Friday, February 29, 2008

Cawlos, Floe Montana, Mahtie Bush, & Wyzdom "Burners"

In this day an age of 'Timbaland produced' or 'Timbaland Remix' tracks popping up on a near weekly basis, when a real Timbaland produced track does show up that is completely out of the blue it's natural to be skeptical. Case in point, the track "Burnerz" by Cawlos, Floe Montana, Mahtie Bush, & Wyzdom. I know what you're thinking "WHO!?" but indeed the track is produced by Timbaland and off their album Sac Hates Hip-Hop which was supposed to come out last year. Check it out:

Cawlos, Floe Montana, Mahtie Bush, & Wyzdom "Burnerz"

So what's the connection with this group from Sacramento and how did they hook up with Tim? I'm working on that very info. Thanks to Devoured and Hypno for the info.

Madonna Gets a Release Date! (Update)

The title of Madonna's forthcoming album will be Hard Candy, has learned exclusively. The record, her last studio effort for Warner Bros., includes a track called "Candy Store." Madonna chose to stick with the sweet theme because "she loves candy," says her longtime rep Liz Rosenberg. "It's about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness, or as Madonna so eloquently expressed 'I'm gonna kick your ass, but it's going to make you feel good.'" The album, which features Justin Timberlake on multiple tracks and production by Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Nate "Danja" Hills, will see a U.S. release on April 29. The first single, "Four Minutes," will be out at the end of March.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1) Candy Store (produced by Pharrell)
2) 4 Minutes (produced by Timbaland & Danja)
3) Give It 2 Me (produced by Timbaland & Danja)
4) Heartbeat
5) Miles Away (produced by Timbaland & Danja)
6) She's Not Me
7) Incredible
8) Beat Goes On (produced by Pharrell)
9) Dance Tonight (produced by Timbaland)
10) Spanish Lesson
11) Devil (produced by Timbaland)
12) Voices

The other Timbaland/Timberlake track "Across The Sky" apparently did not make the album.

Justin Timberlake will also be inducting Madonna into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The ceremony, to be held on March 10, will take place at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Other inducturs include Tom Hanks (for '60s group the Dave Clark Five) Lou Reed (for folk legend Leonard Cohen), Billy Joel (for John Mellencamp), Ben Harper (for blues harmonica player Little Walter), Jerry Butler (for legendary soul producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff) and John Fogerty (for instrumental group the Ventures).

Static Major: The Artist

In our final post to pay tribute to Stephen "Static" Garrett we look at his contributions as an artist. In a rare interview with him going through his entire career from Jodeci to solo artist, Static talks about what was then going to be the release of his album Suppertime on the Feddy Side. Check it out:

****"I'm coming with some OG music," Static says. "I walk a thin line between hip-hop and R & B. My new step is to establish myself as an artist," says Static, who admits he's going after R. Kelly's musical crown. "I know that will bring my songwriting more to the forefront. It's gonna be beautiful because people are gonna think I just popped up. But when they look at my résumé, they'll be like, `We been listening to this dude's work for so many years and didn't even know it."

"I picked up a lot of techniques," Static says. "I watched Jodeci put together two albums" — 1993's multi-platinum "Diary of a Mad Band" and 1995's platinum-selling "The Show, the After Party, the Hotel" — "and I went on tour with them."

The DeVante connection also meant Static was running with and working around music's up-and-coming artists at the time — hip-hopper Missy Elliott, R & B crooner Ginuwine, producer Timbaland and rapper Magoo — people who remain talented, relevant artists today.

"So when I got up there," Static says, "I was the least important. (The other artists) were already in the middle of their projects. I got to see Missy Elliott do her thing before anybody knew her. She's always been incredible. Between her and DeVante, they were the ones who pushed me to step my creative game up."

"We had to kind of prove ourselves within the crew to start getting music," Static says. "To get DeVante's attention, you had to show up with something to play for him. It had to be dope, and you had to be playing it as he walked in the door."

It was during that time Static wrote what would later become his first No. 1 hit, "Pony" by Ginuwine.

"It was a trip," he says. "The day we did it and I played it for DeVante, he told me it was going to be a smash."*****

Static was just coming into his own as a solo artist and was working on the re-release his solo album Suppertime before his passing. How would his efforts been received by the masses? Who can really say for sure but his talents, in all facets as an incredibly gifted artist, can be heard loud and clear in his songs:

"I Got My"
"U Know" (BANGIN' track!)
"Speed Of Light"
"Private Number"
"Dirty Mind"
"Till The Wheels Fall Off"
"Bus Stop Breezy"

Static Major: The Performer. The Producer. The Songwriter. The Artist.

Your legacy will live on forever through your music and we thank you for all that you shared with the world. Rest in Peace.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smokey & Black pay their respects to Static

Static Major: The Songwriter

Along with so many talents already listed, it's Static's songwriting that will truly stay with us forever. Static has written not just songs, not just #1 hits, but music that will always be forever timeless. In addition to all the work Static has done with Jodeci ("Gin & Juice" "Gameface") Aaliyah ("Loose Rap" "Read Between The Lines" "Erica Kane") Ginuwine ("Keep It Real" "Pony" "Same Ol' G") Timbaland & Magoo "Luv 2 Luv Ya" "Indian Carpet" "Put Em On") and of course Playa ("Incense Burning" "Woozy" "Birthday") to name but a few, Static also wrote songs you may have never known including:

- Kanye West F/ Aura & Malice "Crazy"
- Notorious B.I.G f/ Faith "1970 Somethin"
- Destiny's Child "2 Step"
- Play N Skillz "Are You Still Alone"
- Play N Skillz "Let Em Go"
- Tank "So Many Times"
- Denena "What You Working Wit"
- Jay-Z "Change The Game"
- J-Shin "Sayin' Oh"
- JoJo "City Lights"
- Slim & Shank "Back Seat Girl"
- Truth Hurts "Real"
- Nicole Wray "Eyes Better Not Wonder"
- T-Hud "Tru Luv"
- Sunshine Anderson "My Whole Life"
- Diddy f/ Christina Aguilera "Tell Me"
- 112 "The Way"

And what happens when you get a true talent like Static writing your music? You get numbers like these:

