Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day 2: Watch and learn!

I've noticed Nick and Roderick are a quiet so far. Nick even decided to be a the "ref" Good move kid you're outta your league here (HA!) I have a feeling Big A is not in this for the long run, just a quick sample and he's done. Poor amateurs.

When I getting ready for this week i told myself I would mix up my sample sources rather than doing the whole here's the song and here's the sample. That tatic though effective is pretty boring and doesn't really show any diversity. We all know who usually takes that route and after all these years you'd think the "king" would change up his style but nope. Same ol' boring Czar.

I gave you a sample from a movie yesterday but today I'll go back to the classic song/sample routine. You all are familiar with Tim and Magoo's "Considerate Brotha" from Indecent Proposal right? In my opinion it's one of Tim's most diverse tracks, showing he can make one of those laid back, pimp funk tracks a la Dr Dre.

Well Tim actually sampled soul singer Edwin Starr's "Runnin'" off the Hell Up In Harlem Soundtrack for the track.

Starr was famous for his post Vietnam protest song 'War" which was actaully done in just 1 take.

So there you have my sample for the day. We'll see what the "King" has to offer today.


  1. Man.. You guys are so occupied with your sample-war that you didnt notice the "AYO-Technology" track allready leaked. you can hear it clearly that also Danja put some sounds in it.. sounds crazy!!!

  2. The snippet leaked awhile ago but the sound quality was so bad and the snippet so short why post it.

    Are you saying the full leaked?

  3. its hardly even a snippet 13 secs lol.

    Nice work on the sample and i dunno bout every1 else but i thought the movie sound on the last post was clever indeed!

    keep it up gna be nice to see what czar can bring out now :)


  4. making fun of the ref won't get you anywhere, mr. joshua.


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