Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Static Major: The Producer

In addition to being a talented singer and songwriter, Static was also an accomplished producer. His production was becoming more and more in demand recently as his true talents were still just being tapped into. The first track we'll look at is WAY back in Da Basement days. Static not only co-produced the track but he also makes his rap debut and a cameo in the video. Check out Jodeci's "Gin & Juice".

Most people think that Playa's music was either produced by Timbaland or Smokey but Static also helmed a few gems as well. Most notably is "Buggin' Over You" off Playa's Cheers 2 U album as well as one of my favorite Playa tracks called "Playboy Like Me" off the Blue Streak Soundtrack back in 1999.

Then there came along the red hot foursome Pretty Ricky and a slew of tracks written by Static. In addition to his scribe duties, Static also co-proudced one of their hits "On The Hotline". Static was also working with Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P on his solo album before his sudden passing. P's magager Rex Zamor had this to say about the sad news: "Static's manager contacted Pleasure and told him what happened. I still don't know [exactly what happened]. Pleasure's taking it hard, really hard. He spoke to Static the day before he died. They were texting each other and apparently Static wasn't feeling too good and his wife was about to take him to the hospital. This dude was a good dude. He wasn't selfish, he wasn't greedy, he was a good dude. He took care of his niece. His sister died early too and he was taking care of the niece, taking care of her college tuition and her car note. I remember him telling me that. He loved his wife. In this business there is a lot of infidelity, but this man loved his wife and family. His family lost a whole lot there."

Most recently Static also produced the first single for TQ's new album called "Paradise" featuring Krayzie Bone which should hit stores April 1t.


  1. i see you're taking this hard boog.

    is there no news?

  2. mann that T.Q track static produced, i will always think of him when i listen to it.

    R.I.P Static

  3. Gin & Juice is not his debut. the video was played in '95 and before that Static had sung on Sista's video to Brand Nu remix.


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