Sunday, June 17, 2007

Remix Project: Week 3 Winners and Week 4 entries

It's Sunday and we have another week of winners. Congratulations the Andy remix with 32 votes and J Mack remix with 25 votes. Good turn out this week too with a total of 173 votes. I'm imposing a new rule and this is to be fair to everyone. You can only win 3 times total for the whole project. I think this is more than fair considering each mixtape is only going to have 12 songs on them so 3 wins is 1/4 of the entire mixtape.

I definitely want the mixtapes to showcase a mixture of styles and sounds from each beatmaker/producer so I thought this would be a good way to ensure that this happens. For those of you who do get 3 wins I would still appreciate your participation especially for people to continue to hear your creations.

I thank you all for your continued involvement in the project. Don't forget to include your myspace/website links with your entries. So here are:

Mixtape Project Week 4 Entries


  1. i love how kurt kobane was soo cocky b4 and as soon as his first remix was dismissed he quit lol.


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