Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The D.E.Y talk Royal Court & Timbo

Check out the new interview with the Latin trio The D.E.Y where they talk staying original, what they represent, and their unique sound:

****AHHA: How did you hook up with Timbaland on "Get the Feeling"?

Élan: I'm trying to make coffee in Chalice Studios, which is a very famous studio out in L.A., and there's Timbaland and there's Justin Timberlake, and there's Cameron Diaz. I'm trying to be humble with my coffee and they're all in the kitchen area. Ryan Tedder says, “Oh Timbaland, you gotta meet Élan, she's a great singer.” And I'm like, "Oh my God what a fabulous intro."

Meanwhile, in the works was our label backing us up trying to get us in with King [Logan] and [Sir] John, they are beat makers for Timbaland. Lo and behold, King and John [are] flying in for us [and] we hit it off with them. They came out speaking spanish, "Papito. Papito, Papitooo!" They were motivated with us, called Attitude [Timothy Clayton] up, he has great swagger, he's from Alabama. He comes through, he sings me this hook idea.

I go in - kill it. So right now the song is great but there's one missing element. So we got a surprise, the next day Timbaland comes through. He gives me certain new things to sing, He put on his morse code: doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-bum-bum, he lays down his grace on the keys. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment to see that. He wasn't booked for that session, but word of mouth got out about us and he came through and he didn't have to.****

Make sure to check out their EP The D.E.Y. Has Come as well as stop by their myspace and show your support!


  1. not a bad track. nothing special...

  2. man those rappers are horrible, chick killed it though

  3. And a goodies:


  4. So, does that mean Wyld Money and Cali Stylz aren't signed to DanjaHandz Musik?

    And, the article couldn't even specify whether KC was male or female? What terrible journalism.

    *still thinks Danja should sign Katharine McPhee

  5. Sebastian as we said before:

    That is a the fake fanmade "Physical" with lopped lyrics. When we get the the real track, we'll post it :)

  6. nvm my last comment... wyld money's on Crown Life


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