- "Pony" by Ginuwine (1996) — No. 1 R&B/Hip-hop chart; No. 6 Hot 100.
- "Cheers 2 U" by Playa (1998) — No. 10 R&B/Hip-hop chart; No. 38 Hot 100.
- "Luv 2 Luv U" by Timbaland and Magoo (1998) — No. 12 R&B/Hip-hop chart.
- "Same Ol' G" by Ginuwine (1998) — No. 12 Rhythmic Top 40.
- "Are You That Somebody?" by Aaliyah (1998) — No. 1 Rhythmic Top 40; No. 6 Top 40 Mainstream; No. 9 Top 40 Tracks.
- "So Anxious" by Ginuwine (1999) — No. 1 R&B/Hip-hop chart; No. 6 Rhythmic Top 40.
- "Try Again" by Aaliyah (2000) — No. 1 Top 40; No. 3 Top 40 Mainstream.
- "You Owe Me" by Nas and Ginuwine (2000) — No. 13 R&B/Hip-hop chart.
- "We Need a Resolution" by Aaliyah (2001) — No. 15 R&B/Hip-hop charts; No. 26 Canadian Singles Chart; No. 31 Latin Salsa airplay.
- "Change the Game" by Jay-Z (2001) — No. 10 Rap chart; No. 29 R&B chart
- "Rock the Boat" by Aaliyah (2001) — No. 2 R&B/Hip-hop charts; No. 14 Hot 100; No. 13 Rhythmic Top 40.
- "More Than a Woman" by Aaliyah (2002) — No. 7 R&B/Hip-hop chart; No. 12 Rhythmic Top 40.
- "Addictive" by Truth Hurts (2002) — No. 2 R&B/Hip-hop chart; No. 6 Rhythmic Top 40; No. 9 Hot 100.

Having worked with the best producers in the game such as Timbaland, Kanye West, Scott Storch, Just Blaze, JR Rotem, and Rodney Jerkins, Static also worked on unreleased tracks for B-5, Claudette Ortiz, Olivia, Pussycat Dolls, Trey Songz, and Mary J Blige. Even though it had been over a decade since we first heard of him, Static still had so much more to give us and we are so grateful for all that he gave along the way.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Static Major: The Producer

In addition to being a talented singer and songwriter, Static was also an accomplished producer. His production was becoming more and more in demand recently as his true talents were still just being tapped into. The first track we'll look at is WAY back in Da Basement days. Static not only co-produced the track but he also makes his rap debut and a cameo in the video. Check out Jodeci's "Gin & Juice".

Most people think that Playa's music was either produced by Timbaland or Smokey but Static also helmed a few gems as well. Most notably is "Buggin' Over You" off Playa's Cheers 2 U album as well as one of my favorite Playa tracks called "Playboy Like Me" off the Blue Streak Soundtrack back in 1999.

Then there came along the red hot foursome Pretty Ricky and a slew of tracks written by Static. In addition to his scribe duties, Static also co-proudced one of their hits "On The Hotline". Static was also working with Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P on his solo album before his sudden passing. P's magager Rex Zamor had this to say about the sad news: "Static's manager contacted Pleasure and told him what happened. I still don't know [exactly what happened]. Pleasure's taking it hard, really hard. He spoke to Static the day before he died. They were texting each other and apparently Static wasn't feeling too good and his wife was about to take him to the hospital. This dude was a good dude. He wasn't selfish, he wasn't greedy, he was a good dude. He took care of his niece. His sister died early too and he was taking care of the niece, taking care of her college tuition and her car note. I remember him telling me that. He loved his wife. In this business there is a lot of infidelity, but this man loved his wife and family. His family lost a whole lot there."

Most recently Static also produced the first single for TQ's new album called "Paradise" featuring Krayzie Bone which should hit stores April 1t.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Static Major: The Performer

In addition to Static's contributions as a singer and songwriter, he was a performer as well. He made cameos in videos like Tim and Magoo's "Up Jumps Da Boogie", Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" and again in Tim & Magoo's "We At It Again". Static also joined David Banner in the video "Crank It Up".

Then of course there's the Playa videos both "Cheers 2 U" and "Don't Stop The Music". In fact I have recently learned there's a video for the track "Ms. Parker" w/ Missy but unfortunately I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet.

Now to experience the true talents of Static is to seem him perfom and so, although we've already posted these videos before, here is Static, and Smokey, and Black, performing on BET's Planet Groove back in 1998:

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stephen "Static" Garrett (1976-2008)

It is with great shock and profound sadness to announce the unexpected passing of Stephen "Static" Garrett on Monday February 25th. Static helped create some of the most timeless hits in music including Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" and "We Need A Resolution", Ginuwine's "Pony" and "Same Ol G", Destiny Child's "Say My Name" and Truth Hurts "So Addictive" to name but a few. Static let his brilliant songwriting speak for itself, racking up hit after hit and continuing his top 10 success throughout the years. Static along with friends and fellow musicians Smokey and Black formed the group Playa which released their critically acclaimed album Cheers 2 U to rave reviews back in 1998. The group disbanded, however Static still had much more to share with the world and so he continued as a solo artist releasing his album Suppertime in 2007 and planning a re-release with added tracks in 2008.

It is a huge loss to the music industry and to the world as a whole to have someone with so much talent, energy, love, and endless potential to be taken from us so early. Static was THAT dude when it come to making hits. Long before the success of Tim, Missy, Tweet, and Playa, Static was part of Da Basement crew busy penning many of his future hits, like his first #1 classic "Pony" way back in 1995. 13 years later, Static was still as relevant and in demand as ever as seen by Lil' Wayne personally choosing the talented crooner for his possible first single "Lollipop" off his new album.

The Thomas Crown Chronicles would like to offer their deepest condolences and prayers to Static's family, fellow musicians, friends, and fans around the world. Static made his mark in so many lives all across the globe and we honor the phenomenal music he was able to share with us. Static we thank you for all that you've given this world through your music, gifts, and talents and it's through this music and the legacy that you have created that we will always remember you. Rest In Peace, you will be missed!

Shock Value II

After the worldwide success of his first album including three #1 singles and a 4th quickly climbing the charts, Timbaland's follow up to his platinum album Shock Value is very much a reality. Already a few tracks deep into the project, Timbaland has said via multiple concerts and interviews that possible collabs will be with Gwen Stefani, Akon, Lincoln Park, and The Jonas Brothers. You can also expect Timbo to keep with the same successful formula adding Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, and the whole MMG family into the mix though no artists have been officially linked to the new album.

The long awaited Timbaland & Mary J. Blige track "Skycap" may also be included on the album. First reported to be part of Blige's album Growing Pains then moved to an international bonus single, then cut altogether, you can bet Tim and Mary didn't want the Clutch penned banger to go to waste. Who else could pop on Tim's newest collaborative project? We will have to wait and see.

Until then check keep checking back to The Chronicles for more updates.

