Thursday, May 31, 2007

Danja on R. Kelly's Latest?

Check this article:

***** Skewing a bit more uptempo than in the past, Kelly enlists a who's who of producers (Kanye West, Nate "Danja" Hills, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre and the Neptunes, among others) and features a glittering roster of guest stars including Snoop Dogg, the sorely missed Nelly, T.I., Houston's own Chamillionaire, Ludacris and Usher. *****

Interesting...which track did Danja do?

Justin Timberlake signed...

Big A in tha house. So let me, or rather The Thomas Crown Chronicles, be the 1st site of the world wide web to announce JT's 1st signing. It is a 22 year old singer from New York. Her name is "Brenda Raney". Some might remember her from the 2007 Grammy appearance "My Grammy Moment". She already started workin on material with Timbaland and also with The Neptunes from what I know. Now that we posted the news, I'm even more curious now how many days they need till they finally announce her :)

Timberlake starts his own label

****Justin Timberlake considered partnering with any number of major labels while shopping for a home for his Tennman Records imprint. So why did he ultimately go with Interscope Records and not, for instance, Jive, where Timberlake has been signed as an artist since his teen years in 'Nsync?

''The thing that ultimately made the decision for him,'' Timberlake's longtime manager Johnny Wright explains to, ''was the labels that [Interscope] already had and the people who were running them. Timbaland has a label there, Pharrell has a label there, has a label there. If [Justin has] a synergy with these producers and writers, why not be there?'' (A representative for Jive confirmed that Timberlake is still on their roster but declined further comment.)

Still, with profits from CD sales continuing to plummet industry-wide, there are clear risks for any label that decides to launch a costly new project like Tennman. Wright declined to discuss the deal's financial terms, but as one top industry insider comments: ''To be in business with Justin Timberlake, one of the biggest stars in the world, isn't cheap. It puts too much pressure on the deal.''

Tennman president Ken Komisar — former VP of A&R for Sony BMG — concedes that any start-up imprint faces steep challenges, but he believes Timberlake's successful track record as an artist and, more recently, as a writer and producer for other acts, can bring success to the new label. ''Someone who has the creative vision that he has — it doesn't take all the risk away, but it certainly helps to make the odds a little better.''

Former *NSync bandmate JC Chasez, who enlisted Timberlake's production and songwriting skills for several tracks on his forthcoming sophomore album, Kate, points out that Timberlake's status as an international megastar doesn't hurt either. ''Obviously, he's going to bring a lot of heat, because the world is staring at him right now,'' Chasez says. ''He brings free press with him wherever he goes.''

But does the 26 year-old have the business acumen to run a label? Nate ''Danjahandz'' Hills, Timbaland protégé and co-producer of number-one Timberlake singles ''SexyBack'' and ''My Love,'' says he witnessed the star's marketing savvy first-hand. '' 'SexyBack', he knew it was risky for him,'' Hills says. ''He knew he didn't sound like himself and he'd been gone for a while.'' Nevertheless, Timberlake fought to have the song released as FutureSex/LoveSound's first single. As Jive CEO Barry Weiss told EW back in February, ''It was an unusual record, but it was a risk that clearly paid off.''

It remains to be seen whether Timberlake will sign artists that will approach his level of success, and it might be a while before we find out. ''We're in a short-term business right now,'' says the insider. ''He wasn't walking in with an exciting, brand-new artist. It could be another two years before a record comes out [on Tennman].''

A senior executive at another label is cautiously optimistic about any new venture headed by a recording artist: ''Justin himself is a tremendous musical force, so there's no better person to get in business with. But it's tougher than ever now to break an act. The key ends up being, can he pick and identify great talent? We've all known superstar artists who've gotten labels and not been able to pick talent and others who could.''

Timberlake has yet to announce any signees to Tennman (the name's a nod to his Tennessee roots). Says Wright, ''He just doesn't want artists that are sitting around waiting for Justin to come in and write a song or Justin to tell them what direction to go in. He wants artists that he's proud to do a duet with [or] put on his stage.'' Recent Internet speculation suggests his first artist could be Dutch teen and online sensation Esmee Denters. In March, Billboard magazine reported that Denters' popular YouTube performances had attracted frantic attention from a host of major labels. In her most recent clip, Denters covers Timberlake's ''What Goes Around... Comes Around'' — complete with a surprise cameo from Timberlake himself.

Though no one in Timberlake's camp would confirm or deny any plans to sign Denters, Wright confirms that the star has talked with the teen and is ''definitely interested'' in working with her. Hills recalls, ''[Justin] was like, `She's crazy! I definitely want to get in the studio.' '' He was just excited about getting in with her and doing some music.''

Adds Komisar: ''[Denters] is hugely talented. We've all seen [her talent] unveil itself on YouTube, and you see the strength and power she has on her own. We'd be very lucky to work with her.''

If Timberlake can bring his Midas touch to Tennman, it's Denters who'd be the lucky one.****


Big thanks to the people at Entertainment Weekly for the info! Look for the new EW next week.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nelly Furtado's verse on "Give It To Me"

There has been many rumors of who everyone was talking about on Tim's "Give It To Me" By now it's obvious Timbo was talking about Storch but what about Justin? Was it Janet Jackson? Maybe Britney? Even Prince? I guess we'll never know that one. As far as Nelly Furtado is concerned, she decided to share who she was really talking about on LA's Poiwer 106 with Big Boi show. Take a listen to what she had to about the whole "beef"

Nelly talks about Fergie

We now have pop artists going at each other in the music industry today. Even Nelly says herself it's a "cheesburger beef" yet she also goes on to explain how the beef all started rather than dismissing something she admits is "funny" and "boring"

How do you all feel about beef in music? Has it gone too far? Is it good for music or is it becoming the new trend? Rappers have beef, producers have beef, and now top 10 artists have beef, is it healthy aspect of music that is contributing to the art? Or rather is it taking away from quality music instead watering it down with self promotion tactics to get the masses to hear their music. Has music turned into tabloid entertainment?

What do you all think?

M.I.A "Jimmy"

I have had this track for quite some time but didn't post it as the sound quality was really bad. The track is from a live performance a couple of weeks ago. I went to the Sasquatch festival where she was scheduled to perform but sadly did not show up due to ovisa issues so I can not report first hand on the track. Thanks to my friend Juan I can now share a better quality version of this track. M.I.A has confirmed it's produced by Timbaland.

I'm hoping this isn't the final version or somehow the album version sounds better because this is awful in my opinion. It sounds like some filler track with Tim's name on it. That weird 80s techno dance beat, no cool sounds or noises, and the just plain boring monotony of the track makes me wonder what Tim really did with it. What surpirses me the most is from all those tracks we heard in the MIA/Timbo video she picks this one?

Guess we'll have to wait for the album version. Props to Juan! Opinions on the track?

Timbaland gets sampled (Part 2)

If you all take a look back in Novemeber in the The Chronicles Archives (check the link on the sidebar) you will remember I did a post about Timbaland tracks that have been sampled. Here's the direct link to refresh your memory.

There has been so much talk of Tim sampling other tracks what about the those that sample Tim? There are actaully quite a few tracks out there that have sampled Tim you may not know about and some that are a lot more obvious. We mentioned 4 tracks before so now let's look at 5 more.

1. First up off Redman's 1998 album Doc's Da Name 2000 album is D.O.G.S which obviously samples Aaliyah's Ladies In The House" (as well as a little George Clinton "D.O.G.S") I never though this beat could be anything but a R&B jam but Redman flipped it real nice.

2. Back in 1999 the amazing Chemical Brothers released a classic album Surrender. I'm sure as fans of Timbaland and to pay homage to him they decided to sample Nicole Wray's "Make It Hot" for their track "Music:Response" You have to listen closely and you'll hear the chorus being sung. Classic sample for sure.

