Saturday, June 30, 2007

Duran Duran "Night Runner"

Continuing with the new music, here's a full and somewhat better quality LIVE version of Duran Duran's "Night Runner" featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbo.

Duran Duran "Night Runner"

I'm definitely liking the whole vibe of this track. I had a feeling that 80s sound Tim was using more a year ago would fit Duran Duran and by the sound of it, I like what I hear so far. Thoughts?

Thanks to Nep for the link.

Friday, June 29, 2007

New Spanglish Trio: The D.E.Y

Divine, Elan & Yeyo also now known as "The DEY" are a new group on Epic Records/SonyBMG. Timbaland produced the 1st mainstream single off their debut "A Brand New Dey".
The DEY - Get The Feeling (produced by Timbaland)

Also check the phenomenal JR Rotem production "Dame Un Momento" (plus the Scram Jones produced song "Ya Llego feat. Fatman Scoop") and be your own judge.

Bigmac's Radio Rundown

Another week and another run down to come your way people! Let's start from the bottom to the top this time. Well "All Good Things (Must Come To An End)" and that is exactly what happened to Nelly Furtado. Bobby Valentino also takes a dive from the #53 spot to the #62 spot. Danja's production "We Takin Over" from DJ Khaled also feels the pain with the single dipping from #31 to #44. The main production man on the charts, Mr. Mosley himself also can't avoid the effect of dropped airplay and sales of "Give It To Me" drops a small 2 spot to #28.

While there may be some bad, some good must also come out of these situations. With an airplay increase of 39% and a downloads sale increase of 102%! (Thanks to the millions of viewers who saw Dancing With the Stars last week), "The Way I Are" makes a HUGE leap up 22 spots from #40 to #18. Timbaland has 2 songs in the Top 30?! DIES OF HAPPINESS! And the good news doesn't stop there as Fabolous scores a TOP 10 with "Make Me Better". The man who is ruling radio, Justin Timberlake, rounds out without a move to stay at the #8 position with "Summer Love."


50 Cent's New Single

In the midst of 50 Cent's explanation of shall we say his interesting performance on the BET Awards show, MTV announced that 50's new single will be indeed "AYO Technology" f/ Justin Timberlake. With a small twist:

****An official video for "Follow My Lead," featuring Robin Thicke, was also filmed several weeks ago, but has since been shelved. Reps for Interscope explained that 50's next official single will be a record formerly called "Ayo Technology" that features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. The record is now called "She Want It" and a video will be in production shortly.****


I have to admit something about saying "Yo did you check out that new joint by 50 "AYO Technology?" that doesn't really roll off the tongue quite as well as "She Want It." I'm still very interested to hear the HQ quality (and full) version of this track. I'm hoping for some sort of beatswitch at the end.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Madden NFL '08 gets "Release"

Tim's music continues to branch out throughout the different media mediums. This time EA Sports highly popular John Madden NFL video game has picked up Tim's "Release" f/ Justin Timberlake off Shock Value for it's official 2008 game's soundtrack.. Here is the full tracklisting:

»Airbourne — Runnin' Wild"
»Atreyu — "Becoming the Bull"
»The Bravery — "Believe"
»Brother Ali — "Whatcha Got"
»Daddy Yankee — "Impacto"
»Datarock — "The New Song"
»Earl Greyhound — "S.O.S."
»Enter Shikari — "OK, Time for Plan B"
»From Autumn to Ashes — "Daylight Slaving"
»Hellyeah — "You Wouldn't Know"
»The Hives — "Tick Tick Boom"
»Jupiter One — "Countdown"
»MIMS — "Cop It"
»Murs — "Dreadlocks"
»O-Solo — "Monsta"
»Operator — "Soulcrusher"
»Ozzy Osbourne — "I Don't Wanna Stop"
»Pharoahe Monch (featuring Showtyme) — "Desire"
»Pitbull (featuring Don Omar) — "Fuego" (remix)
»Queens Of The Stone Age — "3's & 7's"
»Red1 (featuring Afu-Ra) — "Dem No Worry We"
»Shadows Fall — "Redemption"
»Swizz Beatz — "It's Me Snitches"
»Sum 41 — "Underclass Hero"
»Team Shadetek (featuring 77Klash & Jahdan) — "Brooklyn Anthem"
»The Used — "The Ripper"
»Timbaland (featuring Justin Timberlake) — "Release"
»Yellowcard — "Fighting"
»Zion I & the Grouch — "Hit 'Em"


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BossPlayya presents: Timstrumental of the Week

Here we go again. It's been a little less than a week, but it's part of the masterplan of tryna get the Timstrus back on their scheduled Monday drop!

This summer marks the 10 year anniversary of SUPA DUPA FLY, the year that solidified Tim's status as superproducer after his meteoric rise in '96.
And as requested, I'm hittin y'all w/ BEEP ME 911 and its remix.
One of the quirkiest songs on Missy's debut, Timbo went all out on this track - it spawned one of the craziest Missy videos too (Tim n Mag & Missy all lookin like dolls/action figures?!).*sidenote, if anyone has that video, hit me up.

BEEP ME 911 has that futuristic, way beyond what anything on the radio was approaching, vibe to it. On the opposite end, Tim just stripped everything down on the remix. Transforming it from a Year 3000 sounding R&B track to an almost tribal hiphop joint -- listening to it now, I feel that had Tim not used it for Missy back then, he could probably still use it now and have it sound current. Timeless.

Finally, props go to Nick for that Nelly Furtado timstru...better than the actual song in my opinion...and while I already had it...everybody needs to hear it.
SWV and Total comin next week.

Missy Elliott//BEEP ME 911 timstrumental
Missy Elliott//BEEP ME 911 remix timstrumental

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Duran Duran News

Duran Duran is set to release there new album Red Carpet Massacre very soon. They have released just released some news regarding the album:

****After a successful trip to New York to work on some final mixes for their upcoming release, Red Carpet Massacre, the members of Duran Duran have returned to the UK to put the finishing touches on the album. Having debuted some tracks last week at both a special show at the Hammerstein Ballroom for their Fan Community, and a listening party for the media, band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor were thrilled with the results. Feedback from those in attendance teemed with excitement for the CD, coming this Fall on Epic Records.

The band have recorded Red Carpet Massacre over the past year, starting in New York City last September with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland at The Manhattan Centre and then in the UK with producer Nate 'Danja' Hills and mixer/engineer Jimmy Douglass.

Some track titles include:

- Nite Runner (co-written with and featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland)
- Skin Divers (featuring Timbaland)
- Red Carpet Massacre
- Box Full o' Honey
- Last Man Standing
- The Valley
-Falling Down (co written with Justin Timberlake)

The band, who are set to perform at both The Princess Diana Tribute (July 1st) and the Live Earth Concert (July 7) at Wembley Stadium, were joined in the studio by touring musician Dom Brown on guitar.

Please keep checking for more information on Red Carpet Massacre.


Is Jimmy D Danja's engineer for this project or am I reading too much into that statement? This callabo has been one of the most anticipated for me since I heard about it awhile back. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Thanks to Nep for the info.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nick's Instrumental of the Week

I'll bet Rod doesn't have this!!

Nelly Furtado-All Good Things (Come to an End) (Proper Instrumental)

The Remix Project: Week 6

Here is this week's acapella. Let's go with yet another classic Tim track this time with baby girl. Here's Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody":

Week 6 sample via
Week 6 sample via
Week 6 sample via

Don't forget your myspace/website URLs. My e-mail:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Remix Project: Week 4 Winners and Week 5 entries

It's about that time for another week's winners for the remix project. Congrats to the PeopleLikeMyself Remix with 27 votes and the Music Mo 3 Mix with 22 votes. We had a total of 93 votes. I thank all of you who took the time to vote. It is always appreciated.

For Week 5 I posted the "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" acapella thinking I would be a lot of entries. It is a hot Timbo track so I thought all of you creative cats would be all over it. I only got a couple of people telling me it was going to be a hard to work with but none the less I still thought my mailbox would be full. Unfortunately, I only recieved 4 entries for week 5 but let me thank each of you for submitting your respective entry. Yes there will still be a vote and as always the top 2 move forward.

