Thursday, June 21, 2007

Keri Hilson Interview

Check out the new interview with Keri over at She talks about her upcoming project, working with Tim, ballin' with the fellas, and what it is to be a unique song writer in the game these days.

****Brian: Oh okay, definitely. So tell us a little bit about your upcoming project.
Keri: Well, uhm, first of all, we have no release date as of yet. A lot of people have asked that question, so I’ve had to clear that up.
Brian: I’ve asked that question! (laughs)
Keri: Yeah! (laughing) We’re working on that. We’re actually, now, wrapping up the recording phase… So, uhm, Polow has done a couple more, Tim has done a couple new ones. So I thought it was important to get some fresh stuff, even though I’ve been signed for almost two years now. So yeah, we’re wrapping it up. We’re hoping that the single we go with, which is called “Happy Juice,” featuring Snoop Dogg & Ludacris… he just jumped on, if you didn’t know!
Brian: Oh dope!
Keri: Yeaah! Like a couple days ago… I’m excited about that ’cause I had to — I was like, I need somebody really from Atlanta on this to represent with me, ’cause Snoop is from LA, that’ll be a good look out there, ’cause they love Snoop, and everyone in Atlanta loves Luda. Well, everyone everywhere loves Luda. Yeah, so depending on how quick the single picks up, we’re looking to be out to release at some point this year.****

Congratulations to Brian on a great interview.


  1. Luda on 'Happy Juice"!! NICE!

  2. WoW! The "Happy Juice"track I got since April has Snoop & Sean Paul of i think young Bloods. But this one wiv Luda...mmmm, boooiii. That single will b SPECTACULAR! Thats 4 real, no doubt...

  3. nice! thats a good song, i thought it had Stat Quo on it

  4. @ $tar$heg$ : you sure this Sean Paul? the main version has Snoop & Stat Quo on it

  5. Men am sorry, ma mistake! Stat Quo yeh thats him, is juss that wen he came on, he sounded so much like Sean Paul wen he came inn on "Snap ur fingers wit Lil' Jon & E-40". Like i sed, ma mistake. Lol


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