3. Next up we have George Michael's "Freeek" off his 2004 album Patience which samples Aaliyah's "Try Again" It's hard to hear but listen closely and you'll get it.

4. This next one Czar brought to my attention. It's a beautiful track called “Thiru Thiruda” (Mister Thief) composed and sung by Parasuram-Raha, the husband and wife team of singer Anuradha and classical violinist Sriram. The track samples Aaliyah's "We Need A Resolution" and is from the movie soundtrack of Five Star a movie 3 men and 2 women who live together after university keeping their relationships strictly platonic. There's another sample in this track as well can you guess it?

5. This next one is my favorite. You all are aware of Diplo right? M.I.A's longtime producer and boyfriend who is known for his chaotic beats and crazy sounds. With M.I.A being a huge fan of Missy and Timbaland when she first started out, you can bet Diplo also must have also been a fan. In 2005 he made the track “Haiti On Blast" which obviously samples Misssy Elliott's "She's A Bitch"

So there you have Part 2 of what I'm hoping will be a long series of tracks that sample Tim. Look out for more soon and if you ever come across any tracks. Definitely let me know.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Speak N Spell

One album that remains a mystery when it comes to samples is Missy Elliott's Da Real World. It's been hard for even the best sample sleuths to track down Tim's samples as easiely as on other albums. There was one "sample" or rather sound I knew the first time I heard it and I thought Tim was a genius for using it just because it fit the track perfect and he flipped it backwards.

First check out Missy Elliott's "Hey Mr DJ"

Now do you remember when you were a kid playing with a Speak N Spell? Maybe I'm too old and some of you too young to know what a Speak N Spell is but it was THE toy to have as a kid and it was entertainment for days. Well Tim and/or Missy must have had one too because they used it in "Mr DJ."

Check the "M I S S Y...Y S S I M"

Now go here Click "Play" then "On" and try it yourself.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Info on "The Way I Are" Video

The video is completed and was shot in Manchester, UK. D.O.E, Sebastian, and Keri Hilson all make appearences. Justin Timberlake will also be make a cameo as well. There is no scheduled release date of the single yet but as soon as we know here, we'll let everyone know. Here is an article talking about the video shoot as well:

****Meanwhile music video director Shane Brake jetted into Manchester from Los Angeles yesterday for the Timbaland video, which shot throughout the night in Salford and Manchester, and said both music stars have loved their time in the region.

He said: "Timbaland wanted an edgy rock `n' roll style video for this single so we chose a parking garage in Salford because of the interesting architecture and archways.

"Timbaland then wanted to end the video by driving around Manchester in a black cab.

"I think that Timbaland really sort of likes the vibe of Manchester, and it suited him to shoot his video while he was here with Justin on tour in the UK."

Shane said that Timbaland had asked a "few professional football players" down to the shoot to star in the video as well, although remained tight-lipped about their identities.****


Big thanks to Timbalandchick for the photo and info. You can catch more exclusive photos from the shoot at her site:

The Remix Project: Week 2

Alright so before I continue let me go over how we're doing this again. I need everyone's entry each week by Sunday night because once I embed the poll into the post, it can't be changed as it registers only 1 IP address per vote. So don't forget Sunday evening! Anything after that can't be voted on.

Also I need all entries in an mp3 format as that's the only way the music players will read them. I try and respond to every single e-mail I get saying I got your remix so if you don't hear from me just send another e-mail to make sure. I don't want to make this into some huge project with all sorts of complications and rules rather this is just for fun and a great way to share the music ya'll creating.

Ok so on to the next entry. It's actually a sample, see if you can recognize it:

Week 2 sample via
Week 2 sample via
Week 2 sample via

The sample to be used is obviously at the beginning. I'll let you all chop that up since you guys are the experts. If you'd like to post the chopped part of the sample for others in the comment section that would be great. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with on this one!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Remix Project: Week #1 Entries

I'm very sorry for the delay in posting the entries. I was having a lot of computer problems this week but I'm hoping everything has been fixed. First off let me say thank you to everyone who participated this week. We have 21 entries which is phenomenal and I hope we can keep those numbers up as we continue with the project. You all did a great job and I appreciate the time, effort, and great remixes each of you came up with.

Everyone vote for their favorite remix, the top 2 will be saved for the final mixtape. Vote using the poll that I have generated. 1 vote per 1 IP address! That way it's fair for everybody. I encourage all of you to really listen to each remix as each person really worked hard on these. I will also be posting a link up on the sidebar for each week's entries for people to go back if they need to vote or want to listen to the remixes again.

Also please leave feedback for these producers and beatmakers. I think it's only going to help each of them get better at their respective crafts. Again thank you to all of you and I look forward to more great, quality music from each of you!

Due to the number of remixes and all of the media players, The Chronicles is taking a long time to load and there are other problems that have been encountered. So in order to fix these problems and to listen to all the remixes and cast your votes please visit this page:

Mixtape Project Week 1 Entries

Bookmark the page so it's easier! Thanks everyone!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up fellow Tim stans?!?! It's Friday again, and that means another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. Now I know it's been a minute since I've posted a sample of the week. Boogie posted one for me two weeks ago, and when Boogie had a three day sample cd fest last week, I decided not to have one that week and just let y'all absorb all the samples that he hit yall off with. But this week, I'm back to bring y'all another Tim sample.

But before I showcase this week's sample, I have to confirm that we will have another sample wars. It should be a hot battle with everyone bringing straight heat. Boogie needs to redeem himself after the last sample war, so I'm lookin' forward to seeing what he's going to bring to the table.

Now, for this week's sample, I thought I'd showcase a Tim sample from one of the best Tim produced albums that was sadly never comercially released: Kiley Dean's "Simple Girl." To me, this is simply a masterpiece, from start to finish. When I was thinking about which sample to showcase from this album, I thought about the somewhat corny (but still solid) track, "America" The track samples "Bonnie and Clyde" from the French musical icon, Serge Gainsbourg. For those who have a good ear, you can probably spot a lot of similarities between "Bonnie and Clyde," and Bubba Sparxxx's track "Deliverance." Tim was definitely influenced by "Bonnie and Clyde," when he was producing the song "Delieverance."

Well that's it for this week's installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. Check back next week, where I'll showcase another Tim sample. And don't forget about Sample Wars II in June!!!


The Relativez

The Relativez are a west coast duo consisting of cousins Big Wy and Super Booga. They got their first major start back in 1994 with the track "Eastside Westside" off the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack under their former name Young Soldierz. They were signed to Death Row for some time as well before going their separate ways.

Still down with the crew, in 2001 The Relativez were featured on the track "Smoke" off the Doggpound's "2002" album. Later that year The Relativesz released their 2nd album called "The Takeover". A 20 track record, the album featured production mainly by a producer named Big Rush aka Rashad Coes. Coes has produced for Mack 10, The Westside Connection, MC Eiht, and a bunch of other west coast acts over the years.

One track that stands out on this album is track #6 "Maria." The track features Timbaland and because of that it was assumed that Tim did the beat. However, looking at the credits, Big Rush is credited as sole producer while Tim is credited as writer. Now if this was the mid 1990s and we were looking at Jodeci tracks you could say that despite what the liner notes say Tim really did the beat but this is 2001 and by this time if Tim even twisted a knob he was going to get credit.

So scratch this one off your Timbaland production lists and put it on his featured only list (ie "Party"). Big props to my man Roderick for the info.

The Sample Wars II

The sample wars are coming! The sample wars are coming!

Boogie VS Czar VS Big A VS Nick VS Roderick VS Czar VS Big A VS Roderick VS Nick VS Boogie

June 4th-8th so mark your calendars. This time I don't know about these punks (HA HA!) but I'm definitely going to bring it. I need to redeem myself after last time when Czar won by a hair.