However, if this next week we don't receive more entires I'll just go ahead and end the remix project early. There's no point in forcing interest if it's just not there as this is meant to be a fun project. I know doing a remix every week can be a lot of work so I apprecaite all of you taking the time to do them. Ok so here are week 5's entries, make sure to cast your vote:

Mixtape Project Week 5 Entries

50 Cent Curtis Snippets

There had been requests to hear the Timbo produced "AYO Technology" f/ Justin Timberlake so here it is plus 4 other very short snippets from 50:

50 Cent feat. Mary J. Blige : All Of Me
50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake : Ayo Technology
50 Cent feat. Akon : I'll Still Kill
50 Cent feat. Robin Thicke : Follow My Lead
50 Cent : Peep Show

50 Cent Snippets

Obviously made around the same time as "Do It" I'm interested in hearing the full version of the track. It's been said it will not be on the Curtis album but with it being postponed there is still 100% certainty that it will not be. Let's hope it makes it.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up Tim stans? It's that time again, albeit a day late, for Czar's Sample of the Week. For this week, I thought that I'd showcase a sample off an album that I really haven't talked about on the Chronicles.

I remember when I bought "Welcome to Our World" near the end of 7th grade and just being blown away. The album was just plain hot from start to finish and is still one of my favorite Tim albums. One of my favorite tracks off the album was "Written Rhymes" The laid back atmosphere with the sorrowful guitar and hot drum pattern just all fit perfectly together. Imagine my surprise when I found out the guitar was sampled when I heard the same guitar on Dido's "Honestly OK" off her 1999 "No Angel" album. Well the guitar is sampled "I Don't Want to Lose your Loe" by the soul group the Mad Lads.

Well that's it for this week. Check back next week for another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. Have a great weekend!


Friday, June 22, 2007

T.I.-Respect this "Hustle"

T.I.-Respect this Hustle (prod. by Danja)

Thanks to Big Mac!

Danja gets 3 Timbaland gets 1

There are 3 videos coming out way soon. The first one is Paula DeAnda's "Easy" The original track had Lil' Wayne on the feature but he has now been replaced by Bow Wow. Why? Maybe to appeal to a younger crowd? I'm not sure. Danja is credited for producing the track while Timbo gets credit for additional production.

BOOKED: Paula DeAnda - Bille Woodruff, director

artist: Paula DeAnda feat. Bow Wow
song: "Easy"
label: Arista/J Records
director(s): Bille Woodruff
production co: Form TV
rep: Yell Productions

Katherine McPhee's Danja produced 2nd single also has a video booked.

BOOKED: Katharine McPhee - Marcus Raboy, director

artist: Katharine McPhee
song: "Love Story"
label: 19/RCA
director(s): Marcus Raboy
production co: DNA

And last but not least Diddy's "Diddy Rock" video with features by Twista, Shawnna, and Timbo started production yesterday. This track is also produced by Danja. I have a feeling Timo won't be in the video with his busy touring schedule in Europe but maybe they worked out someway to do it.

BOOKED: Diddy - Erik White, director

artist: Diddy
song: "Through The Pain" and "Diddy Rock"
label: Bad Boy/Atlantic
director(s): Erik White
production co: All In Media
rep: Simran Brown/Uncle

McDonalds "The Way I Are" Commercial

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Keri Hilson Interview

Check out the new interview with Keri over at She talks about her upcoming project, working with Tim, ballin' with the fellas, and what it is to be a unique song writer in the game these days.

****Brian: Oh okay, definitely. So tell us a little bit about your upcoming project.
Keri: Well, uhm, first of all, we have no release date as of yet. A lot of people have asked that question, so I’ve had to clear that up.
Brian: I’ve asked that question! (laughs)
Keri: Yeah! (laughing) We’re working on that. We’re actually, now, wrapping up the recording phase… So, uhm, Polow has done a couple more, Tim has done a couple new ones. So I thought it was important to get some fresh stuff, even though I’ve been signed for almost two years now. So yeah, we’re wrapping it up. We’re hoping that the single we go with, which is called “Happy Juice,” featuring Snoop Dogg & Ludacris… he just jumped on, if you didn’t know!
Brian: Oh dope!
Keri: Yeaah! Like a couple days ago… I’m excited about that ’cause I had to — I was like, I need somebody really from Atlanta on this to represent with me, ’cause Snoop is from LA, that’ll be a good look out there, ’cause they love Snoop, and everyone in Atlanta loves Luda. Well, everyone everywhere loves Luda. Yeah, so depending on how quick the single picks up, we’re looking to be out to release at some point this year.****

Congratulations to Brian on a great interview.

Bigmac's Radio Rundown

Wow! Now who would've thought Timbaland would have 2 singles in the Top 100 of Billboard Hot 100 Charts? Thanks to an increase in downloads, "The Way I Are" has shot up 17 spots to #40 while Give It To Me drops 8 spots to #26 The man is on a mission to take over and it looks like he is well on his way as a solo artist. Justin is Top 10 with yet another Timbaland/ Danja production with "Summer Love" staying heated at the #8 position. Also Mr. F-A-B-O has made a HUGE leap 61 spots from #74 to #13 with his SMASH single "Make Me Better" with the man who writes some of the most addicting hooks, Ne-Yo.

Even though she may have taken a dive, Nelly Furtado is still noticeable on the Hot 100 with "All Good Things (Must Come To An End)" at #97. Urban Radio has been feeling the Prince-esque "Until The End of Time" from Justin helping it go up 2 spots to the #18 spot on the Hot Hip-Hop/ R&B Singles chart. Hopefully with their support Justin can turn that Bubbling Under single into a bonafide Hot 100 Charting! Danja also enjoys some SOLO success with "We Takin Over" jumping up 4 spots for a #31 placing on the Hot 100. Let's see what the rest of his arsenal has instore for us with singles from Paula DeAnda and Katharine McPhee getting ready to heat up the summertime with "Easy" and "Love Story" respectively.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Baka Boyz and Timbaland

Let me say now this is the best Timbaland interview I've ever heard of the many I've come across throughout the years and you'll be be hard pressed to find it anywhere else but The Chronicles. This interview is from Memorial Day 2006 in Miami on the Baka Boyz radio show. If you don't already know, the Baka Boyz are a legendary radio VJ duo. I used to listen to them way back on Power 106 in Los Angeles. They then moved to Miami to start their own show before moving again to San Diego where they are based out of now. Tim has had a good friendship with these two throughout the years. Go check your liner notes on "Throwback" off Under Construction II and you'll see the Baka (er) Boyz listed for Scratch Cuts.

So back to this interview. First thing you'll notice is that's it's long but I assure you it's well worth it. There are so many highlights it's hard to list them all but here are a few (not in order):

1. Tim gives the world premiere of Kiley Dean's "Cross The Line", explains the concept of "Make Me A Song," and calls her "one of the coldest white girls"
2. Tim premieres "Cop That Disc"
3. Tim talks about the sample from Bubba's "Jimmy Mathis" as well as the drums from "Cop That Shit" (Czar you listening?)
4. Tim makes 3 beats live on the air all on a Triton right there at the station. 1st one Mr. Cheeks stops by the studio and freestyles over it. 2nd one all I can say is listen, both Tim and Cheeks freestyle on it. It's the last one, though, that steals the show with Afrika Baby Bam from the legendary Jungle Brothers freestyling with Timbo doing his beatboxing and showing why he is the king.

Now of course that would be enough to satisfy even the biggest Timbo fan, believe me after listening to the whole interview it would be enough, but this is The Chronicles and we got to give you more. Somewhere (I'm not saying where) in the interview Tim plays a never before heard Tim track that was never released on this artist's final project (possibly because of this interview?). It's been argued if it ever really exsisted but this interview is proof. Take a listen to the whole:

Timbaland interview with the Baka Boyz

Can you find the unreleased track? HUGE props to Timbalandchick for this interview!

BossPlayya presents: Timstrumental of the Week (?!)

The Timstrumentals are back. I don't know how a week turned into 2 , then 3...and here we are almost 2 months on.

Fabolous just dropped his 4th album last week, and as we all know, it's fronted by a Timbo-produced track. He's worked w/ Tim on 2 previous occasions, RIGHT NOW & LATER ON off his debut (GHETTO FABOLOUS, 2001) and WAKE UP (a track which remains in limbo today)

Now, I don't think these 'Loso joints capture Tim at his finest, but it does showcase to me how even a mediocre Timbo track still kills the competition (that's a Stan talkin). Another standout thing is how Tim has versatility for days. MAKE ME BETTER and RIGHT NOW... sound nothin alike. RIGHT NOW has some of the sound from back when that Tuff Jew Storch was Timmy's piano man.

I've read some requests in the comment boxes so next week it's gon be Missy double-feature, BEEP ME 911 (both versions, album and remix), down the line it's gon be many a Timmy classic. Glad to be back and in the meantime here go Fabolous...

Fabolous//RIGHT NOW & LATER ON timstrumental
Fabolous//MAKE ME BETTER timstrumental

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TRL premiers "The Way I Are"

We've all been around for the full circle of the track "The Way I Are." We were there when it was released on Shock Value, we voted it to be the 2nd single off the album, we saw McDonalds pick it up, and now it's been released. So I'm asking all of you to help complete the final chapter of the track and get it to #1 worldwide!

