Thursday, April 28, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays: "Magoo Verse"

Instead of a full track, Timbo gives us a snippet of a brand new untitled track (SVIII?!?). While the full song features Timbo, Missy (Block Party?!?!), and Magoo (new Timbo and Magoo album?!?), Timbo decided to share Magoo's verse with us. Check it:

Y'all feeling the track? Feeling Magoo's verse? Let us know!

50 Cent - "Keep It Movin/Coming"

Despite reports by MTV that 50 Cent would release the first single from his upcoming album Black Magic, a previously unreleased track entitled "Keep It Movin" (or "Keep it Comin") surfaced. The song is thought to be produced by Timbaland during the making of 50's 2007 album Curtis. Peep the track:

Thoughts? We'll definitely update everyone when we get more info.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays: "Slow Down" (Full)

After last week's teaser, we finally have the full version of "Slow Down." In an interesting twist, Blind Fury is not only rapping as himself, but also rapping as if he were Timbo. He's imitating the classic Tim's Bio/Welcome to Our World flow. Pretty dope, right?!?! Check the track:

Thoughts on the full?

P.S. Tim Stans will remember that this is not the first time that Timbo's name has been linked to a blind rapper. Back in 2001 West Coast rapper Supervision released a song entitled "Superstar" that was first thought to be produced by Timbaland. Well in 2008, J-boogie put that theory to rest, finding out that producer Spunk actually produced the track for Timbaland Music. Check the post here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Timbo Exclusive: Timbaland and Blind Fury - "Slow Down" (Snippet)

For those of you following Timbo on Twitter, you know that Timbo recently hooked up with 106 and Park contestant Blind Furry. Well, we just got a snippet of what they've cooked up in the lab. The track is tentatively called "Slow Down." Peep:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Czar's Sample Post of the Week: "Put you On the Game"

No, this isn't a sample of the week; just commentary on some recent news involving a Timbo sample.

Over the past couple of weeks, people have flooded my inbox asking me feelings on the recent news of an appellate court dismissing a lawsuit filed against Timbaland (along with The Game, Interscope, Aftermath, and G-Unit) for sampling "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai" for The Game's "Put you on the Game" without getting permission from major Indian production company, Saregama India LTD (a case we told you about here and a sample featured on my sample mix Vol. 7). I told them that I wouldn't have any thoughts on it until I read the court documents. Well, I've finally read the court's decision, and thought I'd share my feelings with the Chronicles fam.

For those who don't know, in order to win a copyright infringement lawsuit (here, it's sampling without permission), you have to do two things: 1) Prove that you are the rightful copyright holder; and 2) Show that someone or a group of people violated the copyright. So, in order to prove #1, Saregama pointed to an agreement they had with Shakti Films, where Shakti transferred copyright to Saregama for all recorded music. Now, since "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai" came from a Bollywood film produced by Shakti, Saregama told the court that, due to their agreement, Saregama holds the copyright. But, as the court documents reveal, this agreement was to only last between January 1967 to January 1969. Since "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai" came out in September of 1969, this was after the agreement. Consequently, Saregama isn't the rightful copyright holder of "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai," and cannot file a lawsuit against Timbaland. Check the summary of the court's decision here:

The funny part to me is that because Saregama couldn't prove #1, the court didn't even have to rule on #2, which is whether Tim actually sampled the "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai."

So what does all this mean? Well, I asked a good friend of mine, Wayne Marshall, who's also a DJ, music scholar, and constantly gets called to court as an expert on music and copyright (check out his blog, Here's what he said:

Funny to see Saregama overreach like this. That may mean we see a lot less litigation of this sort, since they're the major major, though it depends on how commonplace a limited agreement like this was. Was it really "unique"? If so, I wonder why.

To me, this is the whole result of this case: it leaves more questions than answers. Sure, because Tim won against a major Indian production company, this could mean that he can go back to sampling Bollywood tracks without worrying about a lawsuit, but let's be real here. The case was dismissed only because of this limited agreement between Saregama and Shakti Films, an agreement that could have hurt Tim's bank account if "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai" came out in January of 1969 instead of September 1969. If these limited agreements were common, then Tim might have more wiggle room to sample, but if this was just a one-time thing, then it will still be difficult for Tim to freely sample Bollywood. Also, Shakti Films, if it still exists and if it doesn't whoever owns the rights to the estate, can still sue Timbaland. The court ruled in favor of Timbaland because the wrong party sued. Someone can definitely refile as the rightful copyright owner, and this wouldn't be anything new to Tim since someone claiming to own the rights to "Koshara" recently reopened the "Big Pimpin'" copyright infringement lawsuit against Timbaland. Only time will tell what happens next, but for now, Tim must be feeling pretty good.

P.S. For those who are music/copyright/all things Timbo nerds, you can read the full court opinion HERE

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays: "I Won't Board This Plane"

Like last week, Timbo breaks us off with a solo track entitled "I Won't Board This Plane." Peep the track:


Artist Origins: Avery Storm, Kiley Dean, and Ryan Tedder/One Republic

Ever wonder how some of your favorite artists got their start or even linked up with Timbaland? Well, check out these three (somewhat) recent interviews with Avery Storm, Kiley Dean, and Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

While most people know the R&B singer Avery Storm from his features on hit songs like Notorious B.I.G.'s "Nasty Girl" (off the Biggie Duets album) and Rick Ross' "Here I Am," hardcore Timstans will remember him as being part of the Beat Club artist roster under the name The Storm. Check out this interview Avery Storm did with YouKnowIGotSoul on how he originally meet Tim and signed with Beat Club and what he's up to now:

Hopefully one day we'll get to hear the tracks Avery and Tim worked on (Timbaland Thursdays?)

YouKnowIGotSoul also did an interview with Avery's fellow Beat Club label-mate, Kiley Dean, and she was very candid about Tim, Beat Club, the music industry, and her upcoming projects:

Wow, Kiley first met Tim back in 1999 and had a development deal with him and Missy?!? Imagine if that deal worked out and we might have had Kiley on Missy's Da Real World or Miss E...So Addictive!

Lastly, Chicago radio personality, John Williams, sat down last year with Ryan Tedder to discuss One Republic, the music market, and his future collaborations. Peep:

Hmmmm. Wonder why Ryan didn't mention working on Bubba Sparxxx's Deliverance album? But, damn! Can you believe Columbia dropped One Republic, Katy Perry, AND the Jonas Brothers from their label? And all on the same day? Wow. Goes to show you that if one door closes, another one will open.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rare Reel

We haven't had a rare reel in quite some time and today we're bringing you some real gems from Missy performances throughout the years. Check 'em out:

"Pass The Dutch" on SNL in 2003

"Sock It To Me/The Rain" w/ Magoo and Pepsii Riley? HOT performance!!

"Gossip Folks/Work It" MTV Spring Break 2003

"Sock It 2 Me" from Martin (who is that singing??)

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