Monday, November 12, 2007

New Keri Hilson Interview

Check out the new interview Allhiphop did on Keri Hilson. She talks about her new album, what it is to be a songwriter, and her love (and sadness) for T.I.

****AHHA: As an established writer, is it ever a complicated situation where you have to make a decision on whether to give a song to someone else or keep it for yourself?

Keri Hilson: I just kind of cross the bridge when I get there. If I’m in a booked session and summoned by the label or their artist, then I always have to give them first dibs. But if they don’t take it, I have the option to keep it for myself or sell it elsewhere. And of course I’ve sold songs that I would have kept for myself. One of them was “Right Now” for Danity Kane. [Also] “After Love” for Diddy. I actually wrote that for Danity Kane as well, but somehow it ended up in Diddy’s hands. So things happen like that, but it’s only because I’m always giving my best work. Of course I’m going to like something that I’m doing, because I write stuff I like all the time. But I’m in the business of doing both, so that’s what I do, and I don’t feel like my artistry is slighted at all.

AHHA: Well that’s always a good thing. So aside from JT, I hear you’re working with some others.

Keri Hilson: I have a couple of people on the album, but I didn’t want to flood the album with features because I though it was important for this album to define who Keri is. I’m writing all the material, so it’s all my personal thoughts and everything. We have a couple features though – Snoop, Luda, Tank is on another track, and a guest writer, who we just talked about, Justin Timberlake.****

Full Interview

Interesting to hear she is working with Blake Lewis and I'll tell you now not to bet on "Happy Juice" being the first single.


  1. UGH @ happy juice prolly not being the first single....

    What about this other song she got called "Love Ya"

    Thats My Joint Too!

  2. I been thinking for ages that "right now" and "after love" were very similar.. Seems i now know why

  3. speaking of "Love Ya".. Has anybody ever heard a HQ-version of it? If it is so, can anyone please upload it cause I think its one of the most beautiful beats tim and danja ever made and Keri just kills it on this track! Hope it will also make the album..

  4. In a way i hope love ya and happy juice don't make it their both old songs i want new tim,danja, and polow tracks.

  5. I love keri she is so fine and talented her album needs to come out soon.

  6. i herd one of her polo trakcs called slow song or somthing lyk dat, polo sounds lyk a cheap timbo same with on good things

  7. I'm glad "Right Now" happened the way it did, b/c I love that track. I'm excited to hear Keri with Tank.

  8. Oh come on, I expect we probably will get a new song as debut single, Keri's tip-toeing around that stuff wasn't very smooth, plus we deserve it lol. Happy Juice was intentionally leaked as a buzz single wasn't it? I would much rather have seen After Love on Danity Kane's album [if not Keri], that song is amazing, and I hate Diddy with a passion. Just his name...ugh. So her vocals are just a demo really...I wish she would've putt that up instead of the full version with Diddy. It's a cool interview though, nice info, the DK stuff, Akon? I hate Akon as well [lol] but still it's stuff I never knew...


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