Friday, January 28, 2011

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up Tim stans?

You know, the latest Timbaland Thursday's release just got me so energetic. Of course, like most Tim stans, I already had the track, but I love "I'm a real n***a"/"Lil' Apartment" so much and that song brings back so many Chronicle memories that I decided to do a little something for y'all. Since Tim went into his vault and released a track from a shelved music project, I thought I'd also into my vault and share a sample from one of my shelved projects. Most of y'all remember a couple of years ago, I said that Czar's Timbaland Sample Mix Vol. 8 (for those who don't have the sample mix) was going to be my last timbo sample mix, and I really meant it. Well...about a year ago, I got an itch and actually did a mix on the fly. After listening to it, I thought about releasing it, but decided to keep my word. Now, I doubt I'll ever drop the entire mix, but here's one song that was on it. Enjoy!!

*For those who can't get soundcloud to work:



  1. Figured it out before it reached the 2second mark. Years ago I used to wonder whether that was a sample or he just managed to create a sick weird sound

  2. you probably know this one but im go ahead and post it its the sample timbo used for bradys i tried back in the good old days :)

  3. @kaka92, yeah I'm familiar with that one. It was actually featured on, what I know think at least, the first timbaland sample mix back in 2003. People have been messaging me to release them all, and I think I might do that soon...

  4. Czar, if you don't, I have em all on my computer and can up em

  5. i realy wonder if tim even knows how to play any instruments caus i cant sem to find not a singl beat that would be created whitout a sample or whitout a help of any co producer like danja or jrock and others...


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