Friday, November 30, 2007

Ashlee Simpson "Outta My Head"

Take a listen to Ashlee Simpson's first single:

"Outta My Head"

Alternate version without Timbaland:

Produced by Royal Court & Timbaland. What do you all think?

Did you know? D-12 & Timbo

There were to be many collaborations between various artists and Timbo some of which you might have heard about and some of which you have not. So why not take a look back at the collabos that could have and should have been. To start off with, here's one I had no idea about that was supposed to happen back in 2006 as reported by a German hip hop website (this is a rough translation):

****Eminem comes back with D-12 and his solo album. 2006 was not a good year for Eminem. The death of Proof, the divorce from his wife Kim and the bad reviews for his ambitious "Re-Up" project. After such a year, one could just let 2007 be another year that passes. Because the good Em is however a man of work, he plunges into the new year with twice the work and gives notice both of a new D-12, and a new solo-album on.

The "Natural Born Killers" titled D-12-Album will for the most part be produced by D-12 member Denaun Porter aka Kon Artis. It was really to be expected, but the list of other producers have some surprises at hand: Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Hi Tek, and even Britney Spears-producer JR Rotem. Not just the typical people who are associated with Shady which could be exciting. The guests on the mic are 50 Cent, Obie Trice, and Nate Dogg in the old Shady tradition. It's been announced the disk will drop in April, the first single is a type of comedy track which will be about the fans who were disappointed recently of Eminem and the publications out of its Shady-camp.

Unlike the D-12 album Em is giving very little information about his solo album. There is no month of release but the target is November.****

I will continually add these to the Unreleased Timbaland Productions List. Look for more "should of"s coming soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who Flipped it better? Pete Rock Vs. Marley Marl Vs. Timbaland

I'm diggin' this series of posts as they show how different producers approach the same sample. 1 body of music 2 or in this case 3 different ears and styles. I think what a lot of producers may forget is it's not necessarily the sample itself that can make you a good producer, though don't get me wrong the right one can make a song a hit, but it's more so how you use the sample. We've all heard samples used in a unique, inventive way making us say "wow what was he thinking?!!" and we've all heard samples used that has made us say "damn what was he thinking..."

Timbaland is a master at sampling not only because of the samples he uses but how he uses them. He can make a dope track out of anything whether the sample is some obscure 1979 Bollywood track or a common baby laugh or hiccup. The focus should be not necessarily on how Tim gets his samples but what he does with them when he does get them. In the end it's all about where Tim puts and doesn't put the sample. Tim is a genius when it comes to space both positive and negative. He understands what works and what doesn't. Sure he doesn't get it right everytime but overall Tim can be considered one of the slickest samplers as you really have to dig sometimes to find those obscure guitar chords or frantic drum patterns.

Ok enough talk let's get down to business, back in 1998 Pete Rock released his first solo album sans CL Smooth called Soul Survivor. One of the tracks off the album is called "The Game". Take a listen, sound familiar? Maybe not at first listen but it should after taking a listen to the next song. 5 years later Tim & Magoo released their album Under Construction II along with a track arguably produced by Hannon Lane called "Naughty Eye". Now do you hear the sample?

Wait though there's one more....

Recently this past summer, KRS 1 dropped an album entitled Hip Hop Lives with a track called "Rising To The Top" produced by Marley Marl using the exact same sample.

So there you have it: 3 producers, one sample and so I'll leave you with the famous question: Who flipped it better? Bonus points as always to whoever can name the sample. It should be an easy one :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vote for Nicole Scherzinger's next single

Nicole's official website is asking the fans to pick her next single. The choices are "Happily Ever After", "Puakenikeni", the Timbaland produced "Physical", and "Who's Gonna Love You" (this track has been mislabled on many sites as a Timbaland production when in fact it's Polow) As it stands now "Physical" is in 2nd place. How about we change that shall we?

Vote here!! (right hand side of the page)

Finally an HQ version of "Physical"! Sounds like it would have fit nicely on Shock Value. What ya'll think, another Timbo banger or ?

Danja & Jim Beanz chop it up with Cassie

Cassie has been a busy woman since her radio hit "Me & U" with guest appearances on Jay Z's American Gangster album, appearing in Kanye West's "Stronger", and modeling for Sean John. She is also been working on her 2nd album with the likes of Ryan Leslie, Diddy, Eric Hudson, Brian Cox, Danja and my homie Jim Beanz! Check her latest interview to read more:

****AHHA: Who have you been working with on this album, as far as producers or guest appearances?

Cassie: I have no guest appearances so far; I’m sure that will come once we finish up and finalize the track listing and things like that. As far as producers, I’ve got to work with Puffy which hasn’t happened before, which is really, really cool. He’s really been hands-on with this project. I worked with Ryan Leslie of course again, I worked with Kanye, I worked with Eric Hudson, Brian Cox. Literally I worked with a whole roster of talent. Last night I got the opportunity to work with a writer by the name of Jim Beanz, we had met before but had never really been familiarized properly.

I’m working with Danja and I was telling him, “You know that song ‘Perfect Lover’ on Britney’s album, I love it.” He was just like, “Oh cool,” and then I was telling Puffy that on his album I love “After Love” with Keri Hilson and I just found out yesterday that Jim Beanz wrote both of them. Those are two songs that I absolutely, completely love so I’m really excited to work with [Jim].****

Props to Big A for the news!

New Articles on D.O.E & Jim Beanz

Check out the latest issue of the online Tub Magazine which talks with both Jim Beanz and D.O.E about their latest and future projects.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New but Old Playa

I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I found out that Playa has a myspace page. By the looks of it, it's been around for quite sometime but it wasn't until recently that I found it. The space gives links to each of trio's solo projects and affiliates and soon music videos as well as videos of various performances will also be posted. Of course this is Playa so immediately the first thing to look for is their music.

