Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad

Rihanna’s new album Girl Gone Bad has indeed leaked but you won’t find a link for it here. If you dig for it though, you will find it. Rihanna has said there are 3 Timbo tracks on the album but there's been debate as to which ones . Now I can’t say for sure (yet) but I'm preetty sure the following are the 3 Tim tracks. The first is “Rehab” which sounds like Justin’s ‘What Comes Around Goes Around” Part II. The second track is called “Sell Me Candy” which has that very obvious Timbo beat box as the basis for the track. Now I’m not exactly sure who’s singing background but I can bet Jim Beanz is showing the world what’s up.

The final track is “Lemme Get That” which has a sick drum pattern but it uses an element of sound that Tim rarely uses and that’s brass. Based on that, I thought that even though Rihanna has said in interviews that Tim produced the track maybe she got mixed up and Polow did it since he is a big fan of brass. We'll have to wait and see what the liner notes say but I think Tim indeed did produce the track.

Now another track that sounds Timboesque is “Breaking Dishes.” Now I thought Danja did it solo as it has those simple drums and 80s synths throughout it but it looks like C. Tricky Stewart produced it. We’ll have to wait and see since NONE of this info is to official. I also am going to look into how Hannon Lane was involved in the project because I know for sure he was. Definitely cop the album as the production makes it worth it even if your not a big Rihannna fan.


  1. Tim used brass instruments on Deliverance - Overcome I believe (though I'm not sure if it was sampled)

  2. Missy's "Big Spender" isn't Tim! produced by Troy Johnson (for Nature's Finest Productions)

  3. Yes you are correct Big A, I have that in my notes too *edited*

  4. the "sell me candy" track reminds me of an updated hootnanny by bubba sparxxx...

  5. "Rehab" reminds me alot of Bubba's "Deliverance". You can sing the hook to that over the beat to "Rehab" and it fits like a glove. Funnily enough "What goes around, comes around" sounds like "Deliverance" anyway, so... *shrugs* Go figure! :P Rihanna sounds hot on this track, but Kiley Dean woulda sounded better.

    As for "Lemme get that", it is Timbo for sure. Tim has worked brass into tracks before. He did so on PCD's "Wait a minute" and Brandy's "Who is she 2 U". Plus, Justin is on the chorus and Rihanna said she did tracks with Justin and Tim together.

    "Sell me candy" is BANGING!! I love the beat. Which male vocalist section are you referring to J Boogie? I thought the dude on the chorus might've been Justin Timberfake. Unless you're on about the dude yelling ♪ Brrrrrrrrrraaah!!! ♪ *lol*


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