Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 3: Still Alive?

Damn Boogie, I swear you're just like a roach. I thought I killed you on the first day, but you just won't die. You can chuckle all you want about yesterday, but the fact remains, the difference between "colonial mentality" and "hang on" is that I listed "colonial mentality" when I posted the tracklist to that samplemix, but I never posted the "hang on" when I did the tracklist. I wanted people to search for some of the harder to find samples instead of just picking the easy ones. Regardless, while I still believe that the "come around" sample that I posted on Monday wins not only the battle but the entire war, I'm just gonna have to end it today.

So Boogie, you set the stage for world music samples and I thought for today, I'll follow down that same path. Also, you started with a song that sampled a sample cd (really a sound effect) and then moved to a real song, I thought that I'd do the same.

So we all know that the drums on "Icebox" were the same drums that were on Ms. Jade's "Big Head," which helped fuel the idea that Tim actually produced "Icebox." Well, both tracks actually sample "this" track.

Moving on, we all remember the whole Keri Hilson controversy when she released "Love Ya" and "Where did he go" on her myspace. Both are amazing tracks, but I think that for today I'll post the sample to "Love Ya" . The song obviously samples an Indian song, and that song is "Dilbar Dilbar" from the 1998 (or 99) film "Sirf Tum."

So that's it for today's sample. Hopefully Boogie, you'll stay down this time. The samples that I've posted over the three days completely outshine your samples. So get back in your seat and learn from the teacher.



  1. I swear the big head sample was in one of the sample mixes

  2. nope. if it did, it would have been on 7...which I don't remember it being on there.

  3. thx i love the thomas crown chronicles team!!

  4. Damn boogie u gt Czar bringing out the top stuff, must have thought the crown was gna be threatened :)

    Nice Czar!


  5. Hot find. Thankfully we have om one putting up actual samples. That nonsense Boogie the butthead is putting up is shit that is accessible to everyone.

  6. Damn it keeps gettin better yo, boogie and Czar are both bringin that heat right's gonna be a hard choice to decide for a winner

  7. wow...i'm gonna make it a tie for this one.

    josh, i've been wondering what that m.i.a. c64 song was FOREVER!!! i've remade it a hundred times, i had no idea it was sampled.

    czar, that "big head" sample is crazy...i've been wanting to know that for the longest time!!


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