional info that's quiet interesting.

Remember this song here? Same sample! Anastacia - Sick & Tired

"Dil La Liya Be-Parvah De Naal" = Punjabi (north India) ="I gave my heart to someone who doesn't care about it"

I guess Tim got inspired by this song or at least by Shamur, since it was featured in a bollywood movie and we know how much Tim loves movies. Anyway the song from Shamur was well known and there's also a video for it. Just google it...

Boogie's Sample of the week?

Alright ya'll it's with a BIG (sinister) smile that I post a little "sample of the week" I think even our resident sample master Czar is going to be impressed. You all remember the sample wars where I basically took him to school...HAHAH! more like the other way around, I got PAWNED!

Anyhow we all love Shock Value right? Especially those bonus tracks? What about "Come Around" featuring M.I.A? Dope huh, her voice, the beat, all the crazy sounds but there's one thing that stans out the most: the Indian chanting in the background.

Hmmmm what is that from?

Well it's from a track by Shamur called "Let The Music Play" which was one of the biggest Bollywood hits of 2006 from my understanding. I don't know much about Shamur, I couldn't find anything but I'll leave that to Czar since I have now found the sample.

Even if only one time I stump Czar, I'll take it! Enjoy ya'll!

We review Shock Value

So Shock Value has been out for a minute and all of The Chronicles team has had a listen and wanted to give their own personal reviews on the album. We also encourage each of you to give your reviews in the comment section now that we've all had a chance to really listen to it. Enjoy the reviews:

J Boogie
Tim definitely delivers a solid album on his 5th time offering. He's put his drums away and hit us with the synths though it doesn't always work. The techy "Release" doesn't really do it for me yet "The Way I Are" is perfect example of this "new" style from Tim. I have to say first time I heard the album, I didn't like it not even a little. It all sounded too electric, too poppy for me. The rock tracks I felt were just there for the sake of the whole "hipster" coolness of music as of late. Yet as I continued, the album slowly started festering in my head and that's when I started to appreciate it.

Highlights of the album are definitely "Bombay" with Tim never seeming to miss on his "Indian" tracks and Amar's voice is hypnotic over the beat. Danja reminds us why he's becoming a force to recon with on "Miscommunication". Sebastian brings the HEAT on the Resident Evil sampled track "Kill Yourself" I know how much everyone loves "Bounce" and true it is ol' school Timmy but I find it a bit boring until the end when Tim gives us all a lesson on how to make a beat out of a damn hiccup!

I would have loved to hear more of D.O.E who definitely proves his skills on "The Way I Are" The stars of the album are definitely Keri Hilson and Jim Beanz. Keri's incredible vocals constantly change from track to track showing her range and depth and Beanz is an amazing vocal arranger (see the end of "Bombay") Great to see Attitude get some much needed shine and I look forward to his and Sebastian's albums out hopefully sometime this year. I felt like it was almost too many guest stars and not enough music, I wanted to hear longer beats.

Overall a solid album but I just kept thinking Tim could do better and that's when I heard the bonus tracks "Come Around" and "Hello" ahhhhh now there's the Timmy I know and love. I'm hoping Tim decides to remix 1 or 2 of the tracks off the album because honestly when is the last time you heard a good Timbaland remix? "Maneater"? Solid album 3.5 out of 5

"Shock Value" didn't live up to my ridiculously high expectations. I thought it was too oversimplified. The good tracks were excellent, and the bad tracks were horrible. Overall, though, the album is satisfying. Certainly not Tim's best, but definitely not his worst.

