Friday, February 29, 2008

Static Major: The Artist

In our final post to pay tribute to Stephen "Static" Garrett we look at his contributions as an artist. In a rare interview with him going through his entire career from Jodeci to solo artist, Static talks about what was then going to be the release of his album Suppertime on the Feddy Side. Check it out:

****"I'm coming with some OG music," Static says. "I walk a thin line between hip-hop and R & B. My new step is to establish myself as an artist," says Static, who admits he's going after R. Kelly's musical crown. "I know that will bring my songwriting more to the forefront. It's gonna be beautiful because people are gonna think I just popped up. But when they look at my résumé, they'll be like, `We been listening to this dude's work for so many years and didn't even know it."

"I picked up a lot of techniques," Static says. "I watched Jodeci put together two albums" — 1993's multi-platinum "Diary of a Mad Band" and 1995's platinum-selling "The Show, the After Party, the Hotel" — "and I went on tour with them."

The DeVante connection also meant Static was running with and working around music's up-and-coming artists at the time — hip-hopper Missy Elliott, R & B crooner Ginuwine, producer Timbaland and rapper Magoo — people who remain talented, relevant artists today.

"So when I got up there," Static says, "I was the least important. (The other artists) were already in the middle of their projects. I got to see Missy Elliott do her thing before anybody knew her. She's always been incredible. Between her and DeVante, they were the ones who pushed me to step my creative game up."

"We had to kind of prove ourselves within the crew to start getting music," Static says. "To get DeVante's attention, you had to show up with something to play for him. It had to be dope, and you had to be playing it as he walked in the door."

It was during that time Static wrote what would later become his first No. 1 hit, "Pony" by Ginuwine.

"It was a trip," he says. "The day we did it and I played it for DeVante, he told me it was going to be a smash."*****

Static was just coming into his own as a solo artist and was working on the re-release his solo album Suppertime before his passing. How would his efforts been received by the masses? Who can really say for sure but his talents, in all facets as an incredibly gifted artist, can be heard loud and clear in his songs:

"I Got My"
"U Know" (BANGIN' track!)
"Speed Of Light"
"Private Number"
"Dirty Mind"
"Till The Wheels Fall Off"
"Bus Stop Breezy"

Static Major: The Performer. The Producer. The Songwriter. The Artist.

Your legacy will live on forever through your music and we thank you for all that you shared with the world. Rest in Peace.


  1. LMAO .. now PLEASE... let him rest.

  2. I've been playing "I Got My" so much lately, its an EPIC track...

    Before I die i would love to leave a legacy behind me of great music.

  3. I just wanted to let u know boog that sadly u have more coverage on Stephen than our local media here in Louisville. Static will be missed. But no-one really understands the impact he and Playa had on the ENTIRE industry!
    2 dirty little secrets:
    1: playa had 2 albums before cheers 2 u came out.......Devante said he didnt like them and scrapped them. THEN he took the material to do Jodeci's last to hit albums.
    2:when he got to the hospital his throat was closing up so they were trying to insert a tube...........they hit a artery......he died!
    Smokey alienated himself from the other members , which is y he broke down at the end of the interview with Mark Gunn 96.5.

    Black did his thing at the Midwest talent showcase last nite. he dedicated the performance to Static! Tweet was in attendance as well as several members from Tim's label. Sadley when Black sung cheers 2 u, there was no smokey around...........*frustrating*....he should have been there for THAT moment!
    We as artist, producers, writers, ect really need our support system more than others......Statics wake and funeral showed he was MUCH LOVED!

  4. First off let me say thank you for sharing all of that info on Static and Playa, I really appreciate that.

    It's important to point out what Static contributed to this world and really try and educate people to what the man did for music. Sadly most people don't want to hear it, rather they acknowledge his death and on to the next thing.

    Static has created countless memories and good times for me through his music and it's a huge loss to all of us not to have his talents here to be shared anymore. He will be missed...

    Thank you again!

  5. Hey guys, I wannaknow if it's REALLY Timbo who produced those tracks.....
    Cause I won'tlie lie they are all BANGIIIINNNN !!!! Especially Dirty Mind, whose percussion is amazing....


  7. I cant tell u how happy i am to see u post this! He was sooo talented..its beyond words!! RIP Static. Those songs u posted on putfile, can u make those available to download?! I know Im not the only one who wants these :)

  8. where can i find that "infatuated song??"

    i want to put it on my wedding cd for all of my guest.

    my email is


  9. Here is Smokey from Playa and his latin artist G.No aka The Latin Bird


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