Monday, November 30, 2009

The real on the "Hush" demo

When Czar broke the news to me that the long talked about Brandy demo "Hush" finally leaked I was ecstatic. Why? Well as most of you should know a Brandy demo = Candice Nelson doin' her THANG! Candice did all of the Brandy demos for her Timbo produced songs and of course the genius of Walter Milsap was the other half of the stellar writing team for Brandy & Timbo.

Listening to "Hush" at first I thought it might be Kiley Dean (and it's been labeled as such on multiple sites), however, that couldn't be because Candice did demos for both Brandy AND Kiley on all their Timbo produced tracks so why would Kiley do a demo for a Candice written song when Candice does all her own demos? Then I got to listening to the adlibs and yep that is Candice 100% guaranteed.

The biggest surprise is hearing D.O.E on the track and an even bigger surprise is that word is the track was meant to be on D.O.E's album? Could be but this 2004 article in particular points out that "Hush" was recorded for Brandy's Afrodisiac as well as the legendary and much doubted "Black Pepper" (told ya'll it exists). So was "Hush" scrapped for Brandy and then later revisited by D.O.E for his album with his added verses? A mystery indeed....

Either way the track is hot with those eerie strings. Can you name the sample?

Now let's hope that one day we hear the other unreleased yet confirmed Brandy/Timbo tracks: "Wish I Never Met U" and "Black Pepper."

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