Should be fun so check it out ya'll!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fabolous F/ Ne-Yo "Make Me Better" Video

Props to Macedes for the info!

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad

Rihanna’s new album Girl Gone Bad has indeed leaked but you won’t find a link for it here. If you dig for it though, you will find it. Rihanna has said there are 3 Timbo tracks on the album but there's been debate as to which ones . Now I can’t say for sure (yet) but I'm preetty sure the following are the 3 Tim tracks. The first is “Rehab” which sounds like Justin’s ‘What Comes Around Goes Around” Part II. The second track is called “Sell Me Candy” which has that very obvious Timbo beat box as the basis for the track. Now I’m not exactly sure who’s singing background but I can bet Jim Beanz is showing the world what’s up.

The final track is “Lemme Get That” which has a sick drum pattern but it uses an element of sound that Tim rarely uses and that’s brass. Based on that, I thought that even though Rihanna has said in interviews that Tim produced the track maybe she got mixed up and Polow did it since he is a big fan of brass. We'll have to wait and see what the liner notes say but I think Tim indeed did produce the track.

Now another track that sounds Timboesque is “Breaking Dishes.” Now I thought Danja did it solo as it has those simple drums and 80s synths throughout it but it looks like C. Tricky Stewart produced it. We’ll have to wait and see since NONE of this info is to official. I also am going to look into how Hannon Lane was involved in the project because I know for sure he was. Definitely cop the album as the production makes it worth it even if your not a big Rihannna fan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Throw It On Me" Video

Cool video with that Sin City feel. The video actaully makes me like the song which I never thought would be possible. What do ya'll think?

Sisqo and Timbaland

If you all remember there was a long gap in Timbo produced music in late 2004 and early 2005. One track that was leaked completely out of the blue was a track called “Really Real” by Sisqo. It was leaked by one of his fan sites and was said to be produced by Timbaland. Not well received by fans who were looking for more of that Timbo sound versus the breezy, sythny final product, the track could never be verified if it was Tim or not. There was confirmation from Sebastian that Timbo and Sisqo worked together, but not the name of the tracks so “Really Real” was put on the it-could-be-Tim list and forgotten about.

Fast forward 2 years to about 3 weeks ago, when on Sisqo’s official myspace “Really Real” showed up along with notes in the music player that said “produced by Timbaland not on "Last Dragon" (his upcoming album) So going on the assumption that the myspace is truly his official one, finally the ‘Really Real” question was answered.

Well around this same time another Sisqo track emerged called “Pop That” which was also said to be produced by Timbaland. At that time the track was also on Sisqo’s official myspace but there was no notation that the track was produced by Tim. I argued that it wouldn’t make sense for Sisqo, who’s trying to promote a new album, to put up a Timbo track and not promote it as such since Tim is so huge right now. I went back and forth with the Timbo fans and even Czar with his bionic ear was quick to point out that the track had the same drums as Missy’s “Wake Up” so was more than likely Tim. Though he was right, I wouldn’t give in.

Then all of a sudden a week after the track was first put up on his myspace, notes appeared in the music player that also said “produced by Tim not "Last Dragon" that were not there before. Why those notes weren’t put up in the first place will always remain a mystery (to me) but finally there was the confirmation needed that both tracks are produced by Timbo. So add them to your lists. Of course now I’m wondering why they didn’t make the album....

Thanks to Czar and Big A for the arguments :D

Monday, May 21, 2007

"Throw It On Me" Video premiers tonight

****Raw is about to get a little bit sexier. The world premiere of Timbaland and The Hives’ “Throw it on Me” video, featuring WWE Divas Ashley, Maryse, Torrie Wilson, Kelly Kelly, Layla and Brooke, is tonight on Raw.

“Get ready for a shocking experience, WWE fans,” Timbaland said.

Along with director Justin Francis, the multiplatinum rapper/producer created a “Timb City” theme for the “Throw it on Me” video. Think “Sin City,” but with the Sexiest Women on Television as larger-than-life superheroes.

“I don’t have a favorite WWE Diva, I love them all. They all have their own different personalities,” Timbaland told “They’re hot because of their personalities. It’s their spirit. Their energy is pure to me.”****

Full Article

Here's a few preview clips from the video shoot.

So catch the video tonight everyone and let's hope it's as cool as WWE and Timbo is making it out to be. We'll definitely get here on The Chronicles as soon as we get a link.

HBO to air Timberlake tour

****HBO to air Justin Timberlake concert special
Madison Square Garden show will be first for cable network since 2003

By Nellie Andreeva
Hollywood Reporter
Updated: 6:50 a.m. PT May 3, 2007
LOS ANGELES - HBO is bringing the concert specials genre back with Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake’s first solo concert special for HBO will be taped Aug. 16 at Madison Square Garden, during the second U.S. leg of his FutureSex/LoveShow world tour. It will air Sept. 3.

This is the first concert special for HBO since it carried a Rolling Stones show from the hallowed venue in January 2003.****


Now that means, as my sly man Nick pointed out to me, that it will be on DVD and therefore an HQ version of Timbaland's entire set! Always thinking Nick good job.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Remix Project: Week 1

First off let me say thank you to all of you who left comments, hit me up on myspace or through email, or on various forums for all the support for the project. The response has been great and very positive so I look forward to the final product.

Ok so for the first remix of the project let's stick with the current. How about we start with Tim's 2nd single off Shock Value "The Way I Are":

"The Way I Are" via yousendit

"The Way I Are" via sendspace

"The Way I Are" via zshare

Remember send me your remixes via my e-mail: or myspace sometime this week. If you are worried about your remix being shared then tag it but I will be posting all the remixes in a format that prevents downloading (unless they're ripped). I will post all of them next week along with a new acapella and everyone will vote for their top 2 remixes which will be saved and added to the "mixtape" at the end.

Make sure to listen to all the remixes and vote for your favorites. Again thanks to everyone and I look forward to seeing how this project unfolds. Any questions hit me up anytime.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Danja, Missy & Simple Plan

Check these new vids of Danja and Simple Plan:

data="" height="375" width="459" align="middle">

Direct Link

data="" height="375" width="459" align="middle">

Direct Link

Thanks to James from the Beat Club forum!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rare Reel

Breakin' you off a 3 part video. Miss these dudes big time:

Big thanks to Roderick for these!

"We Takin Over" Remix

Check the new remix with Akon, R. Kelly, T-Pain, Lil' Kim & Young Jeezy! Produced by Danja.


Shane Drake to direct "The Way I Are" video

****Los Angeles, CA (May 15, 2007)— After winning a 2006 MTV Video Music Award for “Video of the Year,” Shane Drake is already recognized as one of the world’s most imaginative and distinctive music video directors. As of today, Drake has officially announced that he is heading to England in order to work with legendary artist/producer Timbaland on his newest music video “The Way I Are” off his most recent album Shock Value. The music video will be shooting on May 18, 2007 in Manchester, England.

Drake shares, “I like to tell stories with my videos-- and Timbaland’s new video is going to be unlike any other. Utilizing the tools of incendiary cinematography and fierce lighting schemes, I plan to sculpt an edgy masterpiece, oozing with style and impact. With each rhythmic pulse and beat we will time crafty edits, sharp as tacks and smooth as steel.”

Los Angeles-based Drake has directed brilliant music videos over the past five years for elite music industry players such as Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. Now, determined to broaden his creative output, Drake, who is known best for his talents in the rock genre, will once again crossover into hip hop to show the world what he can do.

“This video is going to be an artistic expression of Timbaland’s music. As an added element of force and velocity, we will follow Timbaland as he cruises around the city. From the colors, to the wardrobe-- to the edits, we will craft a slick masterpiece that defies genre and truly defines cool,” says Drake.

