Friday, February 8, 2008

Simple Plan "The End" (Full)

We got "When I'm Gone" and "Generation" but I don't think we got to hear the full of "The End" so here it is:

You feelin' it?


  1. danja's production on all of the simple plan tracks is horrible. the melodies are not catchy or that original, it's just stupid stuff.

  2. um, next!

    bring on that new keri!

  3. ...uhhhh...."ONE AND ONLY" ?!?!
    ^^Co-sign to NEW KERI!


  4. The only landmark Danja track on that album was "Generation"... the other two, he just let go to the wind. Nothing I'd strongly desire to put in my digital library.

  5. definitely not feeling this.

    Danja needs to listen to more rock and listen to what rock likes, but then again if SP likes it, they like it...

  6. don't cry now...

    *read below*

    you obviously didn't know that Punk, any type of punk is a sub genre of rock, for your easy access:

    *more to read below*

    now let me find a word to call you that rhymes with what you called me... ummm.... you ignorant :)

    *these asterisks are to help your intelligence disability*

  7. Ranking

    When I'm Gone
    The End (good about what did Danja do here ?)

  8. These dudes just drown out Danja's production.


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