Friday, May 25, 2007

The Relativez

The Relativez are a west coast duo consisting of cousins Big Wy and Super Booga. They got their first major start back in 1994 with the track "Eastside Westside" off the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack under their former name Young Soldierz. They were signed to Death Row for some time as well before going their separate ways.

Still down with the crew, in 2001 The Relativez were featured on the track "Smoke" off the Doggpound's "2002" album. Later that year The Relativesz released their 2nd album called "The Takeover". A 20 track record, the album featured production mainly by a producer named Big Rush aka Rashad Coes. Coes has produced for Mack 10, The Westside Connection, MC Eiht, and a bunch of other west coast acts over the years.

One track that stands out on this album is track #6 "Maria." The track features Timbaland and because of that it was assumed that Tim did the beat. However, looking at the credits, Big Rush is credited as sole producer while Tim is credited as writer. Now if this was the mid 1990s and we were looking at Jodeci tracks you could say that despite what the liner notes say Tim really did the beat but this is 2001 and by this time if Tim even twisted a knob he was going to get credit.

So scratch this one off your Timbaland production lists and put it on his featured only list (ie "Party"). Big props to my man Roderick for the info.


  1. u can tell he didnt do it the drums are to simple and we all know even when tim is basic he is still complicated

  2. Fat Joe used the same sample on his last album on the track "Bendicion Mami" (produced by Streetrunner)

  3. "by this time if Tim even twisted a knob he was going to get credit"


  4. Dass real funny J, but r u serious?... Is dat wot cud happn?


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