Right now on MTV, TRL is premiering the video for "The Way I Are" so be sure to check it out. D.O.E, Keri, Sebastian and Timbaland himself are all asking for people from around the world to help to get this track to #1. In case you've missed it you can check the video on youtube.

To vote for the video make sure to check TRL's voting area daily and cast your vote (the video is 3rd from the bottom. If you're not already a member you can sign up to be a member. Also make sure to request "The Way I Are" at your local radio station. Here is a list of radio stations from around the country so hit them up and request the track.

I'm not kidding when I say the entire Tim camp thanks all of you for your support. If you notice you're seeing more and more bulletins from DOE, Sebastian, etc asking for your support of the track so let's help them out!

Duran Duran "Night Runner"

This is Timbo on the beat and will have Justin Timberlake on it as well. Not the best quality but still it's a glimpse of what we'll be getting from them. I'm looking forward to the album version. Props to walt for the link.

The Making of "We Takin' Over"

Step One: It's All About The Beat
"When I started working on [We the Best,] I called [producer] Danjahandz for a beat," Khaled said. "And I told him what type of beat I wanted. I was leaving New York, and before I jumped back on a plane I told him: 'I'm flying back to Miami and I want to make my single first.' I told him the idea and I booked studio time for him. And when I landed, I ran to the studio to meet him, and the beat, we sat there, listened and did some things to it. I get all my beats first, straight up. When I make my albums, I get all my beats first 'cause I know what I want. Then I just sit in my studio and vibe and I start writing down what I want to do."

Step Two: Have A Game Plan
"When I get the beat, I think of the concept automatically," Khaled said. "I think of the people I want to be on it and I try to come up with some hooks too. Just come up with a little idea for them to take from there. 'Cause sometimes you might just have a rapper rap on a beat and they might rip it down, but it might not be the direction [you want]. With my records, I make sure I go in there with a concept and try to come out with a hit, you know? 'Cause it's not one rapper, so you got to get everyone on the same page. ... It's all a big game plan. It's all a plan, and I got to get it accomplished. It's hard. If n---as say, 'Oh, man, his job is easy,' nah, it don't work like that. Not at all. We're talking months, a half a year, just to get little things done. We're talking about making hits, not just normal records."

Step Three: Start Drafting Recruits
"With 'We Takin' Over,' I told Danja, 'I'm gonna put Akon on this bi---, and he's gonna turn it into a real movie,' " Khaled said. " 'Cause the beat is real aggressive — it's theatrical and movie-sounding — and I wanted Akon to do something real big and the chorus had to sound big. Then I knew I was gonna put [Lil] Wayne on there. I knew I was gonna put [Fat] Joe and [Rick] Ross on. And I knew I wanted T.I. on there. And when I was with Birdman, I told him it was only right for him to bring in Lil Wayne."

Step Four: Who's On First? (And Who's On Last?)
"Akon gave me his vocals," Khaled said. "Then I got Ross to do his part. Then after Ross, I had Joe do his part. Then after Joe, I had T.I. do his part. And then I went to Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne was going to do it already, but I wanted to wait. When I gave it to him and I played it, he told me — his exact words were — 'I'm gonna go in the closet and the boogeyman is gonna come out.' He said some crazy sh--. Then he did it in an hour. I heard that sh-- when he said, 'I am the beast/ Feed me rappers or feed me beats.' I was like, 'Wow.' And I made the breakdown for him. I told Danja to break the beat down when Lil Wayne comes on, and it was just history. That record, I knew it was gonna be a hit from the gate."

Step Five: Don't Be Afraid To Adjust The Lineup
"For 'We Takin' Over,' I knew I wanted Wayne last because I wanted to give him the Biggie look off of 'It's All About the Benjamins,' " Khaled said. "I think he deserves it. But you got to be ready to swap positions for tracks. It's the feeling, the vibe. Each artist brings a certain energy to the song. Ross always brings a big energy. I like to put Ross second on records. Because, say with a record you loving, like, man, T.I.. is ripping it, then Ross comes in, he comes with another energy. He makes the beat go harder. He picks up another level and it gets tighter. Then Joe comes after Ross, it just gets crazier. Then boom, the beat changes up, Birdman's taking you to church, then boom, Lil Wayne finishes you off."

Step Six: Practice Full Disclosure
"Not telling the artists who you're going to put on the record is the biggest mistake," Khaled said. " 'Cause you got to want them to want to be on the record and want to do it. And I don't make those kind of mistakes. Because I keep it G, that's why people love me. I'll go straight up and say, 'You and him got beef, beef that I'm trying to help squash.' I'll be straight up, and nine times out of 10, the problem is over because I accomplished something. You got to keep it G with people." You can't be on no bullsh--."

Step Seven: Know Your Team, For Real
"My lineup that you see a lot that I use, that's my team," Khaled beamed. "Ross, Joe, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Jeezy, T.I. — that's the team, you know? Not 'cause they're the biggest rappers in the game. I just been blessed to have a great team. Everything is built off relationships and going in with that vibe. I bring a different energy to the artists. In the studio, I have a different energy. The funniest thing I ever heard [is that I have a secret over them to make them work with me]. It's called G's recognize real G's. My job is to go in there to make it a classic. People are always gonna hate. That's jealousy. 'Cause we win. That's the problem with this hip-hop game, it's a major problem. Nobody wants to see anyone come up. And I'm coming up, and boy do I have some great friends."

Source: MTV

Monday, June 18, 2007

The sample war is over...........isn't it?

Yes it is without a doubt over, with Czar the winner but I have to come clean. There were 2 samples I had been searching for up to the last day of the war (Friday). If you know me you know I love digging and that I love a good challenge so I thought for sure I had Czar beat. I had been looking for these 2 samples for weeks prior to the war (as Big A and SafeHandz are my witnesses) but obviously, as shown by my performance, neither one worked out. One of samples is from Cee Lo's "I'll Be Around."

There's an interesting twist to this track that my teamate Nick brought up way back in September on a certain music forum. He said that of all people Webstar uses the same sample for his track "Tone Wop." For months I've kept that in the back of my mind and for months I've been searching for the sample but could never find it. I even bought the Webstar album on late Friday night of the sample war hoping the sample would be listed but no luck. I had lost.

So at this point the war is over, I've lost, but Big A, another fellow digger, finds out some key information. As it turns out "Tone Wop" doesn't use the same sample as "I'll Be Around" rather it samples the track itself! Yes that's right what you hear in "Tone Wop" comes directly from "I'll Be Around" but obviously altered. "Tone Wop" was recorded but never intended to make the album since new music was planned to go to the lyrics. Ironically the label asked for the track for final mastering the next day after it was recorded and the track was turned in with the sample from "I'll Be Around" intact and so it was put on the final album that way.

Now that to me is what teamwork and digging is all about. However, the question still stands: what is the sample for Cee Lo's "I'll Be Around"? Another mysters waiting to be solved.

Props to my fellow stans Nick and Big A!

Mark you calendars: September 3rd for Justin Timberlake

Speaking of Justin's tour we told you about how it will be on DVD via his HBO special. The special will air Monday Septmeber 3rd on HBO:

and as Nick pointed out with a DVD comes an HQ version of Tim's set. Thanks to PeopleLikeMyself for the info.

Tim's European set from the concert

Seems Tim has changed his set up since the very first concert videos we posted. He has added a some new videos on the white screens as well as an add for the Beaterator Video Game which he did music for. He also added both "Say It Right" and "Bounce" into the set with new videos footage. He also performs his rap part for "Give It To Me" while Justin and Nelly are on the screen.

Check out his European set in these 2 videos. WARNING the sound quality is not good:

Timbaland Set Pt. 1

Timbaland Set Pt. 2

Big thanks to Matthy for the info and DJ Emby for the videos.

The Remix Project: Week 5

Another week, another acapella. This week we have Jay-Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" A tough one to do justice to since Tim laced that beat so good but I have a feeling ya'll are going to come with some HEAT! We'll wait and see until then here is:

Week 5 sample via
Week 5 sample via
Week 5 sample via

Don't forget your myspace/website URLs. Here's my e-mail:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mario "No Definition" Snippet

This snippet leaked awhile back but was in very bad quality so I wanted to wait until a better quality came along to share with everyone. I wanted to really hear the track versus some barely audible 20 second snippet. Now one has come our way:

Here is "No Definition" produced by Timbaland.

Mario's Go! album is slated to be released July 31st with production by Scott Storch, Dre & Vidal, Timbaland, Stargate, and JR Rotem among others. Guests to appear so far announced are Alicia Keys and Nelly though I'm sure there will be many more. What I really like that Mario is doing is every week, up until the album is released, he is posting a webisode about different material and info on the new album.