Attitude & 6'2 "I'm A real N****a"

It was June 2006 when a random video appeared of Hannon Lane and Timbaland in the lab at The Thomas Crown Studios (along with King Logan, Jimmy D, and a pre-American Idol Chris Richardson) listening to a then unknown track:

Hannon Lane & Timbaland in the studio

Quickly identified as a track called "I'm That Real N***a" off the yet-to-be-released Attitude, 6'2, and Timbaland album project, we all knew it was only a matter of time before the album or at least the full version of the song leaked. Well after close to 2 years of waiting, we finally get to hear the full version courtesy of the Hip Hop Game website. Here is:

Attitude & 6'2 "I'm That Real N***a" (The 1st song on the page)

Is this track produced by Timbo or Hannon? I'm not sure. And will we ever get to hear the album that the 'Tude, 6'2, & Timbo trio reportedly recorded over 60 tracks for? Looks like we have to keep waiting but until then enjoy the track. Thanks to Big A for the find.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Video: Matt Pokora "She's Dangerous"

Matt Pokora, Timbo, Sebastian, and Jim Beanz.

When Timbaland Interpolates

I can still remember the day I first heard Bubba Sparxxx's "Ugly." The heavy bass hit and that high pitched guitar came on and the instantaneous chills came over me as they have so many times when I hear a new Timbo classic. I had no idea who Bubba was at the time but sure enough the track went #1 and a dude named Bubba Sparxxx stood up and let himself be known, resting easy on that debut gold plaque.

Timbaland gave Bubba some of his craziest tracks ever and Bubba rose the challange on every one. Have you heard "Reinfected", what about "Disappear", and of course what about my all time favorite Bubba/Timbo track "Take A Load Off"? Well one track that I didn't know about till many years later was the remix to "Ugly" with one Ms. Jade. In typical Timbaland remix form, the track banged just as hard as the original if not harder. Knowing how much Tim is a fan of the 80s and being an 80s kid myself, I immediately recognized a certain Timbaland interpolation. First off let's listen to the remix of "Ugly":

and Tim's inspiration during the chorus? None other than Peter Gabriel's 80's classic "Shock The Monkey"

I thought it was an easy one but Czar said easy for an old man so there you have it.

VH1 Previews Mariah's "Migrate"

***** "Migrate" (co-produced by Danja) -- After announcing itself with Mariah's patented whistle notes, this club track gets to bangin' and it takes that task really seriously. It's about as meta as a banger gets, with Mariah explaining during the chorus how her night goes: "From the car to the club / We migrate / From the bar to the V.I.P. / We migrate." And so it goes, from the party to the after party, from the after party to the hotel. There's a slight autotune effect on Mariah's voice on the last "migrate" of each chorus, which I assume is to put her on equal ground with the man she shares the mic with here. T-Pain, mercifully shows up for just a guest verse -- this is not a full-blown duet. It's a feisty track, with tough Storch-esque beats that Mariah's bravado attempts to match: "If you're inked up thuggin', that's what I like," she says. See, I always thought she went for the pretty boys. Already we're learning stuff! *****

Thanks to Big Mac!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cheri Dennis "Act Like You Know" (HQ)

Here is the HQ version of the Timbaland produced "Act Like You Know" by Cheri Dennis. Same version as before except for louder Timbaland adlibs at the beginning:

Make sure to check out her album In And Out Of Love in stores on Tuesday!

Jadakiss and Timbaland?

Jadakiss, who's about 8-9 tracks deep into his new album with a possible release date in late May, recently aired out his feelings on a few subjects including the possibility of getting Timbo on his new album:

On possible producers: "I still gotta holla at Kanye, Just Blaze, maybe Pharell, hopefully Dr. Dre, Toomp ... whoever got the f*cking heat man, Timbaland, Storch. I don't discriminate. If it's hot, let's have it."

On the possible Kiss My Ass title of his new album: "Nas is dropping N*gger, why I can't drop Kiss My Ass? I think I might keep my sh*t. Kiss My Ass coming soon."

On the current state of music: "N*gga's is garbage. The game is f*cked up...a bunch of ring tone, tight-pants-wearing motherf*ckrs. I'm just doin' me. The music is f*cking garbage, man. Kanye came out with hot music. He sold records. T.I., same thing. Alicia Keys, same sh*t. If your sh*t was hot and you had a machine, you sold records."

To those with below expected music sales: "Don't blame nobody, just make better music, *ssholes. It's a business at the end of the day, so you can be mad at who ever but you gotta be mad at yourself. Either the music wasn't right or you didn't handle your business. It's as simple as that."

No Timbaland on Coldplays' new album

Despite what the New Zealand Herald had to say almost a year ago, Timbaland will not be producing on Coldplay's new album. The yet-to-be-titled album is due to be released via Capitol in early summer with production by Brian Eno, Markus Dravs and the rest of the band. Coldplay manager Dave Holmes says the album "definitely takes them in some different directions. I'm not a music critic, but it's certainly a progression, with some really great songwriting. We're just about finished. They're in the final mixing. They'll start mastering, and away we go."

Will we get a Timbaland Remix?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Step Up 2 gets that "Bounce"

Here's the final dance scene from the movie:

Check the breakdown, genius. Though I'm sure a lot of you will disagree with me, I've always wondered how well this track would actually do if it was released as a single. Props to Safehandz for the link.

Danja talks Duran Duran, Britney, Simple Plan, Madonna The Clipse, & Others

Here is one of the best interviews yet on Danja Handz covering his experiences from everyone: Duran Duran to Mariah Carey, The Clipse to T.I. Check it out:

****Rhapsody: Have you been working on T.I.’s upcoming album, Paper Trail?

Danja: I did. I sent him a few tracks. He wrote to one. From what I hear, it’s incredible. I’m not allowed to go in his crib. But I’ll be in the studio completely focused on T.I., sending him tracks and we’ll be communicating. I hate emailing beats. It’s the worst thing you could do, because it’s a magic that has to happen in the studio. I can see and feel when you don’t like something. When I worked with Tip on the last album, I ended up with three [songs]. But it’s another six records that he started, where he at least got a verse and a hook on, that we were just doing so fast -- just from being in the studio [together]. So I’m gonna try to recreate that magic even though there’s going to be a distance. The difference is he’s writing everything now. The last [album] he just went in the booth. So now he’s thinking about what he’s saying. It’s gonna take a little bit longer. But the quality of the work is gonna be phenomenal.

Rhapsody: Are you still working on Madonna's album?

Danja: Actually Madonna is finished. Me and Tim did four or five [songs] together. He also did three more with a new producer, Hannon, out of Virginia. Then Pharrell did the rest. So it’s like a Virginia-produced album. I’m actually kind of proud of that. Even though me and Tim and Pharrell didn’t work together, just for us to completely conquer an artist such as Madonna ... I’m good. Either way, whether we got a single or [Pharrell] got a single, Virginia got a [Madonna] single.****

Full Article

No matter how many articles and interviews I read about Danja, the dude ALWAYS comes off very humble and sincere. For all his success, the guy has worked with Britney, Madonna, and Mariah Carey, Danja still acknowledges that he's not in the top 5 of the producers out right now. While so many young, new producers are claiming to be the best in the biz, Danja is steady on his grind working on those classic joints he knows he needs to be considered in the upper echelon of production.

