Friday, January 28, 2011

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up Tim stans?

You know, the latest Timbaland Thursday's release just got me so energetic. Of course, like most Tim stans, I already had the track, but I love "I'm a real n***a"/"Lil' Apartment" so much and that song brings back so many Chronicle memories that I decided to do a little something for y'all. Since Tim went into his vault and released a track from a shelved music project, I thought I'd also into my vault and share a sample from one of my shelved projects. Most of y'all remember a couple of years ago, I said that Czar's Timbaland Sample Mix Vol. 8 (for those who don't have the sample mix) was going to be my last timbo sample mix, and I really meant it. Well...about a year ago, I got an itch and actually did a mix on the fly. After listening to it, I thought about releasing it, but decided to keep my word. Now, I doubt I'll ever drop the entire mix, but here's one song that was on it. Enjoy!!

*For those who can't get soundcloud to work:


Way Back When: "Lil' Apartment"/ "I'm a Real N***a"

Tim decided to go into his vault for this week's Timbaland Thursdays and released Lil' Apartmet. Most Timbo stans will recognize the song (and probably have it on their playlist) as "I'm a real n***a," a track that leaked in full almost three years ago and was slated for the indefinitely-shelved 6'2, Attitude, and Timbaland group album (they recorded over 60 songs for that album! Tim, you need to release that entire album for the next Timbaland Thursdays). Now, even though the track leaked in 2008, the real geeky Tim stans will remember that we first caught a glimpse of this record back in the spring of 2006 when a random video clip (seemingly recorded by Brian Byrd) of Tim, Hannon, Jimmy D, pre-American Idol contestant Chris Richardson (who recorded a song with Sebastian), King Logan, and (I think?) Danja listening to the track at Thomas Crown Studios. Peep it:

Hannon and Tim

Byrd | Myspace Video

I played this video so many times that I memorized Tim's mannerisms to the song, and still do them when I listen to 6'2's verse lol.

Well, there you have it. Another Timbo history brought to you by the good folks over at The Thomas Crown Chronicles :-)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shock Value III Preview: Missy Elliott F/ Sebastian "Warped"

Now this is the kind of track I'd want on a Shock Value album. It's an updated Tim sound but still keeping that the core Timbo craziness. This track alone beats nearly every track on SVII for uniqueness alone. Enjoy "Warped"

What you all think?

Missy Elliott "Take Ur Clothes Off" -Timbaland Thursdays

Here's a so so joint from Missy titled "Take UR Clothes Off"

With Missy's flow definitely sounds like a track from the Under Construction days but with the screwed part of the chorus it's hard to say. Not a big fan of the track but still dope to hear Missy and Timbo together again!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

D.O.E. "Novacaine" -Timbaland Thursdays

I've actually had this track in my Timbaland vault for years and wondered if he would release it. No doubt part of the John Doe days with the piano sample and slower tempo. Check out the long awaited "Novacaine":

Candice Nelson "Far Away -Timbaland Thursdays

Even as big of a Candice Nelson fan as I am, I didn't know this track as entirely her rather I thought she just had backgrounds and adlibs. However, after listening to it a few times, indeed it's the one and only Candice. Now people may think this is during the Clutch era, which are no more in case you didn't know, but actually this track is pre-Clutch and written by both Candice and yep you guessed it Walter Milsap. Who was it meant for? No word on that yet but regardless Candice shows her vocals SKILLS with the demo for "Far Away":

Twista "Don't Blow My High" -Timbaland Vault

Classic Timbaland in every way and without questions my favorite beat released in 2010. Twista and Timbaland are magic and it's obvious why Timbo was the first person to sign Twista way back when. No one flips a sample like Timbo The King!

Hear those sounds? Can we say M.I.A sessions? Yep!

D.O.E "The Set Up" -Timbaland Vault

This sounds like one of John Doe's first round of songs as it fits that heavy piano, slower set of beats that Timbo made for him back then. But Danja joins Timbo on production which would place the beat a little later. Regardless this is classic Timbaland & D.O.E, a smooth, laid back beat where D.O.E can show off his incredible lyrical skills. Check it:

Sebastian F/ Petey Pablo "Hell To Naw" -Timbaland Vault

Now THIS is what I'm talkin''bout! A dope ass Timbaland beat, with Sebastian going off on his verses, and a sick chorus by the legendary Petey Pablo. Most definitely meant for Sebastian's original Cruel Intentions check out "Hell To Naw":

With all these hots beats who the hell did Sebastian's album not get released back then?!

Sebastian "Fried Chicken" -Timbaland Vault

Now this track should have sounded familiar when you first heard it right? Yep it's the same beat from D.O.E's (John Doe at the time) "You Don't Believe Me" from years back. The track was also on Sebastian's myspace quite awhile ago but in case you missed it then here's Sebastian's "Fried Chicken" F/ Timbaland:

Missy Elliott "Swat Dat Fly" -Timbaland Vault

I can still remember the day I was sent these M.I.A/Timbo studio sessions and we debuted them here on The Chronicles. There was all that hype about Tim and M.I.A in the studio and now we actually had footage. Nothing got me more hyped though then when Timbo played this now famous beat and the whole studio started buggin' out. Seems Missy liked the beat too by the sound of it:

Not crazy about the chorus but still that beat is fire!

Lil Wayne "Talk That" -Timbaland Vault

We heard this a long timw ago via Freestyle Steve on Ustream but here it is again, the 5th version of "Talk That":

J Boogie On Timbaland

Let's just be honest: Timbaland's music sucks. Not the last album, not even the last year but for a long time now (I'd argue since Future Sex / Love Sounds). Now you may disagree with me, you probably will but there's no denying that Timbaland isn't making that incredible, I've-never-heard-that-before kind of music but rather the commercial, pop music that we hear everyday. He even admits it. So why has Tim's music been suffering you ask? It's easy:

He's bored.

Let's face facts: almost every Timbaland banger that's been out in the last 5 years was made over 5 years ago ("Laff At Em", "Hello", every Timbaland Thursday track we'll ever hear). What artists are working with Timbaland that are pushing the envelope right now, that aren't unsigned? Nicki Minja? What kind of track is Timbo really gonna make for Demi Lovato? A "Are You That Somebody" kind of track or Ginuwine "Get Involved" kind of track? We all heard The Jonas Brother's "Tonight" (Remix) right? Is Michelle Branch really gonna push your creativity? Who's gonna remember "Gettaway" in 10 years, shit next year?! Now pull out Ginuwine's "I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry" (over 15 years old kids!).

My point is this: Timbaland step up your production game. Is this really the best you have to offer? Is this how you want to retire? With Demi Lovato, Jonas Bothers, Daughty, Miley Cyrus beats you can do in your sleep as your legacy? Timmy man you're my favorite producer in the world, start acting like it.

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