Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Duran Duran's Remix Contest

Ok so this for ALL the producers, remixers, and beatmakers out there: We've done many remixes on The Chronicles and even put out a Chronicles Mixtape Vol. 1 & 2 but along with some exposure, the remixes have always been for fun. Well here's your opportunity to officially get some major exposure. Here's the details:

****Duran Duran wants to hear your remix of "Nite-Runner!"

So if you're up to the challenge and if you have a Mac with GarageBand* installed download the below file and mix your very own version of Duran Duran's song, "Nite-Runner" - from the band's new album 'Red Carpet Massacre' - available November 13th! *requires GarageBand 3 or higher. GarageBand is included free on every new Mac. You can also create your remix on other types of computers with other software as well. The winning track will be featured on the official Duran Duran website and the winner plus a guest will win tickets to see Duran Duran live on their upcoming U.S. tour, plus the winner and guest will get to meet the band!****

Go to Duran Duran's website for official rules and entry form.

So here it is the REAL deal, a Timbaland & Danja track that is yours for the remixing. Here's your opportunity to show the world what you got. Along with Duran Duran, you never know who could be listening and you never know the opportunities that may come with it. With that said I expect all of you to enter!!! Good luck!


  1. gottaaaa do this good look

  2. Wow this beats having any instrumental.. Too bad i haven't got garageband to see the original structure

  3. thats a standard package for remixes. its normal. @above.

  4. Yea and we get loads of timbaland remix packages dont we

    Fucking killjoy

  5. it's only for US residents though

  6. Thx for the info! I've posted a link on my blog:

    The only thing sad is that people outside the U.S. must not take part...

  7. nah im from japan...i could get it.

  8. from denmark. Got it :-)


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