Friday, June 8, 2007

Duran Duran get 3 tracks from Tim & Danja

****"The actual process of making the album [with Duran Duran] was cool," Danjahandz told "We just went in there as musicians, I think that's what was beneficial for me, playing those instruments, came into play. Because I had to become a musician, not a producer a beat maker, I had to become a musician and write songs. It was just an easy thing for me, the dudes were real open for me and where I was taking them. It was just a cool experience.”*****

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The Tim and Danja tracks are called "Skin Divers" "Zooming In," and “Night Runner” F/ Justin Timberlake. I have to admit that of all the collabos Tim and Danja have done, Duran Duran's sound to date fits that sort of retro 80s electro vibe that Tim and Danja brought to Nelly Furtado's and Justin Timberlake's projects. I'm really interested to hear what they came up with considering these tracks have been finished for quite some time. Jimmy D should be on the engineering boards as well. Still no date, however, when the album drops.


  1. Awesome! are there allready some snippets online of those tracks?!

  2. Still no snippets.

    The album should be out in September

  3. danja has grossly over achieved - there are way more better producers out there who should get a chance to work with some legends, tim get rid of danja man

  4. Stop with the Danja hate on every post mentioning him.


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