They have 2 familiar Playa tracks up, "Intro" and the classic "Birthday" as well as an unreleased, though readily available, Timbaland produced track "Neva 2 Late." Smoke E. self produced the track "Breaks Me Down" but the track to really pay attention to is "Wrong Side Of The Bed." Produced by Timbaland the track was initially done by Playa but was later redone by the 5-some Outsiderz4Life. This track appeared out of nowhere quite some time ago on the Outsiderz4Life myspace page but it was never known there was another version until now.

I HIGHLY recommend you bookmark the Playa page as there are planned updates coming in the next few months. Do I smell a full version of "Available" and "Gravy Train"? Let's hope so. Roderick you ready?!

The story of Ryan Teddar & One Republic

Crunk remix? Wow...

Rolling Stone also featured One Republic as their Artist To Watch and featured another one of the songs from their album called "Stop & Stare":

****It's taken OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder seven years and four record deals to finally capitalize on his big break. Back in 2000, Tedder won a Lance Bass-sponsored talent search, performing a self-penned, falsetto-laden pop song, "The Look," on MTV's TRL at the height of that show's popularity. A deal with Bass' label didn't amount to anything, but Timbaland happened to see the TRL performance, and he sought Tedder out. "He sounded like John Mayer, but better," says the producer, who had Tedder accompany him to studios around the world for two years and gave him a guest spot on the 2003 Bubba Sparxxx song "She Tried."****

Congrats as always to Ryan and the band for getting their much deserved shine!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fat Joe & Danja

"I got Diddy," Joe laughed. "That might be the next single. I made Diddy sing my hook like he did on 'Last Night.' That joint is produced by Danja. That's that crossover-big smash-hit record."

Looks like everybody's hopping on the "crossover-big smash-hit record" Danja train now. "The Elephant in the Room" drops March 11th, 2008.


Danja wants you!

Update: After doing some research this information is indeed factual. You can check out Thomas 'King T' Eaton's (the head of DanjaHandz Muzik) myspace blog which gives the same information as Danja's bulletin. So no excuses I expect all of you to get in on it!

Keeping the continued support for all our up and coming musicians, producers, and artists out there, The Chronicles is going to hit you up with as many opportunities to shine as possible within the Timbaland/MMG family. I hope you all are working on your Duran Duran "Night Runner" remixes and now Danja is presenting another opportunity to shine. Here is his recent bulletin from his myspace page:

****What's poppin people!!

I NEED FIRE!! to every producer out there i need heat and heat only!! im putting together the next street power project and i need you to send your top 5 hottest joints to me a.s.a.p!!

send to
also all dj's submit mixtapes for upcoming projects to this same email.

i am lookin for a dj but u have to be CRAAZZY!

im lookin out for u!****

Here is a golden opportunity to get heard my friends, who's in?!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

BossPlayya presents: Missy's THIS IS NOT A TEST Timstrumentals

Comin in on the tailend of Thanksgiving, here's the Timstrus for the week.
So far I ran thru DA REAL WORLD, SO ADDICTIVE and THE COOKBOOK. Albums 2, 3 & 6. Jumping back in time a little, here is album #5, THIS IS NOT A TEST.

Though certified platinum, it was seen as a disappointment in the wake of the huge success of UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Timbaland, when interviewed about this record has gone on record w/ various different statements....

"I think Missy rushed into doin this one", he did drop barely a year after UC.
He also said that she was mad picky on this one, turning down a large amount of tracks, or bein mad dissatisfied w/ a lot of the beats.
Finally tho, I think both Tim & Missy have said this, and it speaks on their 'trailblazing' reputation...They didnt want any of the beats to sound like they were usin conventional sounds that everybody else was on, or as overproduced as everyone else was makin their stuff.

Witness the sparse beats on this album, huge gaps here and there. And the crazy bleeps and clangs substituting the expeced drum sounds on joints like LET ME FIX MY WEAVE and WAKE UP. we got 1st single PASS THAT DUTCH with that great sample Czar found for us. The video featured the amazing intro (which did sound like vintage Missy/Tim), and the second half of the video played WAKE UP.

The second video off this project, and last, was I'M REALLY HOT (nonsensical japanese speaking intro while the visuals were all chinese??!), this one was Missy on her uptempo clubby tip.

Finally we got my fave track on the cd, that John DOE has made a great song on too, KEEP IT MOVIN. And it features that whole 'slow down' effect that we've heard on PUT YOU ON THE GAME, DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER, JOY, and countless Danja songs.
Pass That Dutch timstru
I'm Really Hot timstru
Keep It Movin timstru
Wake Up timstru

***request! of the above four WAKE UP is the only track where it is not an oficial instru, one of them dreaded loops. I've heard that there is a proper timstru of this floatin around...vinyl, promo-cd, hit THE CHRONICLES up if anyone has this joint proper!!!***

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Word is: Petey Pablo & Timbaland

Word is Timbaland & Petey Pablo have completed at least one new track together for a new album by Petey. I'm sure it was done over the MTV VMA weekend since Petey performed in Timbo's hotel suite but I can't say for sure. No word what label Petey is one these days but let's hope whichever it is we get to hear as many tracks as possible from this great duo.

Be on the lookout too for Petey on this week's Unsolved Mystery.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tidbits: Brian Kidd, Hannon Lane, & Jim Beanz

Sure we keep it Timbaland as much as possible but I've always liked to give some shine to the rest of the Timbo fam both past and present to make sure they're getting the props they deserve too.

