Saturday, May 12, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

Boogie here filling in for Czar who's busy this week. Now I know Czar always laces ya'll up with some great samples from actual songs but this week I thought I'd mix it up just a bit and look at some sample CDs. The first one is from Shawnna's "Shake That Shit". It's obvious what the main part of the track is right? Well it should be it's because it's non other that this sound coming straight from the Arabic Traditions sample CD.

Now sticking with the same track it's been said that there is another sample in there, this one in fact. To me, however, it's not a perfect match though it might have been altered slightly. Rather that sample is from two other Tim tracks both many years apart. The first is from Utada Hikaru's 2004 Olympic song "By Your Side" The 2nd track that uses the sample is from Justin Timberlake's 2006 album the track "Chop Me Up". That sample can be found on the Voices of Istanbul sample CD.

So there you have it. I thought I'd put a little spin on the sample of the week this week. Now speaking of samples I suggest you all tune in next Mon-Wed. as there will be a 3 part sample posting of mind boggling proportions.....


  1. I accidently used this sample from the Istanbul CD before I realised where it came from, but after that it was so obvious, can't understand how I didn't recognise it lol.

  2. Czar doin his job...always a pleasure :)

    what up man, can u upload the Istanbul collection for me?

  3. Hey, u forgot about brandy "Come as U are", the sample was used there as well....

  4. It's a close call for Brandy's "Come As You Are" not the same exact notes I think but I bet it's from the same sample CD. Good ears StarSheg!


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