As far as the track I'm not a fan as it feels like yet another recycled synth pop track that has been reincarnated over and over again lately by Tim. What do you all think? Thank you to the anonymous person who posted it.

Remix Project: Week 3 Winners and Week 4 entries

It's Sunday and we have another week of winners. Congratulations the Andy remix with 32 votes and J Mack remix with 25 votes. Good turn out this week too with a total of 173 votes. I'm imposing a new rule and this is to be fair to everyone. You can only win 3 times total for the whole project. I think this is more than fair considering each mixtape is only going to have 12 songs on them so 3 wins is 1/4 of the entire mixtape.

I definitely want the mixtapes to showcase a mixture of styles and sounds from each beatmaker/producer so I thought this would be a good way to ensure that this happens. For those of you who do get 3 wins I would still appreciate your participation especially for people to continue to hear your creations.

I thank you all for your continued involvement in the project. Don't forget to include your myspace/website links with your entries. So here are:

Mixtape Project Week 4 Entries

D.O.E take you behind the scenes

D.O.E always lookin' out to the fans by taking them behind the scenes of every encounter. Check out behind the scenes of "The Way I Are":

BIG thanks to D.O.E for sending this my way.

Tyssem Remix

We told you about it and here it is:

"The Way I Are" f/ Tyssem

I'm not going to mince words: I don't like it at all. Seems like Tyssem just added her parts and didn't mix the final version. The quality sounds horrible and it just doesn't suit the track at all. Tim must have made this "remix" perhaps to appeal to more of a European market but none the less you can't make up for bad quality.

Thanks to everyone who sent me this track!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

"The Way I Are" Video


Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up Tim stans? It's that time again (although one day late lol) for Czar's Sample of the Week. But before I go into this week's sample, I have to give major props to Boogie during the Sample War II. Boogie had me really sweatin' during the whole war. Also, look out for Vol. 8 dropping soon.

Now, because of the week-long samples last week, I thought I'd just keep it simple for this week. One of my favorite tracks off the Bubba Sparxxx and Mudkatz Mixtape was Ricky Rucker's "That's Him." It's just a nice laid back track, but when I first heard the track I was wondering where Tim got the drums on that track from. Well, it turns out that not only the drums were sampled but the guitar too. The track samples "Hammer" by Bob Marley's old group the Wailers. Again, Tim did a great job of taking the opening of "Hammer" and making a hot beat.

So that's it for this week's installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. Check back next week for another Timbo sample gem.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Timbaland & others in new book

Da Capo books releases a new book, Third Coast: OutKast, Timbaland, and How Hip-Hop Became a Southern Thing, detailing the rise of Southern hip hop. Roni Sarig, a respected journalist have written for XXL and Rollingstone, uses various interviews and articles from a variety of hip hop publication and websites to paint a portrait of the birth of Southern rap through to it's current mainstream success. Features on everyone from Jermaine Dupri to the Ying Yang Twins, Missy Elliott to Bubba Sparxxx the book has been receiving critical acclaim for it's first hand story telling of the rich history in Southern rap.

If you're interested you can order it here.

Current Timbo Videos

You voted and MTV listened. "Throw It On Me' won the battle of the bands this week winning 58% of the vote. Definitely a good win considering the popularity of The White Stripes as well as them having a new album coming out soon called Icky Thump. "Throw It On Me" has been playing over the last few days on MTV which yet more great exposure for Timbaland and a great push for Shock Value. Read more here.

"The Way I Are" video has launched already in Germany. Big A has seen it and maybe could leave a comment about what he thought about it. Stateside the track has already jumped from #78 to #57 on the music charts (thanks Mac) and that's without the video even being released here yet. The McDonald's campaign has also been a great push for the song. The video will be released here sometime next week. When we have more information and possibly an exclusive first peek (hopefully) we'll definitely let you know. Let's get Timbo another #1 song and get D.O.E, Keri, and Sebastian their first one.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rare Reel

That's LIVE ladies and gentlemen. You got a full orchestra behind you at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall having the ENTIRE crowd singing your track? It doesn't get much better than that. It was the first time in it's 135 year histroy that a hip hop performance played there. Jay killed it!

Danja Interview

Check out this Danja interview from allhiphop:

**** The first time that it really became apparent that you were this sonic visionary was The Game’s “Put You onto Game.” Tell me what that record did for you not only in terms of allowing your art to flow out there, but in terms of name recognition and people recognizing what you’re about?

Danjahandz: I added my element. I added the piano and I added a lot of little stuff flying around. But the initial [hums bassline] - that is Tim. He played it; he knew what he had loaded it up, and it was history from there. That’s how we do; I might come with something he add to it, he come with something I add to it. Don’t get me wrong, I had something crazy for Game that actually didn’t make the album, didn’t get used, but that particular track was [mostly from] Tim, and I sprinkled my little whatever over top of it.****


Definitely a good read on Danja. He seems like a humble cat who doesn't hold on to the past buts rather focuses on the present with no ill will surrounding him. There's always the on going arguement that Danja does all the beats he and Tim are credited for while Tim just puts his name on it cuz it's Tim. Unless Tim and Danja have been lying about it in their interviews when asked about each other, which I doubt, I have to disagree with that theory. I think they feed off each other and go back and forth adding sounds here and there. Danja said the exact same thing about the creation of Justin's "My Love" as he's saying about The Game track. Plus if Danja didn't feel like he was getting a fair share then why stay with Tim for the last 6 years?

What's your opinion on it? Props to NuffCeD for the link.

Danja & Britney

Nick here with some Danja news:

**** I reported yesterday that 'Get Back' was a new track produced by Soul Diggaz, for Britney.

It is rumored that this will be her first single! The track is described as an up-tempo club smash produced by Danja, and written by Corte Ellis of Soul Diggaz. ******


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nicole Scherzinger talks about her new album

Only Part I is available sorry about that. I'm actaully looking forward to what Nicole is going to bring with this album. Hopefully the production doesn't drown her out too much. Big thanks to Dr. Nep for the link.

Justin Timberlake "LoveStoned" Video

High quality coming soon. Definitely like the video, commin' with somethin' a little different. Oh and for you Timbo stans this would be considered a video version of the track.

EDIT: The video has been taken down due to cpyright infringement. Seems as though Yahoo Music is supposed to be the only site that should be airing it. So here in high quality is the video via Yahoo.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who Is Money?

Ever since the release of Shock Value, everyone has been asking who is Money? Where is she from? How did she come to be on Timbaland's album? Is she affiliated with Tim? Now we wouldn't be who we are if we didn't bring you exclusive info right? I was given her myspace (thanks Timbalandchick) and decided I would hit her up and find out what she's all about.

A singer since 15, Money also had a passion for dance, taking classes at the famed Millenium Dance Studios in Los Angeles. Choreographer Dave Scott (You Got Served, Stomp The Yard) and his partner Keisha Gamble, stylist and project coordinator, saw the limitless potential in Money and both became in charge of her artistic development. Scott later introduced Money to the legendary singer/songwriter Walter Milsap III, a meeting which would change her life forever.

The name Walter Milsap III should sound familiar. Walter was 1/2 of the amazing writing duo with Candice Nelson and is now currently staying busy with various individual projects. He is also on Timbaland's Shock Value both as sole producer of the track "Fantasy" as well as choir conductor for "2 Man Show." Money and Walter were in only their 2nd week of recording together when she decided to come with a fresh and different sound to their next track hence "Fantasy" was born. Recorded just this last February, Walter took the song with him to a scheduled meeting in Las Vegas with Timbaland. Walter played the track for Tim and right away he wanted Money to fly out to meet with her. Impressed with her style, voice, and overral vibe, Tim asked her to be on his upcoming album. A few minor changes were made to the "Fantasy" track before being added to Tim's Shock Value. Before she knew it Money went from the very beginnings of her career to a having a full feature on one of the year's biggest album.

Literally overnight, the industry, the press, and the fans alike were all asking themselves: Who is Money? Originally the plan was to put a debut album out in 2008 and then look for a deal but with all the attention her Shock Value appearence garnered, Money finds her career getting off to a lightning pace. She is currently signed with Milsap's Conjunction Entertainment but is also in talks with several majors.

You may find yourself saying Money is yet another cookie cutter R&B singer but this is far from the case. With planned collaborations with, Timbaland, Walter Milsap, Maroon 5, and Gym Class Hero it's obvious Money is not rolling with labels rather she's creating her own mold. Look for more from this rising new star very soon. Definitely check out her myspace and show some love. More info, new music, and a bio will be coming out very soon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A little Keri Hilson for ya?