Now for the stan side, I wonder if we'll ever get to hear those multiple tracks Danja and T.I. did. Plus what do you think about the Danja/Clipse combo? Tim better get in on that session as well. So for Madonna we're looking at for sure 7-8 songs including 3 with my man Hannon! No one is slowing down in 2008.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busta gets Timbaland for Back On My Bullshit

One of my favorite duos has always been Busta and Timbo. From his memorable cameos on a slew of Missy Intros and Outros as well as joining Misdameanor on the insane track "Get Contact" (I'm a big fan of the alternate too), Busta and Timbo have always seemed like a natural fit. With the success of Busta's last album including the sick as hell track "Get Down", the 2 have teamed up again for Busta's latest album Back On My Bullshit.

Other producers on the project include Dr. Dre, Green Lantern, Cool & Dre, Danjahandz, and Nottz. Busta also recorded with Pharrell, who provided the title for the album. "I'm calling it Back On My Bullshit for two reasons," Busta explained. "I said it on [a new song,] and it stuck in Pharrell's head. And because this album, in particular, feels like vintage Busta Rhymes, in a 2008 way. It was original and appropriately the right thing to call the project. No deep brain-science, nothing like that."

So will the track be the eagerly awaited final version of this studio session or a different track altogether?

On a side note take a listen to Xzibit's "Hey Now" and compare it to the beat Tim makes for Busta, hear anything familiar?

Despite "Ain't I" leak, DJ Clue says no Blueprint 3

When it comes to Timbaland and the crew, we try and stay that one step ahead of the rest. Case in point, MTV reported today that despite the leak of Jay-Z's Timbaland produced "Ain't I", the track is indeed an "old" track (left off Shock Value remember?) DJ Clue leaked the track for his Desert Storm Radio 8 (I Am Legend) mixtape and although he distinctly said "Blueprint 3" all over the track, Jay-Z has denied that this album is in the works....or has he?

Looks as though Jova called up Clue just to set the record straight. "That was the word on the street," Clue said about Blueprint 3 coming out. "I got the call [from Jay], but it's all good. It's all love. He was like, 'Yo, you can't be telling people the behind-the-scenes stuff.' So I chilled, laid back. [The mixtape] is still out on the streets. Go get it."

Let's hope someday we get the track DJ Free.

Danja's produces "Migrate" for Mariah Carey

It's been cofirmed that one known Danja produced track for Mariah Carey's up and coming album E-MC2 will be called "Migrate" featuring T-Pain. No word on if this is the only Danja track from the album or if this will be released as a single (my bet is yes). Her 11th studio album hits stores April 15th and is the follow-up to The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah's worldwide 10 million selling #1 album, which generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), two #1 singles and countless more industry honors during its 18-month stay on the charts.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Keri's In A Perfect World to be released in May

In a recent article in USA Today it was revealed that Keri HIlson's album will be coming out in May. The article goes in depth talking about multiple song writers gone solo artists including Sean "The Pen" Garrett, Ne-Yo, The Dream, Johnta Austin, and one Ms. Keri Hilson. Take a look:

****Hilson, 25, the writer behind Britney Spears' Gimme More and Mary J. Blige's Take Me As I Am, says she got the singing bug early. As a teenager, she sang in a couple of groups. Those acts fizzled, but she honed her songwriting and arranging skills and frequently works as a background singer on her tunes.

"I used to tear up watching Star Search and Showtime at the Apollo and Soul Train," says Hilson, whose In a Perfect World …is out in May. "I could not watch a live performance and not cry. I entered my first talent show in kindergarten and sang Home from The Wiz. Writing was my fallback, in a way."

She has received exposure lately by writing, singing and appearing in videos for Timbaland's The Way I Are and Scream. She's signed to Timbaland's joint-venture label, Mosley Music Group, and producer Polow Da Don's Zone 4 Inc.

Keri Hilson

Album:In a Perfect World… (May)

Single: None yet

Hit list: Britney Spears (Gimme More), Chris Brown (Young Love), Toni Braxton (Sposed to Be), Mary J. Blige (Take Me As I Am), Ludacris (Pimpin' All Over the World, Runaway Love with Blige), Pussycat Dolls (Wait a Minute), Usher (Red Light), Timbaland (The Way I Are, Scream), Diddy (After Love), Chingy (Let Me Luv U), Omarion (Ice Box), Field Mob (At the Park), Jennifer Lopez(Wrong When You're Gone), Tank (I Love You)

Highlights: Nabbed MTV Video Music Awards nomination for monster single of the year (The Way I Are).

On writing: "It was a bit of a challenge writing for myself because I had to tap into my innermost feelings. It's all personal, but you want people to be able to relate to it."****

Full Article

We just have a couple weeks, if that, for her first single to be released so hang in there. I'm just as excited as all of you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Video: Flo Rida "Elevator"

Solid video. Add this version under video versions as there are added adlibs from Timbo.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Danja speaks on Madonna's new album

Though it's been shrouded in mystery, Rolling Stone got an opportunity to preview Madonna's new album as well as get the inside scoop from Danja on the making of a few songs. Check it out:

****Madonna has managed to keep most details about her still-untitled follow-up to 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor (due April 29th) under wraps, but Rolling Stone got an early listen to five tracks today and some behind-the-scenes info from producer Nate “Danja” Hills.

Fans who worried that Madonna might be losing inspiration as she approaches fifty need not be concerned. The new album takes a few steps away from the hyper-polished future disco of Confessions toward a more urban-oriented, thumpy funk, featuring production by Timbaland and Pharrell, as well as collaborations with Justin Timberlake. Danja says he worked on the album in London, and that Madonna indicated “she just wanted uptempo, dance, club [sounds] and everything to have a hip-hop underlining.” He adds that Madonna was easy-going and frequently in the studio putting in long hours alongside himself, Timbaland and Timberlake: “She would come in and sit in her chair in the corner and just vibe with us.”

