Monday, June 18, 2007

The sample war is over...........isn't it?

Yes it is without a doubt over, with Czar the winner but I have to come clean. There were 2 samples I had been searching for up to the last day of the war (Friday). If you know me you know I love digging and that I love a good challenge so I thought for sure I had Czar beat. I had been looking for these 2 samples for weeks prior to the war (as Big A and SafeHandz are my witnesses) but obviously, as shown by my performance, neither one worked out. One of samples is from Cee Lo's "I'll Be Around."

There's an interesting twist to this track that my teamate Nick brought up way back in September on a certain music forum. He said that of all people Webstar uses the same sample for his track "Tone Wop." For months I've kept that in the back of my mind and for months I've been searching for the sample but could never find it. I even bought the Webstar album on late Friday night of the sample war hoping the sample would be listed but no luck. I had lost.

So at this point the war is over, I've lost, but Big A, another fellow digger, finds out some key information. As it turns out "Tone Wop" doesn't use the same sample as "I'll Be Around" rather it samples the track itself! Yes that's right what you hear in "Tone Wop" comes directly from "I'll Be Around" but obviously altered. "Tone Wop" was recorded but never intended to make the album since new music was planned to go to the lyrics. Ironically the label asked for the track for final mastering the next day after it was recorded and the track was turned in with the sample from "I'll Be Around" intact and so it was put on the final album that way.

Now that to me is what teamwork and digging is all about. However, the question still stands: what is the sample for Cee Lo's "I'll Be Around"? Another mysters waiting to be solved.

Props to my fellow stans Nick and Big A!

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  1. aHA!!! i was wondering about that!! i guess you can add it to the "timbaland samples" list.


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