Friday, June 22, 2007

Danja gets 3 Timbaland gets 1

There are 3 videos coming out way soon. The first one is Paula DeAnda's "Easy" The original track had Lil' Wayne on the feature but he has now been replaced by Bow Wow. Why? Maybe to appeal to a younger crowd? I'm not sure. Danja is credited for producing the track while Timbo gets credit for additional production.

BOOKED: Paula DeAnda - Bille Woodruff, director

artist: Paula DeAnda feat. Bow Wow
song: "Easy"
label: Arista/J Records
director(s): Bille Woodruff
production co: Form TV
rep: Yell Productions

Katherine McPhee's Danja produced 2nd single also has a video booked.

BOOKED: Katharine McPhee - Marcus Raboy, director

artist: Katharine McPhee
song: "Love Story"
label: 19/RCA
director(s): Marcus Raboy
production co: DNA

And last but not least Diddy's "Diddy Rock" video with features by Twista, Shawnna, and Timbo started production yesterday. This track is also produced by Danja. I have a feeling Timo won't be in the video with his busy touring schedule in Europe but maybe they worked out someway to do it.

BOOKED: Diddy - Erik White, director

artist: Diddy
song: "Through The Pain" and "Diddy Rock"
label: Bad Boy/Atlantic
director(s): Erik White
production co: All In Media
rep: Simran Brown/Uncle


  1. Paula is targeted to a younger crowd, so I understand why they replaced Wayne w/ Bow Wow. However, they should have had Bow Wow redo his verse, because it is not good.

  2. lil wayne appeals to the younger crowd, are you kidding?

  3. its lil wayne"s gangsta past and image..they moved away from bow wow is a little more sqeaky! think of it like this..lil wayne mentor is the self proclaimed king of selling cocaine..the birdman and for those who dont know birds is the street name for a kilo of cocaine...

  4. Bow Wow really messed that song up. At least he's consistent, as are all no talent hacks

  5. Nick, no one said Lil' Wayne appealed to the younger crowd.

  6. Yeah, it really is the "overall image" thing, because Wayne's verse on the CD is harmless and actually appropriate for Paula's target fanbase with lines like "sit in my Phantom and chew on gum" haha

  7. My God J! U r gettin me psyched like a freak wen i read that the video fo "diddy rock" is comin out. SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!! GAd dAAMMNNN! Thats like almost ma favorite song but wen u told me it produced by danja not timmy (no offence) it dropd to 3rd favorite. Hit me bacc as soon as u get this video. i wanna b that 2nd person afta u J to see this video in particular, dnt really care bout the rest but this one, THIS IS THE SHIT PPL, 4o REAL!!! Listen to this track y'll & tell me who tore up the track diddy,timmy's chorus, twista, shawnna or ciara @ tha end of the track. Am s freakd out as am typin this rite nw ppl, lemme kno pls. SSSHHHHHIIITTTT!!!


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