BEST: "Give It to Me", "The Way I Are", "Bombay", "Scream", "Miscommunication"
DELETE: "Come and Get Me", "Fantasy", "Throw It on Me", "2 Man Show", "Oh Timbaland"

Big A
Actually there isn't a lot to criticize on Timbaland's career. He's a legend and pioneer. I'm not just a fan, I call myself a stan. And who I am to criticize people? I'm Big A! And I'll do nothing else now but criticizing "Shock Value" on my lil review. I praise Tim everyday, so I'll keep my positive feedback short now. My fav's are "The Way I Are" (which is the only track to me with a shock value), "Bombay", "Kill Yourself" (actually only the beat) and "Scream". Tim flipped the sample (Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" ) on the Intro in a nice way. No doubt about that. But especially from Tim I expected some fresh, unique shit nobody heard before. Why messing with a sample that Kanye West used already? There's nothing wrong going "pop", but nobody is forcing you to dumb down for the audience. Now that Tim is at the peak of his success and has the worldwide attention he deserves, he and his collabo partners should have come harder lyric wise on this album to show us what they got. Especially since Tim was complaining recently about lack of lyricism.

One or two tracks with real lyrics, a real message wouldn't have hurt, instead of wasting room for album fillers like "Fantasy" (which sounds like a copy of Ciara's "Promise"). Nicole Scherzinger might be a nice bonus promoting an album, but I doubt Tim really knows what he did putting Keri and her on one track. Listen to "Scream" and stop how much time you need to find who did what and why(!) on this track. A healthy ego is a good thing, but why showing off soooo much? On "Give It To Me" Tim gets 500k a beat, on "Come & Get Me" 250k, how much now? That's just one of the things I'm talking about. It's just not necessary saying it over and over. Just
let the music speak in future. Four tracks have a play time under 3 minutes. Sad. Political calculations, not enough inspiration or simply cheating the customers? I'll leave it like that. One more time Tim showed me that he saves the best material for his clients. That sounds like compensation in my ears! I expect a lot more heat this year. "2 Man Show": sure it's just the Outro a few might say now. But damn, you have Elton John in the booth and you come out with this? It's just a waste of a nice beat. Go and listen so many times until you agree with me on that. And as a site note: Am I the only one who thinks that a few of the tracks are sometimes a bit overloaded with vocals/effects?

Where to begin? Shock Value is a record that's been on constant repeat since it leaked, but writing about it didn't cross my mind until this morning.In order to understand where I'm comin from, I feel there's a couple things you need to know about me as a fan.

One is how I feel about a Timbo album in general. When an artist releases an compilation album, I look for cohesiveness, songwriting, production and a whole list of factors that combine to make a good LP. Timbaland records don't matter that way, they are compilations of brand new material, and hour and change of all-new Timmy beats/lyrical content, album flow and theme are all irrelevant.

Next, my view of Timbo as a MC. General consensus says Tim need to be quiet and let other people do the talking. Me? I love Tim the rapper. No one flows better than him on his own beats, subject matter? Psshhhh Tim could rap about havin' a picnic under cherry blossoms or slangin' rocks w/ the Clipse in VA, lyrics don't matter, it's his delivery.

Now I can tell Timmy was havin' fun on this album, it's energetic, filled with party tracks and even the boastful "don't be bitin' my beats" songs don't sound aggressive or bitter like they have come off a couple times in the past. The last Tim & Mag album came out while Tim was goin thru the UNDER CONSTRUCTION stripped down production phase. Since MANEATER and PROMISCUOUS w/ Nelly Furtado dropped last year, Tim been milkin the pop/techno/r&b vibe. A majority of the tracks here fit into that category. Standouts are THE WAY I ARE, Danja's amazing MISCOMMUNICATION and SCREAM. In case anyone is pining for the "old" Timbo, he gives what I consider that vintage sound on OH TIMBALAND and 2 MAN SHOW (which I consider intros and outros respectively). BOARDMEETING (nice) and bonus track COME AROUND (greatness) also have that classic Tim vibe, as does the underwhelming GIVE IT TO ME.

The "rock" segment is my least favorite not because of Timmy, and if they were Timstrus I could deal w/ em, but the voices on She Wants Revenge and Fall out Boy kill me, not a fan. THROW IT ON ME has grown on me surprisingly, and APOLOGIZE is an already dope track, given a nice makeover, that while not superior to the original breathes new life into it for a belated remix.

