Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The story of Ryan Teddar & One Republic

Crunk remix? Wow...

Rolling Stone also featured One Republic as their Artist To Watch and featured another one of the songs from their album called "Stop & Stare":

****It's taken OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder seven years and four record deals to finally capitalize on his big break. Back in 2000, Tedder won a Lance Bass-sponsored talent search, performing a self-penned, falsetto-laden pop song, "The Look," on MTV's TRL at the height of that show's popularity. A deal with Bass' label didn't amount to anything, but Timbaland happened to see the TRL performance, and he sought Tedder out. "He sounded like John Mayer, but better," says the producer, who had Tedder accompany him to studios around the world for two years and gave him a guest spot on the 2003 Bubba Sparxxx song "She Tried."****

Congrats as always to Ryan and the band for getting their much deserved shine!


  1. I'm a massive fan of Ryan Tedder as a producer atm. Does anyone have a full discography? I can find names of people he's produced for on the internet but never any track names!

    He's doing it big in the UK atm too, Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" is a monster hit and "Apologize" isn't far behind it here and everywhere else! I can't believe he produced and wrote J. Lo's "Do It Well" too, he's such a dark horse!

  2. He was on She Tried?! Nice ;o didn't know they had that sorta history

  3. I loved "She tried" from Bubba's album. That beat was so sick. The drums...oh dear, the drums.

    Ryan Teddar wrote Kiley Dean's "Be alone" too. I'm not sure whether he produced it himself too or co-produced it with Timbaland though. Regardless, THAT was and still is a hot joint. One of many that Kiley did.

    OneRepublic's album is pretty hot. My fave track off of it at the moment is "Say (All I need)". It starts so GOOD, but then all this other shit comes in as the song progresses which I don't like. Still...it's a hot track. It'd make a cracking single.

  4. I just watched the video. I can't believe how Columbia screwed over another decent act. The amount of big selling artists that label signed and then screwed over. Ne-Yo and OneRepublic to name a couple.


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