Friday, February 29, 2008

Cawlos, Floe Montana, Mahtie Bush, & Wyzdom "Burners"

In this day an age of 'Timbaland produced' or 'Timbaland Remix' tracks popping up on a near weekly basis, when a real Timbaland produced track does show up that is completely out of the blue it's natural to be skeptical. Case in point, the track "Burnerz" by Cawlos, Floe Montana, Mahtie Bush, & Wyzdom. I know what you're thinking "WHO!?" but indeed the track is produced by Timbaland and off their album Sac Hates Hip-Hop which was supposed to come out last year. Check it out:

Cawlos, Floe Montana, Mahtie Bush, & Wyzdom "Burnerz"

So what's the connection with this group from Sacramento and how did they hook up with Tim? I'm working on that very info. Thanks to Devoured and Hypno for the info.


  1. Thanks.
    Sounds like MASH IT UP part 2.


  2. Track is Nice, can someone rip this onto zshare?

  3. sounds nice. they did a good job too with the vocals.


    there u go

  5. Thanks for ripping that

  6. Love the beat and yes u are right in the first comment...sounds like Mash It Up but this is better I think!

  7. woah hmmm....sounds a lot like a Dr. Dre melody, with Tim drums under it. interesting.


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