Finally, there's a trio of Hip Hop joints. COME AND GET ME ft. some of the G-Unit is the only time I've found myself enjoyin' listenin to Tony Yayo, Tim does G-Unit better than the Aftermath staff does. BOUNCE is standard Timmy fare beatwise, but Tim's standard is what another producer would kill to reach, the end is crazy and it's good to hear Missy back. I'm also lovin KILL YOURSELF, one of those moments where Timmy steers his music the opposite way, makes it sound different from the stuff he's been dropping lately.

Someone said that their initial reaction to this was similar to when they first heard Under Construction part 2. I feel the same way, in that the album didn't grab me on every track at first listen, but now I cant take it out the cd player anymore, I love it. Not my fave Tim project but I do rate it over TIM'S BIO (which I also love). My fave four tracks are WAY I ARE, MISCOMMUNICATION, KILL YOURSELF and COME AROUND.

More Timbo collabs


****After starring alongside Hilary Swank in "Freedom Writers", Mario's loaded his next LP, Go! — now due July 17 — with an equally star-studded lineup of producers and songwriters, including Timbaland, the Neptunes and Akon.

If you ask Mario, though, just like working with Oscar-winning Swank, communication is the key when putting together a project with so many people involved. Other producers penciled in to work on Go! are Mr. Collipark, Sean Garrett, Dre & Vidal, Warren Campbell and Jim Jonsin.

Up next for Mario is the video for his lead single, "Breathe," which he said he'll shoot in two weeks with the song being released to radio by the end of the month. After "Breathe," the Polow da Don-produced "Crying Out" is slated as the follow-up.****



**** has learned eclectic Sri Lankan artist M.I.A. will release her sophomore album on Aug. 21, not on June 26 as had been reported elsewhere earlier this week. The Interscope set "Kala" will include the track "Bird Flu," which has been making the rounds online in recent months.

The set also features contributions from Timbaland, Diplo, Baltimore act Blagstar and house DJ/producer Dave Taylor (also known as Switch). Recording sessions took M.I.A. from India to Trinidad, New York, London and Baltimore over the past year.

"Kala" is the follow-up to 2005's "Arular," which has sold 129,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It reached No. 3 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart and No. 14 on the Heatseekers tally.****


Timbo is takin' over!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Danjahandz interview in Scratch magazine

You still don't know who Danjahandz is? Open your eyes and ears...

Check Page 1

Read Page 2

Download Page 3

Timbaland confirmed working with Madonna

****Justin Timberlake is writing material for Madonna, he has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, JT revealed that he’s been busy beavering away in the studio, but not for his little old self; for the ultimate yummy mummy Queen of Pop. "I have been working on some new music,” said Timberlake. “But it's not for myself - I'm writing for other people. I'm working on some stuff for Madonna."

Also said to be working on the next Madonna instalment are Justin’s mate Pharrell Williams and Justin’s other mate Timbarland.****


I'm interested to hear what they'll come up with. Hopefully somethin' a little funky and not too pop. Props to James for the info.

Chart Positions: "Give It To Me" #1!

Here are this week's chart poistions for "Give It To Me"

-- 1 TIMBALAND GIVE IT TO ME 248168 999 0 248168
3rd Highest Selling 1st Week Song EVER! (He now holds the #2 and 3 positions. Sexyback is #2.)

-- 83 TIMBALAND RELEASE 13743 999 0 13743
-- 87 TIMBALAND APOLOGIZE 13060 999 0 13060

Timbaland's "Give It to Me" featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake explodes 42-1 this week on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to sales of 248,000 digital downloads. This is the second biggest leap to the top in chart history (second only to Kelly Clarkson's 52-1 move with "A Moment Like This"). Only Timberlake, whose "SexyBack" shifted 250,000 downloads last September, has had a better opening week for digital sales.

