Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Timbaland gets sampled (Part 2)

If you all take a look back in Novemeber in the The Chronicles Archives (check the link on the sidebar) you will remember I did a post about Timbaland tracks that have been sampled. Here's the direct link to refresh your memory.

There has been so much talk of Tim sampling other tracks what about the those that sample Tim? There are actaully quite a few tracks out there that have sampled Tim you may not know about and some that are a lot more obvious. We mentioned 4 tracks before so now let's look at 5 more.

1. First up off Redman's 1998 album Doc's Da Name 2000 album is D.O.G.S which obviously samples Aaliyah's Ladies In The House" (as well as a little George Clinton "D.O.G.S") I never though this beat could be anything but a R&B jam but Redman flipped it real nice.

2. Back in 1999 the amazing Chemical Brothers released a classic album Surrender. I'm sure as fans of Timbaland and to pay homage to him they decided to sample Nicole Wray's "Make It Hot" for their track "Music:Response" You have to listen closely and you'll hear the chorus being sung. Classic sample for sure.

3. Next up we have George Michael's "Freeek" off his 2004 album Patience which samples Aaliyah's "Try Again" It's hard to hear but listen closely and you'll get it.

4. This next one Czar brought to my attention. It's a beautiful track called “Thiru Thiruda” (Mister Thief) composed and sung by Parasuram-Raha, the husband and wife team of singer Anuradha and classical violinist Sriram. The track samples Aaliyah's "We Need A Resolution" and is from the movie soundtrack of Five Star a movie 3 men and 2 women who live together after university keeping their relationships strictly platonic. There's another sample in this track as well can you guess it?

5. This next one is my favorite. You all are aware of Diplo right? M.I.A's longtime producer and boyfriend who is known for his chaotic beats and crazy sounds. With M.I.A being a huge fan of Missy and Timbaland when she first started out, you can bet Diplo also must have also been a fan. In 2005 he made the track “Haiti On Blast" which obviously samples Misssy Elliott's "She's A Bitch"

So there you have Part 2 of what I'm hoping will be a long series of tracks that sample Tim. Look out for more soon and if you ever come across any tracks. Definitely let me know.


  1. Yes of course it does my bad. Too much music in my head these days preparing for the sample wars.

    Thanks Claire!

  2. i found another sample from turkish singer

    Cankan - Yaranamadim

    sampled from bubba sparxxx - ugly

  3. Thiru Thiruda is cool!! =]
    Haiti on Blast is annoying lol


  4. Refreshing post, I was really suprised with the Thiru Thiruda track too ;o

    Nice one :D

  5. i hear some Destinys Child - Bills Bills Bills in there.

  6. Hey err... I got some as well but err nway pls notify is am right or wrong. "Please by Toni Braxton & produced by Scott Storch)" sampled "All in my Grills by Missy Elliot" Cud i be wrong? Lemme know iiight!!


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