Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Timbaland supports Hilary Clinton

(part of the official invitation)

I'm not sure if you all know but in late March Timbaland hosted a fundrasier to support Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton. There were many in attendence including her husband, former President, Bill Clinton. The night was a huge success and raised over $800,000 for Mrs. Clinton's campaign. However, recently, there has been outrage from a conservative group over the fundraiser. Check out this article from XXL magazine.

****Conservative Group Slams Hillary Clinton over Timbaland Fund Raiser

As previously reported on XXLMag.com, 2008 presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, held a fund-raiser with rapper/producer Timbaland in Miami on March 31. The event raised over $800,000 and was a big success for the New York Senator. But not everyone was so pleased with the outcome. According to CQPolitics.com, a socially conservative group, The Family Research Council, is demanding Clinton give back the $800,000. The group is furious over Timbaland’s role in the fund-raiser, claiming the rapper uses profane and misogynistic lyrics in his music. The Family Research Council sent out emails stating Clinton’s “hypocrisy” for aligning with Timbaland, while, two weeks later, leading a charge against Don Imus, calling his characterization of the Rutgers University woman’s basketball team as “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism.” The email sent out called for people to complain to Clinton’s campaign volunteer coordinator, Ron Schneider, and demand that Clinton give back the money Timbaland helped raise.

According to CQPolitics.com, Schneider’s email box was then bombarded with complaints, prompting him to place a call to Tom McClusky, Family Research Council’s vice president of government affairs. “He made it clear what he thinks of a group like ours and he asked me at one point, ‘whether any of your constituents would support Clinton anyway,’ McClusky told CQPolitics.com. “Every other word was the F-bomb. We were complaining about the profanity-laden lyrics of Timbaland only to get a response of more profanity. If this is the caliber of people she’s hiring, I think our people would be reluctant to vote for Sen. Clinton.” A Clinton spokesperson, Phil Singer, did issue a statement, saying Schneider’s phone call “isn’t consistent with the kind of tone we set on this campaign.” ****

I have to admit I was hesitant about posting this. What does governement politics have to do with music but after a long debate with Big A, he convinced me it would be interesting.

How do you all feel about this? Do you feel Tim's lyrics are profane and misogynistic? Do you feel conservatives or anybody for that matter has the right to tell the general public what they can and can not listen to? When does an "entertainer" become a regualr person free to support whomever they chose? And when does being an entertainer's lifestyle interefere with their everyday lifestyle?

Please I encourage all of you, discuss.


  1. Well...
    For starters I think Timbo picked the wrong candidate. Clinton being bland and doing politics-as-usual is exactly the contrary of what Timbaland is.

    I would be interested in finding out the reasons for such a decision

  2. As usual, right wingers are trying to manipulate a current situation for their own benefit. Timbaland is a far cry from a misogynist, although he does curse (who the fuck cares). Regardless the "character" that he plays on his records is different than the person he is in real life. It's the freedom that being an artist affords you. Could a actor that played Hitler in a movie be accused of being a murdering racist? If Timbaland was on a radio show and he started calling women bitches and hoes that would be a completely different set of circumstances than reference those words on vinyl. That said, some hip hop lyrics are hate filled and completely over the top. In my opinion, Timbaland does not even approach this category.

  3. the thing is that Timbo's on-record persona, where he does talk about bitches, buryin' "niggas" etc. (on Shock Value at least) is so obviously just a lazy takeoff on regular hip-hop stereotypes, and the beats're supposed to be the focus. i guess you could argue that it doesn't go over well with the younguns, but then he doesn't do that stuff near as much as most other ones, and a lot of his records have a real light vibe.

    then again i doubt FRC has heard a note of Timbo's music, they'd probably call out anyone so long's they're hip hop.

  4. I think that conservatives are always the first to strike in cases over hip-hop. KRS-One was just on Hannity's America on FOX News and was accused of laughing at 9/11! How stupid is that? KRS is one of the most peaceful MCs in the game and so is Tim (producer, MC whatever you wanna call em).


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