Timbaland notches his highest-charting album and his best sales week ever, as his star-studded "Shock Value" bows at No. 5 with 138,000. Previously, he never got any higher than No. 29 when "Indecent Proposal II" (with Magoo) debuted in 2001 with 79,000 (his previous best sales week). "Shock Value" boasts guest stars on nearly every song, including turns from Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Dr. Dre, Elton John, the Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger and Fall Out Boy. Timbaland's profile increased dramatically after his production work with Timberlake and Furtado. Just in the past year, he has produced eight top 30 Billboard Hot 100 hits for Timberlake, Furtado, the Pussycat Dolls and Omarion -- and five of those hit No. 1

Congratulations to Timbo! BIG thanks to my man Bigmac for all this info.

Ms. Jade Interview

Everybody who wonders what former Beatclub Records artist Ms. Jade is's the answer. XXL Magazine conducted an interview with her recently.

Peep the Ms. Jade XXL interview

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

T.I. Talks About His Danja Tracks

T.I. talked to VIBE about his new record, broken up into three sections: T.I., T.I.P., and T.I. vs. T.I.P.

- T.I. vs. T.I.P.
- "Respect the Hustle" (prod by Danja) [The first joint with T.I. and TIP in conversation. As the man explained, "They both just telling each other, 'Why don't you just let me do what I do?'"]
- "Tell 'em I Said That" (prod by Danja) [According to T.I., the song is about "too much lying coming out the mouths of people occupying the kids' time. Rappers coerce their kids to do shit they ain't never even done they self."]

He also said he's still working on the Tim track!

Fabolous - Make Me Better (feat. Ne-Yo)

Finally I can share with you guys the 2nd single of Fabolous' next album "From Nothin' To Somethin'" (Desert Storm/Def Jam Records). Enjoy it, not only cause it's Timbaland (we all gotta wait what the credits say) cause this is way better than that wack ass shit with Young Jeezy what they call 1st single.

Fabolous F/ Ne-Yo "Make Me Better"

Video: Bobby Valentino - Anonymous (feat. Timbaland)

Big A comes with his 1st own post and Bobby Valentino comes already with his 3rd (!)video for his 2nd forthcoming album "Special Occasion". Let's see if Tim is a guarantor for success in this case.

Timstrumental of the Week

What up?! BossPlayya aka the Procrastinator checkin in a day late...
So we all know who Tim's rollin with nowadays right? Keri, Justin, Nelly, Danja & D.O.E. Rewind almost a decade and it was a whole 'nother set of Superfriendz. So far we've covered Missy, Tim (Wonder Twins) & Mag (Green Lantern), Ginuwine (Flash Gordon) and Aaliyah (Wonder Woman). That leaves Ice Man, Wolverine and Aqua Man...Static, Black and Smokey..PLAYA!

Playa's debut album didnt drop til 98 cause that's when the CHEERS 2 U single was really hittin, but fans had been fiendin for them since the criminally slept on debut single DON'T STOP THE MUSIC. Anyone remember the Darren Grant video? This remains a classic in my book and it bumps HARD in the ride....
Playa//DON'T STOP THE MUSIC timstrumental

Monday, April 9, 2007

Where are they now: Yaushameen Michael

I was doing a little research over the weekend and happened to stumble across someone who I had always wondered about, Yaushameen Michael. For those of you who forget, Yaushameeen was featured on the song "Put Em On" off Tim's Bio and she straight KILLED IT on that track.

She was also a member of the group Southernaire All Stars who released the track "I Believe" produced by Timbland. The Southernaire All Star consisted of Yaushameen,
Native, and J Bird. There album never was released but was to be executive produced by Static (of Playa and Jomo and Barry Hankerson.

As I was checking out her myspace and noticed the track we all know "I Believe" produced by Timbaland. Then there's the next track "World Is Mine" which has Static and Smokey singing background, but the track that really caught by attetion was the 3rd track called "Girlfriends" with none other than Aaliyah!!! Yes folks here's a never heard track from baby girl with Yaushameen killin' the mic. Sounds like Timbo but it's actually produced by a cat named 12.