By now we've heard the Britney album and have more than appreciated what Danja has brought to the table both released and unreleased but did you know Brian Kidd also did a track for her? The track is called

Kiss Me All Over

The track never made the album due to let's just say circumstances beyond Kidd's control. You can definitely hear those familiar Kidd drums and hand claps but what's interesting to me is the 8 Bitz style sample to it. You know I'm always looking for that extra something so I find myself wondering: did Kidd expose Timbaland to the chiptune style or other way around? You can bet I'm working on the Brian Kidd interview like crazy...

Did you remember Jha Jha from the Hannon Lane produced "What Cha Been Drankin' On?"? Well she recently sat down with to talk about the trails or being a female in the game, leaving Dipset, and being a producer. She also talks about "her producer Hannon" Definitely a good read so check it out:

**** You mentioned you’re a songwriter and producer but it’s fairly rare to see female beatmakers. How’d you get your start?

Jha Jha: My producer, Hannon, who is signed to Timbaland’s company showed me a lot. I hear beats in my head so I’d get an idea for a beat and call him and we’d do the beat over the phone. So after a while he was like, “You need to get into producing because doing sh*t this way is hard.” So I went out and bought equipment and learned it. I had him teaching me and I’ve been producing tracks on my own for like three years now. I’ve always wanted to write and produce. I’m an entertainer; I’m not just a rapper. I want to be a superstar. I want to do everything like Jermaine Dupri, Diddy, Swizz Beats, all of them.****

And finally here's a slightly better live version, though not CDQ yet, of the Jim Beanz produced (not Timbaland) "Amnesia"
by Dima Bilan.

Beanz continues his vocal production dominance (listen to all those layers of vocals!) along with a sick beat. I look forward to hearing the Bilan album in its entirety.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Timbaland gets 5 with Madonna

Madonna Tribe has reported that not 1 not 3 but 5 Timbaland tracks will be on the new 13 track Madonna album. Here's what they had to say:

***MadonnaTribe has heard some exciting and exclusive news about Madonna's new album that we are happy to report for the very first time online. There are five final songs that are produced by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland and that had their final mixing at "Hit Studios Miami" last week.

From what we have been told there's a song called "4 minutes to save the world" and it's an upbeat and very catchy hip-hop Madonna/Justin Timberlake duet. Another song is called "Across The Sky". It has lots of acoustic guitars, the flow is very much like "The Power Of Goodbye" and sounds like a real hit. Madonna is hiting really high notes there while Justin Timberlake is on back vocals.

The third song is titled "Dance Tonight", a funky mid-tempo tune, yet another Madonna/Justin duet, think "Rock Your Body" by Justin with the claps and everything, this apparently has the same structure as well. "Even the devil wouldn't recognise you" is a fourth song. Amazing ballad, very "Cry Me A River" by Justin Timberlake in it's structure and Justin on back vocals on this one too. The fifth song is named "Miles Away" and we have been told this is the THE BEST of the whole bunch. A hit written all over it. Full of acoustic guitars, beautiful uptempo song ad Justin on back vocals again. The song structure may recall "Love Profusion", but it's much better.****

Now I doubt that Justin co-produced all 5 tracks but I'm sure he had a hand in each one in some capactiy. Be on the look out for Hannon Lane's name too as he was also in the Madonna sessions in London. Earlier Timbaland said he did 10 tracks for Madonna so if these 5 make the album, what aboutt he other 5? B Sides? Bonus tracks? Let's hope so!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cheri Dennis & Timbaland Part II

We've heard the various news reports about the Cheri Dennis and Timbaland pairing and assumed it was the track "Wrapped Around Me" but it looks like despite rumors and reports that in fact the track is called "Act Like You Know." Take a listen:

I'm definitely feelin' the track, especially the sample. If you don't think it's Timbaland, I'd say check those ad libs at the beginning, sounds like Timbo to me. So what's up with the "Wrapped Around Me" former Beyonce track? Looks like it's yet another track to add to our "could be" Timbo list.

SexyBack Remix: Mystery Solved

Remember the SexyBack remix that's been floating around for a while and finally ended up on the deluxe edition of FutureSex/LoveSounds? Turns out it's officially called the "DJ Wayne Williams Ol Skool Remix", so definitely not a Timbaland production.

Justin Timberlake (and Tim) win at AMAs

The American Music Awards took place on Sunday night with Justin Timberlake winning 2 awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist and Favorite Soul/R&B album for Future Sex/Love Sounds . For the first time in the award's show history, the winners were picked by a public vote so thank you to eveyone who voted! Congrats to both men on their continuing success with this project not only in sales but also in accolades.

Speaking of award shows, the People's Choice Awards will air Janurary 8th, 2008 in Los Angeles, California at 9:00PM. Of course who do you think is nominated? Yes of course Timbaland and the crew check it out:

Favorite Hip-Hop Song
"Give It to Me", Timbaland w/ Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado
"Party Like a Rock Star", Shop Boyz
"Stronger", Kanye West

Favorite Pop Song
"Big Girls Don't Cry", Fergie
"Irreplaceable", Beyonce
"What Goes Around" Justin Timberlake

Favorite Male Singer
John Mayer
Tim McGraw
Justin Timberlake

Here's to another victory!

Timbaland named top influential

Essence Magazine has named Timbaland as one of the top 25 most influential people in 2007 along with 24 other African Americans from various fields. Congratulations to Timbo!

