Thursday, May 19, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays: Tawanna - "See you Again"

For this week's installment of Timbaland Thursdays, Timbo shared a very heart-felt record from his vault called "See you Again" by Tawanna. Peep the track:

The song and this week's edition of Timbaland Thursdays are dedicated to Aaliyah who, as well all know, passed away almost 10 years ago (I still can't believe it). For hardcore Timstans, the link between Tawanna and Aaliyah isn't that odd because, as Timbaland shared in this interview we posted a while back, Tawanna reminded Tim a lot of Aaliyah. Here's what Tim had to say about Tawanna back in 2002:

"And you know, working with another female...I think that I can do it. I have this other female I'm about to sign, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sign her. Her name's Twanna from Atlanta, but she's not like Aaliyah. But she's makes me feel good like Aaliyah so that's kinda inspiring to have somebody like that, but it's still kinda hard. I doubt if I'll ever have that magic that I had with her, so like, I'm good with R&B because she was magic, as far as female vocalists."

Thanks Tim for sharing this record with us and keeping us smiling with sweet memories of Aaliyah. Rest In Peace Baby Girl!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is That You Kiley?

Check out the performance by Matthew Morrison on Good Morning America of his new single with background vocals by none other than Kiley Dean.

Still waiting for that Timbo collabo, come on Kiley!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays: Sincere - "90" aka "DRUGS"

Yes, you read that right. With Timbo going into the vault for this week's Timbaland Thursdays, and dropping Sincere's "Drugs" (which was relabeled "90"), we can finally scratch off yet another unreleased/rare Timbo. As we told you here, Sin's album was slated to be the first album released off of Timbaland's first record label, Zman Records back in 2000 (yep, Timbo had his own record label before starting Beat Club), but Zman never took off and Sin's album was never released, leaving most Timstans wondering if we would ever hear Sin's "Sick" or "Drugs." Well, we finally got one of our wishes. Let's hope that Timbo goes back into the vault and drops "Sick." At any rate, checkout "Drugs":

Y'all feeling this long awaited track?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rare Reel: Missy Elliott's "E! True Hollywood Story"

While clips of Missy's E! True Hollywood Story episode have been floating around the internet for years, our friends over at This is a Missy Exclusive Suckaz! just shared the full episode for Missy fans everywhere. The episode reveals Missy's childhood in Virgina, domestic abuse, forming Fayze/Sista, meeting Timbaland, hooking up with Devante and Da Basement Crew, her first big break, weight loss, Aaliyah's passing, and many other moments in her life. The episode features interviews with Timbo, Ginuwine, Madonna, Tweet, Kevin Powell, LeShawn Shellman of Sista, and her mother (Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!!!). Peep the episode here:

Thanks again to This is a Missy Exclusive Suckaz!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Czar's Sample Post of the Week: "Big Pimpin'"

As I mentioned in my "Put you on the game" lawsuit post HERE, someone recently reopened a copyright infringement lawsuit against Jay-Z, Timbo, and a slew of others, over the "Big Pimpin'" sample. Well, a federal judge in California ruled this week that the plaintiff, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, has standing to pursue the lawsuit. If my memory is right, this is the third lawsuit filed against Jay, Tim, et al, over "Big Pimpin'." While the other two cases were dismissed, this lawsuit might have some merit. Essentially, Fahmy is claiming that while Timbaland and Jay-Z did not violate the "economic rights" through sampling "Koshara" for "Big Pimpin'", he's using Egyptian copyright law to say that they violated the "moral rights" of the original composer of the track. You can read about the past lawsuits HERE (shout out to Big-A) and HERE (shout out to Wayne), a short and simple break down of the case HERE, and the full court documents HERE. I haven't read the documents, but when I do, I will give an update of my thoughts on the lawsuit. Only time will tell if Timbaland will beat this case again, or if his luck will run out.

What do y'all think about this? Let us know!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays: Eve ft. Timbaland - "Nothing to Say"

Instead of a new track, Timbo goes back into the vault and releases a track by Eve called "Nothing to Say." No info on when the song was recorded, but Timbaland calls this a freestyle record, as Eve is rapping over the "Make your Better" beat. I've always loved Eve on Timbo beats, so I hope that this is a sign that we'll get another Eve/Tim collaboration soon. Here's the track:


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