Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 5: What a mess

What happened Boogie? You started off so strong and then just lost steam when you needed it the most. Today's battle is going to be easier than I thought. But before I go into my samples, I again have to address some things.

First, I did post the "What you got (oh no)" sample a long time ago. I never denied that, and someone even pointed it out in the comments to my post. HOWEVER, I posted that sample along with FIVE OTHER samples. On top of that, because I posted that in 2003, a lot of people have become more interested in Tim samples and it's never appeared on any of my sample mixes. Just like the sample to "You won't see me tonight," I used this sample war as an opportunity to share the knowledge that I had for the most part kept to myself. You want to talk about disqualification, I think I have something to say about your post today and disqualification...but I'll wait until after I make this next point.

I need to say something about sample cds that people are really misunderstanding. Boogie, you and other people as well, make the mistake of thinking that all sample cds are based on real songs. This is not entirely the case. While this is the case a lot, and myabe even most of the time, with some sample cds (and for the most part, world music sample cds) they aren't based off real songs. Some sample cds actually had real artists to come in and sing/play, and the company would splice what they played. A good article to read on this is "'Ethnic Sounds': the Economy and Discourse of World Music Sampling" by Paul Theberge.

Anyway, getting back to disqualification...if you want to DQ me for "hang on" and "back to life," then you should be DQd based on the majority of today's post. First, posting "samples" to freestyles just doesn't make sense. Tim didn't sample these records, he just played the records. This is what marks the difference between "ching ching" and the freestyles that you posted. Tim SAMPLED Nelly Furtado, which is why I put it in my sample mix. Tim PLAYED "another one bites the dust" ,and "jack and diane," which doesn't even come closs to sampling. Regardless if I had posted samples that I'd posted before or put on my sample mix, the number one rule of a sample war is to post SAMPLES i.e. songs that Tim SAMPLED, you didn't follow that rule with posting the songs on the Bubba freestyles. I smell DQ. Secondly, I might want to call DQ because I'm not quite sure that Tim sampled "Check the Rhime" and "This Time." Why? Well both artists, ATCQ and Janet Jackson, have a history of sampling records and so I don't know why you thought that Tim sampled those tracks. Could it be that "nowhere" and "when doves cry" sample the same tracks that were sampled for "this time" and "check the rhime?" Now, I know you're thinking right now Boogie, "but can't you make the same argument about the 'play that beat' sample?" The answer is NO. Missy and Tim set out to construct an album that had an old school hip-hop feel, so it would make sense that they would sample an old school hip-hop track (remember, "work it" actually samples "peter piper" and not bob james' "take me to mardi gras"). If you had a nice argument where Tim had a history of sampling Janet Jackson or ATCQ or that Tim really loved their music, maybe you would have a case, like when I posted the baby giggle for Aaliyah's "Are you that somebody" and the possibility of it coming from a Prince tune. Tim is definitely influenced by Prince and has made songs in a similar fashion to some prince songs, so it was logical to assume that the giggle came from prince. But with the tracks that you posted, there's no logic. They probably just sampled the same track, just like Shamur's "Let the Music Play" which you thought was the sample to MIA's "Come Around." And given what happened this week on Monday, we all know how that turned out. But I'm getting away from the battle.

Since it's the last day, and since Boogie flopped today, I think that I'll have a little fun with the samples for today. What seemed to have been released ages ago, Nore's "For a Minute" was the first evidence of a Nore and Tim collabo. While I loved this track, I was always hearing something familiar in that track that I couldn't quite place my finger on. Finally it hit me that the tumbi (the guitar sounding instrument) was sampled from "Ghanan Ghanan" from the "Lagaan" soundtrack. The score was produced by the great A.R. Rahman, an artist who Tim has sampled more than once. Both the film and the soundtrack are items that everyone should own.

Staying with guitars, the guitar on Bubba Sparxxx's "Bubba Talk" always interested me. It just had a sound that I wasn't that familiar with, but I was just in love with it. Anyway, the guitar was actually sampled from "Les Yeux Noirs" from the French Roma artist Coco Briaval. If you go to about 0:49s you can hear it. Or maybe you'll miss it. It's so quick that I couldn't believe Tim created a whole song out of it. This track shows how Tim can really flip a sample and turn it into a hit.

You know, I'm in such a good mood right now that I think I'll let everyone in on a little secret by posting "this." Shoutout to those who contributed to what I just posted (and one to DJ M.D. too!)

You put up a good fight Boogie, but in the end, there can only be one master, one teacher...



  1. Haha czar is def the winner!!

    damn the sexback drums is a loop? wow

  2. I would never have guessed Tim sampled the "sexyback" drums...

    I'm lovin' the very first sample that plays in your "little secret" finisher. It's overwhelmingly beautiful. In fact, could somebody tell me the exact song that sample was used on?

  3. LOL, Czar won. Good try though boogie but you slipped and fell at the goal. Maybe next year.

  4. czar is absolutely the winner lol

    whats the name of the first song in the little secret sample mix?

    and where did tim get the sexyback shit from?


  5. aight czar wins this round...he's right, boog, tim didn't sample those bubba freestyles, bubba just freestyled over the originals.

  6. OH SHITTT samplemix 8 is comin? i been waitin on that for sooo long LOL and damn @ the sexyback drums bein a sample..i had no idea! the full samplemix u are gonna make it like the others right whereby u show the tim track aswell as the original sample?

    Czar = the Teacher

  7. czar won...damn the samplemix is gonna be hot :D

  8. Scott Storch sampled that "Ghanan Ghanan" on Remy Martin rapid fire..

  9. "Rapid Fire" is Scram Jones and not Scott Storch!

    damn! that's shock value right there with "SexyBack"...shoot me the track plz in advance :)

  10. Yeah, i was gonna ask when the samplemix vol. 8 was comin... put all the good finds on there ... and some drumbreaks and drums like the sexyback one, aiight?!?

    and a tracklist of the originals would be awesome (maybe in the comments-area of the mp3 file?)

    Keep it up, props to all u diggers...

  11. That first sample is from the candyman soundtrack..but i cant believe that sexyback is a sample!! do u guys find this stuff?

  12. tell us about the sexyback thing!!

  13. there's something in "Bubba Talk" that sounds a lot like "Right Now & Later On", but I might be way off.


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