Essence Magazine's list:

Senator Barack Obama
Gina McCauley- Blogger,
Tyler Perry - Writer, Producer, Director
Majora Carter - Environmentalist, Executive Director, Sustainable South Bronx
Victoria Lanier- Former Youth Director, NAACP, Northeast Region
Reverend Jesse L. Jackson - Civil Rights Activist, Minister
Reverend Al Sharpton - Civil Rights Activist and President, National Action Network
The JENA Six
Beyonce Knowles - Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Oprah Winfrey - Media Mogul, School Founder
Timbaland - Music Producer, Recording Artist
Cory A. Booker - Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
Lovie Smith - Head Coach, NFC Champions, Chicago Bears
Tony Dungy - Head Coach, Super Bowl Champions, Indianapolis Colts
Deval Patrick - Governor, Massachusetts
Don Cheadle - Actor, Activist
Shonda Rhimes - Creator, Executive Producer, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
Venus Williams - Tennis Champion
Charles Rangel - Chairman, House Committee on Ways and Means
Barry Bonds - "Home Run King"
Cynthia Tucker - Syndicated Columnist, Editorial Page Editor,
The Scarlet Knights - Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team, NCAA Finalists
Kiri Davis - Filmmaker, Youth Activist
Bishop T.D. Jakes - Founder, Senior Pastor, The Potter's House of Dallas
Steve Harvey - Radio Personality, Comedian, Actor

Monday, November 19, 2007

Timbaland's baby girl

The Chronicles gives a very warm welcome to the newest addition to the Timbaland family, a baby girl born last week. Congratulations to Tim and the whole Mosley family on this proud new addition!!

The NLT Cunundrum

I have to say I've been very perplexed with the NLT & Timbo (and Royal Court) connection. A lot of tracks have surfaced which could of all arguably been done by Timbaland yet there has been much debate that they could also be Underdogs tracks (do I hear the Rob Knox argument again?) So being the investigator that I am, I dug around and asked the NLT camp which tracks Tim did in fact produce. They confirmed that both "Hollywood" and their first single "He Said I Said" were both produced Timbaland yes yes you're right and the Royal Court. Right away I noticed the vocal effect used for "He Said I Said" and "Hollywood" was the same and was similar (if not the same) to the vocal effect used in Omarion's "Icebox." On a little side note despite what the video for "Icebox" leads you to believe that voice is actually a combination of The Clutch's J Que and Zeke Lewis' voices not Tim's.

The same vocal effect was used for the 3 tracks no big deal right, especially since all 3 are produced by the same people. Well listening to the NLT track "Heart Attack" the vocal effect is the same as the above tracks yet NLT's camp didn't say Tim had anything to do with it. Despite the confusion, I set all of this info aside and didn't think anything of it. That is until recently when yet another track using the same vocal effect surfaced called:

"She Can Get It"

So now we have a total of 5 tracks using the same vocal effect with a potential of 2 of them being produced by different people other than Tim/Royal Court. Either NLT's camp forgot to mention additional tracks that Tim/Royal Court produced or whoever produced "Heart Attack" and/or "She Can Get It" is using the exact (or pretty damn close) vocal effect that Tim/Royal Court has been using all the last few tracks. Sure Tim/Royal Court don't have exclusive rights on this vocal effect, it just seems odd that multiple producers on multiple tracks would use the same vocal effect for the same group potentially on the same album.

So to all my Chronicles' readers I ask yet again what do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Vote for Tim's New Single!

Vote for Tim's next single right here!

Anyone who votes for "Release" has no taste in music!

"Apologize" makes UK history

Timbaland and One Republic's "Apologize" has just received the title as the most played song in UK History. The number three song in the charts this week, last week clocked up the most plays by any song in a single week since monitoring began in 1987with an impressive 10,331 plays.

The song beat the previous record holder, the Timbaland-produced "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado from 2006, by 25 plays. Timbaland also produced another three, for a total of 5 records in the top ten:

1. Timbaland/OneRepublic 'Apologize'
2. Nelly Furtado 'Promiscuous'
3. Beyonce 'Irreplaceable'
4. Justin Timberlake 'SexyBack'
5. Fergie 'Big Girls Don't Cry'
6. Avril Lavigne 'Complicated'
7. Nelly Furtado 'Say It Right'
8. Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean 'Hips Don't Lie'
9. Nickelback 'How You Remind Me'
10. Justin Timberlake 'What Goes Around Comes Around'

Timbo continues to make history one song at a time!

Where are they now: Avery Storm

Remember way back during the Beat Club days along with the more popular Ms. Jade, Kiley Dean, and Bubba Sparxxx signees there were also a few unknowns at the time who unfortunately didn't get the shine they could have. Namely Shelby Normman, OneSideZero (I'm working on getting some more info about this), and The Storm. The Storm worked with Timbo on putting out a record but nothing came of it and when Beat Club folded, he like the other artists on the label found themselves searching for a new home. Not to be detered, Storm kept is love for music and continued his grind, changing his name to Avery Storm and proving his passion and skills for music by signing with Nelly's Derrty Entertainment. Here is a video of Storm explaining his jounrey:

Currently, you can check his myspace page to get all the latest music and news on Storm. Props to Big A for the info!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Sebastian: "Diamonds"

Check Sebastian's myspace for a new track snippet called "Diamonds" produced by Hannon Lane. Full version coming soon!

Could this is a prelude to a new album by Seb? Could be...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Future Sex / Love Sounds Re-Release

We told you here on one of our Word Up posts and sure enough November 23rd, Justin Timberlake's Deluxe Edition of Future Sex / Love Sounds will be released with behind the scenes footage from his concert, various videos from the album, and interviews with Justin throughout the last couple of years. In addition there will be 3 new songs: "Until The End Of Time" F/ Beyonce:

Sexy Ladies F/ 50 Cent


SexyBack F/ Missy Elliott (recognize the sample? if not check here

So much for the new 50, JT, and Timbo tracks.