Props to StaticPlaya for the link!

Tim arrested in Cologne

Seems as though Timbaland got in a what is described as a "violent bar brawl" at a German Hotel. Here's the article

****Superproducer TIMBALAND spent an hour behind bars in Germany early this morning (11Jun07) after a violent bar brawl. The music mogul was temporarily held in custody in Cologne after a fight in the city left a 29-year-old Croatian man in hospital with injuries to his rib cage and multiple bruises. Cologne police spokesperson Juergen Goebel says eye witnesses confirmed a heated argument between Timbaland - real name Timothy Mosley - and an unidentified man in the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel at 11.30pm last night (10Jun07).

The pair took their argument outside where it allegedly escalated into violence, with members of Timbaland's entourage also reportedly joining in the brawl. Sources claim the fight began when Timbaland began flirting with the man's girlfriend. In an ensuing war of words, it is believed the producer took offence to a racial slur. According to Goebel, Timbaland was questioned and held in custody for approximately one hour. He was later released.****


German Source

Props to Matthy for the breaking news!

The Remix Project: Week 4

OK another week is here! This time let's flip the script and go with throwback Timbo track, Missy's "Gossip Folks." (You'll have to cut the first 2 seconds off) Who's bringing the drums? Who's gonna flip it all together? Let's see what ya'll got:

Week 3 sample via
Week 3 sample via
Week 3 sample via

This week if you want to add your myspace URL with your remix just send it to me that way people can come check out what else you got. My e-mail:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Remix Project: Week 2 Winners and Week 3 entries

Ok everyone we have come to yet another week finished and the winners for Week 2 with Tweet's "Call Me" sample are the Music Mo Mix with 74 votes and Essence Guardian's Remix with 22 votes. Great job guys! My vote went to Essence Guardian this week as I really like how he flipped the sample and as always loved all the interesting sounds. We had a total of 127 votes, down from Week 1 but still I appreciate everyone's vote.

So like I said before I will no longer be using samples rather I'll be just using accapellas from Tim tracks. Week 3 was "Laff At Em" and I have to say listening to the remixes so far, it's going to be a tough vote. Lots of great stuff from all the entries. Check out this week's entries and don't forget to vote!

Mixtape Project Week 3 Entries

French "The Way I Are"?

Seems Timbaland has been very impressed with overseas artists as of late and has been reaching out to numerous international artists. Big A already posted some excellent news earlier today and now it's been announced that Timbaland is reaching out to French R&B artist Tyssem to record a "french" version of "The Way I Are" My french is very rusty so I'm not sure all the details if the track will be totally redone or just her vocals added. At only 23 she has worked Bionix, Track Invaders, Mary L, and New Yorkais to name a few. On the Polydor/Universal label her album is in the works.

Check out her myspace page as well as her bio and other info.

To all my french speaking peeps please translate for us english speakers on what the latest is on Tyssem. Is she big in France? Just starting out? Any release date for "The Way I Are"? Props to Alex for the information!

Boy band NLT to work with Timbaland

Boyband group Not Like Them is preparing for their self titled album release soon. They have enlisted production by The Underdogs, The Neptunes, and Timbaland for their first album. Founded by Chris Stokes of B2K fame and co-managed by Marques Houston the quartet is trying to make it's mark in the pop world with their Geffen debut.

You can check out more on NLT here as well as check out thier myspace page.

****Decidedly pop in their appeal and approach, Stokes and Geffen Records' Chairman Ron Fair knew that NLT had an intangible and infectious star quality that wouldn't go unnoticed, and began pairing the band with some of music's top production teams and engineers, lending their magic to the already dynamic quartet. Co-manager Marques Houston offers his talents to the piano-paced acoustics of "Yesterday," and kicks things up a notch with the infectious "Can't Live Without You" and "Sensational." "He knows us better than anyone, and we've learned so much from him—he's like our big brother," agree NLT.

The group point to The Underdogs' drum and keyboard-driven production approach to "That Girl" as a prime example of their divergent pop influences and sound, and cite their co-writing with Timbaland on "He Said, She Said (Time to Let Go)” as a highlight of the recording process. But integral to it all was the first producer they worked with: Troy "Treezah" Johnson ("Go," "Rose," "Move"). "That was the best way for us to start. We had a lot of input, and we learned a lot about how our sound would be built. The songs we did with Troy were the foundation for everything," says Kevin.****

So be on the look out for the Timbo produced "He Said, She Said" but in the meantime this track has leaked and there is debate if it is also produced by Timbaland:

NLT "Hollywood"

I personally don't think that's Timbo, maybe The Royal Court.

McDonalds uses "The Way I Are"

McDonald's has stuck a deal with Timbaland and the Mosley Music Group to use Shock Value's 2nd single "The Way I Are" in it's next McDonalds commercial. Big A and I have known this for quite some time but had to wait until it was official. The commericial is out now so definitely tune it and check it out. As soon as we get our hands on it we will post it here on The Chronicles.

There is still no official release date for 'The Way I Are" but the video is completed and with this added promotion all of us are hoping the track goes to number #1. As soon as we get more official information on when the single and video will be released we will let you know. Tim, MMG, and his artists are definitely making sure to get their names out there. First there was the WWE and now MCDonalds. Both capture a broad range of audiences and ages that Tim's music alone may not reach so this is a good move for him and MMG. I'm looking forward to what the rest of 2007 has in store.

The making of "The Way I Are" video

Check it out:

Hard to tell what it's going to be like just by this video but none the less I'm looking forward to it. Props to talkingcrazy for the link!

Short Journey Round The World With Timbaland And Some Other Producers As Well

The Neptunes were the 1st major producer from the states workin with an artist from overseas in 2003. They did "Rohff - Where's Yours At" off "Taxi (Soundtrack)". Most successfull french movie of all time.

Around 2004, JR Rotem produced couple of tracks for France' most successfull solo rapper "Rohff" (and later also some for "Arsenik" and "Lino")

In 2005 Just Blaze ("Baggy Pants"), Neptunes ("Large"), DJ Premier ("You Know What Time Is It"), produced Teriyaki Boyz from Japan on their album "Beef Or Chicken".

Beginning of 2006 japanese artist "Zeebra" released the Swizz Beatz produced "Let's Get It Started" record.

End of 2006 Just Blaze did "The Extravaganza" joint for japanese DJ Muro's compilation.

Kanye West followed and produced "I Still Love H.E.R.", a new single of Teriyaki Boyz.

Recently Scott Storch followed by producing Julia Kova from Russia. The song is called "Beep Beep", just peep the superwack singer on youtube.

And now? NOW we have Timbaland producing also a russian artist named "Dima Bilan". Timbaland, together with Jim Beanz, produced a few songs (in english) for his upcoming international album. They recorded the songs in January, Feburary, April.
Danjahandz and Ryan Tedder were both also involved. A funny story is that Tim's team told him to improve his pronunciation and also gave him two vocal coaches (most likely Jim Beanz huh?). Also expect to hear collabos with Scott Storch and maybe with Nelly Furtado and Shakira. That's russian big budget right there...
with Timbaland

with Jim Beanz

with Ryan Tedder

with Nelly Furtado

with Scott Storch

Check the first (live) performance of the Timbaland produced single "Number One Fan".
Dima Bilan - Number One Fan

Check also the news section of his official page

Furthermore I can give you some more insider details. Timbaland will produce a few songs for the french superstar Matt Pokora who is signed on Universal France. He's workin on his 3rd (?) album right now. It will most likely get released international. From what I know Matt spent already a few days in watch out...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

So who won?

Ha ha! It was a good battle but in the end obviously I could not come up with anything and Czar showed why he is the teacher and I the pupil. I could defend my last post but at this point why bother, Czar is the winner fair and square. It was a good battle this time unlike the last war which was pretty embarrassing on my part. Congrats to Czar on his victory in the war (and a little fun).

If you noticed there was a lot of shit talking on both of our parts and that is all it is: talk. I have a great amount of respect for Czar and what he does. He has an amazing ear and is definitely a legend among Timbo stans. On top of that dude is mad cool so I'm happy to have lost to a friend. Plus Czar just graduated college so give it up for him ya'll!

I hope everyone looked at the bigger picture of what the war became because I do feel it is a very important argument which is: identifying samples from music versus samples from sound. I think it was more than obvious from both of our lengthier and lengthier intros that we both were passionate about how we felt on each side of the arguement. With that said let me open the floor to all of you and ask the question, is finding a sample from music the same as finding a sample from sounds? It find it a very interesting debate indeed...

Thank you all for your comments and I hope you enjoyed this week I know I did.

