Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sample Wars II - Chapter One: Bjork

It's 8am in Germany and I wanna use the chance to start part two of our lil sample war as first while most of you guys in the states are probably already sleepin.

Since most of all former sample postings revealed mainly older Tim tracks, I wanted to keep it up-to-date this time. Bjork's "Earth Intruders" - produced by Timbaland, Danjahandz & Bjork.

I was listening like 10 days ago to some old Enoch Light albums and "Istanbul" off his album "Faraway Places Vol. 2" (1963) literally jumped into my eyes cause of the song title. I'm a lot into far eastern music...well listen to the beginning of Enoch's piece. Pay attention also to the bells in the background (in both songs!).

On a side note: a few freaks might know already about Enoch Light. The Beatnuts sampled "Hi-Jack" on their famous song "Watch Out Now".

Enoch Light & His Orchestra - Istanbul

Please also take the time and educate yourself on the great Enoch Light. His music is timeless!
Biography & Discography


  1. NICE fine Big A! Real good ears on that my friend.


    you still gonna lose! Maybe Czar might quit after this one you posted but Boogie is gonna shut all ya'll down! :D

  2. Yep, sounds like they took the beginning of the Light track and lowered the pitch a bit.

  3. No there is no credits for any sample in "Earth Intruders"


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