A Chronicles Exclusive: Keri Hilson's 1st single

In some exclusive news, rest easy as Keri Hilson's album will definitely be coming out and looks to be released 1st quarter of 2008 with the first single being released 4th quarter of this year (anytime now!). Despite published reports, the lead single will be the Timbaland produced "Return The Favor" F/ Tim himself. The track was written by the one and only CLUTCH! Production on the album will be handled by Timbaland, Polow, and Danja with The Dream and Tricky Stewart also possibly making the final cut.

You all remember the track "Slow Dance" that Keri performed at Polow's Zone 4 launch party? Looks as though that track is produced by Polow.

We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ashlee Simpson talks new album

MTV talked with Ashlee Simpson about her new project coming out next March. Originally scheduled to come out today if I remember correctly the album was pushed back for unknown reasons. Her lead single will be the Timbaland & Royal Court produced and Jim Beanz written "Out Of My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" which Simpson describes as "dancy" (is that a word?).

I wonder if all 6 Timbo and Royal Court tracks will make the cut. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Monday, November 12, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Timstrumental of the Week

I been hittin y'all w/ multiple tracks each week so dialin it down a little.
Let's skip ahead to 2005's THE COOKBOOK. It's Missy's latest (6th!) album, and to Tim fans, probably her most disappointing. Why? Cause she only hooked up w/ Tim for 2 tracks on it, JOY and PARTYTIME.
To me, PARTYTIME was a weak rehash of what the Wonder Twins had been doin on UNDER CONSTRUCTION and THIS IS NOT A TEST. Joy, however was great, classic Timbo beatswitch when Mike Jones drops in. EnJOY.
Joy instru

Throwback: Tim as Mr. Universe

The year was 2005 and Timbaland had come out of his depression rescued by body building. He saw, as we all did, the video of Jay-Z and him in the studio for Jay's Fade To Black. Jay was searching for his next beat and Tim was drinking that mystery pink stuff straight out the plastic gallon. One look at that and Tim realized something had to be done and so he got with trainer José Garcia, lost 100 pounds in 6 months, and went on to solidfy his place as the arguably the best producer in the world. Here's an article with Tim during his tranformation process where he talks about changing his life around, his days with Devante, and his vision for the future:

****Improbably Timbaland is even considering entering the Mr. Miami Classic, an annual bodybuilding contest, when it is held this July. If he actually goes through with it, he may very well become the first hip-hop star to flex his muscles onstage in nothing more than a pair of spandex briefs. "I'm just going to do it to compete to shock the music industry," he says. "In the little thong shorts, the whole nine."

"Timbaland's very quiet. You talked to him once; I'm sure you didn't get more than 30 words," says Rick Frazier, Timbaland's road manager and personal assistant. Frazier, who says he owns a Dallas-based bus company called Side by Side Entertainment, met Timbaland during one of the latter's concert tours. The duo's friendship coalesced to the point where Timbaland asked Frazier to join his staff. "We're like brothers," claims Frazier. "He's not Hollywood," says Frazier. "He lets his music speak for him. And now that he has that body, he's going to let his body speak for him."

Throughout his teens, Mosely met and befriended many of the key players with whom he would revolutionize the hip-hop and R&B world. He made tracks for Faze (pronounced FAYZ-ee), an R&B group led by Missy Elliot. He formed a rap group, Surrounded by Idiots, with Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (who would later form the production team the Neptunes), Magoo (who co-wrote some of Elliot's early solo hits), and Larry Live. But Timbaland says he didn't necessarily plan on pursuing a career in music. "I didn't have no plan. I was just coasting through. I didn't know what I was going to be doing from day one," he says.

Timbaland is an understandably confident man. Like anyone influenced by hip-hop culture, he likes to boast about his achievements, noting unapologetically, "I'm the most creative dude in this game." The sound of the baby laughing on "Are You That Somebody," for example, wasn't necessarily an original idea -- Prince used the sound on his 1982 top-ten hit "Delirious" -- but Timbaland reintroduced it for a modern audience. ****

Full Article

Who is Faze you ask? None other than the first incarnation of Sista and you can bet back then Ginuwine was under the name Tornado (we all saw that Rare Reel). There has been a lot of debate over which track Timbaland really did sample for the baby laugh for "Are You That Somebody" though I've always believed Czar that it was Prince since Tim has always said what a big Prince fan he was. Great read for sure!

New Keri Hilson Interview

Check out the new interview Allhiphop did on Keri Hilson. She talks about her new album, what it is to be a songwriter, and her love (and sadness) for T.I.

****AHHA: As an established writer, is it ever a complicated situation where you have to make a decision on whether to give a song to someone else or keep it for yourself?

Keri Hilson: I just kind of cross the bridge when I get there. If I’m in a booked session and summoned by the label or their artist, then I always have to give them first dibs. But if they don’t take it, I have the option to keep it for myself or sell it elsewhere. And of course I’ve sold songs that I would have kept for myself. One of them was “Right Now” for Danity Kane. [Also] “After Love” for Diddy. I actually wrote that for Danity Kane as well, but somehow it ended up in Diddy’s hands. So things happen like that, but it’s only because I’m always giving my best work. Of course I’m going to like something that I’m doing, because I write stuff I like all the time. But I’m in the business of doing both, so that’s what I do, and I don’t feel like my artistry is slighted at all.

AHHA: Well that’s always a good thing. So aside from JT, I hear you’re working with some others.