50 Cent breaks down "AYO Technology"

MTV sat down with 50 Cent and talk to him about his new album which has been postponed. There are 4 parts to the interview and in this one 50 breaks down the meaning of the Timbaland produced "AYO Technology." There has been talk if this track will make the album and it's still unsure exactly but I have a feeling the track will show up on one of the many 50 projects coming out over the next year.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 5: What a mess

What happened Boogie? You started off so strong and then just lost steam when you needed it the most. Today's battle is going to be easier than I thought. But before I go into my samples, I again have to address some things.

First, I did post the "What you got (oh no)" sample a long time ago. I never denied that, and someone even pointed it out in the comments to my post. HOWEVER, I posted that sample along with FIVE OTHER samples. On top of that, because I posted that in 2003, a lot of people have become more interested in Tim samples and it's never appeared on any of my sample mixes. Just like the sample to "You won't see me tonight," I used this sample war as an opportunity to share the knowledge that I had for the most part kept to myself. You want to talk about disqualification, I think I have something to say about your post today and disqualification...but I'll wait until after I make this next point.

I need to say something about sample cds that people are really misunderstanding. Boogie, you and other people as well, make the mistake of thinking that all sample cds are based on real songs. This is not entirely the case. While this is the case a lot, and myabe even most of the time, with some sample cds (and for the most part, world music sample cds) they aren't based off real songs. Some sample cds actually had real artists to come in and sing/play, and the company would splice what they played. A good article to read on this is "'Ethnic Sounds': the Economy and Discourse of World Music Sampling" by Paul Theberge.

Anyway, getting back to disqualification...if you want to DQ me for "hang on" and "back to life," then you should be DQd based on the majority of today's post. First, posting "samples" to freestyles just doesn't make sense. Tim didn't sample these records, he just played the records. This is what marks the difference between "ching ching" and the freestyles that you posted. Tim SAMPLED Nelly Furtado, which is why I put it in my sample mix. Tim PLAYED "another one bites the dust" ,and "jack and diane," which doesn't even come closs to sampling. Regardless if I had posted samples that I'd posted before or put on my sample mix, the number one rule of a sample war is to post SAMPLES i.e. songs that Tim SAMPLED, you didn't follow that rule with posting the songs on the Bubba freestyles. I smell DQ. Secondly, I might want to call DQ because I'm not quite sure that Tim sampled "Check the Rhime" and "This Time." Why? Well both artists, ATCQ and Janet Jackson, have a history of sampling records and so I don't know why you thought that Tim sampled those tracks. Could it be that "nowhere" and "when doves cry" sample the same tracks that were sampled for "this time" and "check the rhime?" Now, I know you're thinking right now Boogie, "but can't you make the same argument about the 'play that beat' sample?" The answer is NO. Missy and Tim set out to construct an album that had an old school hip-hop feel, so it would make sense that they would sample an old school hip-hop track (remember, "work it" actually samples "peter piper" and not bob james' "take me to mardi gras"). If you had a nice argument where Tim had a history of sampling Janet Jackson or ATCQ or that Tim really loved their music, maybe you would have a case, like when I posted the baby giggle for Aaliyah's "Are you that somebody" and the possibility of it coming from a Prince tune. Tim is definitely influenced by Prince and has made songs in a similar fashion to some prince songs, so it was logical to assume that the giggle came from prince. But with the tracks that you posted, there's no logic. They probably just sampled the same track, just like Shamur's "Let the Music Play" which you thought was the sample to MIA's "Come Around." And given what happened this week on Monday, we all know how that turned out. But I'm getting away from the battle.

Since it's the last day, and since Boogie flopped today, I think that I'll have a little fun with the samples for today. What seemed to have been released ages ago, Nore's "For a Minute" was the first evidence of a Nore and Tim collabo. While I loved this track, I was always hearing something familiar in that track that I couldn't quite place my finger on. Finally it hit me that the tumbi (the guitar sounding instrument) was sampled from "Ghanan Ghanan" from the "Lagaan" soundtrack. The score was produced by the great A.R. Rahman, an artist who Tim has sampled more than once. Both the film and the soundtrack are items that everyone should own.

Staying with guitars, the guitar on Bubba Sparxxx's "Bubba Talk" always interested me. It just had a sound that I wasn't that familiar with, but I was just in love with it. Anyway, the guitar was actually sampled from "Les Yeux Noirs" from the French Roma artist Coco Briaval. If you go to about 0:49s you can hear it. Or maybe you'll miss it. It's so quick that I couldn't believe Tim created a whole song out of it. This track shows how Tim can really flip a sample and turn it into a hit.

You know, I'm in such a good mood right now that I think I'll let everyone in on a little secret by posting "this." Shoutout to those who contributed to what I just posted (and one to DJ M.D. too!)

You put up a good fight Boogie, but in the end, there can only be one master, one teacher...


Day 5: Tricks are for kids

Let me start by saying Czar does this quote look familiar:

****“Justin Timberlake's "Oh no" samples Soul II Soul "Back to Life" (hint: play Soul II Soul

Don't know why he picked this track, but it works in the song."****

It should because you posted it December 15th……….2003 (we both know where) That’s over 4 years ago but yet here you are up to your same old tricks trying to fool people with some “exclusive” sample. That’s twice now that you’ve posted old samples in this war. That in itself should be an automatic disqualification but hey I’ll give you yet another pass.

Yes of course I know all about the sounds coming from the Outer Limits Theme Song. You actually prove my very point. Most (not all) sample CDs, use real music, sounds, etc from various movies, songs and so on. The very sample CDs themselves are based on real songs so how are they not considered samples? Just because they didn’t come from the original source? Hmmm....Czar you yourself said that the Deepest India CDs are based on Indian songs yet you post samples from them all the time and regard them as samples. I guess it’s because you are the “king” right, you can get away with it. Well enough with the long wided jibes let’s DO WORK:

I’ll start with Bubba Sparxxx’s 2 freestyles from the Mudd Katz album. This Freestyle 1 samples John Cougar Mellenncamps’ classic track "Jack And Diane." (love that video) Then there’s this Freestyle 2 that samples Queen’s "Another One Bites The Dust.” Now I know what you’re going to say Czar “Boogie these are so simple” Well check your sample mixes again my friend, you had no problem putting up Nelly Furtado's obvious sample (from her own damn song no less) in Jade’s “Ching Ching Ching” so don’t give me “easy.”

Moving on take a listen to the beginning of Missy’s "Play That Beat" that samples one of my favorite rap tracks growing up MC Breed’s "Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin.’" Sticking with more of my favorites, take a listen to Ginuwine’s "When Doves Cry" that samples the legendary Tribe Called Quest's "Check The Rhime."

So if that’s not enough poor Czar, there was a comment asking about choral samples. Well of all Timbo sounds and samples, his choral ones are my favorite. One is that is so powerful is in Bubba Sparxxx’s "Nowhere" Tim actually got that from someone he worked with in the past, Janet Jackson, from her track ”This Time."

So Czar there’s my 5 days. I gave you movies, sample CDs, soundtracks, orchestra, choral, and all things in between and the only interesting sample you’ve brought to the table is the “Chili Sauce” sample from yesterday. You’re reign is over.

Duran Duran get 3 tracks from Tim & Danja

****"The actual process of making the album [with Duran Duran] was cool," Danjahandz told "We just went in there as musicians, I think that's what was beneficial for me, playing those instruments, came into play. Because I had to become a musician, not a producer a beat maker, I had to become a musician and write songs. It was just an easy thing for me, the dudes were real open for me and where I was taking them. It was just a cool experience.”*****

Full Article

The Tim and Danja tracks are called "Skin Divers" "Zooming In," and “Night Runner” F/ Justin Timberlake. I have to admit that of all the collabos Tim and Danja have done, Duran Duran's sound to date fits that sort of retro 80s electro vibe that Tim and Danja brought to Nelly Furtado's and Justin Timberlake's projects. I'm really interested to hear what they came up with considering these tracks have been finished for quite some time. Jimmy D should be on the engineering boards as well. Still no date, however, when the album drops.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 4: What the hell were you thinking?

Boogie, Boogie, Boogie...I am so disappointed in you right now after your day four thread. With Nick saying that the war is tied 1-1-1, and other people saying you're leading it 2-1 (shout out to the people who say I'm leading it right now), I thought that you were going to come hard tonight and put the nail in the coffin. But instead you came weak...really weak. How in the world were you going to post three "samples" that all came from the SAME SAMPLE CD?!?!?!?! Since they all came from ProSamples Vol 12 Dance Vocals/Voice Sepctral 1 and 2 (go here:, where's the digging? Where's the time spent searching for that one sample? Don't cheat your tim stans by posting that mess.