Shane Drake has most recently worked with rock bands: New Year’s Day, Say Anything and Paramore. His videos can be seen on rotation on Fuse and MTV2. Prior to leaving for the Timbaland shoot, Drake will be a celebrity guest on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit (airing weeknights at 6 pm/9 pm PT)*****


Anything but the "Give It to Me" video and I'm cool. Props to Timbochick for the info!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's That Sound? Part III: The Current Years

Well here we are on the last day and it will be the shortest though it may possibly have the most interesting samples in your opinion. Like I said before Timbaland has used these Sound Effect CDs up to this year. Don't believe me? How about we take a look at the very recent "Laff At Em" Remix. Take a listen to "Laff At Em" and you’ll notice there's a bunch going on in the track. It's hard to pin point one sound except maybe for the laughter in the background. Well if you listen carefully you'll hear this Sample 38 but it’s been pitched down. Here’s the sample pitched down now go listen again to the song, hear it? On a side note there’s another sound in the song too that all you Mac users should recognize. Have you noticed the sound? If not I suggest you go to your Sound Preferences and take a look around. Tim is using this noise. Hear it? Well if not take a listen to this little sound tutorial from my friend Safehandz and you’ll hear.

Ok so if you remember from a past article, I think it was the GQ one, Tim talked about how he made 2 tracks after he lost all the weight that made it onto Shock Value, which came out years later. Which 2 tracks do you think those are? Now of course everyone wants to say “Bounce” but why? Because it’s old school Tim? Because Tim produced it solo? Hmmm. I say “Bounce” too but for a different reason. Tim basically put down the sample CDs for late 2005 and 2006, Justin and Nelly’s albums don’t really have any samples from it. So my guess is Tim made “Bounce” back in 2004 though it made 2007’s Shock Value. Now here’s the proof. Let’s take a listen to the Timbo masterpiece ”Bounce.” Great song huh? Well if you notice it starts off with this Sample 39 but as you keep listening you’ll hear this Sample 40 as well. At the end Timbo breaks it down and it’s there you get the star sample of the show none other than Sample 41. Now take a wild guess where these come from? Yes indeed from the same CDs we’ve been working with. Ironically or maybe not so much the “clap you hands everybody” break that Tim says from “Boardmeeting” is in the same section on the sample CDs as the “Bounce” samples. Interesting…

So that’s it folks, that’s all I got. Actually no I got one more for ya.’ A little conspiracy theory to get you thinking. Let’s back up to Missy’s Cookbook album and take a look at ”Lose Control.” ( I know you were thining "Joy") Missy is credited solo producer for the track and she did a great job with both Cybotron’s “Clear” sample and Hot Streak’s “Body Work” sample (both listed in the credits) but that doesn’t explain the very beginning of the track. What about this sample Sample 42? Yes that’s right that also comes from our Sound Effect CDs. Now where did Missy get that sound? Did she hear it on the CDs and used it? Did Tim say this would work well at the beginning of the track? Or did Tim put in there himself? Or my favorite theory: did Tim have a hand in the production of the track? Hmmmm

Alright that’s it I’m all done. I gave you 42 samples, or sound effects rather, to show the significance of these 3 CDs in Timbo’s career. I understand what sound effect CDs are and what sampling is rather the point of all this was to show the genius of HOW Tim uses these samples/sounds in the music he creates and how he’s been using these same CDs for the last 12 years plus. The logical quesiton is what are these 3 CDs? That is something I can not say, you'll have to dig. Now I can’t take credit for these posts. They would not have been possible without the great find by my good friend Safehandz who presented me with the goods and we ran with it. So thank you VERY much my friend and look at what you created! So much props!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed these last 3 days. I know I enjoyed presenting it to you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's That Sound? Part II: The Middle Years

Well here we are on day #2. Before I continue let me say these sample CDs, or I should say correctly Sound Effect CDs, are 100% legit and can be bought on the internet by anyone, it's just a matter of finding them. So let me start with another little conspiracy theory. There’s been a lot of talk about current producers who work with Timbo not getting their dues. The Royal Court not getting full production credits, Brian Kidd not getting credit, etc etc yet Tim went through the exact same thing with Devante. If you go way back and really listen to some tracks credited to Devante but “all instruments by Timbo” or “scratches by Timbo” you’ll definitely hear that Timbo style. Well here’s what may be considered a little proof to this very fact. In 1996, Devante is credited for producing Da Basement’s track "Love U Down" (off the Nutty Professor Soundtrack). It’s actually using Sample 22 from the sample CDs we’ve been talking about. Coincidence? Tim letting Devante use his samples? Devante ironically using the same sample CDs? Hmmm….

I think Tim put down these sample CDs starting in 2000, more so I think he changed up his style of production and sampled from actual songs more than he did in the past. There are samples used from the 3 CDs but they are a lot more subtle. Yet there are those tracks that you can definitely hear loud and clear the sample sound used. Take a look at Missy’s 2003 "Let It Bump." It uses the first part of Sample 23. Sticking with the same album when you listen to "Pump It Up" you’ll hear a rather interesting sound which is this one Sample 24 as well as Sample 25. You remember Jazmine Sullivan’s ”Backstabbers” that Tim did? At the very begining he used this Sample 26. Remember this one because we’ll be revisiting it in a second. Then there’s the 2004 Ludacris track ”The Potion.” Yes Tim used the same sample CDs to give it this sound Sample 27.

So this could get real boring playing 1 sample here and 1 sample there and I definitely don’t want to bore you. When Tim did use the sample CDs these middle years he really used them. Take a listen to Jacki O’s 2004 track "Slow Down" yes there is Sample 26 again but it’s followed by Sample 28, Sample 29, and Sample 30. Now the track has also used a sample from Musical Youth’s “Pass That Dutchie” which it originally came from but Tim got it from this Sample 31 break beat off the same set of Sample CDs we’ve been talking about. Looking at another multiple sound track how about Missy’s 2003 track ”Partytime”. The entire backbone is this break Sample 32 with this Sample 33 laced on top. Don't get those 2 samples mixed up with J. Geil's "Whammer Jammer" sample that is credited in the liner notes for "Partytime"

The final track we’ll look at today is one of my favorite Tim tracks ever Missy’s 2003 ”I’m Really Hot” Now this track has all sorts of samples in it. It starts off with the call and response of Sample 34 and Sample 35. Then following that Sample 36 echos. You do hear Sample 37 throughout the whole track and the whistle is yes Sample 25.

Ok that’s it for today, what’d ya’ think? Still interesting? What you all have to realize is these sample CDs have snares, hi- hats, cybals, flutes, synths, bass, guitar, breaks, voices, etc everything you need to make a track. So what I’m pointing out are just obvious sounds in Tim’s productions but Tim used these CDs to create entire songs with. I’m talking about every single sound you hear, every beat, every rhythm, every element of the song was made using these CDs. Pretty incredible stuff I have to say and Tim always comes back to these them.

For tomorrow I’ll prove that very point when we look at Shock Value….

Monday, May 14, 2007

What's That sound? Part I: The Early Years

Wassup ya'll Boogie here with a lot of goodies for ya'. I have to say out of all the hundreds of posts I've ever done on The Chronicles this is by far my favorite. So good that it took me a week and over 60 hours just researching it. So good in fact I have to break it up into 3 parts over 3 days. So good that I will never listen to a Timbaland track the same ever again. Yes THAT good and keeping with The Chronicles theme we'll throw in a little conspiracy theory or 2 in there for good measure. So sit back, relax, and enjoy but you need your ears for this one BIG TIME!

What if I told you there are 3 sample CDs that Tim has used nearly his entire career? From Ginuwine's "Pony" to Shock Value. Would you believe me? What if I said I had proof from nearly every year his music has been released? No? Still not enough for you? What if I said that I had 25 tracks to prove it? NO? Still not enough. Well how about the samples themselves? How about I give you not 1 or 2, not 5, not 10, not even 20, but 40 samples yes 40 that prove my very point. Come on now Boogie you lyin'. Well let's start shall we.....

