Thursday, January 19, 2012

Timbaland and Ludacris are Back in the Studio!!

Luda recently tweeted a pic a studio session pic with no other than Timbo!! He captioned the picture with: "Back in the studio wit the man I started wit. LUDAVERSAL ALBUM COMING SOON....." Because the Timbo/Luda collabs are always hot, I personally can't wait to hear what they cooked up. Ludaversal currently has a May release, so be on the lookout!

Dev ft. Timbaland - "Don't Hurt It"

Check out another Dev and Timbaland collabo entitled "Don't Hurt It" (produced by The Cataracs):

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Aaliyah!!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. On this day you would have been 33 years old and running the music game. We will never forget you nor how much your music touched and inspired us. RIP.

Carishma ft. Timbaland - "Keep Hangin' On" (Final Version)

Check out the final version of Carishma's "Keep Hangin' On" featuring Tim:

Which version are y'all feeling more?

FreeSol - "Fascinated" (Official Music Video)

Check out the music video for FreeSol's "Fascinated" featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbo.

Remaining Larry Live/SBI Beats

While he didn't end up posting 12 beats, Larry Live did give all the Timstans some amazing old school and unreleased Timbaland tracks. Check out the remaining beats he posted:

"Runnin' A Way"

The finished version of this record featured Malice from the Clipse before he was known as Malice.


"Oooh" (circa 1990)

"In the '90s it will be hard to find me" (circa 1996)

This track was recorded during Tim's Basement days.

Thoughts on these unreleased Tim tracks?

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