Thursday, November 8, 2007

BBC talks to Ryan Teddar

Along with their #1 Pop song in America and a new album on the way, One Repuplic is also getting some major media attention. Recently BBC sat talked with a brief interview with Ryan Tedder who talked about his first meeting with Timbaland:

****CNN: You've been described as Timbaland's protege - is that true?

Ryan Tedder: I was with him from 2002-2004 to develop as an artist, but it turned out to be more like going to school for producing. I was already producing for other artists at the time, but being with him for two years stepped up my game a thousand-fold.

Then OneRepublic got signed and then dropped - that was probably the hardest part. Trying to come back from that nearly destroyed us, but that's when MySpace became critical. We were the number one unsigned act on MySpace.

MySpace kept us together as a band - we almost broke up but we kept getting e-mails from listeners saying 'Apologize helped me get through the worst relationship of my life' - countless e-mails from people whose lives were changed because of songs we were writing. E-mails like that make up for everything.****

Full Interview

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  1. yes I AGREE with the power Apologize has
    it is sooo funny because I went to my Ex's myspace and it jus so happened that Apologize was his profile song
    and I just started crying as I sang the lyrics and it made me feel sooo much better


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