It's been said that Timbaland had completed Ginuwine's The Bachelor 2 years before it was actually released. That would mean the album was completed in 1994 since it was released in 1996. That amazes me to know that an album so incredible, so groundbreaking in sound was made back then. Let's take a look at "When Doves Cry" What's the stand out sound? Could it be Sample 1? I'd say so but let's move on to G's hit "Pony" There is a couple of samples here. There's Sample 2 and Sample 3.

Moving on to Aaliyah's 1996 album One In A Million, there's the track "Never Comin' Back" which samples Sample 4. Looking at her hit the title track "One In A Million" you can hear Sample 5. Now this sample can also be heard pitched up in Ginuwine's "Tell Me Do You Wanna". Hear it? Also in "One In A Million" is the famous Timbo Sample 6. This sample can be heard all over Tim's productions. At first you want to say you hear the same sample in 702's "Steelo" Remix but actually it's a slightly different cricket and is really Sample 7. What else do you hear in the remix? Take a listen to Sample 8 and pay close attention to the last 2 notes. Yes that's a damn dolphin Tim used for that, I was amazed.

Moving on to Missy Elliott's 1997 album Supa Dupa Fly when listening to "The Rain" you'll hear a sped up version of Sample 7. Then in "Beep Me 911" you'll hear our mousey friend Sample 5 again. In "Friendly Skies" you hear Sample 9. Now this one is a bit tricky for "Best Friend" at around :58 you'll hear some flutes. These are actually both Sample 10 and Sample 11 chopped up. If you listen and rearrange the notes you'll hear it. Yes you're right on "Pass The Blunt" that is Sample 1 again. Finally on "Busta's Outro" you'll hear Sample 12.

How we doin' so far, ya'll still with me? Ok it's 1998 let's look at Playa's "All The Way" it uses Sample 13. Alright on to Tim's Bio, "Put Em On" which uses Sample 14. 1999 now, check the beat switch on Missy's "Busa Rhyme". There's a lot going on in there. That's Sample 9 again yes and then there's Sample 15 and Sample 16 which are in there. Add to that the first siren Sample 17 and the 2nd siren definitely is debatable if it really is Sample 18 BUT both samples can be heard in Mocha's "Runnin' Shit" though the 2nd is tweaked a bit.

Yes you're right I forgot Tim & Magoo's Welcome To Our World so let's back up to 1997 and take a look at it. There's "Beep Beep" which yes samples both crickets samples while "Smoke In Da Air" samples one. "Up Jumps Da Boogie" however samples an entirely different cricket, yes a 3rd one Sample 19. Almost done now "Man Undercover uses Sample 20.

Now of course we wouldn't be The Chronicles if we didn't add a little conspiracy theories in there. I can't say for sure but we all are familiar with those little chipmunk laughs Tim has sprinkled throughout his productions especially his early work well I have a feeling he used Sample 21 and slowed it down. Who knows I could be wrong but I just have this gut feeling.

Whew 21 samples and it's only day 1, did I move to fast for ya'? Just wait I have a lot more for ya'll and a few surpises too. Hope you liked this post!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Chronicles presents: The Thomas Crown Remix Project

So we here on The Chronicles definitely try to mix things up to keep everyone’s interest up but most of all because we don’t like to be just a music page or a news page, rather we like keeping ya’ll on your toes. The website is only as good as its readers and your involvement is always appreciated. So I’ve kicking this idea around for the last 2-3 weeks and decided to present it to everyone and get your feedback. So here’s how I’m hoping it goes down:

1. Each week an acapella from a Timbo produced track or a sample Timbo has used is posted.

2. People take the acapella/sample and remix it however they want and send it back to me

3. The following week I post up all the remixes I received for the week and everyone votes for their 2 favorites.

4. The 2 favorites are saved and another acapella/sample is posted for the week and we go again.

5. For the next 8 weeks this goes on until we have 16 remixed tracks. Then those tracks are mixed into 1 long “mixtape” and posted for everyone to download

Now this has nothing to do with The Chronicles itself, we would be just the hosts. Rather I thought this would be a great way for all aspiring beatmakers/producers to get some exposure and get your name and work out there. Plus it’s a great way for all of you to show how you feel a Timbo track could (or should) sound.

So does this sound like something everyone would be interested in? Could you all do this for the next couple of months? Is a remix a week enough time? If you’re worried about your tracks being taken then tag them. This project is only going to be successful if there is a lot of interest and people actually participate.

So get back to me. Leave a comment or hit me with an e-mail and give me your feedback no matter what it is. I was planning on starting the project next week depending how everyone felt about it.

Let me know….

Czar's Sample of the Week

Boogie here filling in for Czar who's busy this week. Now I know Czar always laces ya'll up with some great samples from actual songs but this week I thought I'd mix it up just a bit and look at some sample CDs. The first one is from Shawnna's "Shake That Shit". It's obvious what the main part of the track is right? Well it should be it's because it's non other that this sound coming straight from the Arabic Traditions sample CD.

Now sticking with the same track it's been said that there is another sample in there, this one in fact. To me, however, it's not a perfect match though it might have been altered slightly. Rather that sample is from two other Tim tracks both many years apart. The first is from Utada Hikaru's 2004 Olympic song "By Your Side" The 2nd track that uses the sample is from Justin Timberlake's 2006 album the track "Chop Me Up". That sample can be found on the Voices of Istanbul sample CD.

So there you have it. I thought I'd put a little spin on the sample of the week this week. Now speaking of samples I suggest you all tune in next Mon-Wed. as there will be a 3 part sample posting of mind boggling proportions.....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fabolous talks Timbaland

****Fabolous has waited long enough. His new album From Nothin’ to Somethin’ is ready for a June release and he has already released some singles. With Def Jam finally, seemingly, behind the project, he spoke about how this album feels and how his latest single went from Jay’s hands to his.

"We got to work with a lot of people we felt would make the album better. Production-wise, the lineup is like the Yankees: Timbaland, Akon, Jermaine Dupri, Just Blaze, Polow Da Don, Neo 'The Matrix.' ... We got great features, too. Each person, I could hear them making the song better. Lil' Mo, Cassidy ... we got a very deep, well-rounded album," he told MTV.

While waiting for the album to hit, he’s also done a lot of growing up.

"I been through situations I never been in before in my life…I got shot, been arrested, been in a relationship. I'm past really rapping for my block or my projects. I'm trying to grow. We been working really hard. I took two months and worked in Miami , then I came back to New York and worked another three months."

Ne-yo, who is a guest on the LP, spoke on Fab’s latest single “Make Me Better.”

"Timbaland produced the track," he said. "The way the song came together, it's actually a track that Jay-Z brought to my attention. He said, 'Tim gave me this track, but it sounds more like an R&B track than a hip-hop track. I really think you should do something to it.' So I wrote the hook, did some verses, and Fab heard it. He said, 'You should let me get on that with you.' Then Fab did some verses and I liked some of his stuff more than my stuff, so I was like, 'You should just take the damn song.' The rest is history. The chemistry is so right, it sounds like we were there [in the studio] together."

Fab agrees.

"It's a great record… We get a lot of love across the country everywhere we play it. It leans towards the ladies, but it's a swagger record. The fellas could dig it too. The fellas are picking up lines from it. They telling ladies, 'I'm cool, but you make me a better person.' I'm happy everybody is receiving it well.
"When you make a relationship song, it's relatable…A lot of people have been in the position when you've been the main person or the mistress. Or maybe you had somebody on the side ... at least once in their life. It's just relatable music. Same thing with 'Make Me Better.' You find that person in your life, then the haters, their antennas go up."****


Props to Macedes for the find!

Nelly Furtado & Timbaland rock band?

