Friday, February 22, 2008

VH1 Previews Mariah's "Migrate"

***** "Migrate" (co-produced by Danja) -- After announcing itself with Mariah's patented whistle notes, this club track gets to bangin' and it takes that task really seriously. It's about as meta as a banger gets, with Mariah explaining during the chorus how her night goes: "From the car to the club / We migrate / From the bar to the V.I.P. / We migrate." And so it goes, from the party to the after party, from the after party to the hotel. There's a slight autotune effect on Mariah's voice on the last "migrate" of each chorus, which I assume is to put her on equal ground with the man she shares the mic with here. T-Pain, mercifully shows up for just a guest verse -- this is not a full-blown duet. It's a feisty track, with tough Storch-esque beats that Mariah's bravado attempts to match: "If you're inked up thuggin', that's what I like," she says. See, I always thought she went for the pretty boys. Already we're learning stuff! *****

Thanks to Big Mac!


  1. The beef may be done but..

    "It's a feisty track, with tough Storch-esque beats"

    is still terribly weird to read.

  2. yeah, I agree.. how can they say a Danja beat sounds like Storch-Bullshit?!

  3. I didn't wanna hear this song until I heard Danja was attached to it.


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