Friday, November 16, 2007

Where are they now: Avery Storm

Remember way back during the Beat Club days along with the more popular Ms. Jade, Kiley Dean, and Bubba Sparxxx signees there were also a few unknowns at the time who unfortunately didn't get the shine they could have. Namely Shelby Normman, OneSideZero (I'm working on getting some more info about this), and The Storm. The Storm worked with Timbo on putting out a record but nothing came of it and when Beat Club folded, he like the other artists on the label found themselves searching for a new home. Not to be detered, Storm kept is love for music and continued his grind, changing his name to Avery Storm and proving his passion and skills for music by signing with Nelly's Derrty Entertainment. Here is a video of Storm explaining his jounrey:

Currently, you can check his myspace page to get all the latest music and news on Storm. Props to Big A for the info!

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