Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Timbaland gets 5 with Madonna

Madonna Tribe has reported that not 1 not 3 but 5 Timbaland tracks will be on the new 13 track Madonna album. Here's what they had to say:

***MadonnaTribe has heard some exciting and exclusive news about Madonna's new album that we are happy to report for the very first time online. There are five final songs that are produced by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland and that had their final mixing at "Hit Studios Miami" last week.

From what we have been told there's a song called "4 minutes to save the world" and it's an upbeat and very catchy hip-hop Madonna/Justin Timberlake duet. Another song is called "Across The Sky". It has lots of acoustic guitars, the flow is very much like "The Power Of Goodbye" and sounds like a real hit. Madonna is hiting really high notes there while Justin Timberlake is on back vocals.

The third song is titled "Dance Tonight", a funky mid-tempo tune, yet another Madonna/Justin duet, think "Rock Your Body" by Justin with the claps and everything, this apparently has the same structure as well. "Even the devil wouldn't recognise you" is a fourth song. Amazing ballad, very "Cry Me A River" by Justin Timberlake in it's structure and Justin on back vocals on this one too. The fifth song is named "Miles Away" and we have been told this is the THE BEST of the whole bunch. A hit written all over it. Full of acoustic guitars, beautiful uptempo song ad Justin on back vocals again. The song structure may recall "Love Profusion", but it's much better.****

Now I doubt that Justin co-produced all 5 tracks but I'm sure he had a hand in each one in some capactiy. Be on the look out for Hannon Lane's name too as he was also in the Madonna sessions in London. Earlier Timbaland said he did 10 tracks for Madonna so if these 5 make the album, what aboutt he other 5? B Sides? Bonus tracks? Let's hope so!


  1. I wonder which of those tracks that he did he said sounded like Ugly

  2. 5 tracks is so much better than none.


  3. I hope the track that sounds like bubbas "ugly" makes the album..or atleast leaks online

  4. Yeah, I was hopin to hear that "ugly" sounding track also but with that told about each track I'm pretty sure it didn't make the cut

  5. found this on a Madonna FanPage:
    Its suposed to be a Tim track but I dont know..

  6. Yeah Daniel I've had that snippet for a couple weeks now but it's just too short and too hard to tell if it's Timbo or even if it's Madonna.

    Hopefully we'll find out soon!

  7. I'm surprised Timbaland had time to f**k a woman and get her pregnant when his dick is so firm in Justin's arse all the time. I'm so sick of Justin now. Why does he have to be all over these Madonna joints? Can the bitch not do her own backing vocals? Those song descriptions hardly have me eager to hear the tracks. If I want to hear songs that sound like joints on "Justified" then I'll go listen to "Justified". I hope Tim brings the fire with these Madonna joints and that Justin is kept to a minimum. I don't want to hear him on all 5 tracks.

  8.'s amazing how tim can switch that sexyback loop on all his major traks...i'm sure that on madonna's album we will get to hear the best of tim in the last years...yeah justin is everywhere these days...what can I say since justin hasn't had an A-list celebrity girlfriend for a while and tim will not marry the women whose having his baby...I guess the two of them,timbo and timberlake, are officially a couple...I imagine they will both raise tim's child...and he will grow uo to be the gayest super-producer/popstar in the world...just another 20 years :)

  9. the person above me is the biggest moron this universe..

    A: the child is a girl
    B: tim and the girl are engaged
    C: WOMEN means multiple females.
    D: what the hell does justin having an A list girlfriend have to do with anything..


    *ps, i cant wait for the album!

  10. well I'm sorry Mr. Geek,I'm probably not the first or the last person in the world to write a typo.Plus,the first time I read the news it didn't say that tim and the womAn were together(I just read now that yeah...tim is engaged and is supposed next year to marry his publicist who he has been dating for the last two years!Congrats Timbo!!)Indeed, my only mystake was that I got carried away and didn't realize that he actually has a baby girl!Moreover if you werent the retard you are, plm, you would have gotten the point of the joke!no use explaining it to you though!PS:I realize that the joke was a little bit too over the top and a lil bit childish and I apologize to whoever might have been offended!What can I say,I couldn't help myself after I read the comment j wrote,and yeah I like gay jokes lol!!!plm you were the imbecile because you were the one who jumped to youre retarded conclusion about myself!!!I'm not goona offend ypu though by saying that you are actually the biggest moron in the world...but you're pretty damn close to that spot!Next time just stay to the I want to make love with tim shit...and just say whether you liked the joke or not!

  11. If it was a joke it wasn't funny but the thing is there are other idiots like this saying the same thing.

  12. I cannot wait for this album. Wish there was less Justin though.

  13. The idiots are the ones who actually think tim and justin are gay!And you shouldn't joke about that too ,cause you'll get those imbecils to think that you really mean it.Btw I guess it would be cool if tim's girl became a producer or singer...she will be able to learn from the best you know!Who knows ,maybe she'll produce madonna's daughter Lourdes album in the future )

  14. damn, this has become a teen gossip site. Not a Timbo musicsite. LOL

    I told u guys.


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