I don't know if you all ever read that Rap-Up magazine where Nelly said she, Justin, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Missy, and Tim were going to form a group called The Awake last year at this time. Well it seems like that very thing may happen. Check out this article:

****Nelly Furtado and Timbaland hit pay -- and platinum -- dirt with the dance tracks on the Canadian singer's latest album, "Loose." Now they're looking to rock things up a bit.

Furtado tells she and Timbaland are planning to put together a rock band, although she adds that "I don't think it'd be, like, a real rock band. It'd be more like our version of alternative, so it wouldn't necessarily be like heavy and guitar-driven. It would be left field, and not necessarily pop."

Furtado, who launches her 17-date North American Get Loose Tour on May 30, says there's no timetable yet for the rock project but notes, "Tim's been really enthusiastic about us working together again real soon."

The purported band's name is also up in the air, she says: "We keep arguing over names. I want these really weird, subversive names, and (Timbaland) wants these mysterious, like, 'Lord of the Rings' kind of names. We can't decide."

"Loose," meanwhile, continues to roll even after selling five million albums worldwide and being certified gold or platinum in 28 countries. Furtado will follow the current single, "All Good Things (Come to an End)" with a fifth, "In God's Hands," and, she says, "there's talk of a sixth and seventh single, believe it or not.

"I mean, Nickleback is on their seventh single. Pussycat Dolls are on their seventh single. Sometimes there's these albums where you can stretch to seven singles. I like that 'cause I think the album is good and I want people to hear as much of it as possible before I go away again."

Noting that "time off is when I get ideas," Furtado says her next recording project -- rock band with Timbaland notwithstanding -- will likely take a different direction.

"I don't see myself recording in English again any time soon," she explains. "I really want to do a Spanish and Portuguese project -- and I have no plan on when I'm gonna do that. There was talk of rushing something out early in the year, and it just didn't feel right. So I said, 'I don't want to rush this. Let's wait and do something in the future.'"*****


Sounds interesting, what do you all think?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cruel Intenions DVD

Sebastian also talked about how he adding to his "Cruel Intentions" DVD that I hope will come out one day soon. Now I'm sure all of you have already seen the 2 clips of the DVD. The 1st clip is what intrests me the most. There are all sorts of new unreleased Timbaland beats sprinkled throughout including this incredible beat with the lyrics "Would you like to...." Though it's only a snippet, it has been a top 5 Tim track for me since I first heard it. Well as it turns out the beat is not Timbaland, rather it's.......Hannon Lane! I'm telling all of you Hannon is not to be messed with, the dude is INCREDIBLE on the boards and I know that he's going to get real big in the next few years.

Sticking with the same video, at the very end you'll notice a white dude playing a guitar, singing. Of course you want to say it's Justin Timberlake but it's not. If you look at this video you'll see the same guy, same green sweatshirt and you can tell it's definitely not Justin. So who is it?

None other than Chris Rich.......who? Ever watch American Idol? Then you'll know it's Chris Richardson the 5th place contestant on Idol. Pretty interesting don't you think? The videos are obviously before Robinson was a contestant on Idol so the question is what was he doing in Tim's studio? Will he be on Sebastian's album? Hmm interesting information that you know Boogie will be checking into so stay tuned.

Rare Reel

Timbaland, Magoo, Raje & Sebastian

Chat with Sebastian

If you all haven't already joined Sebastian's fanspace group, I'd say go check it out and add the space. Why? Well to support Sebastian of course but also every Wednesday and Friday nights at 9PM Eastern time there is an open chat session that usually lasts anyhwere from an hour or longer. We haven't had a session in a long time becuase Sebastian was on tour but last night we had one and Sebastian broke us off with some really interesting news that I thought I'd share.

1. For the 2nd half of Timberlake's tour, Tim is keeping his set pretty much the same. I'm of course interested in any possible changes, if even a single track. I'm hoping to make the Tacoma show in September since everyone has said how good it is and see for myself.

2. Sebastian leaves for Europe to shoot "The Way I Are" very soon. He is also in the studio with Hannon (more on him in another post) laying down some new tracks. He is really trying to make his solo CD happen so I encourage all of you to show your support.

3. Jay Z wants to do another album.......with ONLY Tim producing. Yes that's right only Tim and Jay Z, could you imagine? Now of course this is all talk who knows what will really happen but let's hope it really transpires unlike the Dre & Tim album, Luda & Tim album, and Eve & Missy with production by Tim album that were all just talk.

There is 1 other interesting item but that deserves a post all it's own. Big thanks to Sebastian for all the info.

Danjahandz - Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

According to, producer DanjaHandz was honored last night (May 9) by Epic Records President Charlie Walk and David Ehrlich for producing six No. 1 singles the past year. Nate “DanjaHandz” Hills is a protégé of Timbaland, producing tracks for Nelly Furtado (“Promiscuous” and “Say it Right”), Justin Timberlake (“Sexy Back,” “My Love” and “What Goes Around”) and Timbaland (“Give It To Me.”) Some of the industry’s biggest names, including Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman, attended the event held at New York City’s Gin Lounge. In addition, Danja is among the top honorees at tonight’s SESAC New York Music Awards, which pays tribute the top writers in the music industry.


Original Source

Danja Talks Britney

Britney Spears Collaborator Says Her LP Is 'About Feeling Good, Celebrating Womanhood'
'She didn't let none of her personal life into what she was doing,' Nate "Danja" Hills says.

By Jennifer Vineyard

Don't expect any insight on Britney's breakdown on her forthcoming album — yet another collaborator says the LP will just be about good times.

"She didn't let none of her personal life into what she was doing," Nate "Danja" Hills said. "There was no, 'I need to let it all out.' She said she deals with that in another way."

As one of Britney Spears' main collaborators, Danja has co-written and produced seven to eight songs with the singer so far, in sessions with songwriters Keri Hilson and Corte Ellis. Other songwriters and producers on the yet-untitled effort include Pharrell, Sean Garrett, Scott Storch, Dr. Luke, J.R. Rotem, Ne-Yo, T-Pain and Kara DioGuardi (see "Ne-Yo Gets Frisky With An 'Ex,' Avoids K-Fed Songs For Britney" and "Britney's New Music Is 'The Next Level,' Producer Says"). Danja is a frequent Timbaland collaborator who worked extensively on the latest albums from Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, among many others (see "Timbaland Protege Danja Makes His Own Noise With DJ Khaled, Trey Songz").

Hills' sessions with Spears started in July — before the divorce, the all-night partying, the head-shaving and rehab (see "Britney Spears, Kevin Federline Reach Divorce Settlement"). He says that despite all the bumps in her personal life, her professional life has remained right on track. "As far as her work ethic, I haven't seen anybody come in like that and do what you go to do," Hills said. "Boom, boom, boom, and get it done. So as an artist? She's ready to go."

Spears' game plan to make a fun, danceable album has also remained steady, Hills said. Instead of scrapping tracks and starting over once her life started changing, the singer stuck to her strategy to keep the tunes as high-energy, uptempo — and decidedly private — as possible. "She wanted to stay away from being personal," the producer said. "It's fun, it's basic and there's nothing wrong with that. It's about feeling good, celebrating womanhood. And if you don't dance to it, I really don't know what you're listening to."

While the song titles have yet to be "100 percent" determined, Hill said that overall, Spears' sound is "bigger" and "more mature" than what we've heard from her before. "It's a new Britney," he said. "I come from hip-hop, so it's underlined with hip-hop, but I throw it down. It's got everything, it's electric, it's just wild." One song sounds like it belongs in a video game, while another has a hook and chorus that makes him laugh just thinking about it: "It's weird! It's catchy, but it's weird. It's hot."