Keri Hilson: I have a couple of people on the album, but I didn’t want to flood the album with features because I though it was important for this album to define who Keri is. I’m writing all the material, so it’s all my personal thoughts and everything. We have a couple features though – Snoop, Luda, Tank is on another track, and a guest writer, who we just talked about, Justin Timberlake.****

Full Interview

Interesting to hear she is working with Blake Lewis and I'll tell you now not to bet on "Happy Juice" being the first single.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

G-Unit & Tim

Last week, 50 Cent and the G-Unit released the video for their new single "Feels So Good." It's the first visual from their December 18 LP, Shoot to Kill.

"That describes the aggressiveness," Tony Yayo told us recently. "A lot of people out there sleep on the Unit, but the Unit is back. You be hearing a lot of rumors, people feel certain ways, but we're over 30 million sold as a whole. I been hearing a lot of people sleeping. The hip-hop eras change; down South is winning. We're like the only ones holding it down for New York."

Yayo said the album wasn't done as of yet, but so far "the standout tracks is the tracks with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. Those are my favorites. It's fun again."


Thursday, November 8, 2007

VH1's & The Chronicles The Leak: Duran Duran

Listen to Red Carpet Massacre and we just added some tracks to listen to for those who can't access the VH1 page. Yes the album has leaked and I'll be the first in line on Tuesday to buy it.

01 The Valley

02 Red Carpet Massacre
03 Nite Runner
04 Falling Down
05 Box Full O' Honey
06 Skin Divers
07 Tempted

08 Tricked Out

09 Zoom In
10 She's Too Much
11 Dirty Great Monster
12 Last Man Standing

And in case you missed it from our prior Duran Duran posting, here is a track by track analysis from the band. It's going to be one of the best albums of the year in my opinion. Danja yet again brings the heat! Thanks to April for the info.

Rare Reel

It's almost hard to watch:

Maybe the Muse track will make Shock Value II If it ever sees the light of day. Plus where's that 4th Bjork track?

Timbaland wins VH1 Soul Vibe Producer of the Year

The 2007 VH1 Soul VIBE Awards Special will air on VH1 Soul on November 14th at 9:00 PM and again on VH1 November 19th at 10:00 PM with Eve acting as the evening's host. The fans voted and this year's winners have already been announced:

Hip Hop Artist of the Year
Lil Wayne

R&B Artist of the Year

Best Collabo
Fabolous featuring Ne-Yo "Make Me Better"

Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Robin Thicke

Producer of the Year

Song of the Year
"Buy U A Drank" by T-Pain featuring Yung Joc

Video of the Year
"Umbrella" by Rihanna featuring Jay-Z

VStyle (celebrates Hip Hop and R & B's most cutting-edge, influential and innovative style and fashion trendsetter)

VIBE Props

Mixtape of the Year
"Can't Tell Me Nothing" by Kanye West

Ringtone of the Year
"Party Like a Rockstar" by Shop Boyz

BBC talks to Ryan Teddar

Along with their #1 Pop song in America and a new album on the way, One Repuplic is also getting some major media attention. Recently BBC sat talked with a brief interview with Ryan Tedder who talked about his first meeting with Timbaland:

****CNN: You've been described as Timbaland's protege - is that true?

Ryan Tedder: I was with him from 2002-2004 to develop as an artist, but it turned out to be more like going to school for producing. I was already producing for other artists at the time, but being with him for two years stepped up my game a thousand-fold.

Then OneRepublic got signed and then dropped - that was probably the hardest part. Trying to come back from that nearly destroyed us, but that's when MySpace became critical. We were the number one unsigned act on MySpace.

MySpace kept us together as a band - we almost broke up but we kept getting e-mails from listeners saying 'Apologize helped me get through the worst relationship of my life' - countless e-mails from people whose lives were changed because of songs we were writing. E-mails like that make up for everything.****

Full Interview

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Duran Duran's Remix Contest

Ok so this for ALL the producers, remixers, and beatmakers out there: We've done many remixes on The Chronicles and even put out a Chronicles Mixtape Vol. 1 & 2 but along with some exposure, the remixes have always been for fun. Well here's your opportunity to officially get some major exposure. Here's the details:

****Duran Duran wants to hear your remix of "Nite-Runner!"

So if you're up to the challenge and if you have a Mac with GarageBand* installed download the below file and mix your very own version of Duran Duran's song, "Nite-Runner" - from the band's new album 'Red Carpet Massacre' - available November 13th! *requires GarageBand 3 or higher. GarageBand is included free on every new Mac. You can also create your remix on other types of computers with other software as well. The winning track will be featured on the official Duran Duran website and the winner plus a guest will win tickets to see Duran Duran live on their upcoming U.S. tour, plus the winner and guest will get to meet the band!****

Go to Duran Duran's website for official rules and entry form.

So here it is the REAL deal, a Timbaland & Danja track that is yours for the remixing. Here's your opportunity to show the world what you got. Along with Duran Duran, you never know who could be listening and you never know the opportunities that may come with it. With that said I expect all of you to enter!!! Good luck!

Will Timbaland make the Cheri Dennis album?

When it comes to following Timbaland productions you either need a great memory, take extensive notes, or keep an ever-changing list going. Day to day you never know who Timbo's working with, whose album he may (or may not) be on, or what random track that he may have produced could appear. Case in point, back in 2002, yes 5 years ago, MTV reported that Beyonce was working on a track called "Wrapped Around Me" with Timbaland and Missy Elliott for her debut album Dangerously In Love. Here's the report:

****Beyoncé Knowles spent the week working — or rather, working it — on her debut solo album with Timbaland and a certain supa dupa fly producer.

"We just did a song last night called 'Wrapped Around Me,' " revealed a sleepy Missy Elliott last week. "Basically, she's saying she's not an extra chick, like she don't have to do nothing extra, like, 'I'll still have you wrapped around me.' "

Elliott said she and Beyoncé were still feeling each other out but compared the Destiny's Child star to another R&B artist she's produced. "Destiny's Child are incredible as a group, ... but now it's like you see the maturity in Beyoncé," Elliott explained. "Now she's this grownup woman like [how] you witnessed Aaliyah from 'Back & Forth' to 'More Than a Woman.' Her album is incredible. The songs that she's recorded so far is hot."