The record’s first single is “4 Minutes to Save the World,” the track Timbaland partially debuted during a Philadelphia Christmas concert in December. “4 Minutes” has a bit of a marching band aesthetic as blasting brass play a scale-like riff, a hard, clanging beat enters and Madonna sings that the “road to heaven is paved with good intentions.” Timberlake and Madonna trade verses, and he appears on the chorus, doing his best Michael Jackson impression while quickly crooning, “We’ve only got four minutes to save the world.” The track ends after a brief breakdown where everything drops out but one of Tim’s signature Bhangra beats, some stabs of brass and Madonna’s urgent tick-tock’s. It’s a loud, busy, energetic track that is apparently getting an equally adventurous video: As previously reported, the clip (which is still being completed) is directed by hot French duo Jonas & François (Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”). Timbaland makes an appearance, and Madonna and Timberlake play superheroes tackling physical obstacles. The clip features choreography by Jamie King, who worked on Madonna’s Confessions, Re-Invention and Drowned World tours as well as her video for Confessions‘ “Sorry.

The most lyrical of the five songs is “Miles Away,” a wistful tune about a long-distance relationship with a melody that resembles Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, an album Danja says Madonna admired. “We would come up with a track and him and Madonna would come and do lyrics and melody together,” Danja explains. The song opens with a quickly strummed acoustic guitar, then a stuttering beat drops in and the track slowly swells until it’s filled with atmospheric synths. “You always seem to have the biggest heart when we’re 6,000 miles apart,” Madonna sings grandly, lamenting, “I guess we’re at our best when we’re miles away.” The song has a more airy aesthetic compared to the heavy beats on other tracks, which reflects its more emotional lyrics.

The track that sounds most like a more urban, edgy continuation of Confessions is the excellent “Give It to Me,” which bumps along to a thick synth tone Danja employed on Britney Spears’ Blackout. It’s an aggressive, clubby track with a raw, house-y beat that’s ripe for remixing, and Madonna sings, “When the lights go down and there’s no one left I can go on and on.” It ends after a fast, killer breakdown where she chants “Get stupid” over a xylophone chime as the beat builds into a frenzy and she proclaims, “Give it to me / No one’s gonna stop me now.”****

Full article

Props to John for the good link.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tim talks Flo Rida

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who Flipped It Better? Timbaland Vs. Tim & Bob Vs. Digital Black

For the latest Who Flipped It Better I bring you a triple threat. As always, we'll go in chronological order this time starting with Timbaland. If you remember the Baka Boys Interview they did with Tim from years passed, they specifically asked Tim about how he made the drums for the track "Cop That Shit." Tim replied that he made them using garbage cans implying that they were made specifically by Tim and making us all wonder what kind of instruments he has in his studio. Let's refresh our memories and watch the video for "Cop That Shit":

Well ironically or maybe not so much, 2 years later these same self described "garbage-can-created drums" by Timbaland show up on Bobby Valentino's first single "Slow Down." Despite the endless mis-tags of being produced by Tim, Valentino's debut single was actually produced by the duo of Tim & Bob who have since worked with Valentino on both of his albums.

Let's take a Bobby Valentino “Slow Down” .

So did Tim & Bob end up using Timbo's garbage cans? or maybe they used the same ones? Looks like we have a case of the same, dare I say, sample being used by 2 producers.

Ok I'll admit that's an easy one, we all knew that one right? Well to give it that little something extra, these garbage cans have actually been passed around yet again. Recently my man Digital Black formerly of Playa dropped his 2nd solo album called The Autobiography of Benjamin Bush which is definitely worth checking out. When I listened to the album, there was one track in particular that caught my ear. That would be the track "I Want U" which low and behold has the exact same garbage can drums that Timbo and Tim & Bob used. I also suggest you take a careful listen to the track "Anything" (do I hear "Do It/Block Party"?)

So there you have it 1 sample, 3 producers and as I always ask: who flipped it better? Bonus points to the one that can identify these garbage cans.

Throwback: Timbaland talks of leaving music

The year was 2004, Timbaland was the head of Beat Club Records and he had seen both of his artists Bubba Sparxxx and Ms. Jade fair well but not as good as expected. He also had seen an album he had put his blood, sweat, and tears into, Simple Girl not getting the acclaim let alone the release as he would have wanted. On top of it all the music indutry was going through a drastic change as the quality of the music was sacrificed for the quantity of hits that could be milked from the hottest artist of the moment. Timbaland decided the time was right for him to walk away...

****Interviewer: You've said you want to walk away from hip hop. Why?

Timbaland: It's not just hip-hop, I want to walk way from music, period. To me, the music business is too saturated, and there's too much politics with the record companies and radio. I'm not walking away right away. I'm about to totally change my whole image in 2004. It's going to shock people.****

Full Story (page 14)

Thankfully for us Tim did just that. He laid low in his coffin over the next couple of years, hit the weights, and completely changed his life. It was later in 2006 that Tim once again rose out of his coffin and showed us all once again why he is Timbo The King!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ashlee Simpson "Murder" (LQ)

I'm not sure if we've posted Ashlee Simpson's "Murder" yet and if we did then it was the shorter and even poorer quality one. This one is far from HQ but at least we get a better listening of it:

Ashlee Simpson F/ Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.

This makes 3 of Simpson's tracks via Tim/Royal Court/Beanz. Where's the version with Izza Kizza you ask? No word yet but it looks as though we've got 2 versions of the track coming.

Inside Timbaland's Verizon Bus

I thought all of you producers and beatmakers might enjoy these pics:

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Photos courtesy of Timbalandchick via the one and only Timbo The King.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cassie announces 1st single "Official Girl"

Cassie announced today on 106 & Park that her first single off her new album will be "Official Girl" produced by Danja. We're not sure yet if this is the only track she and Danja worked on or if there are others but we'll keep you posted when we get more news.

Thanks to G Roc.

Timbaland's mystery artist revealed

That answer was never really given, or at least not given with as much excitement and fanfare we were all hoping for. The mystery guest is actually Chris Cornell formely of Soundgarden and Audioslave who's solo album Timbaland has produced.

Cornell's name was dropped a couple of months ago via the Timbo article in Scratch Magazine so there's not a lot of surprise with this announcement rather more detail as to what Timbo's role really is. Tim defintiely seems excited about the album as he said on the radio interview from a few weeks ago along with his comments to MTV this weekend.

Update: Along with Timbaland on the boards, Jim Beanz has lent his magic in the writing and vocal production arenas so now I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the project.

Could it be a Future Sex/ Love Sounds part II? Or is Tim coming with a different sound altogether? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

Danja Again Confirmed for Mariah Carey's Latest Effort

The first single from E=MC² is “Touch My Body,” written and produced by Mariah Carey, C. “Tricky” Stewart, and The-Dream, and blasting out worldwide on February 12th. The video for “Touch My Body” was directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner - internet, cable and network premieres for the video will be announced in the weeks ahead. In addition to C. “Tricky” Stewart and The-Dream, other guest producers joining Mariah on E=MC² will include Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Stargate, Will I Am, Bryan Michael Cox, Nate "Danjahandz" Hills and James Poyser. E=MC² is executive produced by Mariah Carey and Antonio “LA” Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group.