Now that Hills is moving into the mixing stage, he's just waiting to find out if any of his songs are contenders to be the album's first single, which is due to impact around the end of the summer, according to Spears' record label. "It's ready to hit the clubs," Hills said. "You're going to hear it getting ready to go to the clubs, while you're getting your clothes on, in the car on the way to the clubs, everywhere. You're just going to hear it. Be prepared."

Thanks to PeopleLikeMyself from the Beat Club forum!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Timberlake confirms 50/Timbo track

From an MTV article

****TV: And on the flipside, you're also doing something with 50 Cent?

Timberlake: Yes, I did a song with 50 as well, Timbaland and I. We call it "AYO Technology," and it's really cool because it's a bounce record, it's kind of got the same tempo as "My Love," so to hear 50 rapping on a track like that is really different for him. I'm a fan, man. I'm just working with people I'm a fan of.

MTV: Did 50 bring out the hardest Justin yet?

Timberlake: We met somewhere in the middle. [He laughs.] It was somewhere like a bulletproof designer necktie.****

There you have it, the question is will the track be on this album, 50's next project slated to be released before 2008, or just be an unreleased track. ****Edit I wonder if "AYO Technology was renamed to "Mechanic" for the album? That would make sense as to why we don't see it listed. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Bjork "Volta" Album Credits

Did everyone go out and buy there copy of Volta? I did and I have to say it's a solid album. Not the best from Bjork (Vespertine) but none the less still a solid album. I can't stand this new trend of having like 10-12 tracks on an album. It doesn't make any sense to me. If we're gonna pay full price, actaully if we're going to pay at all these days, give us a full album. Anyhow I found the credits quite interesting. Here they are:

Earth Intruders (by the way the album version if different than any other version to date)

Written by T. Mosley, N. Hills, Bjork
Produced by Timbaland and Bjork
Co-Produced by Danja
Bjork: vocals, programming and editing
Timbaland: keyboards and beats
Danja: keyboards and beats
Engineered by Jimmy D for Timbaland sessions(remember these tracks are over a year old)


Written by T. Mosley, N. HIlls, Bjork
Produced by Timbaland and Bjork
Co-Produced by Danja
Bjork: vocals, programming and editing
Timbaland: keyboards and beats
Danja: keyboards and beats
Engineered by Jimmy D for Timbaland sessions


Written by Bjork and T. Mosley
Produced by Bjork (interesting...)

Bjork: vocals, clavichord, sine bass, programming, and editing
Timbaland: triggering pre-recorded percussion loop
Danja: bass drums
Engineered by Jimmy D for Timbaland sessions

Hmm so Tim gets credit for flipping a switch for the drum loop? Did he get paid for that? More so does he need an assitant for that? ha ha

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No Tim on the New 50?

50's new album "Curtis" is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The tracklisting is the following:

1 187
2 Come & Go
3 Follow My Lead
4 Movin' On Up
5 Peep Show
6 Still Will Kill
7 All of Me
8 Destiny
9 Fully Loaded Clip
10 My Gun Go Off
11 She Wants It
12 Straight to the Bank
13 Amusement Park
14 Fire (Feat. Nicole from PCD)
15 Hands Up High
16 Officer Down
17 Smile
18 The Mechanic (Feat. Tony Yayo)

The album's description discusses Pharrell, Kanye,, etc., but no mention of Timbo or Justin. However, Wikipedia states that Danja produced "Fully Loaded Clip" while Justin and Tim are on "The Mechanic." This is 0% true until I see a source!

Washington Post talks Clinton/Timbaland

Here's another article, from a few weeks back also talking about the Hilary Clinton & Timbaland dinner. A snippet:

Put me in the camp of those who implore Sen. Hillary Clinton to give it back -- "it" being the reported $800,000 that's sitting in her presidential campaign coffers thanks to a fundraiser hosted in her honor March 31 in the Pinecrest, Fla., home of a huge Clinton fan who refers to himself as Timbaland.

In response to my questions, Clinton campaign spokesman Blake Zeff said in an e-mail this week that it cost $1,000 just to get into Timbaland's fundraiser, that about 200 guests were on hand and that the senator was accompanied by former president Bill Clinton.

You would not be reading about Clinton or about Timbaland -- who entered this vale of tears 36 years ago in Norfolk under the name Timothy Mosley -- were it not for the fact that he is a well-heeled hip-hop producer and noted performer of the kind of misogynistic and denigrating lyrics that informed Don Imus's derogatory comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Mrs. Clinton, you may recall, took umbrage at Imus's remarks, branding them "small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism." His words, she said in an e-mail to supporters, "showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African Americans and women everywhere."

Good for her, I say, except it must be asked why she was down in Florida making nice to -- and pocketing big bucks from -- a rapper whose obscenity-laced lyrics praise violence, perpetuate racist stereotypes and demean black women.

Check out Timbaland's latest album, "Timbaland Presents Shock Value."

Here are lyrics from the track "Come and Get Me":

"Nigga Your Time Is Up, I Aint Come To Kid You
I Knew You Niggas Was Dumb, But How Dumb Is You . . .
I'm A Ride Or Die Nigga, I Be Tearing [expletive] Up
We Aint Like Them Other Fools, Who Don't Compare To Us
All The Hoes Love A Nigga, They be Backing It Up
But Me I Love Money I Be Stacking It Up . . .
I'm Rich I Can Pay To Have You Six Feet Deep (Nigga)"

And from his track "Kill Yourself":

" . . . most of u rap niggas is hoes to me,
wherever u from
the question I ask
is do u think I give a [expletive] . . .
u mad at me? cuz im getting rich,
well put the pistol to ur head and empty the clip, pop nigga!"

And how about this little ditty, "Considerate Brotha," from an earlier recording:

". . . Hoes coming up short? Hoes finna get cursed out!
. . . Slam the mask out of these hoes and they say, 'What is that, velvet?'
And they betta meet they quota, betta yet betta meet they deadline . . . I'm a pimp all around
A pimp of the town -- we pimpin 'em up, HOES DOWN."


So is this an attack on any hip hop artist and Timbaland just happened to be the victim this time? Is Colbert right, can Clinton say Imus was disrespectful to women and then get support from Timbaland, based on his own lyrics?

What you all think?

Timbaland supports Hilary Clinton

(part of the official invitation)

I'm not sure if you all know but in late March Timbaland hosted a fundrasier to support Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton. There were many in attendence including her husband, former President, Bill Clinton. The night was a huge success and raised over $800,000 for Mrs. Clinton's campaign. However, recently, there has been outrage from a conservative group over the fundraiser. Check out this article from XXL magazine.

****Conservative Group Slams Hillary Clinton over Timbaland Fund Raiser

As previously reported on, 2008 presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, held a fund-raiser with rapper/producer Timbaland in Miami on March 31. The event raised over $800,000 and was a big success for the New York Senator. But not everyone was so pleased with the outcome. According to, a socially conservative group, The Family Research Council, is demanding Clinton give back the $800,000. The group is furious over Timbaland’s role in the fund-raiser, claiming the rapper uses profane and misogynistic lyrics in his music. The Family Research Council sent out emails stating Clinton’s “hypocrisy” for aligning with Timbaland, while, two weeks later, leading a charge against Don Imus, calling his characterization of the Rutgers University woman’s basketball team as “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism.” The email sent out called for people to complain to Clinton’s campaign volunteer coordinator, Ron Schneider, and demand that Clinton give back the money Timbaland helped raise.

According to, Schneider’s email box was then bombarded with complaints, prompting him to place a call to Tom McClusky, Family Research Council’s vice president of government affairs. “He made it clear what he thinks of a group like ours and he asked me at one point, ‘whether any of your constituents would support Clinton anyway,’ McClusky told “Every other word was the F-bomb. We were complaining about the profanity-laden lyrics of Timbaland only to get a response of more profanity. If this is the caliber of people she’s hiring, I think our people would be reluctant to vote for Sen. Clinton.” A Clinton spokesperson, Phil Singer, did issue a statement, saying Schneider’s phone call “isn’t consistent with the kind of tone we set on this campaign.” ****

I have to admit I was hesitant about posting this. What does governement politics have to do with music but after a long debate with Big A, he convinced me it would be interesting.