Add Yahsameen as a friend and show her some love. Not only is she mad talented and been in the game for a long time, but she's real cool and down to earth. She's currently working on a lot of new material so keep your eye out for her coming real soon.

Yaushameen thank you for everything!

Rihanna talks Timbo

More off of the KIISFM Jojo interviews. Rihanna is in the studio this time talking about her new album "Good Girl Gone Bad" coming out June 5th. Timbaland produced a track called "Rehab" for her written by Justin Timberlake.

****"Timbaland came in and he just started writing this song in his head... I had a blast working with him too. He wrote this phenomenal record for me. It’s called Rehab. It's really deep and I love it... It fit perfect in terms of range and direction, it matched the album. It’s a different record for me. It's one of my favorites"****

The full KIISFM Interview (again scroll down, right hand side of the page)

Looking forward to hearing this track!

Timbaland Breaks Down Shock Value

Check out this great interview on KIISFM with Jojo and Timbaland. Tim talks about each track off Shock Value 1 at a time:

"KIISFM Interview"

(scroll down the page and click the 3 links on the right)

Nelly Furtado, Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy, Nicole from Pussycat Dolls, Pele from The Hives, and One Republic all stop by to share their views on Timbaland and working with him on Shock Value.

Love this interview and great to hear Tim talkin' about each track. Wish we would have heard at least something about "The Way I Are" but none the less still good stuff.

Finally the mystery of Money is explained! She is associated with the movie Stomp The Yard and Walter Milsap III brought her to Timbo. No one has been able to figure out where you came from so nice to know.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's happenin' fellow Tim stans? I trust that you all supported Tim and bought Shock Value this week, and are enjoying the album so far. As you all know, it's Friday, and every Friday here on the Chronicles brings a new installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. As has been my mission this year with the sample of the week, I wanted to showcase a sample by an artist that hasn't been really showcased in the past. With that said, this week focuses on a sample by Timbaland's brother Sebastian.

Sebastian has been heavily involved in Timbaland's music over the past several years as not only a featured rapper on Timbaland-produced tracks, but also as a ghostwriter for Timbaland. With that said, one of my favorite solo efforts by Sebastian has got to be "Phenomenon." I've been a fan of the track since the days when it was on some DJ's mixtape. Despite featuring Indian-Ameircan vocalist Rajeshwari Parmar (aka Raje Swhari), "Phenomenon" samples "Ya Ward" by Saudi Arabian artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah. Although this is a straight foward sample, the end product came out sounding amazing (at least in my opinion).

Well, that's it for this week's installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. As always, check back here next Friday for another dose of Czar's Sample of the Week. I'll catch y'all later, and if you haven't bought Shock Value yet, buy it right now...and if you already purchased a copy, buy another one...or two...or three...or four...or...


Tim talks on Shock Value

Props to Timbalandchick!

Bjork "Earth Intruders"

Here it is ya'll in full:

Bjork's first single Earth Intruders

I have to say at first I didn't like this track at all but now that I'm listening to it over and over, it's actually real cool. Tim did his thing with the drums and say what you want about Bjork, but the woman can sing! Her voice is amazing.

I'm still hoping Tim did a slower drum track with her voice on top, that's where I thinking both of them would both benefit from one another.

What ya'll think, you feelin' it? Thanks to Hypnotik for the link.

Thomas Crown Radio

In honor of the new site, I changed up the play list for ya'll.

Thomas Crown Radio (click the yellow button)

There are a lot of current Timbo tracks on the station including Shock Value and it's bonus tracks. Definitely leave me some feedback and if you have any requests let me know so I can get them on there too. Thanks!

