Friday, February 8, 2008

Danja takes you behind "What Goes Around Comes Around"

MTV has come up with a very ingenius series to pay homage to this year's Grammy nominees. They're taking their readers behind the scenes of how various Grammy noimnated songs were created. This week's feature is on Justin Timberlake's global monster of a hit "What Goes Around Comes Around." MTV talked with Danja about the making of the track and here's some of what he had to say:

****We had no direction at all," Danjahandz recently told MTV News, "other than 'Cry Me a River,' and not in the sense of mimicking the track, but in how big the song was. There was no direction for how he wanted the song to sound, because there was no direction for how he wanted [his album FutureSex/LoveSounds] to sound. This was the first one."

"He started singing, 'What goes around comes around' — like, the melody first, no words, and then the words came," Danjahandz recalled. "Tim was at his keyboard, we were side by side, and he started coming with the drums to the melody. Everything was coming together at the same time."

"There's three choruses in that record, that's just the way Justin writes," Danjahandz said. "It escalated into something really big and came up to the point where it was overkill. So we decided to go with the simpler version without a bridge, because it just would have been too much to have the bridge and the break at the end of the song. Maybe one day we'll re-release the bridge version, because it's slightly different in the melody."

"That's about as close to perfect as I've gotten," he said. "I always feel like I can do something better. But I didn't know what to change on this song. I mean, I could have gotten more technical with the actual melody, real minor things that no one would ever see or know, but that could have made a world of difference. Or it could have made it go south. Who knows?"****

Definitely check out the full story to hear more about how Tim, Danja, and Justin created their materpiece.


  1. I live for this stuff.
    The creative process.


  2. M.I.N.Z.—Forbidden & Gangsta Shit—real Danja production or not?

    (produced by DANJA HANDZ for CROWNLIFE ENT)
    (produced by DANJA HANDZ for CROWNLIFE ENT)

    ...he was putting together a project called king of kings dvd & soundtrack i landed a joint on there called "hats off" about another real G in the side this was produced by Crownlife Nate Danjah hands so from there RED came home in dec 06.

  3. nice. wouldve been cool to hear the bridge. i think this song is a flatter than Cry Me A River. but none the less, great stuff


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