Knowles has also recorded a duet with Luther Vandross for Dangerously in Love, due in the spring, and she said recently she's been brainstorming on a variety of other producers.****

Obviously the track never made the album. Oddly, it showed up four years later in '06 as a track for Bad Boy artist Cheri Dennis' solo debut. "With production by Timbaland" was in every article, interview, and website associated with Dennis and her new album, making one assume that "Wrapped Around Me" was indeed the Timbaland produced track. Weeks went by, then months, and time after time her album was pushed back. Finally after a year and a half of waiting the lastest date was set: Feburary 8th, 2008. It was even recently reported yet again that Timbaland would still be on the album. The stans could rest easy, we would finally know if Tim really had a hand in the track.

As it turns out the album will actually be released early, November 13th, on iTunes only BUT to put a little twist on what we know so far, "Wrapped Around Me" is not listed on the final tracklisting for the album. So did Timbaland really have a hand in the track or was it just Missy? Did Timbaland produce a different track for the Cheri Dennis album? As we wait for November 13th and then again Febuary 8th for the liner notes, take a listen to the track in question:

Sounds like a solo Missy Elliott production to me. Looks like it could be yet another case of a "Timbaland production" being cut from an album but lets hope it's a different cut altogether.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One Republic goes #1

It's official: Timbaland & One Repubic's "Apologize" is the #1 song in the country. Congrats to Tim and especially One Republic on this major achievement! This is an ideal way for One Republic to lead up to their debut album Dreaming Out Loud coming out November 20th:

No word yet if Tim will have any other productions besides "Apologize" on the album but more than likely the bulk if not all of it will be written and produced by Ryan Tedder who is making quite the name for himself lately as both a song writer and producer. One Republic will also be joining Timbaland on tour for select dates so be on the look out.

Next up for the Mosley Music Group is Keri Hilson! Be on the lookout very soon for The Chronicles exclusive update on her debut album.

Who Flipped it better? Brian Kidd Vs. Timbaland

If it isn't obvious by now Brian Kidd used to work closely with Timbaland and even produced a few tracks for Timbaland Productions. The 2 parted ways and Kidd went on to solo produce for T.I., Philly's Most Wanted, and the Nappy Roots to name but a few. Kidd has actually been a part of both of the Nappy Roots albums, producing "Country Boyz" from their 2002 hit album Watermelon, Chicken, and Gritz as well as "No Good" from their 2003 album Wooden Leather. Both are solid productions and both show that Kidd is no stranger to flipping a sample. Could he have learned a la his former mentor or could it have been the other way around? (Tim and Polow have shouted out Kidd as an influence before)

I am a fan of both Nappy Roots tracks but it wasn't until Nelly Furtado's Loose album came out in 2006 that I realized something sounded familiar. The track that I immediately recognized wasn't the obvious "Do It" rather it was Nelly's "Wait For You" and why? Because Timbaland uses the exact same sample Brian Kidd uses in "No Good" but 3 years later. Coincidence? Yeah right! That seems just a little too ironic for me. Of course as most of you all say everytime I do one of theses posts "it's a common sample Boogie stop trippin'." I would normally disagree with especially considering the close working relationship these 2 had. Did Kidd introduce the sample to Tim? Did Tim first give the sample to Kidd and then come back to it later? Who knows for sure.

So this is where the post should end, with me always looking for a conspiracy and all of you arguing with me that I'm looking too much into things. Well as it turns out I may have to go with all of you this round and say this sample may be more common than past repeat samples we have mentioned. Take a listen to this track. Sound familiar? It also uses the same sample as Tim and Brian Kidd (as well as the Diwali Riddim that Sean Paul's "Get Busy" made famous). Seems as though the sample may be a common one, maybe from a sample CD or somewhere else?

Ok so who flipped it the best? You decide and BIG bonus points if you can name the sample or sample CD (not a word Big A or Czar!)

Monday, November 5, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Miss E...SO ADDICTIVE Timstrumentals

And another Timmy/Missy classic....SO ADDICTIVE brought Missy back to the mainstream audience and critics. Another crazy album from the Wonder Twins.
Let's runem down.
Get Ur Freak On instru
The lead single. Classic
Lick Shots instru
B-side for GET UR FREAK ON, this track made it's appearance in the video for the aforementioned track.
One Minute Man instru
Second single, the video version which featured Luda and Trina...the remix features Jay-Z
Whatcha Gon Do instru
My fave joint on Missy's album, featured a guest rap by Tim, tacked on to the ONE MINUTE MAN video.
Take Away instru
The video turned into an Aaliyah tribute. This song is so beautiful it played durin the birth of both my children. Co-produced by Craig Brockman
4 My People instru
My least fave cause I don't like 'house' music, this track is Produced by Nisan and D-Man w/ additional production by Tim. In the US, I think it was tacked onto the end of the TAKE AWAY vid, overseas, I heard it was a full fledged single.

Once again, need some help. GET UR FREAK ON and TAKE AWAY are cd-rips, but the other 4 are off vinyl. If anyone has that better quality then hit me up!!

Tim Tours Again!