Kiley confirms she's "talking" with Timbaland

Let's hope something comes of this.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Keri's First Single News

******** R&B singer/songwriter Keri Hilson debuted her first single Friday night at a pre-Grammy party co-hosted by Verizon Wireless and PEOPLE magazine. Timbaland and Keri recorded two tracks during a three-week period last month, one of which will be available to Verizon subscribers within a few days. can now exclusively reveal the name of Keri’s first single, which is called “Return the Favor” and features Timbaland. Look for Keri’s debut album In A Perfect World… this summer. ********


So "Return the Favor" is confirmed; we hooked you up with the exclusive news all the way back in November of last year! It should be leaking soon, stay on the lookout!

Timbaland's Grammy results (Final)

Here are the results so far for the 5 Grammys Timbo was nominated for along with the 2 he had a hand in:

Record Of The Year
• "Irreplaceable" Beyoncé
• "The Pretender" Foo Fighters
• "Umbrella" Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z
• "What Goes Around…Comes Around" Justin Timberlake
Nate (Danja) Hills, Timbaland & Justin Timberlake, producers; Jimmy Douglass & Timbaland, engineers/mixers
• "Rehab" Amy Winehouse Winner

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
• "Candyman" Christina Aguilera
• "1234" Feist
• "Big Girls Don't Cry" Fergie
• "Say It Right" Nelly Furtado
• "Rehab" Amy Winehouse Winner

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
• "Everything" Michael Bublé
• "Belief" John Mayer
• "Dance Tonight" Paul McCartney
• "Amazing" Seal
• "What Goes Around...Comes Around" Justin Timberlake Winner (Congrats!)

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
• "Steppin' Out" Tony Bennett & Christina Aguilera
• "Beautiful Liar" Beyoncé & Shakira
• "Gone Gone Gone" (Done Moved On) Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Winner
• "The Sweet Escape" Gwen Stefani & Akon
• "Give It To Me" Timbaland Featuring Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake

Best Dance Recording
• "Do It Again" The Chemical Brothers
• "D.A.N.C.E." Justice
• "Love Today" Mika
• "Don't Stop The Music" Rihanna
• "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows" Justin Timberlake
Nate (Danja) Hills, Timbaland & Justin Timberlake, producers; Jimmy Douglass & Timbaland, mixers Winner (MTV got it wrong, Congrats to the whole crew!!)

Best Rap Song
• Ayo Technology
Nate (Danja) Hills, Curtis Jackson, Timothy Mosley & Justin Timberlake,
• Big Things Poppin' (Do It)
• Can't Tell Me Nothing
• Crank That (Soulja Boy)
• Good Life (Kanye West) Winner

Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical
• Howard Benson
• Joe Chiccarelli
• Mike Elizondo
• Mark Ronson Winner (BOOOO!)
• Timbaland

Izza Kizza "11ven 12welve" produced by Timbaland

As you all know I'm on that Izza Kizza double dutch bus and this track only solidifies why, it's a MONSTER:

Izza Kizza "11ven 12welve"

It's just one banger off the Fader Magazine Podcast Issue 51. I'm telling you Kizza's creativity and flow plus that Timbo magic we all know and love equals sonice gold! Don't sleep! Big props to Dodgyc.

Timbaland tells People magazine what's up

Along with all the artists we mentioned in the previous post, Timbaland also performed with Missy Elliott wearing a black sweat shirt with "Ching A Ling" spelled out in gold letters on the front. Missy led the crowd in a happy birthday song to Tim, who's real birthday isn't until March. The former frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell also performed at the event. As it was first reported in Scratch Mag, Timbaland produced Cornell's new solo album saying it was the best work he had ever done.

Well it seems, and as always I say seems because the press LOVES to spin these stories out of control simply to get readers, Tim's entire entourage wasn't let in to his own party so Timbo got on stage and let People Magazine know what was on his mind. "Next time I have one of my homeboys in line, let that (expletive) in!" "I don't like to see my people turned around for some (expletive) magazine ... (expletive) y'all!" adding that he was a "people person." This was close of the party as people started to wrap it up.

Apparently Tim had been frustrated with security issues as well as production mishaps and didn't mean to lash out at the magazine. People Mag's representatives apparently were confused by the tirade since they thought the night was a complete success. Plus, (and this is my favorite part of this "story" being run by the Associated Press) Right before Tim went on his rant, he threatened to outdo Kanye West's rants.

Come on now? This is really the story that the AP is running that media outlets have been reporting since yesterday? As we've proven more than once here on The Chronicles don't believe everything you read. In today's day and age of controversy and an insatiable desire to bring those at top crumbling down, read this story with a huge grain of salt.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Timbaland re-signs Kiley Dean?

Could it be true? After all their history both good and bad, has Timbaland re-signed the underground favorite? Well it looks as though it's a reality as Kiley performed at a Grammy party hosted by Verizon and People magazine to honor Mr. Mosley. Hand picked performers by Tim were Flo Rida, Taylor Swift (first artist for the Verizon project?) Paramore (2nd artist?), and then Kiley Dean who did a cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" followed by a closing performance by One Republic. pimped-out Flavor Flav watched from the side of the stage.

Accoring to the MTV article "Callie Dean" is newly signed to Interscope which could mean only one thing: whether she's on Interscope or Mosley Music Group it looks like we are going to hear more from the Kiley/Tim duo but this time it will be properly released.

Thanks to Czar for the link.

New Izza Kizza

Ever since I first heard of him, I'm all about the Izza Kizza movement and I can see why Timbaland was so impressed with the MC that he signed him right away. Dude is funky! He recently posted brand new music via his new myspace page (check out the graphics!) that you all definitely need to check out. The first track "Walk The Dog" features Missy and is actually the same beat from Cupid's "3 6 9" off the Step Up 2 Soundtrack. As for the rest of the tracks they are produced by none other than another MMG family crew, the Soul Diggaz (Afternoon Delight, I'm The Izza Kizza, 30 Rock) as well as another producer named Koolade (Red Wine, They're Everywhere) who hails from Croatia. I'm telling you don't sleep on Kizza, the dude is going to be major!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Simple Plan "The End" (Full)

We got "When I'm Gone" and "Generation" but I don't think we got to hear the full of "The End" so here it is:

You feelin' it?

