Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Future Sex / Love Sounds Re-Release

We told you here on one of our Word Up posts and sure enough November 23rd, Justin Timberlake's Deluxe Edition of Future Sex / Love Sounds will be released with behind the scenes footage from his concert, various videos from the album, and interviews with Justin throughout the last couple of years. In addition there will be 3 new songs: "Until The End Of Time" F/ Beyonce:

Sexy Ladies F/ 50 Cent


SexyBack F/ Missy Elliott (recognize the sample? if not check here

So much for the new 50, JT, and Timbo tracks.


  1. i cant wait 2 hear em all

  2. Damn i remember when this sample was used back in the 90s for the girl Monifah.

    Remember that? What a failure.

  3. this re-release is a waste, and the most of the extras will probably be something I could find on youtube. If you're going to come out with "new songs" I don't want bs remixes, especially that lazy one with beyonce and 50.

  4. The track off the first BEP record is better than what they've done here on "SexyBack." And Missy sounds absolutely retarded in the intro. Embarrassing.

    The "Sexy Ladies" beat is so incredibly thin and weak-sounding that it sounds ridiculous for anyone to rap over it, especially 50. Bad, bad, bad...

  5. The SEXYBACK remix is by DJ Wayne WIlliams right? He a&r's occasionally for Jive...when he's not steppin in R Kell's videos.
    Horrible. These extra songs make a great album sound worse.

  6. why would u sample such a shit tune and put it on a great song lyk sexy back

  7. He's just doing this re-release to push his album sales to diamond like Usher did.

  8. that sample was used in Drop It Like It's Hot. Nothing's changed either except some synths and stuff.

  9. Justin's not even close to diamond.


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