But moving on, let me address some things you said in the beginning of your post. First, you said that my weakness is sample cds, and this is true. I don't produce so I don't have access to these sample cds. But most importantly, I feel like showcasing songs that used sample cds is boring and shows no knowledge of music. I could easily put out a Czar's Timbo Sample Mix Volume 8 out of straight sample cds, but what's the point of stringing together a bunch of "samples" that are only 10 seconds long? You're not showing off a good ear, all you're showing off is that you found a sample CD that had two second snippets of some sound that Tim sampled. This is why, like yesterday, I showcased a song from a sample cd as well as a regular track that tim sampled. And you kind of support the point of knowing sample cds but having no knowledge of music when you did your three day sample cd thing and didn't notice that some of the sounds on the sample cds were snippets from actual songs (like the intros to "slow down" and "backstabbers" not only came from a sample cd, but also from the "Outer Limits Theme Song" ). Secondly, you said I'm not diverse with my samples. All I can do is chuckle at this. 7 sample mixes and showcasing different Tim samples every Friday here, and you say I don't post anything other than Indian samples? C'mon now Boogie, you gotta be kidding me. From Fela to Alison Krauss to Spiderman Theme song, I bring a lot to the table. Look in the mirror next time you talk about lack of diversity in timbo samples, since you seem to only post "samples" from sample cds.

But enough talking, let's get to the samples. Since I did a sample cd yesterday, I won't repeat myself and do some more stuff from sample cds today (like someone else who I know). And since Boogie wants to see diversity, I'll show some diveristy, and show who has the best ear around.

First let's go to Africa. Now I've talked about Fela Kuti a lot during Czar's Sample of the Week, but I have yet to talk about his son, Femi Kuti. Not only did he follow in his father's footsteps in being a musician and creating amazing afrobeat music, but Femi Kuti is also a social and political activist like his father. So why am I talking about Femi Kuit? Well, we all remember Missy's "Old School Joint" from the Miss E...So Addictive album, and how the main beat samples One Way's "Pop It?" Well the drums to the Missy track sample "Victim of Life" from Femi Kuti's "Shoki Shoki" album. This is an amazing song and everyone should pay attention to Femi's lyrics.

Now let's travel to the U.S. and go to Chicago. Sticking with Missy Elliott, we all already know that "Work it" samples Bob James' "Take me to Mardis Gras"/Run DMC's "Peter Piper" and Blondie's "Heart of Glass." But did you all know that the drums heard at the beginning of the track (right after the "DJ beats" intro) samples "Stay the Night" from the pop-rock band Chicago? "Stay the Night" was released in 1984 off the "Chicago 17" album. Don't know why Tim just used the drums for the beginning, but it shows how Tim can just integrate so many different sounds and create a hot beat.

Going from the U.S., let's now travel to the U.K. Ever wonder what Tim is playing backwards in Justin Timberlake's "What you got (oh no)?" Well it's actually the club hit "Back to Life" from the London-based group Soul II Soul from their Club Classics Vol. 1 debut album. Listen carefully to "Back to life" and you can hear the same horns in that song played backwards in "What you got (oh no)."

Jumping back to the U.S., one of my favorite tracks off the Bubba Sparxxx and Mudkatz Mixtape was the track "Cranky Up" It just had this nice guitar riff that I was in love with. Well it turns out that the guitar is sampled from "War" by L.A.-based, but the group is of Armenian descent, rock band System of a Down. "War" is off their 1998 debut album "System of a Down." The beat switch on "War" is just sick!

You know what, I thought I was done, but I'm having so much fun doing this I think I'll post something else. This is not necessarily a sample, but just something cool to mention. When Jamie Foxx's "Can I Take You Home" first leaked, it was an extended mix that had Jamie Foxx ad libbing at the end. Most people thought that he was just showcasing his comedic skills with the whole "I got an italian cook, his name is Jerome Sacagagraci or somethin." Well, while it might seem like an original joke, those lyrics were actually from "Chili Sauce" from the "Ice Cream Castle" album by The Time (go to around 3:30). Now, I talked about earlier in one of my Czar's Sample of the Week about Tim's love of Prince and The Time, so I don't know if Jamie Foxx did this on his own, if Tim wanted Jamie to do it, or if static wrote it. What do y'all think?

Well, I'm done. I hope I didn't drop too much sample napalm on you Boogie. Remember to stay in your place and always know that you're the student and I'm the teacher. You can stick with your sample cds, I'll stick to real music.


Day 4: Roaches don't die

It’s been said that Czar’s one weakness is Sample CDs. He doesn’t have the time, he’s uninterested, and more likely he has other people to look for him yet I would say for obvious reasons diverse samples are also a weakness. As I was reading through your sample post yesterday Czar I couldn’t help but say “another Indian sample?” Don’t get me wrong they’re great finds, but can you find anything else? I’ll give you the King of Timbaland Indian Samples but that’s about it. I would think with your background (and friends) that Indian samples should be easy for you so how about mixing it up?

For day 4 I will look at another sample CD Tim has used. Let’s start with the Missy track "Pass That Dutch" Yes Czar found the main sample years ago and I identified the whistle sound (big whoop) and if memory serves me correct there’s even a Sanford and Son sample in there too but what interests me is the crowd noise at the beginning, this sample.

Moving on to the "Intro" of Ms Jade’s Girl Interrupted the woman’s singing can be heard here. More? Ok. Justin Timberlake’s first hit collabo with Timbo was ”Cry Me A River” Where did the choral sample come from at the beginning? It came from this sample. What about the dude at the very end? The sample has been slowed from this one.

Finally, one of the few highlights on Missy’s The Cookbook was the track ”Joy” Was that little robot sampled from a movie? No rather it used this sample (wait for it it’s in there) The most obvious part of the track is Missy singing “jooooooy” during the chorus. Wait a minute is that Missy? I say no it’s this. All of these samples can be found off of Best Service’s Voice Spectral 1 and 2.

So I’m sure some people are going to reduce my finds to just sounds (though somehow sounds off Deepest India are labeled “great samples”) but I ask what if the “Joy” sound came from a Dolly Parton record from the 70s would that make it more legit as a sample? Or if the choral voice from ‘Cry Me A River” came from an obscure Hungarian chant, would it make it more of a “sample”? I have to wonder…..

Day 4 is done, the roach can’t be killed.

Danja News

Danja worked on some new shit with both Mariah Carey and a girl group named Jada (thanks to Big-A for that news).

Check them out at

Also, unfortunately, Danja's track on the new M.I.A. album got cut, according to her new interview with Fact Magazine...

Review of MIA's "Kala" album

Check out this article for a full review of MIA's new album Kala dropping Agust 20th.

****You originally intend to get Timbaland to produce the album, right?
“Yeah. He came and met me last summer, but it was so difficult for me to co-ordinate anything from my side. In the end, I’d started recording drummers and music in India and then I went to Trinidad and Africa and the shape of my album was becoming something else. Eight months into me recording, I already had 10 songs. That’s when I got the (work) visa (to enter America). The week before I was with Liberian kids, trying to understand their culture, then I was in Virginia with my own personal chef in a 5-star hotel. It was so mad. I was with Timbaland, who I know is a legend, and I love him, and have always wanted to work with him…but by the time I got there I was just too far-gone in my own worldly sound.”

Do you think that most American hip-hop’s has lost that raw edge?
“Yep, because it’s a business. When I first moved to Brooklyn I spent a day looking for apartments. Before I’d even secured one, on that day I met every kid selling me beats…I ended up in six different houses. Kids were dealing beats instead of drugs. People had so much advice, and gave me so many lectures about how much of a grind it was, and how much of a business it is. Loads of people, especially rappers and producers, that I’ve worked it say to me, ‘Maya make sure two things don’t happen to you: 1. You fall in the love 2. You have babies: because that fucks up the game’. It’s just so industrial. I was like, ‘wow, you guys have really turned this shit into a proper business’. And when I met all these people giving me beats, the random kids were business kids. It’s not creativity coming out of necessity but business coming out of necessity. That’s what hip-hop was becoming. When hip-hop came out, white people were the ones rolling in big cars, with ladies and panthers on a leash…it was like Rod Stewart or whatever. Then the pendulum swings to some kid in the hood, wearing shorts stood next to a speaker by the lamppost, making music. Now hip-hop is Rod Stewart. The pendulum isn’t now gonna swing back to some kid on the street by the speaker in America, it’s gonna swing to somewhere in Africa, or China. Because that’s what we haven’t heard yet.” *****

One of the best interviews I've ever read about her. Definitely check it out. Big thanks to Jakea for the link!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 3: Still Alive?