Though just coming off an 18 month tour with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland will start touring yet again this time on his own radio tour with special guests Keri Hilson, D.O.E, Sebastian, and others TBA guests at particular venues. Here are the following dates and times:

Nov 23, 2007 Pangaea--- London, United Kingdom
Dec 4, 2007 Tacoma Dome--- Tacoma, WA
Dec 7, 2007 Target Center--- Minneapolis, MN
Dec 13, 2007 Paul Tsongas Arena--- Lowell, MA
Dec 14, 2007 Madison Square Garden--- New York, NY
Dec 16, 2007 Tweeter Center--- Camden, NJ
Dec 22, 2007 TBA--- Dallas, TX
Feb 2, 2008 TBA--- Munchen, Germany
Feb 3, 2008 TBA--- Frankfurt, Germany
Feb 5, 2008 TBA--- Paris, France
Feb 6, 2008 TBA--- Brussels, Belgium
Feb 7, 2008 TBA--- Birmingham, United Kingdom
Feb 8, 2008 TBA--- Dublin, Ireland
Feb 11, 2008 TBA--- Berlin, Germany
Feb 12, 2008 TBA--- Leipzig, Germany
Feb 13, 2008 TBA--- Stuttgart, Germany
Feb 15, 2008 TBA--- Zurich, Switzerland
Feb 17, 2008 TBA--- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 18, 2008 TBA--- Koln/Cologne, Germany
Feb 20, 2008 TBA--- Copenhagen, Denmark
Feb 22, 2008 TBA--- Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 24, 2008 TBA--- Hamburg, Germany
Feb 26, 2008 TBA--- London, United Kingdom
Feb 27, 2008 TBA--- Manchester, United Kingdom
Feb 28, 2008 TBA--- Glasgow, United Kingdom

Does this mean new tracks and possible remixes? Let's hope so!

Keep checking back on Timbaland's myspace page for updates and additional information as it becomes available. Thanks to Timbalandchick for the info.

Warner Brothers gets "Apologize"

Warner Brother Films is releasing the German film "Keinohrhasen" starring German super star Til Schweiger on December 20th. Schweiger (Tomb Raider, King Arthur) It's theme song is Timbaland & One Republic's "Apologize." Here's a montage of the video and movie:

Speaking of "Apologize", the track is the #2 song in America as well as the #1 Pop 100 song, #1 Pop 100 Airplay song, and the #2 Digital song in the country. Let's hope it reaches #1 soon. Props to the Big A for the info.

Mary J. Blige & Timbo "Skycap"

Friday, November 2, 2007

Amar LIVE in London

As we told you here on The Chronicles, Amar played a show in London at the Jazz Café with special guests Bill Pettaway and Jim Beanz. Did any of our reader's go to the show? For those those of us who missed the performance here are the highlights as well as an interview with Amar on the BBC's Electric Prom. Pay close attention to the very end when Amar honors the interviewer's request with a incredible rendition of "I Will Always Love You" in Hindi.

You can also check Amar's ENTIRE one hour set on the Electric Pam's website. It's well worth the watch to see the range of Amar's talents from traditional to drum n bass. Plus take a listen to the live version of "Bombay" SO DOPE!! I so wish I could have been there.

Definitely be on the look out for more from Amar. As she said in the interview, her album is coming out in 2008 and she is currently working with Timbaland and Jim Beanz on multiple tracks. There has also been talk of a possible music video for "Bombay" being shot in Bombay! Hopefully this will become a reality.

If you haven't already, definitely check out her myspace and the remixes to "Promiscuous" and "Maneater." Also check out the snippet called "Amar Original " produced by Jim Beanz. If that's a sample of what is to come with the two I more than look forward to more. Congratualtions to Amar on a successful show!

Nelly Furtado wins!

Congratulations to Nelly Furtado (and Timbaland) for winning album of the year for Loose at last night's European Music Awards held in Munich, Germany. Other winners were:

- 30 Seconds to Mars

BAND OF 2007
- Linkin Park

- Rihanna

- Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

- Tokio Hotel

- Muse

- Avril Lavigne

- Justice - D.A.N.C.E

- Amy Winehouse

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boogie's Sample of the Week?

There is no way I'm about to take this longtime and legendary weekly post over from Czar. He has the sample crown and though I've tried 2 times now to take it, it still rests on his head. Perhaps a Sample War III? Who knows. Perhaps a Czar Sample Mix 9? Now that is definitely a possibility. If there's one thing I've learned first hand from Czar that is to never rule him out. He has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect. With that said, I hope one day he will return from the land of academics and drop some new samples on us.

In the meantime my good friend Unreal has uncovered what really should be an obvious sample though because of another song it has proven not to be. Many years ago the ringtone "Block Party" was released and the sample stans went into a frenzy digging for the sample. And where did you think we looked? The 8 Bitz Style sample CDs of course! Yet no matter how much we dug, we could never find that particular sample. The ringtone was later turned into the controversial "Do It" beat and still no one to this day has found the original sample on a sample CD.

Then 50 Cent's "AYO Technology" comes around. People immediately pegged the sample as one from a video game or from a chiptune CD but nothing concrete was uncovered. What we all forgot to do was take a look back to those good old 8 Bitz samples CDs Tim has been using for so long. Here's the sample from 8 Bitz as well as a clip from "AYO Technology" on one stream.

8 Bitz Vs. "AYO Technology"

The sample has been slowed down, hear it? I have a feeling, especially based on all our comments this week, that there will be some debate on the validity of the sample. Lets hear what you got to say!

Big props to Unreal for the find! Czar are you watching? Ha!

Spitfiya - Hit U Wit' No Delay (feat. Timbaland)

Actually signed since more than 2 years to Interscope already and pretty much still unknown, I'll give you guys some real exclusive music now from Los Angeles/Compton rapper Spitfiya. He worked on few more songs with Tim, Danjahandz and also Brian Kidd.

Spitfiya "Hit U Wit' No Delay feat. Timbaland"


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