Sunday, June 10, 2007

French "The Way I Are"?

Seems Timbaland has been very impressed with overseas artists as of late and has been reaching out to numerous international artists. Big A already posted some excellent news earlier today and now it's been announced that Timbaland is reaching out to French R&B artist Tyssem to record a "french" version of "The Way I Are" My french is very rusty so I'm not sure all the details if the track will be totally redone or just her vocals added. At only 23 she has worked Bionix, Track Invaders, Mary L, and New Yorkais to name a few. On the Polydor/Universal label her album is in the works.

Check out her myspace page as well as her bio and other info.

To all my french speaking peeps please translate for us english speakers on what the latest is on Tyssem. Is she big in France? Just starting out? Any release date for "The Way I Are"? Props to Alex for the information!


  1. Tyssem is a young new artist (23 years old) and her first album is set to drop this fall. Finishing touches are being added now. She's hoping her record will be the kind you can listen to years from now, but she says she feels lucky just to be at the point she's at now.

    The rest is basically just uninteresting quotes about her inspirations or her childhood lol.

    We'll see how this turns out.

    - Funtastik.

  2. She's a nobody. Never heard of her. They should have contacted someone who had released at least ONE single.

    They'll most likely add her vocals on it. They do that a lot, they add a french rapper/singer on the track for the french audience.

    Ciara/M. Pokora - "Oh!"
    Mario/Amel Bent - "Let Me Love You"
    Jamelia/Singuila - "Thank You"
    B2K/Willy Denzey - "Badaboom"
    Usher/Wallen - "You Got It Bad"
    Boyz II Men/Driver - "Can't Let Her Go" etc...

    -You know who I am

  3. or MC Solaar on Missy's All'n'my grill...I always wondered if that featuring was known overseas (meaning USA) ?


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