How do you all feel about this? Do you feel Tim's lyrics are profane and misogynistic? Do you feel conservatives or anybody for that matter has the right to tell the general public what they can and can not listen to? When does an "entertainer" become a regualr person free to support whomever they chose? And when does being an entertainer's lifestyle interefere with their everyday lifestyle?

Please I encourage all of you, discuss.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Crown Life Entertainment

Yeah, it's been a minute since my last Danja post, but I got a whole lot of new music. I got D-Stretch's whole album, T.E.A.M.H.O.O.D.'s whole album, Wyld's whole album, ya know.

Let's start off with Wyld's latest, "Street Power, Pt. 1" presented by Crown Life Ent. and Danjahandz Muzik. It's brand fuckin new, and has some of the hottest shit coming out of Danja's camp. Unfortunately, the CD doesn't come with production credits, but I upped the CD for ya to figure out for yourself:

However, I upped it in the lowest quality possible so that y'all gotta go buy the album. Cop it here

Well worth the ten bucks!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back in the Day

What up, it's Roderick aka BossPlayya checkin in.

Now, usually I limit my contributions to the Timstrumentals, but I consider myself a OG Tim fan, so I'ma take this opportunity to take it back for a minute.

I ain't gon go thru the whole Tim's Bio thing where I explain how he got to where he is, him & Missy and the whole Bassment crew w/ Devante and them...that story's BEEN told.

It's been a debate about Tim 'ghost producing' for Devante for a while now. Young Mosley started rollin w/ De from before the summer of '93, so there are a whole lotta cats that try to dissect the songs that came outta that era, and try to figure out what joints Tim mighta had a hand in.

Another thing I aint tryna do is debate who the better producer is or how De mistreated his Swing Mob crew. My aim w/ this is to highlight some ol' school songs -- that early to mid 90's era - where De Swing had heavy involvement from Tim, Missy Playa and the rest of the gang on his tracks.

I'ma start w/ a Tony Thompson joint from 1995. SLAVE. An album track off the former (and recently reunited) lead singer of Hi-Five's solo album. The track is produced by DeVante Swing, co-produced by Darryl Pearson (y'all know him! frequent and still Tim collaborator). Missy co-wrote the song and it features Playa on backgrounds. Devante even shouts out Static in this joint. Both Tim & De are heavily influenced by Prince when they attempt slow jams...see if you can hear anything that reminds you of Tim or anything that Tim has carried over into his own work down the line.

Tony Thompson//SLAVE produced by DeVante Swing

Guess who got the Billboard cover?

That's who! May issue so go cop it.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up y'all?!? It's Friday again, and that means another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. When Boogie posted that video of Missy's performance in Germany, I realized that it had been a while since I showcased a sample from Missy. So this week, I decided to have a sample that's definitely an oldie but goody.

Missy Elliott's "Sock it 2 Me" has to be one of the top ten Missy/Tim songs for me. The entire track is just sick, and it's one of those tracks that really made me fall in love with that Missy and Tim sound in '97. Well the track samples the 1968 song "Ready or Not (Here I Come)" by the soul group The Delfonics. Most of y'all will probably notice that the Fugees essentially re-did the song for "Ready or Not." But, if you all are real Tim stans, you will notice that the string stabs that were sampled on "Sock it 2 Me" are also the same ones featured in the chorus of Usher's "You Make Me Wanna (Timbaland Remix)."

So that's it for this week. Hope y'all liked this oldie but goody. I'll catch y'all back next week for another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tim didn't make TIME but Justin did

TIME was picking it's 100 Most Influencial People of 2007. Timbaland was up for the most influential Artist and & Entertainer category hence our vote. Unfortunately he didn't make it but he did get #31 Justin Timberlake did, however, make the top 20 and here's what Timbaland had to say about him.

Tim talks Timberlake

Congrats to JT and let's hope 2008 will be Timbo's TIME.

Rare Reel

When I found this week's Rare Reel, I was floored. I had never heard of it and never knew anything about it. Check it out:

Yes that's Missy Elliott, Lil' Mo, Cheryl Pepsii Riley (she KILLED it!), Gina Thompson, AND Nicole Wray all in one venue. Apparently this is from a concert in Hamburg, Germany, however with all the cameras it doesn't seem like an actual concert rather I wonder if it's a live TV performance.

If anyone has the full of this concert or knows where I can find/buy it please let me know. Enjoy :D

Marcella "Ms Lago"

We've been talking about her a lot lately. If you all listened to "The Way I Are" video edit with Sebastian you'll hear him shout her out yet again. One of the only female engineers in the game, she's definitely doing big things.

Check out her myspace and show your support of the what looks to be the next big engineer in the game.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bobby Valentino and The Royal Court

Come on now, you guys can't post that The Royal Court had something to do with the 2 Bobby Valentino tracks and not expect me to investigate. The stan in me burns too strong. So yes everyone is correct. Bobby Valentino's "Anonymous" and "Rearview (Ridin') are indeed produced by The Royal Court. I checked with my man King and he did confirm that The Royal Court co-produced the tracks.

So just like Omarion's "Icebox" and "Beg For It" The Royal Court deliver once again. You can see King throughout the making of the Shock Value video as well. I'm looking forward to what more they have in store for us. Great job everyone and thanks for the info.

Timstrumental of the Week

Keepin the synergy goin at The Chronicles, last week Czar came w/ the sample for a great Jay-Z album track. I'ma keep it goin w/ the Timstru. To me this is the typa Tim track that just knocks so consistently it doesnt need to switch anything up too major, the beat just rides. Kanye West wishes he could do tracks like these...

Next, I'ma drop one of these every once in a while. Tracks that hardcore fans were convinced was Timmy. Or songs that have been highly debated over who did the track. Big Tank, Brian Kidd, Danja, Hannon and a couple other cats have been credited w/ Tim beats before, this is one of them tracks. Timbaland 'mixed' this one, but it's KIDDLEE responsible for it. Slum Village ft. Ms Jade & Raje Shwari. This sounds so good I wish Tim woulda did it.

Jay-Z//THE BOUNCE timstrumental
Slum Village//DISCO kiddstrumental

"The Way I Are" mystery 2nd rapper is.....

None other than Sebastian! He has put the track on his myspace along with this bulletin:

****Well there has been a lot of speculation about there was a new featured added to "The Way I Are" for the video version off of Timbaland presents SHOCK VALUE ALBUM for the next single. So I decided to post it up on my page to give u guys a first listen b4 the video comes out. So here it is:

"The Way I Are" featuring Keri Hilson, D.O.E, and Sebastian Enjoy it and go pick up Timbaland Presents Shock Value Album in stores NOW!!!!!

And shout out to the wonderful, talent, best female engineers in the game "MARCELLA" Thank u for the hot mix :)****

So there you have it, Sebastian is the added person on the track. I'm really feelin' the beat breakdown at the end, I wish they extended that even further. Ya'll remember our talk on Marcella right? I'm tellin' you be on the lookout for her.

Timbo on the cover of Time magazine?

It could happen ya'll. All Tim needs is enough votes, so that's where all of you come in. If you were able to choose "The Way I Are" as the 2nd single then there's no reason you get Tim on the cover of Time magazine.

It's easy just go here and on the top left rate what you think Timbaland's influence has been this year. Tim currently ranks #88 with nearly 3000 votes and an average rating of 52. He should be higher so get out and vote.

You could say influence over what or Tim hasn't done anything to be influential. Well when the competition is the likes of Perez Hilton and Keifer Sutherland I'd say Timmy has had a hell of a lot more influence.

Go vote!

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