Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's That Sound? Part III: The Current Years

Well here we are on the last day and it will be the shortest though it may possibly have the most interesting samples in your opinion. Like I said before Timbaland has used these Sound Effect CDs up to this year. Don't believe me? How about we take a look at the very recent "Laff At Em" Remix. Take a listen to "Laff At Em" and you’ll notice there's a bunch going on in the track. It's hard to pin point one sound except maybe for the laughter in the background. Well if you listen carefully you'll hear this Sample 38 but it’s been pitched down. Here’s the sample pitched down now go listen again to the song, hear it? On a side note there’s another sound in the song too that all you Mac users should recognize. Have you noticed the sound? If not I suggest you go to your Sound Preferences and take a look around. Tim is using this noise. Hear it? Well if not take a listen to this little sound tutorial from my friend Safehandz and you’ll hear.

Ok so if you remember from a past article, I think it was the GQ one, Tim talked about how he made 2 tracks after he lost all the weight that made it onto Shock Value, which came out years later. Which 2 tracks do you think those are? Now of course everyone wants to say “Bounce” but why? Because it’s old school Tim? Because Tim produced it solo? Hmmm. I say “Bounce” too but for a different reason. Tim basically put down the sample CDs for late 2005 and 2006, Justin and Nelly’s albums don’t really have any samples from it. So my guess is Tim made “Bounce” back in 2004 though it made 2007’s Shock Value. Now here’s the proof. Let’s take a listen to the Timbo masterpiece ”Bounce.” Great song huh? Well if you notice it starts off with this Sample 39 but as you keep listening you’ll hear this Sample 40 as well. At the end Timbo breaks it down and it’s there you get the star sample of the show none other than Sample 41. Now take a wild guess where these come from? Yes indeed from the same CDs we’ve been working with. Ironically or maybe not so much the “clap you hands everybody” break that Tim says from “Boardmeeting” is in the same section on the sample CDs as the “Bounce” samples. Interesting…

So that’s it folks, that’s all I got. Actually no I got one more for ya.’ A little conspiracy theory to get you thinking. Let’s back up to Missy’s Cookbook album and take a look at ”Lose Control.” ( I know you were thining "Joy") Missy is credited solo producer for the track and she did a great job with both Cybotron’s “Clear” sample and Hot Streak’s “Body Work” sample (both listed in the credits) but that doesn’t explain the very beginning of the track. What about this sample Sample 42? Yes that’s right that also comes from our Sound Effect CDs. Now where did Missy get that sound? Did she hear it on the CDs and used it? Did Tim say this would work well at the beginning of the track? Or did Tim put in there himself? Or my favorite theory: did Tim have a hand in the production of the track? Hmmmm

Alright that’s it I’m all done. I gave you 42 samples, or sound effects rather, to show the significance of these 3 CDs in Timbo’s career. I understand what sound effect CDs are and what sampling is rather the point of all this was to show the genius of HOW Tim uses these samples/sounds in the music he creates and how he’s been using these same CDs for the last 12 years plus. The logical quesiton is what are these 3 CDs? That is something I can not say, you'll have to dig. Now I can’t take credit for these posts. They would not have been possible without the great find by my good friend Safehandz who presented me with the goods and we ran with it. So thank you VERY much my friend and look at what you created! So much props!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed these last 3 days. I know I enjoyed presenting it to you.


  1. Bahaha you just exposed Bounce, very nice work. Best Tim stan ever :D

  2. damn...the two oldest tracks are my two favorites production-wise....

  3. how many samples are on the 3 cds? iam sure that he'll using some more samples from the same cd for future productions

  4. good job guys. but eyyyy: I found out bout "Bounce" already the 1st hour when the album leaked :)

  5. Lose control is not a typical Timbo track. but u never know ;P

  6. thanks boog!!!!

    utilized, and appreciated. :D

    (you all check out "Stomp"..i didnt necessarily flip the sample, but i made a different beat with it)

  7. What CDs did Tim use?



  9. By the way... Music makes u lose control is a line from Body Work itself... don't know why u mention the sample cd...

  10. Sample 40 was also used by the Beastie Boys on their song "Shake your rump"
    I have the original source somewhere on my drives... it's a 70s track...


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