RSS Feed & Widget

Now that we have the new Chronicles up and running my man Macedes was cool enough to make another Widget for me. There has been a lot of requests for this (Greg) so here it is:

The Chronicles Widget

Other mirrors:

Also the RSS feed should work using the alternate (no "the") URL. Thanks again Macedes!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Video: Trey Songz "Wonder Woman"

Produced by Danja!

You voted, Interscope listened

I turned in your votes for Timbaland's next single to Interscope and due to the overwhelming respone to "The Way I Are" it is being strongly considered for the 2nd single despite Timbaland's announcement on WWE that "Throw It On Me" would be #2. Just when you thought your votes didn't matter or that no one pays attention to these "polls" here's proof that the labels are listening.

This would be great exposure for both D.O.E and Keri Hilson and would definitely introduce the world to more of what the Mosley Music Group has to offer. So continue getting your voice out there. Call in to your local radio stations and request it, hit up DJs to start playing it, and let's make this the 2nd single.

Also keep hitting up Timbaland's myspace D.O.E's myspace and Keri Hilson's myspace and let them know how you want "The Way I Are" as the 2nd single.

Thank you all for your votes and let's hope we hear "The Way I Are" on the radio real soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rick Flair Interviews Timbaland

Here's a pretty interesting interview by none other than Rick Flair of the Four Horseman.

****"Timbaland: My most trusted friend in the industry, I have to say, is Missy Elliott because we started from day one. She’s been with me from day one, starting the whole thing. I’ve watched her grow, watched her growing pains. She’s been like my sister in the whole business. After that [Missy], I would have to say Justin [Timberlake]."*****

And check out this skit Tim did with The Divas. We'll see what the video has in store.

Props to Claire for the links!

Video: DJ Khaled "We Takin' Over"

Check out Gil Green's new clip for "We Takin' Over", DJ Khaled's latest single produced by Danja!

Also, watch out for Danja on T.I.'s upcoming LP. He's got a track called "Tell 'Em I Said That", described by Billboard as "marked by a spiraling synth line."

Tim on SheKnows.Com

I can't keep up with all of these interviews! Here's yet another article Tim did for SheKnows.Com

"There are periods in popular music where it seems one producer has his hands in every pot and each of those turns to gold. In this current era, that man is Timbaland. With no less than ten number one songs in the last year it seems everything he touches turns platinum."

I'm trying to think of the ten #1 tracks? "Promiscuous" "Maneater" "Sexyback" "My Love" "What Comes Around" ?? What else am I missing but more importantly what charts are they looking at?

Timbland on ArtistDirect.Com

"These strange meetings of worlds have become one of Timbaland's trademarks. But his ever-expanding musical palette isn't solely a trip into the audio fancies of Timothy Z. Mosley. It's an effort that, with a democratic touch, Timbaland says he wants feedback on: "What I really want... is for people to take a poll and see if they think I should do a volume two, and who they would like me to work with," he says. "I want to do an online campaign. Tally up all of it and see if they all come up with the same answers—and also all the different answers that people come up with. Like let's say there's 10 for Coldplay, there might be 7 for Madonna. And from all that I want to do what the fans want me to do."

Check out the full article here

A poll for Shock Value II? What do you think, who should Tim work with? I say Outkast, Portishead, Amy Winehouse, more D.O.E, Candice Nelson, and Jill Scott. Tim hasn't really gone into the neo-soul genre.

Welcome to the "new" Chronicles

What's up ya'll, it's Boogie here. So we've moved up in this world and are now officially a .com so please make sure to bookmark the new URL. Not too much has changed except for the color scheme. If you ever need to go back and look through the "old" Chronicles site for any info there is a link in the right panel called "The Thomas Crown Chronicles Archives" which will take you back for any good info you missed.

There is also a google seach option on this site (which I hope works) that will make finding the particular information you're looking for easier. I am always open to any ideas, suggestions, or comments any of you have so please feel free to contact me anytime.