Danja takes you behind "What Goes Around Comes Around"

MTV has come up with a very ingenius series to pay homage to this year's Grammy nominees. They're taking their readers behind the scenes of how various Grammy noimnated songs were created. This week's feature is on Justin Timberlake's global monster of a hit "What Goes Around Comes Around." MTV talked with Danja about the making of the track and here's some of what he had to say:

****We had no direction at all," Danjahandz recently told MTV News, "other than 'Cry Me a River,' and not in the sense of mimicking the track, but in how big the song was. There was no direction for how he wanted the song to sound, because there was no direction for how he wanted [his album FutureSex/LoveSounds] to sound. This was the first one."

"He started singing, 'What goes around comes around' — like, the melody first, no words, and then the words came," Danjahandz recalled. "Tim was at his keyboard, we were side by side, and he started coming with the drums to the melody. Everything was coming together at the same time."

"There's three choruses in that record, that's just the way Justin writes," Danjahandz said. "It escalated into something really big and came up to the point where it was overkill. So we decided to go with the simpler version without a bridge, because it just would have been too much to have the bridge and the break at the end of the song. Maybe one day we'll re-release the bridge version, because it's slightly different in the melody."

"That's about as close to perfect as I've gotten," he said. "I always feel like I can do something better. But I didn't know what to change on this song. I mean, I could have gotten more technical with the actual melody, real minor things that no one would ever see or know, but that could have made a world of difference. Or it could have made it go south. Who knows?"****

Definitely check out the full story to hear more about how Tim, Danja, and Justin created their materpiece.

Timbaland creates first ever 'mobile album' for Verizon

Timbaland continues to find new ways of releasing his music to a broader audience and Verizon has joined in to help with his most ambitious project to date. Tim will be releasing the first ever 'mobile album' exclusively for V Cast, Verizon's entertainment service. Tim will produce one song per month in 2008 with a different artist on the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus and the making of each track will be shown to V Cast subscribers. How amazing is that?

Timbaland says the deal will let him reach more fans because "every place don't get a CD [but] everybody has a mobile phone." Plus, there's history to be made. "Just producing a mobile album has never been done. I'm the first to ever do it," he tells Billboard.

And while major artists have of late left major labels in bids to reach fans in new ways, Timbaland isn't leaving Interscope, which put out "Shock Value" and distributes his Mosley Music imprint. (However, he says he is out of contract with the label to put out his solo albums.) Interscope is involved in the Verizon deal from the standpoint that Timbaland plans to work with the label's artists for the mobile-only tracks. Whether a mobile album deal could replace a major-label deal in the future, "that's something we'll have to see," Timbaland says.

Each mobile Timbaland track will be released days after it is produced. Songs will be released as a full-length download, ringtone and ringback, and will be available only through V Cast and Verizon. At the end of the year, some sort of compilation "album" will be released exclusively through Verizon, according to Ruth. Whether the music is worked to radio during the exclusive period or made available via broader distribution afterward is up to Interscope.

For his part, Timbaland says he isn't focusing on a particular genre for the project. "I'm just going to have fun with it," he says. "I'll just do what comes in mind."

The partnership kicks off today with a pre-Grammy party co-hosted by Verizon and People magazine. During the event, Timbaland will debut the first Verizon song, which features Mosley Music artist Keri Hilson. Timbaland and Hilson recorded two tracks during a three-week period last month, one of which will be introduced at the party and go mobile within a few days.

Timbaland hasn't yet revealed what other artists he will be working with for the project, but Ruth says some of those on the party's guest list will be involved. That roster includes fellow Mosley Music act OneRepublic, Paramore, Flo Rida, Natasha Bedingfield, Taylor Swift and Chris Cornell, who will perform.

Tim continues to make history and go where no other artist, let alone producer has gone. This is going to be a HUGE project but you can bet The Chronicles team will be on it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Artist Update: Larry Gold

When it comes to producing, composing, arranging, and playing ALL things strings you will be hard pressed to find anyone better than Larry Gold. Born in North Carolina but later becoming relocating to Philly, Gold was a child prodigy and soon discovered at a mere 13 years old by the prestigious Philadelphia Orchestra. Excelling at classical music but yearning to follow his heart and play rock and roll, Gold faced a very tough decision. He went the rock n roll route, playing in various different bands and doing the unthinkable at the time: playing totally different musical styles for each band he played in. His talents continued to blossom as Gold became part of Sammy Davis Jr's house band but it wasn't until Gold hooked up with the legendary duo Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff that his life changed forever. Gold started working with the O'Jays, Teddy Pendergrass, and Lou Rawls among others and has continued his success today working with artists like Christina Aguilera, Ween, Ne-Yo, and R. Kelly.

Now I first heard of Larry Gold back in 2000 on Jill Scott's first album then noticed him again on Erykah Badu's album, Monica's, and The Roots' but it wasn't until I saw him in the credits for Bubba Sparxxx's Dark Days Bright Nights ('Take Off', 'Open Wide', 'Warrant') that I really started to take notice. Who was this guy and why is Tim all of a sudden using him? He showed up again on Ms. Jade's album ('She's A Gangsta', 'Why You Tell Me That'), and then came the Justified album and that's when I started hearing what Tim had heard from day 1: a true musical genius in his element. Say what you will about what Scott Storch added to "Cry Me A River" but it's Larry Gold's strings that deserve just as much credit if not more to the beauty of that track. The Tim & Gold combo continued with Brandy's album ('Who Is She 2 U', 'I Tried') and again for Bubba ('Deliverance' 'My Tone'). Tim must have realized that though he could of easily sampled strings, Larry Gold was all he needed. They continue to work together today, most recently on Justin's Future Sex /Love Sounds album ('Lovestoned', 'What Come Around Goes Around', 'Losing My Way').

Here's a brief peak at Larry Gold working on a track for Tim (can you name it?):

You can bet the Larry Gold and Timbaland combination will continue and I look forward to what more these two have in store. Also make sure to check out Gold's album Larry Gold Presents Don Cello and Friends and show your support!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Danja: KC & Bayje Step Up 2 Soundtrack

Along with Timbo and Missy, Danja joined in on the Step Up 2: The Streets Soundtrack contributing 2 tracks.

The first track is his newly signed artist KC called "Say Cheese"

Solid track and a nice way to debut his new signee.

The 2nd track is from Bayje called "Impossible"

It's great to see Bayje get her shine. If you haven't checked them out yet go to her myspace page and listen to The Clutch written "Jealous Of Your Whip" and The Clutch written, Brian Kidd produced "Problem" (my personal favorite Clutch to date). I hope her album sees the light of day.

Danja is definitely showing his skills with these 2 tracks and continuing to shine on his own. So what do you think, is Danja better as an R&B producer then rap? What about his rock productions?

