Friday, May 11, 2007

Fabolous talks Timbaland

****Fabolous has waited long enough. His new album From Nothin’ to Somethin’ is ready for a June release and he has already released some singles. With Def Jam finally, seemingly, behind the project, he spoke about how this album feels and how his latest single went from Jay’s hands to his.

"We got to work with a lot of people we felt would make the album better. Production-wise, the lineup is like the Yankees: Timbaland, Akon, Jermaine Dupri, Just Blaze, Polow Da Don, Neo 'The Matrix.' ... We got great features, too. Each person, I could hear them making the song better. Lil' Mo, Cassidy ... we got a very deep, well-rounded album," he told MTV.

While waiting for the album to hit, he’s also done a lot of growing up.

"I been through situations I never been in before in my life…I got shot, been arrested, been in a relationship. I'm past really rapping for my block or my projects. I'm trying to grow. We been working really hard. I took two months and worked in Miami , then I came back to New York and worked another three months."

Ne-yo, who is a guest on the LP, spoke on Fab’s latest single “Make Me Better.”

"Timbaland produced the track," he said. "The way the song came together, it's actually a track that Jay-Z brought to my attention. He said, 'Tim gave me this track, but it sounds more like an R&B track than a hip-hop track. I really think you should do something to it.' So I wrote the hook, did some verses, and Fab heard it. He said, 'You should let me get on that with you.' Then Fab did some verses and I liked some of his stuff more than my stuff, so I was like, 'You should just take the damn song.' The rest is history. The chemistry is so right, it sounds like we were there [in the studio] together."

Fab agrees.

"It's a great record… We get a lot of love across the country everywhere we play it. It leans towards the ladies, but it's a swagger record. The fellas could dig it too. The fellas are picking up lines from it. They telling ladies, 'I'm cool, but you make me a better person.' I'm happy everybody is receiving it well.
"When you make a relationship song, it's relatable…A lot of people have been in the position when you've been the main person or the mistress. Or maybe you had somebody on the side ... at least once in their life. It's just relatable music. Same thing with 'Make Me Better.' You find that person in your life, then the haters, their antennas go up."****


Props to Macedes for the find!

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