Damn Boogie, I swear you're just like a roach. I thought I killed you on the first day, but you just won't die. You can chuckle all you want about yesterday, but the fact remains, the difference between "colonial mentality" and "hang on" is that I listed "colonial mentality" when I posted the tracklist to that samplemix, but I never posted the "hang on" when I did the tracklist. I wanted people to search for some of the harder to find samples instead of just picking the easy ones. Regardless, while I still believe that the "come around" sample that I posted on Monday wins not only the battle but the entire war, I'm just gonna have to end it today.

So Boogie, you set the stage for world music samples and I thought for today, I'll follow down that same path. Also, you started with a song that sampled a sample cd (really a sound effect) and then moved to a real song, I thought that I'd do the same.

So we all know that the drums on "Icebox" were the same drums that were on Ms. Jade's "Big Head," which helped fuel the idea that Tim actually produced "Icebox." Well, both tracks actually sample "this" track.

Moving on, we all remember the whole Keri Hilson controversy when she released "Love Ya" and "Where did he go" on her myspace. Both are amazing tracks, but I think that for today I'll post the sample to "Love Ya" . The song obviously samples an Indian song, and that song is "Dilbar Dilbar" from the 1998 (or 99) film "Sirf Tum."

So that's it for today's sample. Hopefully Boogie, you'll stay down this time. The samples that I've posted over the three days completely outshine your samples. So get back in your seat and learn from the teacher.


Day 3: Is that mold on the Crown?

You know I'm still chuckling from Day #2. Putting a sample from one of your own sample mixes from years ago is just plain desperation. If you all remember from the last battle, Czar pointed out "Well Boogie...sad to say it, but you're YEARS late on "Colonial Mentality." That was on one of my first mixes. So sad sad..." Here we are 6 months later and Czar tries the same trick. He may have fooled those who didn't know but to those of us familiar with the "king's" work that just wasn't going to fly.

Enough with the talk on to the samples. So day #3 and let me work yet another angle for the sample war. I'm going to take a look at the video of MIA in the studio with Tim. If ya'll remember it was posted twice here on The Chronicles before Interscope had it taken down with a permanent warning not to put it back up. As much as I'd like to re-up the video or at least show you clips from it for this particular post, I repsect what I was told and audio samples from the video will have to do.

If you remember Tim played MIA a bunch of tracks for her showing off his skills, focusing on his knowledge of Indian music. One track he played for her is this one I'd love to say I knew where the beginning came from but I don't (yet). I did however recognize one sample, this one.

Of all the beats Tim played for her there was one that stood out not only for her, not only for us, but for Tim himself. Seems he forgot he made the beat because if you remember his face he was surprised as hell at what he heard. Here's a clip of that track. Check the beginning of the track and you'll hear both this sample and this sample. All 3 of these samples come from the famous 3 set sample CDs that I posted a few weeks back. I'm telling you Tim loves those CDs and keeps going back to them.

That's it Boogie? No no I mean really that's only 3 "sounds" versus samples right Czar? Let's continue...

What a lot of people had commented on from the video was the very end when Tim "played” MIA this What would you call that? A beat? A sound effect? A sample? Well that track, if you will, samples this song called “Merry Christmas Mr Lawerence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto from the movie of the same name. Sakamoto is a very famous composer having scored such movies as The Last Emperor, Little Buddha, Snake Eyes, nad Femme Fatal. I personally like this version of his song better. A very beautiful piece.

Now I purposely left the last sample up for debate. Yes you’re right it has that very “Do It/Block Party” Commodore 64 sound to it (I bet it was created around the same time). Yes it could be off a sample CD. Yes Tim could have used the original sample and reworked it with added sounds. I’ll leave that debate up to all of you, what do you think?

And that is what Boogie brings on Day 3.

MTV Battle of the Videos

Seems there's a little battle going on between a few videos on MTV. One of which is Timbo's "Throw It On Me." You know Boogie loves a good battle so check it out for more details:

****It’s an illustrious black and white affair in this week’s MTV Battle of the Videos.

Will the Detroit rock couple, The White Stripes, send our temperatures racing and our blood boiling with their pumping new “Icky Thump?” video Or will the vivid technicolor throwback tees featured in “D.A.N.C.E.,” the latest video by the electro French duo,Justice turn us on? Or will the sin city-esque storyline in Timbaland’s latest video, “Throw It On Me” featuring The Hives give us the chills?

Who will paint the sky red in the newest MTV Battle of the Videos competition? Cast your vote for your favorite video now. And don’t forget to comment for your favorite!****

So go here and cast your vote So far Tim is in the lead so let's keep it going!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day 2: Czar's Response

So I gotta give it up to Boogie today. You came harder today than you did yesterday, but maybe not as hard. It's 11:30pm right now so I'm gonna get right to the chase. Since Boogie posted a track that samples a soundtrack, I'll do the same.

We all remember Nas' "You Won't See Me Tonight" . It's one hot ass collabo with Nas, Tim, and Aaliyah. Well the track samples "Hang On" from the 1998 Deep Rising Soundtrack. This movie and its soundtrack went unseen for the most part, so I have no idea how Tim found it, but he turned "Hang On" into a hot ass track. The Deep Rising Soundtrack was produced by Jerry Goldsmith, who was one of the best film and tv show producers in history (he died in 2004). He produced for a diverse (using Boogie's term) set of film and tv shows, from the Twlight Zone to Mulan.

So that's it for Round 2. Might be a close race between Boogie and I today, but I think the master still pulled it out.


Tim talks about his Miko

Check out the article but also click that link on the top right "Timbaland and his Miko"

****Q: What artists have you produced using the Miko?
A: I did a Fat Joe record with the Neko, some stuff with Justin Timberlake, and the Fall Out Boys, and several other projects. And of course on my new record, Shock Value. I use the Neko and Miko all the time. I just use it… and it comes out a masterpiece!

Q: So, having it all in one place, does that help your creative process?
A: Yes, having it all right there is great. It’s like your disc cases, your turntables, it’s everything that you would need. All right there at your fingertips.

Q: Do you plan on using your new special edition Miko on your next project?
A: Oh yeah, I’m going to use it everywhere. For one thing, it’s small and easy to travel with and I can eliminate a lot of my disc cases and stuff. I don’t have to carry around anything else, I just do it!****

I have no idea about production equipment but I thought this would be a cool video for all the production heads out there. Tell me what you think about a Miko? Good equipment or ?

Rihanna "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Today is the release of Rihanna's latest album Good Girl Gone Bad. "Umbrella" has become a big hit and she seems poised to continue her success with her 3rd album. I'm not a huge fan of Rihanna's but this is one of those albums where the production makes up for what the artist may lack. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if anything for those Tim tracks. With that said there's also a small twist to the Timbaland puzzle which I know we will start seeing more of in the future. Here are the Tim tracks:

"Sell Me Candy" produced by Timbaland only

"Lemme Get That" produced by Timbaland only

"Rehab" produced by Timbaland and......wait for it.....Hannon Lane

That's right there is no Danja on this album. Surprising to some but you will actaully see Tim and Danja only working on major releases from now on and instead Tim and Hannon working together more. Danja has established himself and now it's time for Hannon. I thought for sure I would see Jim Beanz name all over the Tim tracks for vocal production but rather Terrius "Dream" Nash is on almost every track of the album with the exception of "Rehab" which has vocal produciton my Justin Timberlake.

The most interesting fact about the whole CD in my opinion is that Tim used a brass band for "Lemme Get That" Tim has never used so many live brass instruments for any track so to see him branch out like this speaks volumes on his diversity. If you remember he sampled a lot of the strings back in the Da Real World days but traded those samples in for live strings with Larry Gold handling the brunt of the work for Justin's 2 CDs, Bubba, and others.

Definitely a solid album that I recommend.

Day 2: Watch and learn!

I've noticed Nick and Roderick are a quiet so far. Nick even decided to be a the "ref" Good move kid you're outta your league here (HA!) I have a feeling Big A is not in this for the long run, just a quick sample and he's done. Poor amateurs.

When I getting ready for this week i told myself I would mix up my sample sources rather than doing the whole here's the song and here's the sample. That tatic though effective is pretty boring and doesn't really show any diversity. We all know who usually takes that route and after all these years you'd think the "king" would change up his style but nope. Same ol' boring Czar.

I gave you a sample from a movie yesterday but today I'll go back to the classic song/sample routine. You all are familiar with Tim and Magoo's "Considerate Brotha" from Indecent Proposal right? In my opinion it's one of Tim's most diverse tracks, showing he can make one of those laid back, pimp funk tracks a la Dr Dre.

Well Tim actually sampled soul singer Edwin Starr's "Runnin'" off the Hell Up In Harlem Soundtrack for the track.

Starr was famous for his post Vietnam protest song 'War" which was actaully done in just 1 take.

So there you have my sample for the day. We'll see what the "King" has to offer today.

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