Rumor Alert: Usher's "Movin' Mountains"

Despite the endless "produced by and featuring Timbaland" tags that have been linked to this track since it was leaked (even MTV wasn't sure) Usher's "Movin' Mountains" is produced and written by the dynamic duo of Tricky Stewart and The Dream. The Chronicles had to make it up to our readers after that "Feedback" fiasco.

And on a side note, get ready ya'll Keri Hilson's first single is coming very soon....

Danja's new artist KC

Danja has signed a new artist to his DanjaHandz Musik imprint named KC who performed for various music executives last week:

****Producer Nate "DanjaHandz" Hills introduced R&B singer KC, the first artist signed to his DanjaHandz Muzik imprint, to a packed crowd at New York's Room Service last night.

Clad in a sunglasses, blue jacket and gray jeans with a dangling Louis Vuitton coin purse, KC cruised through several songs including "Strut Your Stuff," "Start From Scratch," "Patron" and "Say Goodbye." The 20-something, lanky crooner, who’s currently signed to Warner/Chappell Music publishing, was backed with four dancers and a five-person band.

Among the guests were Universal Motown President Sylvia Rhone, WMG's executive VP Kevin Liles, Universal Republic's co-President Avery Lipman, Atlantic'sChairman and CEO Craig Kallman, Universal Music Publishing's VP of Urban Creative Affairs Ethiopia Habtemariam, Capitol's senior A&R director Chris Anokute, Warner/Chappell Music's Urban A&R senior VP Chris Hicks, Fat Joe, DJ Nasty, The Runners, Adonis, Poe Boy Entertainment CEO E-Class and Jive's senior VP of A&R Jeff Fenster.****


We're still working on details about this new artist so keep checking back. Big props to Sebastian for this info!

The D.E.Y talk Royal Court & Timbo

Check out the new interview with the Latin trio The D.E.Y where they talk staying original, what they represent, and their unique sound:

****AHHA: How did you hook up with Timbaland on "Get the Feeling"?

Élan: I'm trying to make coffee in Chalice Studios, which is a very famous studio out in L.A., and there's Timbaland and there's Justin Timberlake, and there's Cameron Diaz. I'm trying to be humble with my coffee and they're all in the kitchen area. Ryan Tedder says, “Oh Timbaland, you gotta meet Élan, she's a great singer.” And I'm like, "Oh my God what a fabulous intro."

Meanwhile, in the works was our label backing us up trying to get us in with King [Logan] and [Sir] John, they are beat makers for Timbaland. Lo and behold, King and John [are] flying in for us [and] we hit it off with them. They came out speaking spanish, "Papito. Papito, Papitooo!" They were motivated with us, called Attitude [Timothy Clayton] up, he has great swagger, he's from Alabama. He comes through, he sings me this hook idea.

I go in - kill it. So right now the song is great but there's one missing element. So we got a surprise, the next day Timbaland comes through. He gives me certain new things to sing, He put on his morse code: doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-bum-bum, he lays down his grace on the keys. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment to see that. He wasn't booked for that session, but word of mouth got out about us and he came through and he didn't have to.****

Make sure to check out their EP The D.E.Y. Has Come as well as stop by their myspace and show your support!

Big A's Video Basement - Part 2 with "Re-Arranged Timbo Remix"

It's been a long ass time since I posted something here. Anyway, I'm back now with this rare dvdrip of Timbo's Remix for Limp Bizkit feat. Bubba Sparxxx

Rapidshare Download

Sendspace Download

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ashlee Simpson "Rule Breaker"

We told you about the 3 track EP Ashlee Simpson was releasing today and included is the apparent second single from the album:

Ashlee Simpson "Rule Breaker":

Produced by Royal Court/Timbaland and vocal production by Jim Beanz. Thoughts?

Rare Reel

Anyone recognize a certain back-up singer?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Video: Missy Elliott "Ching A Ling" & "Shake Your Pom Pom"

The wait is finally over, here is:

Missy Elliott "Ching A Ling" Video

Missy and Dave Meyers strike again! Missy confirmed that Timbo did 5 tracks for her new album!

Video: One Republic "Stop & Stare"

Here's the new video for their second single "Stop & Stare":


Hopefully we'll have Missy Elliott's "Ching A Ling" video for you today after it premieres on TRL.

Flo Rida & Madonna shoot videos

Flo Rida has finished shooting his video for "Elevator" featuring Timbaland which should be preierming any day now so be on the look out:

Madonna has also shot her video for her first single "4 Minutes To Save The World" directed by Jonas & Francois. The video will feature Justin Timberlake & Timbaland and is said to have a dominatrix theme though this can't be 100% confirmed.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Danja & Simple Plan "Generation" (Full)

Here is the 3rd and final Danja/Simple Plan collabo:


Bigmac has also given us the story behind "Generation" Vs. T.I.'s "Hurt":

****Although not every song on Simple Plan represents a dramatic departure from their traditional pop-punk formula, "Generation" may be the one experiment that draws the most attention. It features the same sample featured on T.I.‘s 2007 single, "Hurt," although Simple Plan have transformed the trumpet and drum beat into a song suitable for a scoring celebration at a hockey game. Bouvier says using the same Hills-created beat as the Atlanta rapper was inadvertent.

"When we were in Miami the first time and Danja played us that beat, we wanted to use it, but he didn't know if T.I. was using it on his album. After the third time we went back, he hadn't heard back from T.I. so we started writing some stuff on it. But later he called and said he was using it. By then we liked what we had written, and T.I. didn't care."

"I love what he did with it," says Comeau of T.I.'s "Hurt." "Maybe one day we'll do a mash-up." ****

Full Article

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Cali Stylz & Danja "Two In Da Mournin"

Check out the new Cali Stylz joint "Two In Da Mournin" produced by Danja. Look for Cali's debut album Calistylulated the Animation coming out in March.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Who flipped it better? Young Snipe Vs. Timbaland

After a crazy week of news and lots of new music let's come to the close of the week with a good ol' fashion sample. Lil' Jon and Tim have used the same samples before as we've shown you but out of all of them this particular one is my favorite, though another producer, Young Snipe who was signed to Lil' Jon's B.M.E label at the time, produced this particular track. First let's look at the Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boys 2004 album Crunk Juice, which ironically/coincendatally has another track on it that shares a sample with Timbo that we discussed last time. The track we're looking at today is:

Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys "Da Blow" F/ Gangsta Boo

You know what's next right? Fast forward to 2006 when we all got a good dose of a classic Timbaland remix with:

Nelly Furtado "Maneater" Remix F/ Lil' Wayne (which still has never been found in HQ)

So there you have it, 2 songs, 2 samples so who flipped it better? I shouldn't have to even ask if you can name the sample, it's easy enough right? Bigmac thanks for keeping me in check.

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