Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tonight on BET: Tribute to Aaliyah

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Aaliyah's passing, BET will be airing a tribute entitled "Aaliyah: One in a Million," at 8PM EST. The tribute will feature videos, rare footage, and interviews with close friends and collaborators, including Timbaland and Missy. Here's a clip of Missy and Tim talking about Aaliyah:

Also, be sure to check out BET and MTV throughout the day as they pay tribute to Aaliyah.

Remembering Aaliyah

A decade ago, the world lost an amazing singer and spirit in Aaliyah Dana Haughton. I remember waking up, going to the kitchen, and seeing my mom look a little nervous. When she saw me in the kitchen, she said: "I don't know how to tell you this...Aaliyah passed away in a plane crash today." I was shocked. I told my mother that she had to be wrong, that she confused Aaliyah with another artist, that it was just a rumor. And then I turned on the news, and saw it for myself. I didn't know what to do. I was overwhelmed with sadness. Here's someone who I never met, never talked to or anything, and yet I was so affected by her passing. And I think that speaks to the power of Aaliyah. She beautifully touched people across the world (people who had no personal interaction with her) with her voice, personality, artistry, and infectious smile. To all fans of Aaliyah and The Chronicles, feel free to share with us your favorite memory and/or song with us.

Rest In Peace, Baby Girl. We will never forget you.

Timbo on Demi Lovato Album

We've seen Timbaland's tweets about wanting to work with Demi Lovato, and the tweets by both Tim and Demi regarding their studio sessions, and now we get to hear the fruit of their labor. Yes, Timbaland will be featured on Demi's upcoming album Unbroken. Timbaland bookends the album by having the first track, "All Night Long," and the last track, "Skyscraper (Remix)," which was remixed by Tim and Wizz Dumb. Be sure to check out the songs when Demi's album drops September 20th.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep Bill Pettaway in Your Thoughts/Prayers

If you follow Timbaland and/or Sebastian on twitter, then you probably read their tweets last night regarding their long-time collaborator and good friend, Bill Pettaway. He's currently battling cancer, and Sebastian, Timbaland, and The Chronicles are asking all of you to tweet Bill (@Pmusic1), and show him love and send him words of encouragement. Those of us who know Bill, know he's more than just a musical genius; he's one of the most funny, love-filled, and kind people you will ever meet. So please keep Bill in your thoughts and prayers. Sending positive vibes, prayers, and thoughts your way, Bill!!!

David Guetta ft. Timbaland and Dev - "I Just Wanna F**k"

We have yet another Timbo/David Guetta collab, and this time it's off of David Guetta's upcoming album *Nothing but the Beat*. The track is called "I Just Wanna F***". Peep:

Props to Thomas for the heads up! Thoughts on the song?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shock Value III Single - "Pass at Me" ft. Pitbull and David Guetta

If you follow Timbo on Twitter, then you know that he's currently filming the music video to "Pass at Me" (featuring Pitbull and David Guetta), reportedly the first single off of Shock Value III. While we don't have the video yet, famed Italian photographer, Raphael Mazzucco, and Interscope chairman (aka Timbaland's boss), Jimmy Iovine, are using the song to promote their upcoming coffee table book, Culo by Mazzucco, which comes out November 22nd. Basically, it's a book that showcases women' across various regions and time. Check out the song and the Culo promo video (video is directed by Jeth Weinrich):

So are y'all feeling the "Pass at Me?" Good first single? Bad first single? Report back!

Timbo Mystery: Will the Real Kelly/Kelli Price Please Stand Up!

Fans and followers of The Thomas Crown Chronicles know how much we love rumors and mysteries regarding Timbaland, and today I think we have real Timbo history gem.

Have you ever listened to "Talking on the Phone" off of Tim's Bio and thought, "Damn, Kelly Price sounds a little off on this track. She doesn't really sound like herself."? Well, there might be a reason for that. Truth is, that might not be the Kelly Price that most music fans know.

Recently, I came across an article in SESAC Magazine (a magazine for and about songwriters and music publishers), that featured a story on Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Keli Nicole Price. Peep the article here:

Much to my surprise, Keli was born and raised in Virginia Beach, where she met and became friends with Missy Elliott while she (Keli) was in high school. According to the article, Missy really enjoyed Keli's voice and songwriting skills, and soon enlisted Keli to write and record vocals for some of Missy's upcoming projects. What upcoming projects you might ask? Well, after some research, I cam across THIS interesting post on the Nicole Wray fan blog, "Nicole Wray: Billy Holliday of the Streetz," that featured a discussion on Keli Nicole Price. According to the blog, while Keli frequently recorded vocals and cowrote songs for Missy and Timbaland, she was often uncredited or wrongly credited (for example, Kelly Price). On which songs exactly? How about: Lil' Mo's "5 Minutes," "Talking on the Phone," Nicole Wray's "Make it Hot," Missy's "Hit em wit da hee" remix, "Married" off the 30 years to Life Soundtrack, AND Missy's entire Supa Dupa Fly album!! One word: UNBELIEVABLE! It's so unbelievable that most of the Timstans I spoke with didn't want to believe that this was true. How could someone not receive proper writing and/or background vocal credit for so many songs?? How could Missy (and even Timbo) not correct the situation? Why didn't anyone get sued? So many questions, and not one answer. Kelly Price or Keli Price, if either of y'all are reading this, hit up the Chronicles! Will the real Kelly Price/Keli Price please stand up!!

Ginuwine vs. Rebel vs. Jamie Foxx vs. Ray J - "Hate to Love"

Earlier this week, a Ray J version of "Hate to Love" (sometimes labeled "Love to Hate) leaked on the internet. Peep:

This marks the FOURTH version of this song, behind Ginuwine, Rebel/R-Styl, and Jamie Foxx.

Sadly, no one actually released it for their respective albums. With that said, who do you think rocked the beat best? Why do you think no one officially released the record? Let us know!!

Three Surrounded By Iditios (S.B.I.) tracks leak

Perhaps inspired by Pharrell and Timbaland working in the studio last month, Larry Live decided to share three unreleased S.B.I./Surrounded By Idiots (the pre-Basement Crew group featuring Timbo, Pharrell, Magoo, and Larry Live) songs with us. These tracks allegedly came out in 1990/1. Check 'em out:

Skull Caps & Stripe Shirts (This is the first time they recorded together in a studio)

It's Like That

If Ur Freaky Baby

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