Monday, May 7, 2007

Crown Life Entertainment

Yeah, it's been a minute since my last Danja post, but I got a whole lot of new music. I got D-Stretch's whole album, T.E.A.M.H.O.O.D.'s whole album, Wyld's whole album, ya know.

Let's start off with Wyld's latest, "Street Power, Pt. 1" presented by Crown Life Ent. and Danjahandz Muzik. It's brand fuckin new, and has some of the hottest shit coming out of Danja's camp. Unfortunately, the CD doesn't come with production credits, but I upped the CD for ya to figure out for yourself:

However, I upped it in the lowest quality possible so that y'all gotta go buy the album. Cop it here

Well worth the ten bucks!


  1. Nice post Nick! Definitely gonna buy that and support Danja and his crew. Great look on this.

  2. it's alright. but it definelty smashes whats on the radio. this seems like a compilation of there old material. but danja said there already working on SP 2 so that probably has a fresher sound to it..

  3. Already ordered my copy, waiting for it to arrive :D :D

  4. please rip it in V0 VBR ! im in germany, i cant buy the tape!

  5. Yeah, man...please upload it in better quality and send it to my e-mail add - I can't buy the tape either. I live in Zambia in Africa, so there's no way I can get my hands on it. Thanx in advance. Peace!

  6. You can, I'm in the UK and I bought it

    Well it hasn't arrived yet but its went through and all that so I'm just waiting now

  7. thanx for telling me, keith.


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