The Chronicles team has expanded to Czar, Roderick, Nick, Big A, and myself and we all are going to do our very best to bring you the most accurate, interesting, and up to date info and music on Timbo. Thanks to all of you these last 6 months for making this site a success and sending in links, tracks, and all Timbo info inbetween.

On with the show!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Do you know what today is?

It's Shock Value day, did everyone go out like good fans and buy a copy? I did and have been listening to it non stop. I have to say it's a grower. At first I was like "naa I ain't feelin' it" but now as the hours go by, I'm starting to like it.

How about for everyone else, do you like it? I know there was a leak awhile ago but has your opinion about it changed at all? I'm really diggin' "Bombay" and "Miscommunication" I'm really happy to see Hannon's name on a co-production as well but we'll go into the liner notes on another post.

Hope ya'll copped the album to give our man Timbo support. The Chronicles team (myself included) will be giving their reviews shortly so stay tuned. In the meantime look for a small change tomorrow here on The Chronicles....

Happy Shock Value Day! :D

Timbaland announces his 2nd single

I won't ruin it for ya'll, I'll just let you watch:

@nd single announcement

So how do ya'll feel about the news?

Allhiphop talks with Timbo

" The music took a big leap over the last two years. What prompted this change on your part?

Timbaland: My sound is always changing, so I can’t pinpoint myself. Once I think someone’s got it, I’ll change it up and that happens all the time. I don’t try to do that; it just comes natural to me. Sometimes I don’t like my sound, it’s just nagging to me, sometimes I’m just like "This is trash," but that’s just me being a hard critic."

Full Article

Props to Claire for the info!

Bossplayya's Timstrumental of the Week

OK, last week I dropped Tim & Mag's official first single, Czar went and threw up HERE WE COME, the 1st single off TIM'S BIO, so in continuing that theme here goes the 1st 'street' single off INDECENT PROPOSAL. DROP mighta been the first video, but about a year before the cd dropped, this was pegged as the jumpoff, promo and vinyl were shipped....I cannot believe this song aint take off!

ROLL OUT featured Petey Pablo (before RAISE UP stardom) and Sebastian. Tim - on his verse made his voice sound the way it did way back when on that Jodeci track from '93, and Magoo? He keeps it Magoo.

This is a classic to me, I like how it sounded different too. Everynow and then Tim will be doin a 'signature' sound (like MY LOVE/ICE BOX/ANONYMOUS/SEXYBACK/WAY I ARE), and just when you expectin something else along those lines, BAM!...comes that left hook right outta nowhere. ROLL OUT was just that typa track.

Artist Direct

Monday, April 2, 2007

Timbo talks more with Seacrest

Here's a short interview Tim did with Ryan Seacrest. He talks about his album and more Brittany Spears ambitions. A come back album? All Timbo? Hmmmm

T.I. and Slim Thug talk Timbaland

Here are a couple of interviews with T.I. and Slim Thug talking a little bit about working with Timbaland:

Full Article

".....Other characters slated to guest on the disc include Wyclef Jean, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Ciara, Akon, Tweet, and R. Kelly — not to mention Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, T.I.'s partners on the Grammy-winning smash "My Love."

Full Article

"....Last week, Slim — on the phone from Dallas, where he was in the studio with another VA super-producer, Timbaland — revealed that he was never signed to Star Trak in the first place."

Great read on that Slim Thug article. I always thought he was on Star Trek. Big thanks to Barrie from Entertainment Weekly and my man Roderick for the articles!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

NY Times Review of Shock Value

Definitely a solid review:

"Even when he doesn’t have the microphone, Timbaland often overshadows whoever does. He’s not one of those musical therapists who make singers sound more like themselves. On the contrary, he prides himself on challenging his clients. They have to find a way to work around his weird beats. (Many of his productions don’t really make sense until you hear them a few times; he loves songs that sound wrong at first.) His music isn’t predictable, but it’s definitely recognizable. In that sense he’s among the most assertive pop producers of all time."

Full Article

Props to Macedes for the link!

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