Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Short Dawg ft. Z-Ro - "Bone" (Timmy Production)

After hearing a Short Dawg and Timbo collab earlier this year for Timbaland Thursdays, another track by Short Dawg just dropped last week. It's called "Bone," and it's off his *Adventures of Drankenstein* mixtape. Peep the track:


FreeSol ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland - "Fascinated"

Despite being pushed back to 2012, a Timbo-produced track that was originally slated for FreeSol's album *No Rules* recently leaked. The song is called "Fascinated." Check it out:

Y'all feelin' it?

Timbaland ft. Veronica - "Give it a Go"

Off the soundtrack to *Real Steel* starring Hugh Jackman. Thoughts on the track?

Music Video: Timbaland ft. Pitbull - "Pass at Me"

For those who haven't seen it yet:

Untitled from TheTimbalandBuzz on Vimeo.

Still no word on SV3, but I'd bet that it's been pushed back :-/

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